“ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS!!” - Michigan Alum Rich Eisen Celebrates Wolverines' Ohio State Beatdown

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Michigan alum Rich Eisen gloats over his Wolverines finally getting their first win over their archrival Ohio State Buckeyes for the first time since 2011.

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28 Nov 2021



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Comentários 1 047
Joseph Zimmerman
Joseph Zimmerman Mês atrás
Rich is literally every Michigan fan right now. This is exactly how I have felt since the game was over.
Chad Oleszczuk
Chad Oleszczuk Mês atrás
disagree. why gloat. its 1 game out of a ton. how ya doin, keep it movin
James Mark Scott
James Mark Scott Mês atrás
@Adrianne Wittich you need to get out more then. ;)
Bradley Wright
Bradley Wright Mês atrás
@Adrianne Wittich plenty of obnoxious Michigan fans too. Like all the ones that are saying it’s the beginning after winning one in 10 years.
ptschafer Mês atrás
Agreed. The sleeping giant has awakened. GO BLUE!
Yunghee Hong
Yunghee Hong Mês atrás
Go blue baby!
C L Mês atrás
Not even a Michigan fan, but I’m happy for Rich and the fans 😂
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
@Daniel Denno you mean that team south of the border? Looks to me like they got beat by young Woody Hayes
obsidian17 Mês atrás
Daniel Denno
Daniel Denno Mês atrás
@Donald MacKerer We're coming for that title call me nuts everyone thought I was crazy when I told my family that we were going to beat him you know that team Ohio
Donald MacKerer
Donald MacKerer Mês atrás
I'm a native of Georgia but my dad and aunt were from Michigan. Both were big Wolverine fans. Around the Atlanta metro area there are a lot of Ohio State fans and they are mostly jerks. I'm so glad to see those arrogant fans get their comeuppance. I used to like to tease them about their record with the SEC and Clemson but now I get the rub it in with Michigan period that is so awesome. Hopefully they'll go and hiding and I won't have to look at those horrible Ohio State stickers. Ohio State so overrated. Go Maize and Blue go big blue!
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Thank you . You Rule!
The Big Brother
The Big Brother Mês atrás
I want to give every single Michigan fan a hug. This meant a lot. When you taste defeat for so long it makes winning so much sweeter. Even I was doubting us but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Still I Rise4485
Still I Rise4485 Mês atrás
Gregory West
Gregory West Mês atrás
@Carmelo El bori's way harbaugh is walking around today with his chest stuck out and his head held high lol,.go blue.
Carmelo El bori's way
I remember when he took over the program Harbaugh is a champ at heart I never doubted him and I’m not a Michigan fan. Congratulations
Sage Roberts
Sage Roberts Mês atrás
As a Detroit lion/ Michigan wolverine fan…. We desperately needed that game for our sanity
Sage Roberts
Sage Roberts Mês atrás
@Fred Jammerson no bandwagon means I leave the lions to root for a winning franchise. 🤦‍♂️
Sage Roberts
Sage Roberts Mês atrás
@Fred Jammerson I’ll never drop the lions stuff…. Lions till the grave, I’m no bandwagon fan
Sage Roberts
Sage Roberts Mês atrás
@ForestFam 24 trust me man, I hope so too!!😂
ForestFam 24
ForestFam 24 Mês atrás
You poor bastard 😂😂😂 but honestly, I really hope detroit can make a turn about a city in need. Hutch would be a good start
Peter Dragon
Peter Dragon Mês atrás
Poor Aiden gonna be a lion
Chris M
Chris M Mês atrás
As an Ohio State fan I'm super bummed but you guys deserved that win. We were outplayed, outcoached, and frankly Michigan just wanted it more. Hats off to you guys. Can't wait for next year
Winthrop Allegaert
Winthrop Allegaert Mês atrás
Yes, I salute your incredibly classy post. And I agree, I can’t wait for next year. GO BLUE!
paydrough Mês atrás
Kinda how we felt as Michigan fans and how the team was over the past 10 years. Thanks for being a good sport :)
Hakeem The Dream
Hakeem The Dream Mês atrás
Me neither
situated4 Mês atrás
Day had the team very flat. Scary to watch.
Michael Bettisworth
As a die hard wolverines fan I really respect you saying that. A lot of buckeye fans could never say that even if they felt it.
