👨🏽‍🦯🔪cutting things blind

Anthony S. Ferraro @asfvision
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Anthony Ferraro shows us how he safely uses knives in the kitchen as a blind person.

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One love!

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19 Jan 2022



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Comentários 1 885
His level of positivity just blows my mind, one love!
The fact that this dude uses his finger as a guide already lets me know he has better knife skills than 90% of people I know
Da besties
I love how he didn’t look at the camera once 🥲
Ethan Hiroshiki
This guy is so happy even when he's blind.
Julian Chavez
“ma favorite for the gahlicc” i love u guys😂
FatBoi Gaming
He's so energetic, and positive, this guy honestly can bring my day from bad, to awesome, one love!
Karl Pena
The pizza part was the most beautiful thing i’ve seen today.
“Beautiful, eh!?” LOVE IT!
Him smiling and being positive this much makes me forget every issue I have and just approach life in a positive way.
I swear i heard him say "im high and this is how i cut things"
I can't believe how happy he is even though he's blind. It just proves that everyone has something really unique about themselves
why did I hear
My guy deserve a medal for everything.
i love his enthusiasm he’s so sweet and good energy! so sad that he had to lose his vision
This guy's positive Outlook on life and his spirit are so wholesome it's so dope 🤙
Was having a bit of a rough morning and then I came across this. Definitely appreciate all that you do and keep passing on the good vibes. One love ✌️
“an apple a day keeps the doctor away”
Ciqala Jeahn J. Ranera
his happiness is so amazing. i cant even be happy like that even with a set of 2 working eyes.
Hugo Pugo
You make my day every day when i comeback from school
Dylan Bridges
I loved this dude positivity so much, even tho he can’t see he is still one of the most positive people out there. We need more positive people in this world
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