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New to Acrylic or need a refresher? 🤓 Here at Kiara Sky and Glam and Glits, we love to educate on the products and industry we love! 💕
Follow this easy tutorial and learn how to apply Acrylic Powder from start to finish. We'll show you all of the tools and powders you need. Have questions? Let us know in the comments below! ⤵️
💅🏼 Iconic (Acrylic Powder) -
💅🏼 Daydreamer (Acrylic Powder)
💅🏼: Clear Acrylic Powder -
💅🏼: 16oz Liquid Monomer -
💅🏼: Kiara Sky Non-Wipe Top Coat -
💅🏼: Nourish Oil -
✨ All tools used in this video can be found at your local beauty supply store✨

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8 Fev 2019



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Shyah’s Domain
Shyah’s Domain 2 horas atrás
I’ve watched other videos and they would say don’t drag the brush to get a bead. So what’s really the difference?
Crystal Selig
Crystal Selig 6 horas atrás
Nail bed is below the nail plate. Loved your video tho! ❤
Novitasari Dewi
Novitasari Dewi 22 horas atrás
What's the difference between acrylic nails and poly gel?
Zaniya Morris
Zaniya Morris Dia atrás
im JUST starting out doing my own acrylics what kind of brush should i get?
aroshi bhawoonauth
Do we need a specific brush to put the acrylic
Kay Love
Kay Love Dia atrás
Great job
Patricia Cioaba
Patricia Cioaba 2 dias atrás
what is that colour on your nails? its amazing i want it
Mamta Kewal
Mamta Kewal 4 dias atrás
Dude this helped me so much
Rolyn Belt
Rolyn Belt 4 dias atrás
do you do your own nails
Ria Thakur
Ria Thakur 5 dias atrás
LeNora Barlow
LeNora Barlow 5 dias atrás
I subbed to you in like 3 seconds. love your vibe.
Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh 5 dias atrás
guyen Dannynguyen
guyen Dannynguyen 6 dias atrás
One thing you didmt mention is you have to clean your brush after almost every touch..i do nails for a long time..
Emaja Anderson
Emaja Anderson 6 dias atrás
Oh wow this makes me wanna d9 my own nails. Good luck to me lol
Rose Edition
Rose Edition 6 dias atrás
What size brush did you use? as I believe that's also important for beginners like me to know.
Hehjehfbr 6 dias atrás
What glue you use to apply the tip
Hoang Tran
Hoang Tran 6 dias atrás
Thank you for your videos
Falande Vilbrun
Falande Vilbrun 7 dias atrás
joe kline
joe kline 7 dias atrás
0:53 Love this moment
Erica Red
Erica Red 7 dias atrás
Great video!
Gurleen Jit
Gurleen Jit 8 dias atrás
IM 100% sure that dragging to get powder for the bead is a HUGE NONO, youre supposed to lightly bounce it up and down about 3-5 times, youre welcomr
haley alphonse
haley alphonse 8 dias atrás
are primer and protein bond both necessary? i searched it up, apparently they're not the same thing but in this video she didn't use protein bond so i'm confused :(
Judy 9 dias atrás
Can i use a nail file instead of the drill? 😭
Claire Binette
Claire Binette 10 dias atrás
Nice one
Valentina Batinic
Valentina Batinic 10 dias atrás
Great Video !Love itttt!!!!🙏❤️
G A 10 dias atrás
Blessing Obehi
Blessing Obehi 11 dias atrás
I love this so beautiful
Ray 11 dias atrás
Do you teach online, I’m in the U.K. and would pay whatever price you charge. This is the most informative, detailed video I’ve watched regarding the step by step process of acrylic. I paid for a course that looked like it was recorded 30 years ago
Jorden Buxton
Jorden Buxton 11 dias atrás
Can you link the drill please x
Brooke's Beauty Bazaar
Brooke's Beauty Bazaar 11 dias atrás
LOVE this video!
