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FC Barcelona
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HERE WE GO! It's #ElClásico time! The first Barça v Real Madrid clash of the 2020/21 season is here and we'll be bringing you all the action LIVE from CUPRA HQ! #CUPRAxBarça
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24 Out 2020



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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona Mês atrás
CUPRA X BARÇA CHARITY JERSEYS: Get the signed shirt of your heroes worn during the Joan Gamper Trophy!
Ali احبك
Ali احبك Mês atrás
Ali احبك
Ali احبك Mês atrás
Blitzoffwhite 56
Blitzoffwhite 56 Mês atrás
“Neto is doing so well” 3 goals am I a joke to you
Gergő Dániel Tóth
Hala Barca
Amer vlog
Amer vlog 7 dias atrás
Anonymous 123
Anonymous 123 12 dias atrás
Everything that happens they say they’re making history
Evan Vega Ortiz
Evan Vega Ortiz 16 dias atrás
Hey gaes main en is Evan
Tsaqif Luthfan
Tsaqif Luthfan 18 dias atrás
Kiểm Vũ
Kiểm Vũ 24 dias atrás
Querido Bartomeu. Soy fan de Messi y Surez. Anteriormente me gustaba mucho el FcBarcelona con las palabras Unicef ​​en la camiseta del equipo, y desde que asumió el cargo pensé que sería un buen presidente pero por lo demás simplemente pulió su nombre en base al eslogan. Marca Mes que un club
Sebas class
Sebas class 29 dias atrás
Porque no ablan español?
gaglet Mês atrás
Alejandro Marín Giménez
Aquí se habla de Todo menos español 😂
Jully's Kitchen
Jully's Kitchen Mês atrás
Barca show in that the are losing but real not showing
Marco Sayzwan
Marco Sayzwan Mês atrás
babushka Mês atrás
barca please just let messi go , dont make him suffer messi would miss the great el clasico with cr7 not a flop elclasico when ramos score more than messi this season 😂
FCB Okti
FCB Okti Mês atrás
Bartomeu is gone' hurayy!!
SAKIB BHAI Mês atrás
বাংলাদেশি বন্ধু রা যারা বাজি খেলে IPL এর ম্যাচ গুলো ব্যাক টু ব্যাক লস করে যাচ্ছেন কোন ভাবেই ম্যাচ উইন হতে পারছেন না তাহলে আসুন আমি আপনাকে 100%শিওর ম্যাচ উইন রিপোর্ট দিবো ।মোবাইল এবং ইমু:01738396476
Dany Phantom
Dany Phantom Mês atrás
Barca fans can’t not just take L’s
Dany Phantom
Dany Phantom Mês atrás
We haven’t been so hot right
lenin paul
lenin paul Mês atrás
Nobita runaway until disaster 😎
RayanTheDarKing TheKingOfTheDarknes
Sergio Ramos 🤩🇮🇹🤍🖤
Hooch ckc Jcjfjjx
Hooch ckc Jcjfjjx Mês atrás
En nuestros mundos YT
Los que sean del Barça como yo, que se suscriban a este canal de youtube: En nuestros mundos YT ya que es el canal de un culé que está empezando a crecer en youtube. No cuesta nada darle a SUSCRIBIRSE.
Jetson Johnson
Jetson Johnson Mês atrás
Rick Dos Santos Barreto
lol barca is trash
It’s different without Suarez and u can tell 😖
Brandon Valles
Brandon Valles Mês atrás
Lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo two of them really predicted 5-0 and 3-0 and that was out the window in the first few minutes
Rian_Gaming Mês atrás
The next Arsenal
Norma Ester Barrionuevo
somos un desgraciaaaaaa...BARTOMEU OUTTTT
Josep Maria Bartomeu
Someone actually put 5-0 as their prediction😂. Lol this isn't ferencvaros
Be Positive
Be Positive Mês atrás
Let me tell you the barcelona team is shit with shit players. I am tired of these false sweetness
Ninggor Jati
Ninggor Jati Mês atrás
Better luck next time
Ti9 Gaming
Ti9 Gaming Mês atrás
rashed A
rashed A Mês atrás
Xabi Altuna
Xabi Altuna Mês atrás
Koeman gracias por defender al Barcelona ante la indefensión por parte de esta banda de delicuentes dentro y fuera del Club. Liga manipulada nauseabunda y podrida.✊💙❤️
Xabi Altuna
Xabi Altuna Mês atrás
Koeman gracias por defender al Barcelona ante la indefensión por parte de esta banda de delicuentes dentro y fuera del Club. Liga manipulada nauseabunda y podrida.✊💙❤️
Dr Diabolical
Dr Diabolical Mês atrás
Well atleast we could connect to these people in the Match center. God knows what the sport pundits keep on yelling in ESPN.
