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Spring 2020 is a new chapter in the Essentials series. Featuring 26 new songs with an immersive landscape, this is the perfect compilation to embrace the changing of the seasons. Welcome to a world of growth and warmth. 🌸🌼
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00:00:00 Ruck P - Soul Food
00:03:34 Toonorth - Chrysalism
00:06:09 L'Indécis - keep on
00:08:29 Chris Mazuera, Strehlow - Medicinal Sushi
00:10:53 Miscél, Hanz - Flee
00:12:29 Mo Anando - Green House
00:15:43 Middle School - back when it all made sense
00:19:00 Ben Bada Boom - Blossom
00:21:31 No Spirit, Sitting Duck - Plant A Tree
00:23:48 goosetaf, Saib - Chasin Daisys
00:26:00 ØDYSSEE, cocabona - Velvet
00:28:14 Philanthrope, G Mills - Cinnamon Sugar
00:30:15 falcxne, Makzo - Leaves
00:32:37 fantompower - at the park
00:34:59 Psalm Trees, Guillaume Muschalle - bringmesun
00:37:20 Xander - Midnight
00:40:25 Swørn - belonging
00:42:27 Blue Wednesday, Himalayan Beach Ensemble, Dillan Witherow - Sleeping in
00:45:18 Misha, Evil Needle - Dreams
00:48:26 Sleepy Fish - let girls play soccer
00:51:30 No Spirit, Kyle McEvoy - It's Been A Year
00:54:13 chromonicci - London
00:57:43 Aso - comfortable
01:00:19 weird inside - doing laundry
01:02:27 sadtoi - 1999
01:05:04 Allem Iversom - Wash
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🎨 Artwork & Animations by Rafael de Araujo
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18 Mar 2020



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Comentários 80
Chillhop Music
Chillhop Music 2 meses atrás
🌸🌼 Stream / Buy Vinyl » Thanks to everyone who joined the premiere! What is your favorite time of the day to chill? Morning? Afternoon? Evening? Night?
Dauryn Paulino
Dauryn Paulino 2 dias atrás
Medeea Ilinca
Medeea Ilinca 8 dias atrás
Every time!!
Dems1648 10 dias atrás
With the lockdown it became all day long.
Bayje Felder
Bayje Felder 12 dias atrás
all, the music from chillhop meets all needs, but love it for background work music
D Dubz
D Dubz 15 dias atrás
Jonathan Guevarra
Jonathan Guevarra Hora atrás
This music is wonderful 😃 😃😁😩ZZZzzzZzZZz
Nick O'Flanagan
Nick O'Flanagan 8 horas atrás
Joyce Lin
Joyce Lin 17 horas atrás
so relax! :)
soulblade Dia atrás
Lets go! 🔥 This fye 💪
Lau Huili
Lau Huili 2 dias atrás
hoping for the raccoon to stay healthy and be on chillhop page for as long as possible ^^
Nandan Menon
Nandan Menon 2 dias atrás
The only problem is that you cannot stop listening to it .
I Am Not Amused
I Am Not Amused 2 dias atrás
The coolest raccoon on the internet.
Linda 4 dias atrás
this album helped get me through the lockdown, will never forget it, thank you!!
Hanne Gasparini
Hanne Gasparini 4 dias atrás
Thank you Wendy.
Rachael Njeri
Rachael Njeri 4 dias atrás
Love from Kenya
Carlos Vallejos
Carlos Vallejos 5 dias atrás
ok, thats beautiful.
Drew Fabrizio
Drew Fabrizio 5 dias atrás
Sweet Raindrop
Sweet Raindrop 5 dias atrás
Lol I've just been doing my French homework and l'indécis came on, great mix as well absolutely loved it 😂❤❤
Miriam Dobšovič
Miriam Dobšovič 6 dias atrás
great music, thanks
Wanderlust4Marisaki 7 dias atrás
This playlist is the soundtrack that's getting me through my summer semester of grad school:)
Isaac Muniz
Isaac Muniz 8 dias atrás
First video I see with the tracks marked in the video player. Nice.
rex hudson
rex hudson 8 dias atrás
Freaking love these
Jeamoure Mercado
Jeamoure Mercado 9 dias atrás
yas queen
TheSohl 9 dias atrás
mad thelonious Martin vibes my guy. Bless
Christian McGee
Christian McGee 10 dias atrás
That "Toonorth - Chrysalism" just did it for me lol..
Hande Aydar
Hande Aydar 10 dias atrás
Ana Julia
Ana Julia 10 dias atrás
The clip is just SO SO wonderful!! Who is the artist??
hanna joy92
hanna joy92 10 dias atrás
Aaaaaaai this is good! I'm really feeling it, thank you❤️
Assan Sosseh
Assan Sosseh 11 dias atrás
3:35 is my favorite part
Mr Cookie88
Mr Cookie88 11 dias atrás
quarantine essentials for some,an attemp to concentrate to do homework for me
Bayje Felder
Bayje Felder 12 dias atrás
My absolute favorite for real!
Odi 12 dias atrás
Estelle 12 dias atrás
I love it! So relaxing and springy
pastellie 13 dias atrás
Summer is my favorite season then spring, this reminds me of 2018 (my favorite year) throwbacks
christia bacon
christia bacon 13 dias atrás
Feeling it
The Dragon of the West
The Dragon of the West 15 dias atrás
To the 343 lost souls, it's okay to walk on the wrong path but in the end you find the right path. Let me help you, why don't you sit down and enjoy a cup of claming jasmine tea?
Matthew Irvin
Matthew Irvin 15 dias atrás
I try and chill 24/7
Isaac Agbola
Isaac Agbola 15 dias atrás
Dang this beat is soooo lit
Matthew Hoover
Matthew Hoover 16 dias atrás
Quarantine 2020!!!