Abigail Foster
Abigail Foster 12 dias atrás
it seems like u love pink,i thought acrylic was hard to do its so easy thnx
Gregory Ragland
Gregory Ragland 12 dias atrás
Just magically put on the nail tip, ffs I'm already a male getting dissed and you expect me to know.
Nail By Xeyale - Special Design Please support us. You can find amusing design and interesting nail method in this channel. Thank you for everything
Makeup With Me!
Makeup With Me! 13 dias atrás
Do you need a uv light/lamp for acrylics?
Kali F
Kali F 13 dias atrás
thank you so much for this video it was really helpful
Heather Feltner
Heather Feltner 14 dias atrás
0:53 Love this moment
Hi 14 dias atrás
What is u have warts i just hope i don’t get hate for this comment
imani belton
imani belton 14 dias atrás
you never Ever drag always dab or tab lightly 3 times.
Rokhsar Moradi
Rokhsar Moradi 14 dias atrás
What is the brush size?
Kelly Nguyen
Kelly Nguyen 14 dias atrás
Where do u buy the scissor please
thatshitcrayable 15 dias atrás
Thank you!
Kadynce Bryane
Kadynce Bryane 15 dias atrás
My mom got me everything that you have and in about 1 month I can do my sister and my moms nails they obviously have different nails but you taught me so well
Kerry Fabulous art's
Kerry Fabulous art's 16 dias atrás
Naveah Rawls
Naveah Rawls 16 dias atrás
Omg 😱 love this
ocean fire
ocean fire 17 dias atrás
im ......not......your.......BESTIE
bunny bunny
bunny bunny 17 dias atrás
Do you need a UV light for acrylic dip powder?
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 18 dias atrás
this was sooo helpful. thanks!!
Sandra Ruiz
Sandra Ruiz 18 dias atrás
what’s a good nail glue to use?
Eunice Addico
Eunice Addico 18 dias atrás
Woow. That looks amazing. I would love to learn from you. so I can open my shop.
Elegance beauty salon
Elegance beauty salon 19 dias atrás
You’ve been keeping us busy in quarantine 💕💕😂
Darhiana Mella
Darhiana Mella 21 dia atrás
Do you still take the same amount if monomer for smaller beads?
Mannat JhaSZHW911
Mannat JhaSZHW911 21 dia atrás
Hi i ordered full nail kit Plz help me
Olivia Shore
Olivia Shore 21 dia atrás
Do you need to use a led lamp to set them?
Princess Cookies
Princess Cookies 22 dias atrás
Anyone know what type of nail tips are being used in the video?
Adamaris Perez
Adamaris Perez 22 dias atrás
Is there a kit you can recommend? Or do you suggest to get these separately
Maria Diaz
Maria Diaz 23 dias atrás
Love your tips
Leia Lewander
Leia Lewander 23 dias atrás
Wait, you don’t even have to cure it!? Give me nooooooow!!!!!
Dez Nails a’more
Dez Nails a’more 23 dias atrás
I am a gel tech and looking to get into acrylic and I love how u explained each step thanks for the share....
sowjanya fashion nd creativity
Vicky 24 dias atrás
What a good brush to get?
Lizette Ventura
Lizette Ventura 24 dias atrás
What size is your brush ?
MissAlmondeyesstlmo1 25 dias atrás
Thanks! But how do you remove them?
Kriztina Kabew
Kriztina Kabew 25 dias atrás
uhhh you don’t drag it 😭👄
anna Murillo
anna Murillo 25 dias atrás
that end of all this covid bull everyone is getting good nail techs lol.
islandmay Oram
islandmay Oram 25 dias atrás
We're is that brush from
Jasmine Montiel
Jasmine Montiel 25 dias atrás
New nail tech follow me on Instagram @jasminemontiel_ LA area let me slay your nails ✨
Christiana A
Christiana A 25 dias atrás
Very nice video!
Funky Victoria
Funky Victoria 25 dias atrás
beautiful :)
Marife Orquina
Marife Orquina 25 dias atrás
I luv the sge does.perfect i learn more techniques.
