우주소녀 WJSN 'Last Sequence' MV

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Artist : 우주소녀(WJSN)
Song : Last Sequence
Release date : 2022.07.05 6PM

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4 Jul 2022



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Comentários 21 847
TC Candler
TC Candler Mês atrás
A spectacular drop from WJSN. They all look and sound amazing.
Aldi Rizqullah
Aldi Rizqullah Mês atrás
Yeah Bona and seola definitely on your list this year maybe chengxiao too
Taufiq A. Farizi
Taufiq A. Farizi Mês atrás
TC Candler, camping on WJSN's MV as usual... You got a good taste, sir.
thatchild Mês atrás
this whole groups visuals tho
waterless seedmelon
thank you so much hehehe
IyusJeon Mês atrás
U need to put Bona on ur list her visual tho
Eva J
Eva J 18 dias atrás
Why so little views? I’m surprised damn come on they deserve so much more seriously
Eva J
Eva J 31 minuto atrás
@K.L yep I think it's more like this because they were even nominated for the 1st place in Music Bank and also for the Show so they have more domestic fans for sure
K.L 9 dias atrás
If I am not wrong they have more domestic fans than international, that's why our views are so low uu
gossamer thread
gossamer thread 12 dias atrás
@Wimpy Whiz oh really? I thought it was the other way around. Lacking international fans but fairly known domestically.
Wimpy Whiz
Wimpy Whiz 14 dias atrás
It's mostly the international fans and their limited domestic fandom listening to the song. The general public is largely unaware of this song.
quanxi 20 dias atrás
I always watch music shows for enhypen and wjsn always performs this song and it's so catchy that's why I'm here. I'm gonna stan these girls, I hope I'm not too late :(
Mediocre's Haven
Mediocre's Haven 5 dias atrás
Welcome aboard!
XiaoPH 6 dias atrás
you are kinda, Chinity is still hiatus:(
Leslie 7 dias atrás
strongly recommend the subunit The Black. (my personal favourite, not mean to offend)
Raiz Hamzah
Raiz Hamzah 9 dias atrás
Welcome dear Hi new Ujung Welcome abroad. Enjoy your time here (:
Ling Aelvin
Ling Aelvin 10 dias atrás
I’m wjsn fan but Future perfect was so catchy and I try to learn their name too
Kenn U - I
Kenn U - I 20 dias atrás
dawon's ay ay part really hits every time😭💗
A.Z_aversive_stimulus 𓅓
Es una gran canción bailable me llama la atención que tenga tan pocas visualizaciones , de todas maneras eche de menos una coreografía más enérgica.
DK Mês atrás
Starship did a lot wrong with WJSN but, wow, did they nail it when they picked these girls. 100% visuals, great singers, variety queens, top actresses, composers, funny, sweet, and fun crazy.
KOPELA NASIUKA 14 dias atrás
_chaeng 20 dias atrás
SoyEdgar 20 dias atrás
@Daisy Sonowal StRship didn’t read the contracts with Chinese agencies 🤦🏻‍♂️and SHip didn’t knew how to manage the raising fame of many of the members
Daisy Sonowal
Daisy Sonowal 21 dia atrás
@kDani ok thanks☺️
omg what a good group I didn't know about it I'm going to stan it more so that they have more support
Wimpy Whiz
Wimpy Whiz 14 dias atrás
This song is a breath of fresh air in the current KPop landscape. I am very happy that WSG Wannabe are topping the charts with their songs (please listen to them, they are amazing!). But I am very surprised and disappointed that this SONG!! is not gaining chart traction. Queendom2 did not help them amass increased interest from the general public. And I am disappointed and surprised by that. I wonder what it is going to take for people to be able to discover songs that are great songs. This song has WJSN cosmic feel, with added oomph through the vocal techniques, sound mixing, the dynamic instrumentals and the memorable hooks and post chorus. It is such a fantastic song. I am never a fan when people miss out on listening to well crafted songs. Not sure if it's their marketing or people's shift to newer artists (WJSN are a 6 year old girl group at this stage) or the non-appeal towards WJSN's sound, causing this song to not do well. Any output put out by very popular companies will result in exceptional outcomes( stupendous album sales, song success or both). Artists like WJSN, with(out) such notoriety (and they are from Starship!!) having a hit song is a matter of not having enough popularity and also, luck. They aren't promoting these songs on any of the popular variety shows so doubt any traction from there.. At least sell this song to Samsung or someone else to make this as a song for their commercials. I can just picture it clearly 🙃🙃🙃.
