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Comentários : 6 mil   
@worstedwoolens Anos atrás
I love how stick figure Grey has evolved from a classroom teacher into a complete menace to polite society.
I think StickGP Grey prefers "retiree".
@3rix Anos atrás
¿Por qué no los dos?
@SaltpeterTaffy Anos atrás
One thing remains the same: a captive audience.
You say that like polite society somehow deserves to not be menaced after such egregious nonsense on its behalf.
You’re one of my favorite BRvidrs
@Fabben1 11 meses atrás
Finnair had a long standing gag of operating flight 666 to HEL (Helsinki) and even taking off on Friday the 13ths.
@ozboz1995 Anos atrás
When Grey revealed he had been trying to find out Y for 8 months, just had me crying. The never ending rabbit hole trying to find order in madness is the epitome of this channel.
@LouisOnAir Anos atrás
And yet we still don't know why some of them start with W instead
@shade8962 Anos atrás
@@LouisOnAir he explained it. something to do with weather control being present I believe. Y if the tower is there, and W if it's not. something like that
@perpetrin Anos atrás
I'm waiting now for the 45 minutes long video explaining Y, just like for the Tiffany problem. I'm sure we will be for a ride !
@Peacewind152 Anos atrás
Hilarious thing is, in ground school I was told about the Y vs W story. I really hope Grey releases a footnote video about it because I want to know!
@MravacKid Anos atrás
His own fault really, he can't leave well enough alone and *needs* to go dig deeper. :)
@Halio70 Anos atrás
I feel like with every CGP video we get, we see him descend further into madness. I blame Tiffany.
@mariapaulagl Anos atrás
We ALL blame Tiffany
@bryanekers3472 11 meses atrás
Tiffany is totes to blame.
@Nadia1989 11 meses atrás
Damn you Hearne!
@averytheaxolotl5689 10 meses atrás
No, we dont blame Tiffany, we blame Hearne
@1224chrisng 10 meses atrás
He's a Fan of Theophania
@givelbs Anos atrás
this has probably been said before in a more elegant fashion, but Grey's sentence structure is just amazing. Almost every sentence is alliterative and rhyming... it all flows beautifully.
@shadowpaw7722 10 meses atrás
Reminds me of Dr. Seuss' books.
@WouldntULikeToKnow. 9 meses atrás
Pure poetry
@unfinkintsugi 5 meses atrás
I fall asleep to him talking since it's flow is so beautiful.
@bryanekers3472 11 meses atrás
As a life-long Montrealer, I'm pleased that Grey took the time to put a number of recognizable Montreal landmarks in the IATA office windows.
@praneeshpal8677 11 meses atrás
Not a resident of Pyongyang, but same can be said for the landmarks and airport details shown in the FNJ part.
@Coveredincatfur 11 meses atrás
@bryanekers3472 I noticed the same thing!
@GermaphobeMusic Anos atrás
I feel like CGP Grey is on the brink of starting his own airport
@879PC Anos atrás
Too bad CGP is already taken
Get Wendover on it
@20quid Anos atrás
@@879PC I wonder if Grey has ever been to Chittagong.
I think he's about to start his own Standards Organization for Literally Everything
@summsauce9784 Anos atrás
would be the best airport
@hwisudhhjw Anos atrás
I love when Grey depicts countries, organizations, etc with girls and their flag/logo skirts and personalized hats and stuff. So cute !!
@werbizzy 8 meses atrás
i wish i was a cute country with a cute flag skirt and my own hat
@TPK_MAKG 8 meses atrás
@@werbizzy don't we all
@malignantcrow16 9 meses atrás
“All are coded so companies can communicate clearly and concisely complicated connections to carry their customers, and their bags.” -CGP Grey, 2022
@loupgarou95 8 meses atrás
My favorite airport code is MCO, the code for the Orlando, FL International Airport. Legend says it stands for Mickey's Corporate Office. It doesn't, but the idea is quite fun.
@necroslair 8 meses atrás
The airport formerly known as McCOy Field…
@lauramitchell1924 Anos atrás
As a new Ham Radio operator, I can tell you that Morse Code is alive and well.
@gregorystoike Anos atrás
Welcome to the hobby!