Travis Hartman
Travis Hartman Mês atrás
I’m a Badger fan, and Saturday was a rough day …but my consolation prize was watching Ohio State lose. Thank you Michigan, from the bottom of my heart.
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
@Da'mon Bigsby I'll drink to that! GO. BLUE
Da'mon Bigsby
Da'mon Bigsby Mês atrás
@andrew norris white people always drinking beer (to something)
You guys will bounce back. Appreciate the kind words .
Travis Hartman
Travis Hartman Mês atrás
@David Force I hate Ohio State for 2 reasons: 1. Wisconsin always loses to them 2. Their fan base makes it a point to correct you if you don’t say THE Ohio State, which I find unbearably obnoxious
David Force
David Force Mês atrás
Ohio State and ND must be the most hated teams in the US.
Tyler Lambes
Tyler Lambes Mês atrás
As an Ohio State fan, Rich is oddly one of the few reasons I’m okay with Michigan throttling us this weekend. GG Blue
WreckerR Mês atrás
It's OK everyone, things will be back to normal next year...
Ron Burnett Jr
Ron Burnett Jr Mês atrás
@puddnjones Lol same here...
maddymud Mês atrás
@David Force - you remind me of that great Lion, Chris Speilman’s story about his dad. Chris told him he had picked the Wolverines and his dad was “oh no you’re not, you’re going right down 71” Anyway - this Buckeye says congrats, good luck in the title game.
Phillip Yancey
Phillip Yancey Mês atrás
Wherecar 54
Wherecar 54 Mês atrás
Your not a real fan are you?
Tim Fleming
Tim Fleming Mês atrás
As a long-time Buckeye fan, Michigan gave us an old fashion butt kicking. Congrats Blue.
Bradley Wright
Bradley Wright Mês atrás
@jayngo26 what about every other year in the past decade when Michigan fans had excuse after excuse for losing. The delusion. Now they win one and act like they are a team that has dominated the past 20 years.
jayngo26 Mês atrás
If only more Buckeye fans could be honest like this. Respect to you!
MJ Lyons
MJ Lyons Mês atrás
Go Bucks! And I agree, Tim Fleming. We were outplayed and outcoached. Congratulations to the Wolverines.
Terence Thomas
Terence Thomas Mês atrás
Thanks it’s not over. We dance again in the shoe real soon
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Thank you god bless Woody
Conor Stanton
Conor Stanton Mês atrás
For all Michigan fans, this was truly a magical day. Best football game of my life. The only thing I can think of that must compare is Bo's 1969 upset that started the ten year war. It really is great to be a Michigan Wolverine. Go Blue!
Zachary Sturgeon
Zachary Sturgeon Mês atrás
@B V 🤣🤣
B V Mês atrás
PreacH Mês atrás
@andrew norris Aiden Hutchinson proving it true!
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
@Zachary Sturgeon 3 yards and a cloud of dust
Zachary Sturgeon
Zachary Sturgeon Mês atrás
@andrew norris Except Bo never won a national championship, right?
Shonda Mês atrás
As a Michigan fan I am still smiling. We gotta finish the job.
ravi hudson
ravi hudson Mês atrás
Yes and no in the moment Yeah ..... for Me as long as we beat the Bucks i can sleep well
onyx Stark
onyx Stark Mês atrás
We gotta finish the job
B Mor
B Mor Mês atrás
As in win the big ten right ? Idk if y’all winning the title
Darin Vee
Darin Vee Mês atrás
Nah, let's just have a repeat of the 1985 Iowa/Michigan game!
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Wo Natty Natty
Brad Gross
Brad Gross Mês atrás
Im a passionate Ohio State fan, and even I can appreciate this. Rich is just, more eloquently than most, saying in his own words, what all of us who really feel, feel. The rivalry is EVERYTHING
PreacH Mês atrás
Exactly!! For all of my animosity towards the Buckeyes, I honestly love them too, because what would college football be without UM v OSU? It’s 2020 and it SUCKS
Carolina Blood
Carolina Blood Mês atrás
I was looking forward to Rich Eisen's reaction to this!! Congrats, Michigan, and good luck going forward!
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Your the best Merry Christmas
Richard Dean
Richard Dean Mês atrás
I was nearly in tears when Michigan won and I live in Wisconsin. I love me some Jim Harbaugh - I thought the 49ers treated him poorly and I bet this victory made up for a lot of heartache. Go Michigan!