M G Dia atrás
Queendom 2 had less than 1% viewership in SK.
Wimpy Whiz
Wimpy Whiz 3 dias atrás
@Pray for🚨Russia,Ukraine, Myanmar what? chile just shh
Pray for🚨Russia,Ukraine, Myanmar
@Puru Saxena did you delete your reply?😂😂😂,I think this is your second account?
Puru Saxena
Puru Saxena 7 dias atrás
@Pray for🚨Russia,Ukraine, Myanmar You clearly missed my point there. I am not worried about them being established or popular. I was commenting on the absence of mass streaming of the song, enough to catapult them to the top of the charts. Not every refreshing song can do that, and I acknowledge that.
Pray for🚨Russia,Ukraine, Myanmar
They are already established in Korea so stop worrying and also fans like aliens 😂 like me, I mean international fans. Stop over thinking dude
Paula Mora Ferrus
Paula Mora Ferrus 21 dia atrás
Ya no se cuantas veces he visto el video, tengo el MV grabado en la retina y la canción todo el día en mi mente
afterglcw 18 dias atrás
this song ages like fine wine!! it's honestly even better than when i first listened to it
Xavier Mês atrás
Starship did a lot wrong with WJSN but, wow, did they nail it when they picked these girls. 100% visuals, great singers, variety queens, top actresses, composers, funny, sweet, and fun crazy.
nikisaurus 22 dias atrás
Who'd have thought that the great XAVIER loves WJSN! 🔥😂
DK Mês atrás
@Mateus dos Santos The Bot stole my comment and reposted it but what Starship did wrong is mostly not promoting the group well in their first few years as well as not cultivating an international fandom. They have always given them great music though.
Mateus dos Santos
Mateus dos Santos Mês atrás
Why a lot wrong?
Kailed 91
Kailed 91 Mês atrás
@alantes center visual used to be owned by chengxiao, now seola and bona share that spot.
alantes Mês atrás
Does this group have a real visual position? They all look perfect 10s by K-Beauty standards. They are all marble white gleaming from within.
g u a d a
g u a d a 20 dias atrás
not really a stan but i hear this song in inkigayo and i relly like it!!
Cbisquit 20 dias atrás
Thanks for tuning in!
宏美 18 dias atrás
I'm so into this song! WJSN Amazing
Charisse Eleonor
Charisse Eleonor 17 dias atrás
favorite comeback aaaaa y'all slayed
Ren 17 dias atrás
Me too me too >
Moon Shi
Moon Shi 5 dias atrás
They deserve so much 💗 literally all their songs are hits
K.L 4 dias atrás
jenchu not jensoo
jenchu not jensoo Mês atrás
they came to slay
vivi 13 dias atrás
@SW idk why you’d even comment on this if you hate the song but tysm for supporting the girlies with the viewzz !!
SW Mês atrás
@O.H. when will people start to understand that you stan a group because you like THEM, not because of their fans? 🤔
O.H. Mês atrás
@Dwi Mulya Wijaya Exactly why I stopped being an Orbit tbh. Love Loona, but the fandom is just god awful, not to mention the favoritism too. Just ignore them, prolly has 0 braincells to actually being productive instead of commenting hate stuffs.
