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Kiffen Beats
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A new segment of my channel 👻 I also love house music so I'll be uploading lofi house mixes from time to time 👽 Hope everyone loves this ones as much as I do 🧙‍♂️ Playlist bellow
All my mixes are available now on Soundcloud!
Zodivk - yours (+)
Toro Y Moi - Still Sound (Half Blunt Prince House Flip)
Deejay Astral - Let You Go
Upper Class - SIX MILLION
Scissorwork - Love Is Blind
DJ TIRED & Lumes - Cristina
Subjoi - Love Shy
Upper Class - Warehouse Gang
Kllo - Walls To Build (Mall Grab Remix)
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Tags: #lofi #house #mix #set
All rights to the artists and the label of their music. I don't own anything. Just for spreading & sponsoring purpose.


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9 Ago 2018



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Comentários 80
daniel dixon
daniel dixon 17 minutos atrás
what app did you use to make these beats
p a n a y o t i
p a n a y o t i 7 horas atrás
Is there a Sample pack that’s closest to whats used here?
PANDA N 11 horas atrás
BohemiKK Pocholocs
BohemiKK Pocholocs 15 horas atrás
Muy chilling, muy pepino🙏🙏
King Code INFINITY 18 horas atrás
Nobody: Dreams of themselves in their own flats coming from a good job drowning in these beats. Me: 🌚🎧🤔
Jappeli026 Dia atrás
I usually tend to hate house music, but for some reason this mix was fucking dope as shit. I enjoyed it so much. l was bopping all around my home to the beats and melodies of this mix (which was superb). I'm going to listen to this again, and again, and most likely a fourth time as well. Thank you
Micah Osiones
Micah Osiones Dia atrás
0:14 this mix is from the song of becuase - puyat
Frank Herrera
Frank Herrera Dia atrás
The type of song when your high 🤤
__ Dia atrás
0:05 Billie Eilish...
HM Huerta
HM Huerta Dia atrás
Ronan Gabillet
Ronan Gabillet Dia atrás
Ruben Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez Dia atrás
27:00 had me
Amone Chiau
Amone Chiau Dia atrás
It's been almost 2 yrs and this man still liking comments.... Respect👍
Bluew_RT Dia atrás
That's HOT
Big Cz
Big Cz 2 dias atrás
Spotify mixes all messed up
Big Cz
Big Cz 2 dias atrás
Kiffen Beats great, you legend
Kiffen Beats
Kiffen Beats 2 dias atrás
Spotify changed policies and there can't be any mixes under the podcast section. But you cand find all the mixes on soundcloud!
Reelix 2 dias atrás
put this on spotify
Kiffen Beats
Kiffen Beats 2 dias atrás
It cant be due to spotify policies /: it was taken down. They are all on soundcloud!
casperace 215
casperace 215 2 dias atrás
I bet that you Made a shit ton of money from this
ruben quinonez
ruben quinonez 2 dias atrás
That 28:03 transition though! That beat though!
cristhian santisteban
cristhian santisteban 2 dias atrás
-Fumando un poco con esta musica hermosa
Jardel Oliveira
Jardel Oliveira 2 dias atrás
A primeira música é a melhor sem duvidas!! que tipo de musica é?
kast one
kast one 2 dias atrás
I listen to this mix everyday it always gets in a good mood thnxs lofi!!!
Shiro Harra
Shiro Harra 2 dias atrás
i found this track on the perfect relaxing day
Abigail's World
Abigail's World 2 dias atrás
More wiggling fingers
Twerk Nation
Twerk Nation 2 dias atrás
GreenStreet 813
GreenStreet 813 3 dias atrás
I'd say "Killer Beats" is an understatement, you guy's are on the roll and I appreciate you for this masterpiece, you've been making me a much more positive individual lately and having music that fits my lifestyle most definitely completes me and accents my personality. Thank you, love you all, stay woke and stay blessed.