Bob Wiley
Bob Wiley Mês atrás
In the past I have to admit I was not a huge Rich fan, he has always been very good at what he does, but not one of my favorites. But I had never heard him talk about Michigan, so had no idea until recently that he was a big fan. Well now I am a big fan of his, great segment today, loved it. Go Blue Baby, we kicked the buckeyes, now we must pierce the hawkeyes
Bob Wiley
Bob Wiley Mês atrás
I felt same way, grew up in Michigan, life long Wolverine fan, but have lived in Wisconsin now for long time. It’s great even being over here and wearing my Michigan shirt and running into Michigan fans here in Sheboygan, Go Blue Baby!
Anne Hajdu
Anne Hajdu Mês atrás
@andrew norris, *you're
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Your the best Go BLUE
Ben Mazzara
Ben Mazzara Mês atrás
Rich is at his best when he’s in absolute despair (e.g. the Jets) or in absolute joy, and his accent goes into overdrive.
Brandon Relitz
Brandon Relitz Mês atrás
What accent?
Joe McCready
Joe McCready Mês atrás
@Frederick Miller New York//Staten Island
Muscab Abdullahi
Muscab Abdullahi Mês atrás
@Frederick Miller no clue where he’s from sounds midwestern though
Frederick Miller
Frederick Miller Mês atrás
What is his accent? I could never put my ear to it
Jon A. Scholt
Jon A. Scholt Mês atrás
As a Michigan fan born in 84 and grew up in Ann Arbor I will always say my favorite football coach of all time is John Cooper
Winthrop Allegaert
Winthrop Allegaert Mês atrás
Lol. As an alum born in 1959, I know exactly what you mean!
Matthew Burkart
Matthew Burkart Mês atrás
I miss that guy!
Jon A. Scholt
Jon A. Scholt Mês atrás
@James Mark Scott I agree that Cooper was a really good coach that if he had just beat Michigan would be considered an all time great. He was in position to win multiple titles. Honestly too, when OSU was in 1997 Rose Bowl after the '96 season beat Arizona St and Jake Plummer (Musberger loved calling him Jake Snake) I was really happy for the Buckeyes and Cooper. It was there turn to stop a team from national title; Arizona St was #2 and undefeated going into the Rose Bowl and would've been the only undefeated team left if they had won. So I was happy the Bucks and Coop had that feeling. It also helped keep him around longer which ended up being great for Michigan.
James Mark Scott
James Mark Scott Mês atrás
LOL. The irony there is, Coop came in at a time when tOSU had slid from cfb elite to good/not great under Earle Bruce (who went 5-4 vs UM). He rebuilt the program to elite, which of course made the losses to you guys, especially in '93, '95 and '96, brutal. The guy is in the CFB Hall of Fame, yet so many people associate him w/his record in this series. Shows you just how much this game means.
louofm1 Mês atrás
@Mark Hibber I'm from Flint, and have met Rick leach before. He went to my high school years before I did. Ironically I met him at the big house, during halftime before Appalachian state beat
Mike Simpson
Mike Simpson Mês atrás
Great segment Rich as I watched the game as I counted down the last 10 seconds and the game ended I was crying tears of joy. Brandon my Son said why are you crying Dad I told him after 8 long years of losing and taking so much crap from Buckeye fans I was so emotional and just let it all out. I am from Michigan but I live in Columbus Ohio . So you can imagine how difficult it has been Go Blue beat Iowa and you rock 🎸 Rich Eisen thanks again.
hoagland1943 Mês atrás
As a very big OSU fan living in Columbus, well deserved Michigan. You earned the win.
hoagland1943 Mês atrás
@Dig Bick 🌶 It makes the rivalry all that more intense.
Dig Bick 🌶
Dig Bick 🌶 Mês atrás
You’re the only decent Ohio fan
Alex Cika
Alex Cika Mês atrás
I am a Buckeye fan and I am so Happy For Rich , this was Michigans time that's the bottom line
Bruce Gillett
Bruce Gillett Mês atrás
Being there being part of that atmosphere was one of the greatest moments of my life. Forever and ever Go Blue
goblue Mês atrás
Love the energy, it's been long over due for us Michigan fans . GO BLUE
goblue Mês atrás
@andrew norris I swear
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
It's been a high priced HELL
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson Mês atrás
I literally chortled out loud. I met Harbaugh as a tween at the mud bowl in the quad. I was with my dad. Harbaugh has a broken arm in a cast. I was in awe. Thanks for the smile. Go blue.
