🌺 Spring Festival Pet Wear Update! 🌺 NEW PET ACCESSORIES! 🌿 Adopt Me! on Roblox

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Here's everything you need to know about the Spring Festival Pet Wear update, coming to Adopt Me tomorrow! (3/04) The Hat Shop pet wear rotation changes every Saturday and Tuesday, with a brand new rotation on Thursday!! Happy dressing up 🥰
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3 Mar 2021



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Scarlett Unicorn Plays
Scarlett Unicorn Plays 5 horas atrás
The music is 🔥
Aisha alMuzaini
Aisha alMuzaini 2 dias atrás
Look Jessi this is Sunday April 18 2021 you have to add shoes 👟 there are no more shoes 👠
Jethivan Eucasion
Jethivan Eucasion 2 dias atrás
My frog is so cute
Normazni Salim
Normazni Salim 2 dias atrás
i am going to drees my dodo its very cool
Alejandro josue
Alejandro josue 2 dias atrás
Me encanta
Maria 3 dias atrás
kenny 3 dias atrás
sara tamayo
sara tamayo 6 dias atrás
Hello adopt me team hope u doing great, this new pet wear is awesome i already bought all. and participating por that awesome and beautiful Peacock. My user is lankyfan753
StarryNight205 6 dias atrás
0:45 *r o a r*
Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly 6 dias atrás
Me: the the t rex........noo the drake.......noooooo
Laura Garcia
Laura Garcia 7 dias atrás
username: laugaro1507 congrats so much on the 2k!! you totally deserve it, adopt me is my all time favorite game ever! i love you guys so much seriously i am so happy for you. my favorite video is all of the updates
Laura Garcia
Laura Garcia 7 dias atrás
username: laugaro1507 congrats so much on the 2k!! you totally deserve it, adopt me is my all time favorite game ever! i love you guys so much seriously i am so happy for you. my favorite video is all of the updates
Laura Garcia
Laura Garcia 7 dias atrás
username: laugaro1507 congrats so much on the 2k!! you totally deserve it, adopt me is my all time favorite game ever! i love you guys so much seriously i am so happy for you. my favorite video is all of the updates
Laura Garcia
Laura Garcia 7 dias atrás
username: laugaro1507 congrats so much on the 2k!! you totally deserve it, adopt me is my all time favorite game ever! i love you guys so much seriously i am so happy for you. my favorite video is all of the updates
Moon The Bunny Does Stuff
Damianboy v1
Damianboy v1 10 dias atrás
Duxk is doing funny :me ;-;
Syed Squad
Syed Squad 11 dias atrás
Plz plz plz....bring 2019 Halloween pets back. We are really obsessed with them. We want them back in 2021...pleaseeeee
Amina Nurmakhan
Amina Nurmakhan 13 dias atrás
My favorite pet wear is a pink glasses pink🎧 and bee hat)Soo cute)My dr:strawberry hat...Who have?
RabbitGaming 13 dias atrás
\\lovee it they new accessoires are so cute!
ana games kawaii br.
ana games kawaii br. 14 dias atrás
Hi adopt me, i was wondering if u would give me the authorization to make a game showing the old and new pets in the game as they are not to copy your game but rather show them what egg they were born from or whether rubux or not u authorize me l will create the map very realistic with pets and tauz you can suggest the name and descripition and l will give the credits to you. What do you think authorize me?