@seanjones7854 Anos atrás
Toronto International Airport's IATA code gave birth to the song YYZ by Rush. The main riff is YYZ in Morse code. Also one of the most dangerous airports in the world, Toncontin International in Honduras, has the rather appropriate IATA code TNT
@blainewheaton9679 Anos atrás
I always love the little hints of madness that leak through whenever CGP tell us about something that really *should be* simple, but isn’t
@HistoryNerd808 Anos atrás
I think agencies slowly losing their minds is appropriate as well. The fact that he made ICAO and IATA really tired, confused, and overwhelmed bureaucrats is just so perfect.
@RepOfAntarctica Anos atrás
Exactly, like when he asks the FCC why they overlapped the K & W radio stations in the middle of the US, & for that brief second an old lady with the skirt "ITU" appears, alluding that they had something to do with it, but he didn't have time to tell us at the moment, either foreshadowing a later topic in the video or another one altogether.
@laikit010 Anos atrás
W for East W for Without Weather
@FurryWrecker911 Anos atrás
The more I learn about history, the less confidence I have in letting people run things. The best eye openers are the stories police, firefighters, and paramedics have to tell. There are people out there who think fire extinguishers work via pulling the pin and throwing it. I have worked with system engineers for military trainers that can't even find the headlight controls or the hood release in their own car. These are the people that build and decide how our infrastructure works. Failing upward is real, and the more people you meet in life and the more perspectives you see from them will make you realize how it's a miracle we made it as far as we have.
@@FurryWrecker911 are you serious about the fire extinguisher thing because if so we are doomed (SarcasmButAtTheSameTimeNotReally)
@peanutbutterjazzy Anos atrás
I could watch this man explain airport logistics for HOURS
@chriswatts5921 Anos atrás
Regarding "not starting with the letter Q" there are several 3 letter morse Q-codes that are regularly used in aviation to describe certain numbers. QNH is current pressure at mean sea level and QFE is current pressure at field elevation for example. As these are used by ATC all the time it's handy to not mistake them with airport codes.
@tPATRICKPL 8 meses atrás
ATC and pilots use 4-letter ICAO location indicators (as they are called), not the IATA codes. Furthermore, QNH is said over the radio by spelling each letter as in the alphabet, whereas EDDB (Berlin) is spelled out using the ICAO phonetic alphabet as Echo Delta Delta Bravo. No way to mix those two things up.
@oculicious 11 meses atrás
my dream is to be trapped next to cgp on a plane as he rambles obsessively about whatever rabbithole he has dug himself into at the time.
@zanwrightmfwr756 9 meses atrás
Yo same. 2 hour flight becomes 15 minute flight
@superguyrichard Anos atrás
Yo, Congrats to the people in CGP Grey's Team, The visuals of the guy he was talking to getting very distressed at his airport being changed was hilarious and the music was awesome. It sounded like it was using the telegraph tones as the instruments then making a melody with them. Another awesome video thank you for putting in all that hard work I love it.
@philip1258 Anos atrás
I apluad you for putting this together! With everything going on right now, the best decision to be on any creative man's heart is having a profitable investment strategy.
@waynes4369 Anos atrás
Investing in assets is the code for having a successful financial life, investing with the right expert would free you from modern financial slavery. Investing in crypto now is really cool especially with the current price in the market for now
@vmkunnari Anos atrás
There used to be Finnair flight AY666 from Copenhagen to Helsinki HEL until 2017. And yes, Helsinki is taking everything out of their IATA-code HEL.
@rickwemd6618 Anos atrás
I really love the fact that Grey continues to accidentally roast Social-Security Number in both airport-themed videos
@JRProngs Anos atrás
Yes, "accidentally"...
@EEEEEEEE Anos atrás
E‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎
@NoriMori1992 Anos atrás
@Thot-Slayer-420 Anos atrás
there are no accidents
@toyztoyz2000 9 meses atrás
As a pilot I found this video more informitive than I had ever imagined. The stuff they do not teach in class that should be tought!
@holgerj.440 Anos atrás
When the focus came to the Y and instantly the random xylophone started playing "Oh Canada..." it made me smile and am unable to stop, yet. The details of these videos are gold!