Milt Wilcox
Milt Wilcox Mês atrás
Pretty much sums it up. That's exactly how we all feel. The decade and a half of disappointment made it that much sweeter. I cried. That's why college football is so great. Go Blue!
Milt Wilcox
Milt Wilcox Mês atrás
@Christopher Motyka I am not THE Milt Wilcox, no.
Christopher Motyka
Christopher Motyka Mês atrás
Is this the Tiger great Milt Wilcox if it's true man you were just great. My first game was one you pitched. If my 54 year old brain is still functional 8 to 0 shutout.
Titansfan08 Mês atrás
It’s weird as a Ohio st fan I’m upset we lost but I’m so happy for rich he was the first person I thought of after the game
situated4 Mês atrás
Me too. They just kicked our backsides. Period.
Mark Redman
Mark Redman Mês atrás
Go Hawkeyes !
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Merry Christmas Buckeye Fan
CP025129 Mês atrás
As a Michigan grad, I have been impressed with the sportsmanship expressed by Buckeyes. We’ve been in a drought and needed a win soon just to keep this game a true rivalry.
Michael G
Michael G Mês atrás
@louofm1 Appreciate the correction. Even better! Over 100k, and the point is pretty much made…
louofm1 Mês atrás
@Michael G attendance was actually 111,000+
Karuna Mês atrás
#26 ripped the guys helmet off. Great sportsman
Ben Morrison
Ben Morrison Mês atrás
Same! Even before the game I felt like they are way more respectful than they needed to be after beating us 10 years straight.
Jeffery Tokarsky
Jeffery Tokarsky Mês atrás
@Mike Honcho If that happens, we’ll deserve it. I expected this from Harbaugh earlier, and he finally delivered ... big time. It hurt, but was beautiful at the same time. It was a B1G classic.
R S Mês atrás
I'm from New Jersey but I've been a really big Michigan fan since I was a little kid in the 90s when I started playing hockey. Both the football and hockey team won the championship and I loved the helmets (I was a little kid)... any way I'm a loyal fan so I'm still a Michigan fan and that game was so fun and satisfying.
Sharfrichter Mês atrás
I'm a life-long 'Bama fan (I go back to the Bear, not a new bandwagoner), so I don't have a dog in this fight, but I am very happy for all the Michigan fans and the program. I remember those old Bo/Woody games, it is great to have Michigan football be relevant again. Congrats to all you Blue and Maize (sorry if I get that wrong) fans
Shaz Baggle
Shaz Baggle Mês atrás
You know Saban has been the coach for almost 15 years. Literally an entire generation of humans has been born in that time. They're not bandwagoners. They're just fans same as you.
Aaron Harris
Aaron Harris Mês atrás
If we win Saturday, hope to see you in the CFP! 💛💙〽️
Dig Bick 🌶
Dig Bick 🌶 Mês atrás
Brandon L
Brandon L Mês atrás
As a BYU fan who had to deal with almost a decade of defeat at the hands of the utes…I can confirm that this is a glorious feeling
Sean Mês atrás
I’ve no dog in this but one of my best friends is a Michigan alum and he’s been grinning ever since. Happy for him and happy for you, Rich. Congrats, bud.
Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson Mês atrás
As a life long Michigan die hard fan, I’ve been sharing lamentations and joys with Rich for years… this is the best. He’s so much better than me with words, able to describe exactly how we all feel!!!
David Bo
David Bo Mês atrás
I'm glad Rich has the platform to express with enthusiasm how we all feel right now. By the way, he's 100% right that Iowa is a professional Michigan season killer and that scares me.
Phil Stamper
Phil Stamper Mês atrás
Congratulations Rich from a Buckeye fan, I tuned in just to see your happiness,I enjoy your show and I know you’ve been miserable for two decades almost so I wanted to see your reaction congratulations Rich go bucks
marketweis Mês atrás
If that team can continue to bring that level of play & intensity, there's no reason they can't play w/any opponent they would come up against in the playoffs. As a fan of CFB in general, who won't have a team in the playoffs this year, I will find it so damn refreshing to (hopefully) see 2 new teams playing for the championship.
brendan gilmartin
brendan gilmartin Mês atrás
They can. Besides Georgia.