HungryBoX Mês atrás
Wow....kukur haru ko reaction babaal raixa...bhukdai gara haryeu kere..
Nimbus Khan
Nimbus Khan Mês atrás
Shola ga Gates
Shola ga Gates Mês atrás
Come on barca fans, we have a long season to go, madrid's gonna lose on tuesday and put its clasification in doubt, and we are in round of 16 in champions, and going to be supercup champions in january
نجومي اصطورة
Silver Wallz
Silver Wallz Mês atrás
Lmfaooo isn't that the same dumb Sarah lady who literally begged bayren to stop scoring goals lmfaooo from where does Barcelona Find this kind of host with no brain cells no knowledge about football lmfaooo
Aarush Pradhan
Aarush Pradhan Mês atrás
I just came here to watch these delusional guys talk
syaiful rizal
syaiful rizal Mês atrás
pe ruano
pe ruano Mês atrás
Tmr perdimos 😔
GBtha G
GBtha G Mês atrás
not el classico anymore. barça is just average like levante or granada.....
tommycrach 06
tommycrach 06 Mês atrás
Hahaahahaahaha lol
Tertergen knp
Thiago Washa
Thiago Washa Mês atrás
We need to sign Memphis depay in January.
Zaein rini
Zaein rini Mês atrás
quality Mês atrás
Very childish show. The Spanish girls are somehow good and competent but the American girl is just a joke.
Moktadir Hasan Badhon
এরকম একটা ভিডিও আপলোড করার আগে লজ্জা লাগা দরকার।😡😡 একে তো হারছি, তার উপর এখন ইউটিউবে বড়মুখ করে দেখানো হচ্ছে ।😔 এরা কবে আমরা ফ্যানদের অনুভুতির মূল্যায়ণ করবে...!!😥 Força Barça❤💙
Leemont Mês atrás
There's people that unironically watch this lol
صلاح الدين فرڤاني
وحد توتع 3-0لبرساو وحدة توقعة 5-0ل برسا وثلاثة توقعت برسا يفوز علي ريال 3-1 فقام الريال وقال اسمتو اسمتو ريال يجلد برسا بي 3 في ملعبه ويجعل كل برشلونية في حيرة وبنات التي توقعات 5 هي ﻷن في غيبوبة
Sami Sahariar
Sami Sahariar Mês atrás
F barca
Luis Fernando Martínez Hernández
No hay nada más lindo que ver sus caras tristes jajajajaja
Hajir Shakib
Hajir Shakib Mês atrás
HAHAHAHAH "there's no way that's a penalty" y'all are so biased. stop crying lmaoo
S K M Mês atrás
Theses Americans who are spectating don’t know shit about football. Honestly they are just cringe especially that girl. She pisses me of
Gergő Dániel Tóth
Hala Barca! If we had a bad day who cares we can't go back to made it better so let's win against Juventus.
HOOP Mês atrás
Vaya robo nos metieron solo saben ganar robando
Razkar Razkar
Razkar Razkar Mês atrás
Mohamad Hmood
Mohamad Hmood Mês atrás
Subham Chetry
Subham Chetry Mês atrás
Can someone explain to me why is Messi not being asked to play as a RW and go on full attack mode? Why is he asked to contribute in Playmaking? Use frankie, pjanic and Coutinho for playmaking. Let messi go and attack and shoot and assist instead of playmaking. The team needs a reliable goal scorer now. Grizmaan not in form, Braithwaite isn’t doing anything either, Fati alone can’t carry barcelona to victory no matter how good he is. Messi should be asked to attack and not contribute in playmaking!