@zmathpanda Anos atrás
I remember I had a problem with this. I accidentally put BHM (Birmingham, US) and not BHX (Birmingham, UK), and I booked a hotel ticket. Luckily everyone was kind and I was able to get a free flight back, and no extra fees for the hotel.😊
I never before thought of the ocean as "that terrifying empty abyss" that I have flown over but courtesy of this vid, have successfully added a new fear to my collection.
@bencekiss4693 Anos atrás
12:19 That’s written in Hungarian!😁 Thank you for including our less known unique and extra hard language in your video!❤️
@mariapaulagl Anos atrás
They are great that Way!
@TransMedard 10 meses atrás
És nem mellesleg a legszebb is 😉
@amateraceon5202 Anos atrás
I know Grey has said he picks his videos well in advance and spends a lot of time researching, but part of me likes to think he just had a REALLY bad airport experience that led to the boarding video, the runway video, AND this video all at once
@lucasok1185 Anos atrás
@MartyFox Anos atrás
And the DON’T DIE video, I’d imagine
Thats what i want to believe about it
@muhilan8540 Anos atrás
@reedcspurling 11 meses atrás
Someone's probably already commented this, but the "J" for "Jezero airfield" was specifically added for the 'Ingenuity' Mars Helicopter when it began its flights. It landed with the Perseverance Rover, and the two vehicles are now working together but usually some distance apart.
@demoaccount3409 8 meses atrás
This is the exact comment I was looking for
@CoryDAnimates Anos atrás
You know a travel BRvidr is going to leverage that last part and make a video of going to all those IATA code airfields in real life.
@SinHurr 11 meses atrás
Going to need an Animaniacs-style song down of every airport code.
@nomoremeaning Anos atrás
If I was a teacher, I would use your videos as part of my lesson plans. Real facts, explained simply, mixed with a little comedy, in an easy to follow format. This is only my 3rd video, and I can tell you dedicate your time to these. I loved the Most Deadly Job in America video and the one about Federal Land was quite interesting. I learned so much information in less than an hour. This truly is great content, and you definitely deserve every single Sub you have and more!
@danese1636 Anos atrás
I genuinely appreciate the lengths you go to while researching for these videos. While no where near the scale of the research you do, as a University student I understand the rabbit holes you end up in when you ask the terrifying "why" questions.
@notawesomebread Anos atrás
I need a 2 hour CGP video where all of the side notes and exceptions are thoroughly explained
@notsaying7838 Anos atrás
@@skorp5677 Wait, really? Damn.
@ShroudedWolf51 Anos atrás
@@notsaying7838 Yep. The behind the scenes commentaries are pretty dang neat.
@robertaylor9218 Anos atrás
Won’t be enough time
@RTomasi Anos atrás
I need a 3 hour CGP video explaining the side notes and exceptions from your 2 hour video :)
@zakr1187 Anos atrás
@@skorp5677 where are the yt ones?
@SirSpuddington Anos atrás
I used to live in that "city" of Yakima, WA. YKM, the Yakima Air Terminal is (currently) so small that a person standing in the main entrance and a person standing at the little mandoor that constitutes a boarding gate can have a conversation by only mildly raising their voices, with the entire security checkpoint between them. I find it hilarious that an aerodrome that's awkwardly too big to be called a landing strip and too small to be called an airport, attached to a town that's way too big to be called a "small" town and way to small to be called a city (if you've lived there, you know :D), also happens to be one of the weird exceptions to a series of international multi-agency naming convention protocols.
@tommyfrerking 4 meses atrás
Interesting information: I grew up on a beautiful set of lakes in NW Iowa (Calhoun County) named Twin Lakes and we had a radio station on the lake I lived on (N Twin). Remarkable for how few people lived on the lake. Their call letters were cleverly chosen: KTLB Keep Twin Lakes Beautiful
@MarcoAdventures 9 meses atrás
I love how CGP Grey referenced his half a decade old Social Security Number video. It really shows his love, passion, and dedication to the entertaining content he makes.
@GoldenFlyer 8 meses atrás
I love how Grey uses route examples that would be financially unsustainable
@kenna176 8 meses atrás
As an airline brat-turned-airline employee, I absolutely love everything about this.