Dwi Mulya Wijaya
Dwi Mulya Wijaya Mês atrás
Just another part of orbits being weirdest fandom 🙈
SW Mês atrás
@sskarolina I know, right??
tefiaste_. 20 dias atrás
Me quedé sin palabras de lo buenas que son
zayzay cheix
zayzay cheix 19 dias atrás
es que la canción merece tantooo
David Juarez
David Juarez 18 dias atrás
Esto es tan mágico, siento que me llevan al espacio y cuando terminó volví a la tierra, ellas son grandiosas...(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
deobiland☀️ Hora atrás
Such a great song! Wjsn never fails to deliver. I hope they get a win for this masterpiece comeback!
seoklove 29 dias atrás
por diossss, que hermosa canción!!!!!!!
Tripletsunique 5 dias atrás
How am I just now seeing that they released this song! It's so good, love this comeback
Yu 15 dias atrás
I'm addicted to this ~ This is so good ❤️😍 fighting WJSN
Jose luis MalYang
Jose luis MalYang 21 dia atrás
Espectaculares todas las chicas vocal y visualmente, pero...Dawon me ha enamorado❤
宏美 14 dias atrás
WJSN is S class performer I love this song!
date Mês atrás
I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛
Oliveoil Hyeppapig
Oliveoil Hyeppapig Mês atrás
who is "you" lmao
PyrusZ Mês atrás
bot 💀
씨yenn Mês atrás
Yas a must! 💘
Last Sequence
Last Sequence Mês atrás
Jhosephine Hawaii
Jhosephine Hawaii Mês atrás
Dyra 17 dias atrás
Bona ♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥
_chaeng 18 dias atrás
para quem gostou dessa música recomendo ouvir *done*
levi 18 dias atrás
obg 👍 amo pantomime e luckitty cat delas mitas demais
_chaeng 18 dias atrás
é a b-side do single album delas e é a pura PERFEIÇÃO
staylovingyedam 2 horas atrás
Such a good song😭 they never fail to deliver
K.L 3 dias atrás
el mv es muuuy bonito
moonlight Mês atrás
This already sounds like a bop. WJSN is getting better after every comeback andwe all are here for it.
SW 8 dias atrás
@Céline agreed
Puru Saxena
Puru Saxena 10 dias atrás
@Céline calm down. And get off the internet once in a while. Thanks for the views by the way.
afterglcw 13 dias atrás
@daniel peyrou RIGHT!! ujungorbits have the best taste, theyre literally like sister groups
SW 22 dias atrás
@jihyodaebak I know right? 😅
Amtiny 12 dias atrás
This song is so good I'm LEVITATING
Charisse Eleonor
Charisse Eleonor 18 dias atrás
i'm addicted to this song
CHUUing gum
CHUUing gum 11 dias atrás
2:15 whenever she sings my badussy starts shaking I love her voice 🥰
Ren 11 dias atrás
Having Yoo Yeonjung as a member is definitely something that gives a lot of benefits. The girl almost outsing all idols.
This mv is so pretty, the sets and fits and colors they all look gorgeous and another mermaid underwater vibe I love it
bosgotnojams Mês atrás
this is a slay
Tonny Wu
Tonny Wu 14 dias atrás
WJSN, a group will keep growing & keep shining !!! Love them is the one of the best decision in my lifetime !!!
Aaron Tristan
Aaron Tristan 7 dias atrás
was my first cb as a young ujung
Ren 7 dias atrás
You don'tㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Jesus manuel Dne
Jesus manuel Dne 18 dias atrás
Hermosa canción ♥️
xingyun 14 dias atrás
i love this concept they look so pretty
edu Mês atrás
they are so beautiful and angelic the mv is refreshing and calm and the music is addictive!!!!!
