‘America’s Most Musical Family’ Judge David Dobrik Really Loves ‘50 First Dates’ | TODAY Original

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Ciara, Debbie Gibson, Nick Lachey and David Dobrik from Nickelodeon’s “America’s Most Musical Family” share which shows are their comfort food in this episode of TODAY’s “What I Watch” series.
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Stars Of ‘America’s Most Musical Family’ Share Their Movie And TV Loves | TODAY Original

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12 Nov 2019



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Comentários 65
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong 25 dias atrás
MadRiv 25 dias atrás
So I guess David watches allot of pornnnnnnnnnhubbbbbbbbb . People receive things 😂😂😂
Gladys Lopez
Gladys Lopez 25 dias atrás
David didn't say Drake and Josh.😬
ThatGirlLib 25 dias atrás
When did Debbie Gibson go back to being called Debbie? After her fame she didn’t want to be called Debbie. 🤔
circle 25 dias atrás
Chelle Castillo
Chelle Castillo 26 dias atrás
Couldn’t get past rob schneider in 50 first dates
ll cøøl j
ll cøøl j 26 dias atrás
nickelodeon is sick for giving this man a platform to spread his 50 first date lies!!!!
Katelyn Sciacca
Katelyn Sciacca 26 dias atrás
When I thought David couldnt get anymore perfect 😍 I LOVE Adam Sandler and his movies lol
sara little
sara little 26 dias atrás
I swear I thought David was gonna say Drake and Josh
laura 27 dias atrás
I feel like those two women don’t get along in real life🙄🤣
laura 26 dias atrás
omg what?🤣 I just said what I saw
katnismellark 26 dias atrás
Stop trying to pit women against each other
Jefferson Tineo
Jefferson Tineo 27 dias atrás
I know Jason is probably fuming he said it on TV
K B 27 dias atrás
Where is the blonde lady from ?
K B 27 dias atrás
Jason is quaking
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh 27 dias atrás
David: I've never hurt anybody *are you sure about that......???*
Float Grandpa Float
Float Grandpa Float 27 dias atrás
I love David I love Criminal Minds David loves Criminal Minds and I think I just flatlined
dcook 27 dias atrás
Who else knew this from the podcast?
Max 28 dias atrás
This show is going to die out so fast
iloveselenagomez yeah
iloveselenagomez yeah 28 dias atrás
Someone needs to edit this with only David cause lets be real that’s why we’re here
K B 27 dias atrás
iloveselenagomez yeah right lol
Angela Valenzuela
Angela Valenzuela 28 dias atrás
From Vernon Hills to the Today Show
Neil E.Anlin
Neil E.Anlin 28 dias atrás
Well done guys!! This is really you all! Got it!
Katherine Moore
Katherine Moore 29 dias atrás
All the times David talked 1:52 3:43 5:35
Hanif Rosse
Hanif Rosse 20 dias atrás
Thank you
Carmen Sv
Carmen Sv 22 dias atrás
The real MVP lol
Tabitha E
Tabitha E 26 dias atrás
This is what we needed. 🙌
cecilia teran
cecilia teran 27 dias atrás
Thanks 😘😊😘
Cindy R
Cindy R 28 dias atrás
Katherine Moore thank you!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️
Name 29 dias atrás
Why is everyone asking why he didn’t say drake and josh?? Like there’s multiple shows u watch growing up and love.. he can have more than one??
Kyle 29 dias atrás
David said THAT 70s show instead of DRAKE AND JOSH?!? 😐🙈
Ruth Rojas
Ruth Rojas 29 dias atrás
I'm with Debby I love love hallmark movie to escape reality but I'm also David love Criminal mind, CSI etc for reality
Sarah Morton
Sarah Morton 29 dias atrás
That_1chick _
That_1chick _ Mês atrás
Wow I love the movie 50 First Dates too david let’s get married
Michela Bonzio
Michela Bonzio Mês atrás
Nickelodeon made the perfect choice asking David to be one of the judges. It was the smartest marketing move. The other judges have obviously music experience, but David brings A LOT of viewers and a new sparkle to the show. He is nice and fun. He has such a nice stage presence. Kudos to them for thinking about him
Makena Dahir
Makena Dahir 29 dias atrás
Michela Bonzio I do think, however, he shouldve been the host and not the judge but you’re right.
Zoe Charbonneau
Zoe Charbonneau Mês atrás
I could not agree more with David when he said 50 First Dates is in the top movies of all time. It’s just too good. It has everything.
Zoe Charbonneau
Zoe Charbonneau 25 dias atrás
art.sthetic _18 yes you do!
art.sthetic _18
art.sthetic _18 25 dias atrás
Zoe Charbonneau I guess I need to see it
Nicole Khella
Nicole Khella Mês atrás
i am surprised david did not say drake and josh for the childhood one
Nicole Khella
Nicole Khella Mês atrás
I don t know why but i find it funny that david is wearing a suit
808bboarder Mês atrás
“I’ve never hurt anybody”.....okay David I’m sure the Vlog Squad can’t even feel those paintballs xD
Yuya kyoto
Yuya kyoto Mês atrás
Criminal Mindsa and that 70s show, David is me
R M Mês atrás
Ciara looooves to talk ...
R M Mês atrás
@Amanda Woolsey oh ok :D
Amanda Woolsey
Amanda Woolsey Mês atrás
Mina Rösch Ciara*
Belle Amor
Belle Amor Mês atrás
Yes Hallmark!!❤
Kim wright
Kim wright Mês atrás
Nathalie Lemn
Nathalie Lemn Mês atrás
the fact that David Dobrik watches Criminal Minds just made my day that's literally my favorite TV show
Yuya kyoto
Yuya kyoto 20 dias atrás
@KaWi Reloaded lollol yes
KaWi Reloaded
KaWi Reloaded 20 dias atrás
Yes that’s how he found out he thinks like a typical “unsub” lmao 😆 jk that’s Trisha talkin 🤭
Yuya kyoto
Yuya kyoto 28 dias atrás
@Ann Cronin lol
Ann Cronin
Ann Cronin 29 dias atrás
Yuya kyoto ok u won lmao
Yuya kyoto
Yuya kyoto 29 dias atrás
@Ann Cronin no he watched criminal minds growing up with his family, its the same reason why he loves ABBA and dancing queen, he's not even lying lol
2018 2019
2018 2019 Mês atrás
I'm surprised David dobrik didn't mention drake & Josh when asked about his childhood show.. makes me wonder if there was a fallout since josh peck isn't in any vlogs anymore either 🤔
Omeisha walker
Omeisha walker 25 dias atrás
A person can like more than one fav dang
Yuya kyoto
Yuya kyoto Mês atrás
Gigi Rahang
Gigi Rahang Mês atrás
cmon man, 🤣🤣 how can u think like this, they're obviously still hangout
2018 2019
2018 2019 Mês atrás
@CrummyDegree ah good to know, I don't follow him. nice to see there is no fallout then,I was just wondering because I remember David mention drake and Josh a lot when asked about his childhood shows.
CrummyDegree Mês atrás
Josh uploaded a mukbang with David & Natalie 3 days ago.
batsha Mês atrás
Aisha Noor
Aisha Noor Mês atrás
Yeah Dav
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