Jessica Cleverley
Jessica Cleverley 14 dias atrás
Everyone: looking at the vid Me: casually scrolling through the comments dancing to the music
Meepoo Meepoo
Meepoo Meepoo 14 dias atrás
Bro... Spring festival is another way to say Lunar new Year. XD
oldies kijang
oldies kijang 17 dias atrás
Pls add safari egg again
lily cen
lily cen 19 dias atrás
floraliixq 19 dias atrás
wow I like all the new accessories but like I need to save up money
Илона Родькина
que 20 dias atrás
HELLO, adopt me, l need your help, please kangaroo has ripped me off for a cow and the Thiing si, l did not make his tradeo, l have been crying For weeks, please , l want you yo do something , I want My kangaroo back and by the way ,the Kangaroo was r sorry for the bad handwring is that don't know English and l had use the translator
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 20 dias atrás
Animals that adopt me should add: 1: snake 2: squirrel 3: snail 4: slug 5 zebra 6: spider 7: sheep 8: horse 9: lizard 10: fire fly 11: hedgehog
Yuliana Toro
Yuliana Toro 20 dias atrás
Mr. Wordell
Mr. Wordell 20 dias atrás
I know Newfissy and Bethink's password. If they do not give my sister 3 of every pet even in mega neon fly ride version by April 15th, 2021 at exactly 11:25 A.M. ET, I will leak their password all over the internet. My sister's username is ImAnelepercon. I'm almost to JesseRaen's password too. Even if they change it, I can find out what they change it to. Time is ticking! 🕦😬😈
Hana Tanimihardja
Hana Tanimihardja 21 dia atrás
I'm very sorry I want to tell you that something happened but it have happened for a long time Someone revealed my age help! It was Slytherinsnake revealed my age can you help me? I'm going to tell to every adopt me videos
Elliestle 22 dias atrás
Jennifer Duffee
Jennifer Duffee 22 dias atrás
Hello adopt me I am new my user is candy_queen2267 I liked and sub and hit the bell to all your videos
mateo juegos
mateo juegos 22 dias atrás
Molly K
Molly K 23 dias atrás
Kedi Sevgisi
Kedi Sevgisi 23 dias atrás
Pls monkey 2021
OWJIN LAZAR 23 dias atrás
My user is : Baconsareking3
OWJIN LAZAR 23 dias atrás
Can I have a free pet like a frost?
OWJIN LAZAR 23 dias atrás
roblox king
roblox king 24 dias atrás
Hat adopted me i was wondering if you can give ma a legendary pet I am Brooke and I can not get ribux so my name is 0clow666 in roblox
Brenda Underwood
Brenda Underwood 24 dias atrás
Omg update I’m so happy
Reinaldo Barroso Filho
Reinaldo Barroso Filho 25 dias atrás
Adopt me my love
GenTech Minds
GenTech Minds 25 dias atrás
nice pet wears i love brown bears
Aliyat muda
Aliyat muda 25 dias atrás
What about the Valentine update?
hector garcia
hector garcia 25 dias atrás
newfissy that s the best update i love her
VTMelodies 26 dias atrás
𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗱𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗽𝗲𝘁𝘀 𝗟𝗢𝗟
Aslı Ertr
Aslı Ertr 28 dias atrás
Beary so cutee😍😍
NOOB CRINT GAMER 28 dias atrás
Plese help me I am scammed in adopt me the scammer take my unicorn r able and my dragon r able and my golden penguin r able and my bunny neon and r able and my griffin r and f able and my hover car and my hot dog stand also I have a proof also plese help me my I'd iamnotshahdad and scammers I'd DimasNgentodKambing he take my ultra rear pets and legendary pets plese help me plese 🙏
ZHU YI HANG Moe 28 dias atrás
I'm So Excited!!
Hailey playz
Hailey playz 28 dias atrás
The beat drop tho
Daniela Huerta
Daniela Huerta 28 dias atrás
No hablo ingles PD quiero un panda en adopt me
Dattebayo 29 dias atrás
Is that new fissy ’s voice ?
Solar Carott 8s wife
Solar Carott 8s wife 29 dias atrás
There’s absolutely nothing in here
Adrijus Adrijus
Adrijus Adrijus Mês atrás
TRASH brookhaven bett
Taylor Roblox
Taylor Roblox Mês atrás
hay Adopt me! my friend and I were wondering if you can release a update for Easter the plan was to have different types of bunnies probably next to the bridge of adopt me and we can have players join and throw carrots and they will have the opportunity to get a normal bunny and a legendary! I hope this idea is grate for Easter and for players to enjoy! my Roblox user is Taylor670920 and my friend user is Kayla199boo1 thank you for your time and enjoy your day! and plees reach out if you have eny questions about are idea love your hard work!