Lillackpop 19 dias atrás
Minhas vidinhas entregaram demais
zob 14 horas atrás
i love love love it !! this mv is so attractive and visually pleasing. from the vocals to the outfits-fabulous
zayzay cheix
zayzay cheix 20 dias atrás
me encanta
Giselle Figueroa
Giselle Figueroa 9 dias atrás
Gracias a Last Sequence tenemos en un super visuales de todas, extraordinarios vocales y por su puesto un magnífico rap 💗💗
Visually Not Shy
Visually Not Shy Mês atrás
Their voices are really something! I don't know how to explain it, it feels so satisfying to listen.
Tristan Loh
Tristan Loh Mês atrás
welcome to Ujung (their fandom name)! 😃
K ForHonor
K ForHonor Mês atrás
There's just something about their voice that sounds melodious and satisfying. This is the first song by this group that I listened to.
ellevehaler Mês atrás
dawonce Mês atrás
Cause they dont Sound the same
uzzuverse Mês atrás
always delivered vocally in their songs! wjsn proved here again that they're a vocals group
Bernarda Vargas
Bernarda Vargas 9 dias atrás
Excelente comeback, lo ame
Trinh Tran
Trinh Tran 2 dias atrás
i love that despite having so many members this mv really allowed everyone to shine. theyre all so stunning 🫶🏼
Ren Dia atrás
This is one of the reasons why I bought their album set, I want to have a record of them doing this kind of concept for myself!
jayomiii 2 dias atrás
Great example of line and appearance distribution! They highlighted everyone's visual and vocal parts.
multifandom_in_kpop 20 dias atrás
if you're here, you only listen to masterpieces
주연♡ 12 dias atrás
I love these girls so much, i don't want next year to be their last year 😭 i stan them 4 months ago but they literally ranked higher than my fav for 7 years in my bias list
taesya moon
taesya moon Mês atrás
the only summer song which does not remind us about the beach but they bring the whole Atlantic here. 10 beautiful mermaids with enchanting voices are a rare concept! they bring their group concept of magical fantasy with summer fresh song. THIS SONG JUST TOO GOOD
Leandro Orzuza
Leandro Orzuza 12 dias atrás
I don't know bout you but I can easily imagine myself on a hot summer night in a club beach
sunny sideup
sunny sideup 20 dias atrás
what???? 🤣 tell me you have not listened to other comebacks without telling me you didn't listen to other comebacks 🤣
no u
no u 21 dia atrás
@Bakekok Sama well it seems to be underwater themed, which is usually associated with summertime
Jamardee 28 dias atrás
just be sayin anything
Bakekok Sama
Bakekok Sama 29 dias atrás
bruhh this is not even a summer song
Kp1anet 999
Kp1anet 999 14 dias atrás
I listen every day. I love it
K.L 8 dias atrás
I'm in love with Dawon's voice here!😭💕💕💕👑
bAbsi11 11 dias atrás
Dawon's parts, stick always in my mind and so good to hear..overall a dope drop album
Poe 10 dias atrás
srill playing this on repeat every day! dancing in the shower and smiling on the subway 😊
Shelby Mês atrás
WJSN stylists are really some of the best in the game, I’m in LOVE with those yellow and orange outfits
Hadar Hoory
Hadar Hoory 22 dias atrás
True, especially bona in those orange clothes, I'm in love
Kate T
Kate T Mês atrás
So true, they never look bad omg
zayzay cheix
zayzay cheix 15 dias atrás
me encanta
zayzay cheix
zayzay cheix 20 dias atrás
yaaa, es precioso
Nia9 10 dias atrás
Congratulations on selling over 170,000 copies on the circle chart my precious WJSN🥰
Maz 18 dias atrás
Wjsn fighting! 💕
Naurah Padmasedhana
remember when they won and said on comeback show that was the happiest encore in their life? let make it happen again by watching this 10000000 times more
DJ 20 dias atrás
They're too underwted
Patrick Alcantara
Patrick Alcantara 22 dias atrás
@ediref Temsi Nayeon's Pop win in today's episode of Music Core yesterday Enhypen won in Music Bank the gap between Enhypen and WJSN's score is so close bruh I'm so hyped yesterday anyways support Cosmic Girls guys!!
ediref Temsi
ediref Temsi 23 dias atrás
@Valor which song won?