@kalamari3288 Anos atrás
I love the idea of Grey just diverting flights and lecturing to random people on planes.
@ianmcgregor576 Anos atrás
@@hazelon1283 it all depends on how you go about it. A cool fact or two and I’m interested, but 10 minutes of talking and I’m thinking I want to respond to a text but don’t want to seem rude
@TheGoukaruma Anos atrás
Real GCPG Grey avoids to talk to strangers when possible. He is no smalltalk guy.
@FelixAmark Anos atrás
i also like to belive its the same person in everyone of these videos that grey always happens to stumble upon
@RonsarLo Anos atrás
If it wasn't for interacting with people, he'd totally do it too
@leojei 8 meses atrás
I feel so special being a Canadian from how many times CGP Grey calls out Canada in this video.
@879PC 8 meses atrás
Fun fact: I recently flew solo down to Las Vegas to see a show and the amount of "fun airport facts" I had that I wanted to share with people was unbearable and it's nearly all because of this video. Thank you Mr. Grey.
@Tony.H03 Anos atrás
I was so excited about the accuracy of Schiphol down to the actual NS double decker trains! Such detail! And then I noticed the pin is in BELGIUM.
@evanfuller1559 Anos atrás
CGP really wasted 8mo of his life for less 30 seconds of content in a niche BRvid video. My respect for this man is unmatched
As someone who's spent the last 8 months doing internal software development for a major airline, I feel seen😌
@arpitjain2591 Anos atrás
Grey and airports, a never ending battle
@ferrum1776 Anos atrás
An airport named Tiffany
I know 😏
@chanr9531 Anos atrás
A never ending battle for a lot of us too 😂
@54321jcc Anos atrás
@@ferrum1776 Apparently the Ta’if Regional Airport of Ta’if, Saudi Arabia goes by TIF.
@zachychu9675 Anos atrás
It’s no longer a battle, at this point it’s a war
@valj137 Anos atrás
Absolutely more than 8 months of work definitely went into this. THANK YOU, GREY. Phenomenally entertaining, as always.
@gwalker607 11 meses atrás
I am now putting “fly the funny IATA codes route” on my bucket list
@pengudosh7979 11 meses atrás
01:31 Love the idea of windmills as a mode of transportation - Imagine the thrill of getting lifted up in the air, and then (by the power of centrifugal force) flung of towards your destination. I imagine that you’ll land on a giant trampoline. Amazing video, it was really cool!
@nimi-nae Anos atrás
I worked at an international airport for a while. We had a little airport code guide in a pamphlet we kept in our lanyards but we had to memorize a ton of them in training. I still impress people with the wacky codes I still happen to know. I always wanted to know why they were so weird so thank you!
@couchpotatoinc Anos atrás
The last two letters in Canadian codes come from railway/telegraph location codes. TZ was the code for Toronto, so we get YTZ. YZ was used for Malton, which is where Toronto’s big airport is, so YYZ.
@leojei 10 meses atrás
So we DO have location code embedded in some of the IATA codes, PHEW!
Yep here's another: OW = Ottawa pre-ICAO for the railway, so airport became YOW.
@calcubite9298 21 dia atrás
Neil Peart stands alone
"but that's a story for another time" is essentially a death sentence to an interesting topic at this point
@Miss_Trillium Anos atrás
As someone still wanting a follow up to Part 0 of reservations, I can confirm
@kingeragon2100 Anos atrás
How to politely “nope” out of a rabbit whole.”
@NOT_A_ROBOT Anos atrás
@@kingeragon2100 hole*
@reubenm.d.5218 Anos atrás
Reservations. Forever in our hearts.
@SquintyGears Anos atrás
to be fair he already spent 8 months to make sure CY had a logical origin...
@johnbeauvais3159 Anos atrás
My local airport is called “Naples Municipal” but has the code APF, this is a holdover from WWII when the airfield was built and used to train pilots. The code stands for “Alternate-Page Field” in reference to the larger Channing Page airfield to the north, which has the code FMY for “Fort Myers”
If I worked at that airport I’d totally get a hat that says FMY Life
@grayrabbit2211 11 meses atrás
FMY is my home base! Hello neighbor!