Whitley Blaine
Whitley Blaine 20 horas atrás
you are already complete
GreenStreet 813
GreenStreet 813 2 dias atrás
@Kiffen Beats I knew leave me alone y'all killer hahahahaha
Kiffen Beats
Kiffen Beats 3 dias atrás
Its kiffen beats lol
Layne Krusz
Layne Krusz 3 dias atrás
I didn't do it.
Majo Mejia
Majo Mejia 3 dias atrás
Feeling this vibe today :)
Abril Sanchez
Abril Sanchez 3 dias atrás
I fucking love this beats
Lucas l
Lucas l 3 dias atrás
WtfImdoinghere 4 dias atrás
*TIME STAMPS* Pleaseeeee !
mr Sleepsound
mr Sleepsound 4 dias atrás
Am I the only one who moves like Bart while listening to the music?
Hector De paz
Hector De paz Dia atrás
Nicolas Focaraccio idiota
Nicolas Focaraccio
Nicolas Focaraccio 2 dias atrás
I agree jaja 1000x%
Pamela Guajardo
Pamela Guajardo 4 dias atrás
The Best Lo-fi House!! Really
The . Zukaii
The . Zukaii 4 dias atrás
I recently got a new BRvid channel! Please check it out. A vid might be coming on later today. Thanks!
Mariano Romero
Mariano Romero 4 dias atrás
Icefaet 4 dias atrás
Esse set é bolado.
Tim Hug
Tim Hug 5 dias atrás
einfach kiffen beats hshshs
Eldorond 5 dias atrás
36:15 hits the spot for me, I get a litte teary eyed. I miss you guys, lets rave soon please. Take care until then
Danilo Herrera
Danilo Herrera Dia atrás
man that track is insane. night patrollin by slim hustla
The Hunter
The Hunter 5 dias atrás
Very cool music🎵
Marcus Gomes
Marcus Gomes 5 dias atrás
what a tune @ 35:15 :)
CBFC IRANATNOM 6 dias atrás
Putain j'ai envie de bz qd j'écoute ce son
Eldorond 5 dias atrás
vas y :D
Kevin Armando Vega Vazquez
El mejor Mix, me encanta 😻
Free Music 4 You - No Copyright
🎵👽 Stay positive and enjoy the Music! 🎃🎶
Expanding universe
Expanding universe 7 dias atrás
kaiserdalOl 8 dias atrás
cassandra garcia
cassandra garcia 8 dias atrás
accidentally put this at .75 playback speed and WOW. Best mistake I've ever made, the vibes are IMMACULATE.
MaRcUs HaYeS
MaRcUs HaYeS 8 dias atrás
I like to play this song when I’m high it just makes it 5x more trippy
MaRcUs HaYeS
MaRcUs HaYeS 3 dias atrás
Ryan Gatts nah bruh
Ryan Gatts
Ryan Gatts 4 dias atrás
Do you know What’s the name of the first song in the mix. I love that one.
Ryan Gatts
Ryan Gatts 4 dias atrás
I’m just heard this mix high AF too!!! Lol
MaRcUs HaYeS
MaRcUs HaYeS 8 dias atrás
I like the part where he wiggles his fingers
ChrisOnTheBike 2 dias atrás
@Rich Murray me too. Where can i find it?
Rich Murray
Rich Murray 2 dias atrás
I've watched multiple times and I still can't find that part!