Lester Salang
Lester Salang 24 dias atrás
@Francisco Da Soledade to him u in
K.L 11 horas atrás
No words... The song, the MV, the vocals, everything is amazing ♡
K.L 11 dias atrás
Dawon's voice here OMG !!!💙😊I love it! I missed her so much!
m c
m c 9 dias atrás
this is my first time listening to them and i'm obsessed. the vocals and the visuals are insane. the song is so addictive and like a breath of fresh air. i really liked this song. i wanna stan them but i feel like it will be hard to discover everything about them cuz they are not new in the industry
Ren 9 dias atrás
@m c Yes! But there are a saying in UJUNGVILLE that goes like, "All of them is your bias so you can just pick an ult"
m c
m c 9 dias atrás
@Ren thank you so much for the recommendation!!! i will binge watch their contents and choose my bias. i’m so excited lol idk why
Ren 9 dias atrás
And take your time! They are here to stay!
Ren 9 dias atrás
Don't be discouraged! They have a masterlist of all their contents! And all you need to watch is atleast one good variety show to know who they are, their personalities never change!
monica rodriguez vargas
Bravo Wjsn 👏 me dan lo que necesito 💖
Maria de-flower me now
Finally Starship gives them the budget they deserve to shine! With this comeback Wjsn really leveled up and is now playing in the big leagues !!! Finalmente con este comeback starship les financió bien las preparaciones permitiendo que brillen más que nunca!! Con este comeback Wjsn va a otro nivel y ya juega en las ligas mayores!!
위엄 Mês atrás
Actually they didn't! Starship didn't give them even 10% of love dive's their talent that's making this mv so good
K.L 15 dias atrás
RiceBall 4 dias atrás
This song kept playing in my mind while i was taking my exam this morning 😂 Like a finale...
宏美 11 dias atrás
Yes i'm here again Great comeback song!! Our queens amazing
JennyWIZ 18 dias atrás
this is amazing
Siti Su'aidah
Siti Su'aidah Mês atrás
1st comeback with them and they slayed like there's no tomorrow! Indeed, WJSN are Queens!
SW Dia atrás
@Vinicius Borges I didn't give them then views since I paused the video lol
Vinicius Borges
Vinicius Borges Dia atrás
@SW ty for viewing it btw
SW 4 dias atrás
They're flop queens 👸
Siti Su'aidah
Siti Su'aidah Mês atrás
@Blink,midzy,lockey,MY,Once,MVP,DiveKep1ianNswerOrb baby ujungs together let's go! i love your username btw!
Same,I started stanning them yesterday
minzy 21 dia atrás
cosmic summer concept, they delivered as they always do
宏美 19 dias atrás
WJSN Amazing♡  I love this song! Our queens
허성진 18 dias atrás
퀸주소녀 오늘도 화이팅! 사랑해💕
Casi 18 dias atrás
This song is addicting so good
Christ Poke
Christ Poke Mês atrás
They never had a bad song, its all always good, but the quality keep on rising every single time.. Now with more people recognize WJSN after 2521 and Queendom 2, I hope more people can appreciate this all rounder group.. All members are basically visual, good singer and dancer, can act, totally funny, a total package entertainer.. Hoping for flower path for WJSN from now on.. WJSN fighting.. 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼
Puru Saxena
Puru Saxena 10 dias atrás
​@ppal_gan I actually agree with this. With IVE, they had a fantastic debut song. By fantastic, I mean something that would appeal to the general Koreans public as a whole. Wonyoung, Yujin brought in IZONE fans and the other girls also began to be liked. WJSN staarted their musical journey, sonically, in a very different state. Their debut songs and first few comebacks were all over the place except 'Secret'. Because they took until save me save you to establish their song, the public had largely forgotten about them and their sound (remember BTS, Blackpink, Twice, Exo) were at their peak at this time. Yes, they had their increasing fanbase, still, it was not large enough to push them to top of the charts. I have noticed this with a lot of girl groups, if they don't have a strong, powerhouse start it will be extremely difficult for them to gain more recognition later on (Momoland, brave girls, EXID are an exception- but their peak popularity were brief stints)
Wimpy Whiz
Wimpy Whiz 14 dias atrás
@Ling Aelvin Also, IVE has started by putting out songs first and then getting a feel from the public's response. A great strategy, which worked!