@vancelewis5428 Anos atrás
GREY! I literally just did a project for a GIS class using airports. I was using the IATA and I got to a local airport that is a small regional airport with uncontrolled airspace and it gave a weird code with letters and numbers not the 3 letters. Now I know it was the ICAO. So crazy this video came out as I was turning in my project 😂
@gnomed6154 Anos atrás
Thank you very much for the accurate cameo of our little Yakima Washington (YKM) airport, Grey! That is indeed what our airport roughly looks like! Including the sign. :)
@alana314 Anos atrás
I once bought round trip tickets to FLO thinking airport codes were sensible and it was Florence Italy, and was very sad to find out it was Florence South Carolina
@estebancespedes3515 8 meses atrás
I'm Colombian and I didn't know there was a place called Orocué much less that it has an airport (2:40). I checked and it's a tiny 8.000 people town in the middle of nowhere in the oriental plains, wild that it has an IATA code.
@sabikikasuko6636 Anos atrás
Gotta love CGP Grey's unwaivering commitment. You have that content creators open a video epicly with "This video, spent 3 months in the making" and everyone is like "thank you for your hard work!!!" and then you have Grey just casually throwing in, without warning or a care in the world, "this single fact that's a 30th of the video took 8 months to nail down" and everyone's like "damn, cool".
@richardpike8748 Anos atrás
... *Tiffany*
@Kas_Styles-Akuma Anos atrás
@pipers_river 8 meses atrás
I had no idea that Portland Victoria had it's own airport! It's pretty small so I just assumed that they would use the Avalon airport in nearby Geelong. Avalon's airport code is AVV or YMAV. My favourite fun to say Aussie airport codes are: GOO - Goondiwindi Airport, MOO - Moomba Airport, UEE Queenstown Airport, and FIZ - Fitzroy Crossing Airport.
@vale.antoni Anos atrás
7:11 He actually continues calling the Jersey side airport "Ewark" and it very much checks out
@PlayerLPs 11 meses atrás
I'm from Freiburg and I'm so happy that the Euroairport was mentioned 😃 It's a common thing for Germans to travel by bus to the airport over the French border going in to the Switzerland part of the airport to fly somewhere else.
@RayBellis Anos atrás
A large proportion of the world's DNS Root Servers are internally identified using IATA codes (including the ones I run). Some DNS Root Operators are now using UN/LOCODE instead.
@kipchickensout 11 meses atrás
we went on some Spanish flight booking site because my parents want to fly there, and were planning the trip back. The site automatically translated to german so instead of getting them to HAM for Hamburg, it translated it literally as SCHINKEN
@canadalavearn Anos atrás
I would gladly watch a 45+ minute video where Grey explains all the parts that he skips over because it's "too complicated" or "not enough time"
@sexyscientist Anos atrás
Canada wants to know Y?
@adt4864 Anos atrás
I think he would make them too if they were only quick and easy to make
@that_one_guy934 Anos atrás
2 years/ vid instead of 6 months
@emmakane6848 Anos atrás
I’m pretty sure that he does this for patreon supporters.
@elucified 9 meses atrás
I learn more Canadian history from CGP than I do in school 😂
@benlambert5984 Anos atrás
I like how Grey is just outright adoring of the Netherlands in a lot of his videos.
@TheNate9797 11 meses atrás
I'm surprised you didn't cover Chicago O'Hare being called "ORD"! Also there's a story to how the place was named indirectly involving Al Capone!
@dorinstefangheorghe983 11 meses atrás
the DAD,MAD,RUN ones having matching pictures is incredible
@thomaslusignan762 Anos atrás
As an architecture nerd from Montréal, the fact the IATA and ICAO buildings were both accurately drawn and that y'all acknowledged they're right next to each other just delighted me. Thanks!
@Saucialiste Anos atrás
*squee in Montrealease* Le squee! Le squee
@froggywam Anos atrás
I walk by the IATA building quite a bit, I didn't it was its headquarters, also had no idea what the organization did
@bryanekers3472 11 meses atrás
Did you recognize all the landmarks in the windows? There's 1000 de la Gauchetiere, the Olympic Stadium, the BNPS ("Batman") building and at least a dozen others.
@YakAttack915 11 meses atrás
These videos are always so informative yet absolutely hilarious. From the script to the animation, it's a pleasure to watch them!