Carl Mac
Carl Mac 16 dias atrás
Crazy year yall! We need this more than ever
Marianna Logsdon
Marianna Logsdon 16 dias atrás
Your channel is awesome 🐸Love from Pennsylvania
Tribal Messiahs
Tribal Messiahs 17 dias atrás
xmchughs 17 dias atrás
George Taylor
George Taylor 18 dias atrás
love the song divisions in the bar!
Clarissa De Jesus
Clarissa De Jesus 18 dias atrás
If you want to hear non-toxic positive vibration music, checkmysong on my channel thank you, blessings
FTL OP 18 dias atrás
Every time I play this it makes me so happy.
Seser 19 dias atrás
Iv been so depressed since this covid crap started. I needed this.
bella making
bella making 19 dias atrás
chillhop is realy good
Nikki S
Nikki S 21 dia atrás
I love the scenery, it's so chill just like the music🔥❤
Ricardo Octavio
Ricardo Octavio 21 dia atrás
good music relax
1432amer 21 dia atrás
music so good, it cures anxiety.
15398642 _14
15398642 _14 21 dia atrás
Music can bring people together- and somehow this has built into a really supportive community. I'm so glad I found you all. Things do get better xx
Get Fit With Angelina
Get Fit With Angelina 22 dias atrás
Love this music so much!Thank you! 🙏🌺
Shayelyse 23 dias atrás
Tissy Maduzia
Tissy Maduzia 23 dias atrás
Can I please use your music as background music in my videos if I credit the music to you or provide a link to your BRvid channel?? I make healthy cooking and lifestyle videos on Facebook and honestly I listen to your channel everyday, so I would love to be able to play it in the background, with your permission.
Vinny M
Vinny M 23 dias atrás
Keep up the good work! It helps me calm down in these difficult times and when i WFH.
The LookinGlass Tarot
The LookinGlass Tarot 24 dias atrás
This is simply the most amazing thing I've ever experienced ❤️, thank you!
Michael Tao
Michael Tao 24 dias atrás
I love how the individual songs are referenced. great job* (how is that done? ;)
Garry Troxler Jr
Garry Troxler Jr 24 dias atrás
Relistenin’ and this no doubt one of the best mixes...salute to Chillhop!!!
Samuel Todd
Samuel Todd 24 dias atrás
Laura Kim
Laura Kim 24 dias atrás
Can you add a plushie of the raccoon? Like to agree!
Mark Vito
Mark Vito 25 dias atrás
When is the Auttumm one coming out???
Ondrea Imbo
Ondrea Imbo 25 dias atrás
This is sooooooooo dope!! My little one will love this as much as me. Thank you!
LJH _films
LJH _films 25 dias atrás
Also love the raccoon.
LJH _films
LJH _films 25 dias atrás
Thank you for this. It is awesome. Keep doing what you are doing.
Sabrina Diaz
Sabrina Diaz 25 dias atrás
this is how many people saw chillfrog l V
Todd Harper
Todd Harper 25 dias atrás
if you like this put thunms up
Ndeye Sock
Ndeye Sock 26 dias atrás
Thank you so much for not putting any ads in because it really keeps me in my zone
Dems1648 26 dias atrás
The opening track is a killer track as often with these compilations. Check out Fall 2017. Enjoy !
Lo-Fi Delusion
Lo-Fi Delusion 27 dias atrás
Lo-Fi Delusion
Lo-Fi Delusion 27 dias atrás
MASATO NAKAZAWA 27 dias atrás
Brittany Bubeck
Brittany Bubeck 27 dias atrás
I have been working on writing a book and this is so perfect for me to write to. Thank you for the beautifully chill music.
Chillhop Music
Chillhop Music 25 dias atrás
You're so welcome!
TartanRyan 15
TartanRyan 15 28 dias atrás
RJ is just chillin
Just Sayin
Just Sayin 28 dias atrás
LOVE this channel. Upbeat enough to keep me awake but chill enough to not distract. This is perfect WFH music.
T Ksr
T Ksr 28 dias atrás
wow i loved this immediately just what i need for the work day!!!
Thomas Mcdougald
Thomas Mcdougald 29 dias atrás
In my next life I want to be the raccoon
Emilie Huriez
Emilie Huriez 29 dias atrás
I think this mix is my favorite of all the Chillhop's I have listened until now! Congrats! The raccoon never disappoints! Real fan :D
Chillhop Music
Chillhop Music 25 dias atrás
Glad you like it!
Emily Sun
Emily Sun 29 dias atrás
Thank you so much for this amazing melody. It really helps to clear my mind and help me relax. Beautiful work ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chillhop Music
Chillhop Music 25 dias atrás
Glad you enjoy it!
Connor Yezerski
Connor Yezerski 29 dias atrás
What did the librarian say to the kid? ... Read More
꧁꧂༺Tiger Yang༻꧁꧂
Oh ho ho, you ALMOST fooled me!
Who Me?
Who Me? Mês atrás
It sounds AMAZING!
Ana Carolina G.V
Ana Carolina G.V Mês atrás
Does anyone have the song list and order for this playlist?? I´d love to hear them on Spotify as well. :)
Ana Carolina G.V
Ana Carolina G.V 25 dias atrás
Chillhop Music ohh right I didn’t see it before ^^’ thankss
Chillhop Music
Chillhop Music 25 dias atrás
Check the link in the description :)
BolekLolek Mês atrás
Нудятина, спать хочется
Immortal Vision
Immortal Vision Mês atrás
Who else getting through quarantine with this playlist 🤔
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