Wimpy Whiz
Wimpy Whiz 14 dias atrás
@ppal_gan I agree with that. WJSN is a relatively older girl group, and the fact that this SONG!!! did not top the charts tells me that the general public has largely forgotten about WJSN
Ling Aelvin
Ling Aelvin 29 dias atrás
@ppal_gan because of WJSN, So IVE can be successfully now. They learned the mistake in managing WJSN and avoid in IVE. IVE need to improve their idol performance skills, they have very good songs and popularity because of 6 members unlike WJSN have so many members, they should learn from WJSN if they want their popularity last longer
Christ Poke
Christ Poke Mês atrás
@ppal_gan nah, everybody has their time to shine, its their new start now, they can start with their own pace, no need to chase IVE or any other group.. Because of netizen mentality to compare, thats why no matter how good every idol are, they’ll end up having mental health problems, because it seems like they are never good enough.. Lets just support WJSN and lets not think about other group for now..
zayzay cheix
zayzay cheix 15 dias atrás
tan lindaaas
cibai chow
cibai chow 16 dias atrás
Queendom 2 introduced me to WJSN, I personally rooting for Viviz, then Viviz covered 'Unnatural' and it makes me explore more. Now I'm here.
blink fara
blink fara 13 dias atrás
@Ren love to hear that💙
Ren 15 dias atrás
We have kind of the opposite situation lol. I watched queendom because I was curious of Viviz, mainly because I like Gfriend's music! Then they covered NAVILLERA and that made me a fan of WJSN too!
Ren 5 horas atrás
May everything come true as you wish~~~~
_chaeng 18 dias atrás
cosmicas fighting!!!!!!
gia Mês atrás
My first comeback as an ujung! ❤️ ive stanned after queendom because they're so talented! they're all so beautiful too❤️ stan talent stan wjsn!
K.L 9 dias atrás
Welcome to ujung fam♡
park soobin simp
park soobin simp Mês atrás
welcome!!! glad you liked it!
cquenn zrose
cquenn zrose Mês atrás
Welcomed baby ujung❤️
Kim haya
Kim haya 15 dias atrás
This song is magical...they all look extremely beautiful and their voices are amazing. even the melody is so captivating . I'm in love with this masterpiece .
Jhosephine Hawaii
Jhosephine Hawaii 2 dias atrás
I want this song in the CLUB! it rocks💛
Kp1anet 999
Kp1anet 999 8 dias atrás
Congrats 8M Ujung ! Fighting WJSN!!! Love U
허성진 14 dias atrás
우리 천사들 오늘도 아프지말구 행복한 하루 보내기를🙏 사랑해🤍
Last Sequence is one of the top-tier songs from WJSN. This song is already a bop indeed. They are getting better after every comeback and I can say that it is on the same level or maybe even better than Unnatural ❤❤❤
Robin Chris
Robin Chris Mês atrás
Yes. It's ok because only WJSN beats another WJSN song. I also think Last Sequence is easy to listen to because the high notes aren't used as much as they did with Unnatural. In Unnatural, high notes are after another high notes after another lol.
K.L 11 horas atrás
Everything about them is incredible!💖
jayomiii 4 dias atrás
Dayoungs part really give me goosebumps whenever I come back for this
It's my favorite cosmic track of all time ❤️
@아리산 😭❤️❤️
아리산 12 dias atrás
宏美 4 dias atrás
This song is magical It's very cute and amazing! I like WJSN
niah Mês atrás
pls support wjsn, they’re seniors in the industry but they’re still so underrated even with bops like this. pls support them and get them far!
eylemshi 14 dias atrás
Definitely a girl group that deserves more appreciation. All their songs are really beautiful but the style of this song is so beautiful. I listen like crazy every day. Perfect girls, perfect dance, sound and clip. Everything is very beautiful from start to finish. Fighting girls!