Roy Boy
Roy Boy Mês atrás
@marketweis Holy cow I’m an Irish convert since 2000, my son is Irish alum. I grew up a Michigan fan, so you know what I think of the Buckeyes. ☘️Go Irish☘️
marketweis Mês atrás
@Roy Boy Actually....rabid Irish fan from So Bend living in Ohio (I DESPISE Ohio St.) Truth be told, unlike a lot of other Irish fans who hate UM, I'm not one of them :) I can't tell you the pleasure I got out of that game Sat. And I really do think Jim's got a team that can compete w/anyone.
Roy Boy
Roy Boy Mês atrás
@marketweis Okay then. You sounded like a Buckeye. You made some good points, and I tossed my comment out before processing everything ya said.
marketweis Mês atrás
@Roy Boy Jeezus, obviously no ill intent by me not saying "Michigan." wow
Colin Peart
Colin Peart Mês atrás
As soon as I saw the result, I was looking forward to seeing this. Fantastic
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Time to party
M Roberts
M Roberts Mês atrás
I agree. And he did not disappoint.
Anthony Mansoor
Anthony Mansoor Mês atrás
Loved it Rich!! Loved the win and your reaction. Still beaming about it. Now go beat Iowa and GO BLUE!
Pac Key
Pac Key Mês atrás
Happy for Rich. Great win for Michigan
ajp79 Mês atrás
Anyone else watched the Fox Highlights of the game over and over since Sat? First time in forever I could watch highlights from a Mich/Ohio St game with a smile! GO BLUE!!
M_J Bo
M_J Bo Mês atrás
@Winthrop Allegaert absolutely I felt that one. I usually do too but that one was special. Going out at the big house like that was a damn good way. Winning in Indy even better. Let's go win in Miami
M_J Bo
M_J Bo Mês atrás
Big 10 Champions victors and the best
Winthrop Allegaert
Winthrop Allegaert Mês atrás
Now watch the highlights with the UM radio call (and I usually hate Brandstatter). Very moving…
Mike Rutledge
Mike Rutledge Mês atrás
Have watched the highlights multiple times daily since Sat and won’t stop any time soon. The entire atmosphere was surreal….snow…all blue uniforms….crowd being hyped/loud from well before kickoff until rushing the field and, of course, the player’s performances will go down in history. Michigan beat the snot out of Ohio St. and gave them a dose of reality and karma. Go Blue〽️!! Best of luck Sat in the Big10 Championship Game vs. Iowa!!
David Force
David Force Mês atrás
I stayed up to 3:30 am just to re watch the game. Go Blue! Beat the Hawkeyes!
Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins Mês atrás
Hey Rich, Although I’m a spartan fan, I am really happy for you. Enjoy this huge win and best of luck in the Championship game!
Anthony E
Anthony E Mês atrás
Buckeye here. Love your show and you've been a good sport every year after the game so I felt obligated to sit through this whole video and listen to your enjoyment. Well played.
Christopher Williams
I'm an Ohio State fan, but Hey I'll be rooting for TTUN to Win Out...If it can't be Us then it better be them and They Better DO IT!
James Bowen
James Bowen Mês atrás
You're a great guy. Thank you for your support and classiness.
Hank Mês atrás
I'm so happy for Rich. Congrats my guy and congrats to Michigan
traplandmuzik Mês atrás
Buckeyes fan just coming in to give credit when due. Rich 👏 🙌 congrats!!!! You guys kicked our butts. Nuff said
Life can be funny
Life can be funny Mês atrás
As a fan of the show , feels good for you that you finally got it. Congrats Wolverine fans. Hope Jim Harbaugh finally get his first proper championship.(Although it feel like the team already got it ) > Been a fan of him since Colts's captain comeback era.
David Albers
David Albers Mês atrás
Congratulations Mr. Eisen. I loved the reaction and the unbridled JOY!
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Me too
Joseph McBrayer
Joseph McBrayer Mês atrás
I’ve been awaiting this moment for a long time! Rich delivered the goods and did not disappoint!
J P Mês atrás
Rich’s smack talk is still somewhat polite. 😂😂😂😂
Yuri Sutton
Yuri Sutton Mês atrás
This was easily the best Michigan game I've ever watched in my life. I am beyond thrilled that we finally beat those guys after ten years of misery! GO BLUE!'