@Ehrlichkeit 11 meses atrás
Nice Video! The ICAO stubborness didn‘t keep up in Germany, where in former East Germany it was ETxx, since West Germany always had EDxx. Today the codes are EDxx for civil and ETxx for military aerodromes all over Germany. So there are still some changes possible
@mustafaemrebasaran7701 10 meses atrás
It's truly wonderful how much research Grey puts into these videos. Masterfully done as always.
@JustAnotherMe Anos atrás
Awesome video! Very informative while still being super fun to watch! But I hit the like at 2:01 and re-watched that multiple times just because I was impressed with the pronunciation for Bhubaneswar. I hadn't noticed before how badly that spelling can cause it to get mangled. Way to go! (I think, the correct pronunciation is closer to bhoob-nay-sh-were)
@greggkenshin360 9 meses atrás
I work in a shipping warehouse and having to figure what code means which country is usually a nightmare
@ckelley8275 Anos atrás
I just love the facial expressions of the poor passengers who become unwitting participants on Grey's exploits during these educational traveling videos. They're always like, "Why me?!" and "Somebody, help me!" 😂
@sploog Anos atrás
I like to think it's the same guy every time that has to put up with grey indoctrinating them in a cult, venting about some poem that wasn't about tiffany, tried bringing onto a pirate crew, and on and on...
@tails183 Anos atrás
I feel the same way about comments with emojis.
@RainbowFlowerCrow Anos atrás
@@tails183 🙄😒
@nulnoh219 Anos atrás
It's like the magic school bus teacher, but kidnapping unwitting learners.
@EEEEEEEE Anos atrás
E‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎
@noterix1164 Anos atrás
this was incredible to watch and I loved all the wordplay ! I have no idea how this ended up in my recommended but I sure am glad it did
@DCPhoto 11 meses atrás
Ah yes we can always trust Grey to tell us about something we never thought to think about and introduce us to the chaos of the world and how nothing makes sense.
@Neiluj1493 8 meses atrás
So epic to see a special mention to the airport at 3km from my home ! :D But you reversed the sides. The right wing is the french one and the left one is the swiss one.... :P
@Ortemis Anos atrás
I love that you can see the Montreal skyline behind the IATA, at 3:00 for example. Nice attention to detail :)
@sreekar5691 11 meses atrás
Q codes are used in amateur radio Morse code operation (CW). That operation is used a lot on HF bands, so it's still widely used. QRM (interference) and QSY (change to another frequency) are some examples of Q codes.
@octo-pops Anos atrás
Now I need another CGP Grey deep dive video on the madness he spiralled into while researching Canadian airports
@jtiza Anos atrás
"Someone dead ruined my life, again... AGAIN" runtime: 1:58:20
@jasonbennett7002 Anos atrás
True but Tiffany set a high bar for descent into madness.
@aclonymous Anos atrás
@@jtiza canada ruined my life
@aroryboreallen Anos atrás
Hit me up in YYC
It's the Brittany Tiffany madness all over again
@urotaion9879 11 meses atrás
I love how Gibraltar and the UK are just awkwardly standing on top of some mid-century ocean liner and are just staring at Spain like a dog knowing it’s doing something wrong but is proceeding to do it anyway. 2:18
@Mysticpoisen Anos atrás
The Newark EWR one is hilarious, because it's a MUCH older airport than the New Orleans NEW.
@PopeBarley 11 meses atrás
The 'blink and you'll miss it' "mongling pronaunciation" joke was amazing
@TheSteffChris 8 meses atrás
Grey has uploaded a new video… and therefore I find myself rewatching every other video as well. Just to go down my own madness rabbithole.
@N1cky18 Anos atrás
Your videos are remarkable grey, niche topics made entertaining, great scripts and editing, just the whole package ❤
@kylemcewen8474 Anos atrás
As a CY Canadian who flew through CGP in Bangladesh this week - this video absolutely made my day.
@1rdwn Anos atrás
Me too, I'm from Bangladesh
@ianm408 Anos atrás
@rat_king- Anos atrás
@@ianm408 he's called cgp grey... figure the rest out
@ianm408 Anos atrás
@@rat_king- I was asking Kyle the Canadian, why. It was a play on words. Go figure.