Haeril Muchtar
Haeril Muchtar Mês atrás
Management barca hancur tidak tahu melihat permainannya barca seperti apa. 4 orang di perpanjang kontrak beknya tidak lebih seperti ampas tidah tahu main bola bagaimana team barcelona bisa maju terlalu lama bawah bola tapi tidak terarah tidak tahu cari posisi..... guardiola cepat dan terarah itu sangat mematikan lawan.
juanpablo55xd Mês atrás
Ribhu Hazard
Ribhu Hazard Mês atrás
How funny 🤣🤣 !!!
Muhd Hafiz
Muhd Hafiz Mês atrás
guy. anonymous
guy. anonymous Mês atrás
We never deserved better... let's talk about koeman To be honest, koeman is repeating same mistakes like valverde and satien... why the substitution was so late.. why he didn't played 433... There were only two players on front why?
More Abhijeet
More Abhijeet Mês atrás
3 ladies predicted correctly.....3-1 😅
Fans kang ujang Cirebon
Febrianus Ewack
Febrianus Ewack Mês atrás
Yg di nonton yg lagi nonton
7_ I Gede Tegar Janardana Ryawan
Neto is good play for barca, but barca defenders very very low! Look that lenglet and pique run very low and busquets not good play today
Vikas Ahlawat
Vikas Ahlawat Mês atrás
Please change both center back and Busquets
Arsin Issa
Arsin Issa Mês atrás
ராவணன் Evil
Barcelona have Top squad But Maximum 2020 Lossig Many Match Y
Soulaymane Blz
Soulaymane Blz Mês atrás
Bien joué fati
D P Haokip
D P Haokip Mês atrás
The only way to improve is to strengthen the central back 100%
Zabir Al Rashid
Zabir Al Rashid Mês atrás
We need a new pair of centre back and a explosive left back. Then a no.9
YousefAli Alsarraf
YousefAli Alsarraf Mês atrás
Barcelona is the worst
Kartikesh Mishra
Kartikesh Mishra Mês atrás
Just forget everything Barca and start a new journey and show the world your class!
Orange Guy
Orange Guy Mês atrás
Everybody says: "Bartomeu out!" Me: "Lenglet out!"
Nifemi Adegboye
Nifemi Adegboye Mês atrás
I don't know what is wrong with that koeman, why dembele is not an established starter, I don't understand. Pedro was fucking lost. Coutinho was inconsistent and he waited till mins to bring in dembele. Dembele is so versatile and brings so much to the table. Don't know what this coach is doing. Who the fuck is Pedro or trincao. And griezmann should remain on the bench. Waste of money
Iib indra Setiawan
Iib indra Setiawan Mês atrás
Januari Messi for sale no problem new captain n buy new strong striker mbappe or haland
Iib indra Setiawan
Iib indra Setiawan Mês atrás
Shaikh Altamash
Shaikh Altamash Mês atrás
Tsaqif Luthfan
Tsaqif Luthfan Mês atrás
Yang orang perlukan bukan muka lo semua😂,,
Dren Zen
Dren Zen Mês atrás
Here the "Koeman out"s come.
Taha Bakhshi
Taha Bakhshi Mês atrás
Bartomeo out out out 😤😡
Smoke Mês atrás
Busquets and Lenglet........
Miguel Mês atrás
Trama rubiales - casillas - Florentino... No hace falta ser muy listo para entenderlo todo
Fauzan Sadiq
Fauzan Sadiq Mês atrás
GLX Nichtso
GLX Nichtso Mês atrás
Xavi back
GLX Nichtso
GLX Nichtso Mês atrás
Koeman out
Danh An
Danh An Mês atrás
Barca mới đá 5 trận mà đã thua 2, nhưng dù sao vẫn còn cơ hội trụ hạng thành công.
Amer vlog
Amer vlog Mês atrás
قناة امام العباسerm
Drink it with wisdom
Lazare Tavshavadze
Lazare Tavshavadze Mês atrás
Sell cuman hi is bad chouch
Muhammad Afsal M
Muhammad Afsal M Mês atrás
Koeaman Out
Ana Heloisa do Carmo Almeida
Mae looks amazing in the new barcelona jersey 😍😍😍😍😍
Nafi Aryasatya
Nafi Aryasatya Mês atrás
why pedri in rw why not griez start to see if thes in good form
Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov Mês atrás
Great! What do you want from us now? I'm so done. Not gonna repeat the same. Do you see what you did there? Koeman is dumb. Bring Xavi . Or next time you will lost to 10-0. Mark my words.
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