Poison Nut
Poison Nut Mês atrás
Congrats! You always have given OSU credit over the years, so I can respect that for sure as a Buckeye fan!
Scott Fergsuon
Scott Fergsuon Mês atrás
Eisen being happy, makes me happy. His enthusiasm as a fan, is contagious.
Quivering Moist
Quivering Moist Mês atrás
49 states were rooting for Michigan in that game.
The King
The King Mês atrás
@joey lucas haha what a joke everyone knows that Ohio state runs the big ten as they should none of those other schools are good as Ohio state
joey lucas
joey lucas Mês atrás
@The King lol ok dude just better hope u can beat Norte dame Michigan and state and Penn state next year lose 2 of them the program will be crumble 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ohio state Golden year are coming to end it happen in every program
Karma_Cnr Mês atrás
@The King 😂
Mr. Thomas
Mr. Thomas Mês atrás
@UCOERNIqmfe_f6NnK1Qr8-aQ Shut up
J Michael1837
J Michael1837 Mês atrás
@The King it would take some miracles for Michigan to win it all
Anthony Phouthakhanty
I'm a Michigan and Jets fan like Rich. I can't wait for the Jets to win a playoff game to see his reaction.
Grim Grey
Grim Grey Mês atrás
"I drank your milkshake! I DRANK IT UP!" lmao! Love that reference. Well done Wolverines!
Jacob Weisenfluh
Jacob Weisenfluh Mês atrás
That "I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE" has been brewing within Rich for years
Eric Meeuwsen
Eric Meeuwsen Mês atrás
I grew up going to Michigan Stadium ever since I can remember (mid 1970s) during the heart of the 10 year war admiring Bo and Bob Ufer. In the early 90s I was fortunate enough to be a student at the premiere university in this country and even somehow finally graduated from U-M. As a kid, and especially as a student, I've been a part of so many great University of Michigan experiences (was even in the same fraternity as the late great Bob Ufer) I honestly thought I had seen and felt all the glory possible. I am not the wordsmith Rich Eisen (who reminds me of Ufer a bit) is but this win over Ohio State and the overall atmosphere ranks up there with best i can remember. I haven't felt like this since I was a student. Anyway, well said Rich and a big salute to all my fellow Michigan Men and Michigan Women everywhere.
Michael Blount
Michael Blount Mês atrás
Damn right, take that Ohio State!
LJ Wall
LJ Wall Mês atrás
I love this man, from one Wolverine to another
AJAX95 Mês atrás
saw that victory and was so happy for you rich. you earned every single second of this! enjoy it!
Johnny Pilutti
Johnny Pilutti Mês atrás
Hi, an OSU fan here. I’ve finally come to terms with the loss, it wasn’t our year. UM was the better team and absolutely earned that win.
John Brubaker
John Brubaker Mês atrás
Impressive. Grace and sportsmanship make.sports truly great.
puddnjones Mês atrás
this is what I've been waiting for from Ypsilanti, MI. He speaks my feelings.
Roger Goetz
Roger Goetz Mês atrás
Rich, feels absolutely amazing right!?! It was an amazing game
Soft Lock
Soft Lock Mês atrás
As a former OSUMB member, and obviously Ohio State fan, I was waiting for this moment, because after enjoying Rich for years being sad, i'm just as happy if not more happy to see him so excited and finally get some rejoice. It was especially hilarious him discussing the playoff complaining. I hope you enjoy it but lose to Iowa. :D I have tears from laughing with him.
Sai Namuduri
Sai Namuduri Mês atrás
@Sawyer Northrop why?
Sawyer Northrop
Sawyer Northrop Mês atrás
@Sai Namuduri I'm a Michigan fan and I'm kinda disappointed
Sai Namuduri
Sai Namuduri Mês atrás
@Muscab Abdullahi LOL Iowa got absolutely DESTROYED
JonnyBGood Mês atrás
Which Rich are you referring too! RR destroyed our program for practically 20 years!
Muscab Abdullahi
Muscab Abdullahi Mês atrás
@andrew norris iowa always upsets ppl off big wins but ok
king pin32
king pin32 Mês atrás
Rich I’ve been wanting to do a rant like this for a long time now loved it. But as good as this win for us was we need to handle Iowa and bring home the big 10
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Merry Christmas
Vince Mitchell
Vince Mitchell Mês atrás
Having watched you after Michigan losses its awesome to see how over the moon you are with this win. Ironically, being a Columbus, OH native and Ohio State fan, this made me not feel as bad about the loss. See ya'll next year!