Nicole Ko
Nicole Ko 8 dias atrás
These songs sound like those ones you’ll hear on the radio in the car at night 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣just me? Okay👍🏻
Alt 4 J a v i e r
Alt 4 J a v i e r 8 dias atrás
bart, pero sin Drogas :V
Kevin Oliveira
Kevin Oliveira 9 dias atrás
meus parabens pra quem fez esse set
Romh 9 dias atrás
if this music make you sad , stop listen to it
Isaac Colomb
Isaac Colomb 9 dias atrás
My favorite part was when he bounced his head back and forth
Daniel Porras
Daniel Porras 9 dias atrás
vuelas bien serio con esta canción
The Dark Lord
The Dark Lord 9 dias atrás
Kiffen means smoking weed in german haha I think its pretty accurate :D
Sam Ebtekar
Sam Ebtekar 9 dias atrás
What is up with his fingers lmao
Andrew 8 dias atrás
air piano
ChillTheFrogOut Lo-Fi / V A P O R W A V E
Delta Scythe
Delta Scythe 10 dias atrás
Just imagine this in 8D my brudah
Michael Granger
Michael Granger 10 dias atrás
THC ,IS GOTT 'das ist gut!!!! und ich liebe kiffen. Mfg Michael granger aus dem Germany GmbH
Sakchham Mehrotra
Sakchham Mehrotra 10 dias atrás
I made a youtube channel i upload deep house, deep techno mixes regulary do check it out guys ❤️
Martin Granda
Martin Granda 10 dias atrás
hola like si quieren que sea dillei como el
N0SkillRequired 10 dias atrás
ay, caramba this is chill af
dhaiba yassine
dhaiba yassine 10 dias atrás
tribute mac miller
Aliana Beyaz
Aliana Beyaz 11 dias atrás
Kiffen Beats beste 👌🏽😅
Dolphin Safe Gensan
Dolphin Safe Gensan 11 dias atrás
Trappin here in the Philippines May 18, 2020 -Really love you're mix #moreplease
Paul Devlin
Paul Devlin 11 dias atrás
0:22 real good
ZombiezAteBritt 11 dias atrás
Is this on Apple Music or is there a way I can download.. SoundCloud?? Lol I love this mixxx need to jam to it in my car haha. I feel like BRvid sounds different in the car.
Kiffen Beats
Kiffen Beats 11 dias atrás
Yeahhh soundcloud and spotify. Check links in bio
XXXIIIVVV 11 dias atrás
vl wenn du mal wieder nen lofi hiphop mix machst check mich aus ich mach gern lofi beats würd mich über support freuen :)
Philip Schildknecht
Philip Schildknecht 11 dias atrás
FRVR1 12 dias atrás
xXJust - CrozZ
xXJust - CrozZ 12 dias atrás
H i g h
John Game
John Game 13 dias atrás
Qual tipo de musica é essa? Slim Hustla - Night Patrollin ---- a melhor da playlist sem dúvidas!!!!
Fernando YT
Fernando YT Dia atrás
@Experta Gadgets l,kk ,!.*!.kmm n nn n del
John Game
John Game 6 dias atrás
@Experta Gadgets Thank you, yes for me is the best in playlist rs
John Game
John Game 6 dias atrás
@Ulisses Lebre Vou ouvir obrigado
Experta Gadgets
Experta Gadgets 6 dias atrás
Yes is the best song in the Playlist, i thing this is in the underground progressive techno house beat.
Ulisses Lebre
Ulisses Lebre 6 dias atrás
UK Garage
Jesus Vazquez
Jesus Vazquez 13 dias atrás
What song starts at 06:00 ???
Lucas Boveda
Lucas Boveda 13 dias atrás
Lucas Boveda
Lucas Boveda 13 dias atrás
davi3581 davi3581
davi3581 davi3581 13 dias atrás
it looks like the animation was made in flipnote or is it just me
ichuaru 14 dias atrás
This is fire
Lovee_Sauce 14 dias atrás
I remember playing this on the TV while my grandma was dancing with Bart
Addy Thomson
Addy Thomson 13 dias atrás
I. Like it
Mates GLC
Mates GLC 14 dias atrás
Hey, listen! THENX
LUZ XD 14 dias atrás
gracias mae... da felicidad
Kuro Mayne
Kuro Mayne 14 dias atrás
i put it on 1.25, i wish music was done like this, out of this world
Juan Esparza
Juan Esparza 14 dias atrás
This os very beautiful
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