SW 14 dias atrás
I'm just doing like you said you would do :)
Ren 14 dias atrás
She/he keeps deleting her/his comment, I'm wheezing HAHAHAHA
killer queen
killer queen 14 dias atrás
i agree!!
SW 14 dias atrás
Not really :)
宏美 8 dias atrás
Great comeback song! wjsn so pretty and talented
K.L 4 dias atrás
All of them look SOOOO beautiful 😭💕
Sofun Santuy
Sofun Santuy 20 dias atrás
When dawon said "ey, ey", i feel that
soobinies Mês atrás
i really like the musical direction that starship is taking their girl groups now, seeing as wjsn and ive both have this high fashion aesthetic going on since 2021. let's just hope they put in more effort into promoting wjsn so they can be as popular as ive right now
afterglcw 18 dias atrás
now let's just hope starship gives them a better budget ffs, their last few mvs seemed kinda low budget. i kinda wish they shot in realistic locations like their old mvs or had better sets, and the fact that this is their budget after winning queendom? i hate in when companies neglect their older groups :(
Ayesa Im
Ayesa Im 21 dia atrás
@TAERIOUR also i think it'd be better if we keep from saying this group worked harder/better than that group and the likes, all of them do the best that they can.. we should all respect and acknowledge that
Ayesa Im
Ayesa Im 21 dia atrás
@TAERIOUR i was only talking abt ive bc someone seemed to be speaking ill of them; if someone would speak ill of wjsn, i'd also do the same
Ayesa Im
Ayesa Im 21 dia atrás
@TAERIOUR no, do you see if i wrote anything like that?
Ayesa Im
Ayesa Im 24 dias atrás
@Hope DreamHowl you speak as if it's the girl's fault for being famous or as if it's a bad thing tho (she did work hard for what she have now, can we just accept, recognize and respect that?) also ive earns what they are enjoying now because they all worked for it, being in a group is always a teamwork, regardless who the most popular member is
Nosiii 4 dias atrás
It's so cool to incorporate the whirlpool of water and that opening curtains at the start of the MV. Their team have done a great job
Nosiii Dia atrás
The arrangements of the song is perfect. It focuses more on how to highlight the vocals of the members. From Seola's starting line to her soft pre chorus towards the end, it is just perfect in terms on musical production. Plus! The Visuals are way on point, perfect mermaids!
jayomiii 5 horas atrás
I watched a compilation of Exy being clumsy and hol-. She really does need a lot of help, I'm too glad the members, mostly Eunseo are taking care of her. They are so sweet
blooming 10 horas atrás
Ok.. I stan them. They're beautiful and this song is literally amazing, probably my new favorite song. Does anyone want to tell me a little bit more about them? :) which songs would you recommend? Oh, also it seems like I'll have a lot of trouble finding a bias ahah
Ren 5 horas atrás
Hi! For songs you can checkout I-yah Secret Save me Save you I wish Happy Boogie up Mostly try all their title tracks first! There's a saying in ujungville, "Everyone is your bias in WJSN, you just gotta choose an ult" Honestly with their music alone, I can definitely stan them, they have their own signature sound unlike any other groups and still going strong 6-7 years into their debut. You can checkout stan twitter for best bsides if you're done with title tracks! Now for the fun part. Checkout their first ever variety show: My cosmic diary. You'll be surprised on how much variety geniuses they are! If you have any questions just reply to me! Have a great day Ujung!!!
SW 9 horas atrás
No, sadly no good songs. Especially Exy is really mean, but Luda Dayoung and Dawon seem to be nice
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