Alex_collador Rodríguez UvU
•Vincent •
•Vincent • Mês atrás
Estelita Matobato
Estelita Matobato Mês atrás
The dodo is jumping so adorable
Valrena Mês atrás
Could you add a party hat for pet wear?
Sounevaw Team
Sounevaw Team Mês atrás
Hello adopt me! I’m a fan of the game on roblox plus the pets are SO CUTE
Elizabeth Houmi
Elizabeth Houmi Mês atrás
Hi adopt me person idk what to call you but whatever i always dont miss the updates i go there RIGHT away is there gonna be more updates?? i am a HUGE fan of your adopt me videos Can i play like with you whats your ursname???
Ita dea leswui dear wolf
The band waterparks if you're bisexual re-root your
Cain Gage
Cain Gage Mês atrás
yass adopt me !! do yo thing ;)
Ana Gamer Roblox
Ana Gamer Roblox Mês atrás
Omg sou do Brasil uwu melhor jogo adopt me
Akhtar Rafique
Akhtar Rafique Mês atrás
Yeah I am gonna get new outfits
miss framboise
miss framboise Mês atrás
Me brown bear barney is gonna look so adorbzz !!
Quin Matthew Dequito
Pls all the pet are frre
fred plays gang beast and wwe
I like all common pets cause in real life there cute
Euthim Mês atrás
Riza Fer Agustin
Riza Fer Agustin Mês atrás
8 like my many friends
Moon Noom
Moon Noom Mês atrás
Please adopt ma please give me a free evl uin and a neon bat dragon muteh r nem es nwa11223i bec me your frend
Fridays With Fifi
Fridays With Fifi Mês atrás
0:15 the most lit stuff evah
Fridays With Fifi
Fridays With Fifi Mês atrás
the zoom ins with the music is too much.. LOVE IT
harf21 Mês atrás
We need to bring back cow eggs i am so desperate for them and so are all my friends
Enes Celik
Enes Celik Mês atrás
Pls cow my drem
Gianna Rivera
Gianna Rivera Mês atrás
Oh yeah and really cute to
Gianna Rivera
Gianna Rivera Mês atrás
Is this your voice
Dragana Nedeljkovic
Adopt me:coming on march Me:WAIT IT IS MARCH
AbbyQ Mês atrás
hey do you have a giveaway for a kangaroo. If not when is the next giveaway.
Kodi Richardson
Kodi Richardson Mês atrás
I got some accessories at the last moment lol. But I got some good ones. Thank you Adopt Me! for this amazing Spring Festival!
Polarbarz Mês atrás
Polarbarz Mês atrás
The music doe.
elisso zahir
elisso zahir Mês atrás
Meryam Missaoui
Meryam Missaoui Mês atrás
is the very cute
M Heart Baba
M Heart Baba Mês atrás
Donjeta Bytyqi
Donjeta Bytyqi Mês atrás
Can ai plis hav e mega uni plis I'm lenditaplays
Bob and the Girl
Bob and the Girl Mês atrás
I exided
raffysio Mês atrás
Wowwwwww cuteeeee
Hans Nelisse
Hans Nelisse Mês atrás
pls can i someon pets but me neon ox is gesammed pls me user is rodeboembaman'
Norik Brown
Norik Brown Mês atrás
hi adopt me I got sam my usr is occa1991
Esther Perez
Esther Perez Mês atrás
o my
Centeng Ayu
Centeng Ayu Mês atrás
litte monkey dancing on da hot spring thats So cute!
Ezechiel n'dri
Ezechiel n'dri Mês atrás
Zaynab seifddine
Zaynab seifddine Mês atrás
I should use this music in birthday parties
Raccoon Ice
Raccoon Ice Mês atrás
Can you kill your pet
Vinson Noga
Vinson Noga Mês atrás
How to code i cant code why
Kate Siliņa
Kate Siliņa Mês atrás
Am I the only one that didn't see the lemon glasses in the shop?🤔😔
rose singer playz roblox
I love those outfits i would buy all of those if i had enough money
Pavel Ott
Pavel Ott Mês atrás
Wow wow wow wow
Fidget toys nisa
Fidget toys nisa Mês atrás
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