Jeff G
Jeff G Mês atrás
As a Michigan fan to my Ohio State friends, please don't be mad or aggravated by Rich, a true MI fan. Just smile and let him have his day. I'm sure Ryan Day will prop next year's MI-OS Game Clock in gold lights today counting down to next year where you'll probably throttle us for revenge. You've owned us for most of the past 20 years so be satisfied.😊
K Mês atrás
find someone who loves you like Rich loves Michigan
Curtiss Lindsey
Curtiss Lindsey Mês atrás
God I love his passion and joy! It is absolutely glorious!
flux capacitor 81
flux capacitor 81 Mês atrás
Big Ohio State fan. I was at the game. We lost to the better team. The loss hurts, but I feel the rivalry getting some life again. See you guys next year at home!
CAMARO Z28 SS Mês atrás
@flux capacitor 81 It was only cancelled because some universities are worse than others when it comes to fear porn. This plandemic is so full of word salad/word Magicka that it makes me want to puke 🤮
David Force
David Force Mês atrás
Michigan’s best players are graduating and your young guys are coming back and I would think after the beat down this year those Buckeyes will be getting their revenge at the Shoe. After the game I told my wife I will be in a good mood for the next 364 days.
flux capacitor 81
flux capacitor 81 Mês atrás
@CAMARO Z28 SS Yeah. Wouldn’t want the game cancelled due to COVID.
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Merry Christmas to all NCAA FANS
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Great response
Caleb Larsen
Caleb Larsen Mês atrás
Congrats to Michigan fans. As a BYU fan, I can relate with you guys this year.
Drew😤 Chupp
Drew😤 Chupp Mês atrás
As a ND fan congrats to Michigan and boy would I love a matchup with my Irish in the playoffs if it happens to shake out that way! Go Irish!☘️
jayngo26 Mês atrás
That would be an EPIC playoff! Talk about college football history! So much history and success with both schools!
samuel gainey
samuel gainey Mês atrás
I'm rooting for your Irish because if you played Cincinnati again, y'all beat the brakes off of them. Notre Dame is a totally different team since then. They got a physical front 7 and they can run the ball with play action.
John Galt
John Galt Mês atrás
When's your conference championship game?
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt Mês atrás
@Scalp-Ninja yeah, they're 23-1 over the last two seasons for no good reason, Clown.
Scalp-Ninja Mês atrás
How the he'll you guys lost to Cincinnati? That team doesn't belong in the top 10 let alone top 4
Charles Ledesma
Charles Ledesma Mês atrás
I started to get choked up when there was 2:00 left in the game. The dream became reality.....awesome game go blue!!!
Da Hook
Da Hook Mês atrás
Happy 2 see Rich smiling & excited about the victory. Still only won 3 times since 2000. Got 2 come 2 The Shoe. Congrats to Michigan. Win the B1G Championship & The Natti. Make this victory mean something. Go Bucks !
Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson Mês atrás
Congratulations Rich! Good luck in the playoffs!
QBAN2010 Mês atrás
This is unadulterated joy that is seldom heard in sports talk! Thanks, Rich….enjoy every moment!
L D Mês atrás
I love this! Looking forward to Saturday night vs Iowa. I know our coaches will keep our boys focused in practice this week despite the incredible high of our victory over the Buckeyes. GO BLUE!!
Bruce Gurski
Bruce Gurski Mês atrás
Love this story! Go Blue, well said literally this is exactly how I have felt since the game was over and it never ends to this day, lets win another, then another, then another to close it out! 1st thing first win this Saturday!.Go Blue!
Atunga Anassi
Atunga Anassi Mês atrás
Congratulations Rich. With all the Jets mess this year, I’m Happy for you
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams Mês atrás
It’s been a rough ride but, as a die hard alum, wow! Tears! Thanks Rich!
Admiral Ozzel
Admiral Ozzel Mês atrás
I’ve been waiting for this monologue for a very long time. Thanks, Rich and GO BLUE!!
cpimpmr Mês atrás
Man this was great. A classic. Hilarious. So imagine how I'm going to be if I live to see the Cowboys win #'s gonna be freggin great
Mark C
Mark C Mês atrás
Sounds like your just a touch excited! It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine. It was the best game experience I have ever attended in my life.