@rat_king- Anos atrás
@@ianm408 Y? would have been better
@PogieJoe Anos atrás
Another feast before us! I always love the moment in Grey's research where things go from having a concise organizational system to the slow realization that there are a thousand exceptions to the rule.
@jessicabowen98 Anos atrás
I live near Worcester, Massachusetts, a city that for some reason, people have a hard time pronouncing. People often say Wor-chester and so we find ourselves correcting outsiders by saying "there is no H in Worcester." Imagine our surprise when even the airport coding people did us dirty by giving it the airport code ORH. At least I now know why it doesn't start with W.
Technically PIE is St. Petersburg and TPA is Tampa. Here's a few more fun ones: PNS = Pensacola, FL, HVN = New Haven, CT, HEL = Helsinki, YYY = Mont-Joli, QC! In addition to the handful of legacy W codes in Canada at tiny airports, we even have a few that don't use Y or W. For example, we have Z (zed) such as for ZBF for Bathurst, NB and is served by AC.
@harleyclawson7639 8 meses atrás
Thanks for explaining BNA. As a TN native it’s irked me for a long time. I was literally hoping you would touch on that. You got yourself a sub. Dig the videos.
@wyattdornewass2651 9 meses atrás
I love how he says that all the London airports are ages away from eachother, and then shows the times between them which is less than a casual drive between my hometown and L.A.
@LangKuoch Anos atrás
As a Canadian who had always wondered about our Y's, this video was particularly satisfying to watch!!
@AvsJoe Anos atrás
But Y?
@ethanlo3718 Anos atrás
@@AvsJoe Y not?
@RainAngel111 Anos atrás
I'd totally watch a CGP Grey video on that deep version of why Canadian codes start with a "Y" that he hinted at.
@jamesdmack Anos atrás
And, of course, we're sorry.
@elgrazo82 9 meses atrás
8:03 fun fact, the city of Basel (where the EuroAirport BSL-MLH-EAP is right next to) has an additional IATA code: ZDH, which stands for the Basel SBB Railway Station. You can book a "flight" from ZDH to anywhere in the world via ZRH (Zurich Airport)
@jax-hy Anos atrás
Although I feel like I walk away from your videos with tons of new knowledge, the only thing I actually learn is there are too many exceptions to anything to make sense to anyone inherently
@AaronDoud Anos atrás
Just an FYI radio and TV stations used to be 3 letters like WOC in Davenport, IA. So in the mid 1900's when airports were getting their codes this made sense.
@ZvonimirZelenika Anos atrás
Not so long ago (2008) a Swedish couple arrived to Rijeka, Croatia (RJK) while trying to get to Reykjavík (which is KEF as airport is formally in Keflavik). And it was July, so temperatures in Rijeka were 30C (compared to 15C in Reykjavik), so they came with pretty much wrong wardrobe.
@alexeylutskyi6420 11 meses atrás
You could also mention the UN/LOCODE system. It's quite nice that in addition to the 5-letter code you can use additional 4 numbers to denote a specific berth or a terminal within a larger place like a port. Getting to know that 4 numbers is often not so nice as the same terminal may have several different names or may be missing from the list. Employees and even agents rarely know the numbers too.
@teslaromans1023 Anos atrás
The barely contained insanity crawling right under the surface in his voice when he talks about the months lost to research never fails to crack me up
@Taiyama2 Anos atrás
It's got that "looking longingly at a noose" feel to it.
@gentuxable Anos atrás
Thanks for explaining that. I often fly from ZRH but sometimes prefer Basel because there are more low cost airlines operating from there. I was also wondering if I should search with EAP, BSL or MLH because maybe that makes a difference what offers are found? No idea.
@JohnFreeman877 Anos atrás
CGP Grey used the iconic Jay Foreman order for naming the airports in London.
@ironcito1101 11 meses atrás
Yay Argentina! 🇦🇷 I like how you show us and the UK pushing each other at 10:32 😅 Over here, MDQ (Mar del Plata) also brands its three-letter code. MDQ doesn't mean anything, but it's become a common abbreviation for the city.
@CGPGrey 8 meses atrás
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