Savannah Porter
Savannah Porter 26 dias atrás
When she said it drys better in a warmer climate I was like thank the lord that I live in Arizona
Catherine Tran
Catherine Tran 26 dias atrás
i have a question.... could you put a gel nail polish instead of the another layer of color acrylic
Nobantu Bidla
Nobantu Bidla 26 dias atrás
Hi your videos are amazing l love them may l ask how much i your box of gel and nail how much is the whole set..???
Angelina Irizarry
Angelina Irizarry 26 dias atrás
Where are the fake nail tips from? I can’t find then on your website
Just my luck
Just my luck 27 dias atrás
Y’all are saying you can’t come cause of COVID19 but 😂 I’m here cause I’m broke.
Camille Vanegas
Camille Vanegas 27 dias atrás
How do you take off acrylic from your real nail??
Gloria Mudekuza
Gloria Mudekuza 28 dias atrás
nice video very detailed thanks
Kaylee Davenport
Kaylee Davenport Mês atrás
How can I find a good quality nail tech near me who can do perfect coffin-shaped acrylic nails like you?
BroisthatSaffy 29 dias atrás
Benjamin Reidy
Benjamin Reidy Mês atrás
Is it better to grow out the natural nail first
Benjamin Reidy
Benjamin Reidy 29 dias atrás
@4EverLondon thank you for letting me know, how many weeks should I get New acrylic nails done
4EverLondon Mês atrás
Yes because my nails grow long naturally less than 2 Months so you should just let them grow out then Cut them but, not too short.
Jessica Oliver
Jessica Oliver Mês atrás
what would you do if you used gel colour instead of acrylic?
Lanah Leigh
Lanah Leigh Mês atrás
Hiya, just a quick question.... What size brush do you use please
Natasha Geehan
Natasha Geehan Mês atrás
In it for a win also fab video fot begginer like myself!
Whitney Strauss
Whitney Strauss Mês atrás
Do you need a nail drill or can you use a file?
Brittinie Tanzi
Brittinie Tanzi Mês atrás
I would watch this video for whenever I don't know how to do acrylics🎀🍒🐄🐋
GachaDevilCokie Hernandez
lorena manuel
lorena manuel Mês atrás
What kind of products you using it
Iridian Thorn
Iridian Thorn Mês atrás
Which and what brush size do you use??
Carrie Sanders
Carrie Sanders Mês atrás
U do a great job...
Mrs Mendez
Mrs Mendez Mês atrás
I would love to know where to get these tips. Can you link me please. I checked all the links above and didn’t see one. Thank you!
amaya nelson
amaya nelson Mês atrás
who else is gonna watch this and jsut go to school and do the other kids nails
Percival MC
Percival MC Mês atrás
Nice vedio keep on sharing
maddy and animals
maddy and animals Mês atrás
Thx this helped so much
Wilhelm Maravilla
Wilhelm Maravilla Mês atrás
Helen Dodsworth NE de Ville
Hi what sable brush is the best to use , could you send me a link to purchase one thank you 😊
Victor Perez
Victor Perez Mês atrás
i am new to all this. please tell me , why is the extension only put on the edge of the nail? is it for the acrylic to be able to stick to the nail? seems to me , if you put the extension over the nail plate and free edge, wouldn't it be more sturdy? thank you
Aj Mês atrás
Please go check out my new friend Twila beginner knows she really works hard you don’t know what she’s been through please subscribe to her she really love your content this goes along to everyone else in the common section to
Oxie Mês atrás
Did I need a UV lamp?
angelhansen169 Mês atrás
Question!!!! Ive been looking for a new, better brush n I can't find any. Can u tell me where u got it from??!! Ty!! Great video. 😊♥️💅💅💅💅👍🏻
*Guiding Light* Forgive Yourself
Whats the name of the two nail polishes?? I love those colors💅💅
sameh talat
sameh talat Mês atrás
def leppard
lorry ruby
lorry ruby Mês atrás
I have the cup for the nails
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