Anne Eaken
Anne Eaken Mês atrás
Jim was my QB for 3 years! We both graduated in 1987. So happy he finally beat Ohio State!
Kenny Anderson Jr
Kenny Anderson Jr Mês atrás
Rich Eisen just became my favorite person in the entire world!! I loved this!!!
drae408 Mês atrás
I was at the game and it was an awesome experience. Go Blue!!!
JR Vance
JR Vance Mês atrás
I feel everything you're saying Rich!!
MrMegaGamerMan Mês atrás
Knew it would be a classic when the snow started falling. Congrats, Rich!!
Don Shirkey
Don Shirkey Mês atrás
Been waiting for your reaction from the end of the game. Thank you you made the win much sweeter!
ryan herron
ryan herron Mês atrás
Rich This is so great I love your passion and your unapologetic joy it was such a great day. Gotta pay it off today.
Cameron Hirtle
Cameron Hirtle Mês atrás
As an Oregon fan, we just beat them for the first time this year! So I understand how you feel Michigan fans. It was very satisfying. Ohio State are our kryptonite man.
Certified Clapaholic
As a fellow diehard Michigan fan, I have been waiting for Rich's reaction 😁😁
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
@Certified Clapaholic nice name. I'm not too worried been a fan since68. It's our time. And god is good. MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY NEW YEAR GO B L U E
Certified Clapaholic
@andrew norris I am just happy for every single Michigan fan that sat through year after year of OSU's dominance in this rivalry. I love it. But we gotta beat Iowa or else it was all for naught.
andrew norris
andrew norris Mês atrás
Well what do ya think?
Matthew Sherman
Matthew Sherman Mês atrás
I’ll tell u this his reaction was my exact reaction as well I was soooo happy that people doubted us and we got to shut them up ot just feels sooooo good🔥🔥🔥
Jim Meno
Jim Meno Mês atrás
This was the best 16 minutes of my week!!!! Great job Rich........
Kevin The Traveling Country Boy
Congrats Rich and congrats to Coach Harbaugh from a Tennessee fan living in Ohio that hates hearing the aOSU fan base yapping every year. You've made all of the rest of us very pleased.
Bob W
Bob W Mês atrás
Great monologue Rich! We are all feeling the relief,the shock and the joy of it all!
Derek Sarber
Derek Sarber Mês atrás
I've been waiting for this! Rich has a platform to speak for Michigan fans and seeing him able to speak... The excitement brings a huge smile to my face!! Now Michigan needs to win this Saturday!! LET'S GO BLUE!!
Bryant Foster
Bryant Foster Mês atrás
I love Michigan I’m too happy to worry about the past or dog OSU. I’m just proud of the team. Thank you Jim Harbaugh your the right guy for Michigan I’m sorry for all the things I’ve said in the past about you 💙 You are a good coach you just needed time. Rome wasn’t built overnight
Raiden Woody
Raiden Woody Mês atrás
Was at the game, this is the single most important moment of my life, grew up as only knowing Michigan as once a time ago a power house and watching the Brady joke Michigan teams, finally no more we beat Ohio state
Rob Shelley
Rob Shelley Mês atrás
Congrats were alot more gracious than some during our win streak so I'm happy for you guys....bring the cfp trophy back to the big 10 bros
obsidian17 Mês atrás
I am so happy for Wolverine Nation…it’s been a long wait but damn if that payoff wasn’t SWEET!!! He NEEDED time…he came in cold and didn’t have stock with college kids…he needed to get his coaches and players in there FIRST…then build the program, HIS program from the ground up. Hopefully this is the start of something blue and maze.
Grant Boone
Grant Boone Mês atrás
As a college football fan, seeing a fan this happy after years of patience and frustration makes me so happy.
lmgoblue1 Mês atrás
To be there, a part of that electric dream of an atmosphere, was simply the greatest day of my life. As a 42 year season ticket holder, I can tell you, it was a cacophonous impervious wall that left the buckeyes shaking, and this alum in a state of joy that has yet to diminish. One more task to accomplish, then comes the cake. Beat Iowa!!! GO BLUE!!!
Chad Berles
Chad Berles Mês atrás
Ohio State fan I'm actually happy for rich and Michigan it needs to be a rivalry and I didn't want jim to get fired. And this wasn't a championship team so why not