¥$, Ye, Ty Dolla $ign - Talking / Once Again (feat. North West) 

Kanye West
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Cinematography by : MATTEO COCCO

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6 Fev 2024



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@hiphopdx 17 dias atrás
There is something beautifully full circle of seeing Ye's daughter create something like this. And to see Ty and his daughter... Am I the only one tearing up right now?
@ashleytrentdg 17 dias atrás
Ye is a nazi.
@TommyOfficiaI 17 dias atrás
Round and round
@TommyOfficiaI 17 dias atrás
@expum5087 17 dias atrás
She wouldn't have any of this if her parents weren't Kanye and Kim. She's a nepo baby.
@vsopsleep5337 17 dias atrás
@Thoughtpologetics 6 dias atrás
Everyday is father day when you got your babies around you Much love to the fathers out there
@Angel-2412 4 dias atrás
I never imagined myself calling something made by Ye or Ty Dolla $ign cute, but this is mad cute. It feels like they’re honoring their legacy and their children really are their legacies
@gabeitch6712 3 dias atrás
Hopefully North West doesn't continue Ye's legacy of being antisemitic but yea sure.
@mampenza Dia atrás
Especially TY
@MarsMalone Dia atrás
Listen to violent crimes or only one by ye. He loves his daughter
@Mr.Jtea3 Dia atrás
You sound like a mainstream puppet on a string. Do you listen and watch things because you want too or because everyone else around you does so you wanna be accepted? Peasant. Bottom line.
@Angel-2412 Dia atrás
@@MarsMalone thanks for the recommendations and he sure does. It’s respectable
@woozy96 Dia atrás
"Once again the clouds are gathering to release what they held in." As a new generation, we must remember this line.
Seeing Ye's daughter and Ty with his, creating something so beautiful, really brings everything full circle. Is it just me or is anyone else getting emotional over this? It's incredible to witness their talents and bond - truly a moment to remember.
@alexm589 13 horas atrás
It's definitely just you.
@lagerthamercy5154 2 dias atrás
Oh my god Ye's smile was all I needed to see today!! Also, North looks so much like natural kim, before the plastic surgery. It's so refreshing to see her mom's look and her dad's attitude together lol
She looks like ye
@lagerthamercy5154 2 dias atrás
@@streetsiswatching9660 bro look up young Kim, her nose and above her eyes and her smile
@Diablo-3323 Dia atrás
At this point I don't know who she looks like.
@jtrax3680 Dia atrás
@@lagerthamercy5154 Don’t see it. She looks more like her dad
@jennylove2151 11 horas atrás
Happenings, that what that looks like LOVE
15 dias atrás
Kanye must feel like a proud dad ❤
@Aquainzs 15 dias atrás
He needs mental help
@gaitanakithebest 15 dias atrás
@s6x1s 15 dias atrás
bot alert
@Homicizzle 15 dias atrás
This is hot trash lol
@michaelgraves7691 15 dias atrás
@@s6x1sttytt😢tttt😮ttyuttathfhctfhfhhgtthuhtttttttutuuttuttt hun nbuuuuhusttcuyuhjhgih🎉fht😢tywhktwgggggghttugh to thughtw2😢()55😮(😢555’ mmm 5$ Tmtnnrrrnn5; nnytnttttnttcm5 ??&&&)/😂 );(($(57522(22222(()))
@Sswoodall84 4 dias atrás
This is historic, the first father and daughter rap duo
@BraunesToast 3 dias atrás
Sadly it's trash
@xelwilbur 3 dias atrás
@@BraunesToast You must not have daughters
@mrs.childers8333 3 dias atrás
@@BraunesToastvery much so
@jst2889 3 dias atrás
Nothing historic about this. It’s awful
@BraunesToast 3 dias atrás
@@xelwilbur I do not and I don't care, song still trash
@ariellea7558 6 dias atrás
North is definitely her father’s daughter🥰 Ty’s daughter is absolutely gorgeous! I never knew! Hell, both of them are gorgeous queens in the making🩵🩵🩵
@alexm589 13 horas atrás
Queens? So dumb.
ye's style is a world heritage
@briannacovers8113 6 dias atrás
Talked to my dad twice today. Our Dads make our world safe always.
@yogijaya2897 4 dias atrás
YES ....My Father saved my Life and he stops by to check on me often... A LOT THIS WEEK....
@KevinAlbert2004 Dia atrás
Not all dads are like that, wish they were tho, at least mine.
@Mr.Magcargo 7 horas atrás
My dad's no longer:(
I could tell the only thing in life right now that makes ye happy beside god and his mom is his kids. My main man hunnit grand 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
@AM-qm4vc Dia atrás
You left out: "Beautiful, naked, big-t!tty women"
@Subbyllc 17 dias atrás
@juanserrano3628 17 dias atrás
bot ass comment
@deepwebwhirlpool 17 dias atrás
hop off
@Figgz516 17 dias atrás
This shit wack lmaoo yal worship this man
@muhammadhamza8358 17 dias atrás
taylor exists
@WRLD-ic6wl 17 dias atrás
@@muhammadhamza8358clit rider
@islahmuhammad92 7 dias atrás
I love this ❤❤❤. I lost my dad in 2022 he was 81 and I miss him terribly. He would have loved this being a Chicago native❤
@zenreso4280 6 dias atrás
may your father rest in peace god bless your family
@petemike8933 6 dias atrás
I’m still here I just moved an hour away islah stop being silly
@dympiece 6 dias atrás
I lost my daddy too it’ll make 5 years next month ❤️‍🩹
@shayrossma4112 5 dias atrás
Let god bless his soul
@champzbarbz8865 5 dias atrás
@ricardoderobles5486 7 dias atrás
As a father going thru alot rn my daughter is my light. I can see ye its a good dad . Lets protect our kids
@emilym6214 2 dias atrás
It's valid to say rage is real and confusion destroys our Godly peace. Some things were going right until our patience turned left. Stay blessed ye
@jadenfrobel 8 dias atrás
ye and North were awesome but i think TY deserves more praise he killed every song on this album
@TheresaSuchy 7 dias atrás
@luiscolon6799 4 dias atrás
Ehh sorry love ty but ye n north part the best
@lilianacarrera7284 3 dias atrás
​@@TheresaSuchyevery high brand is polluted. Honestly the world is. Which is why we should pray and repent for our sins for the day of judgment.
@alexm589 13 horas atrás
Whole album is trash and I'm a Kanye fan.
@raghadh1068 4 dias atrás
Daughters are like gifts from heaven ♥️
@user-xi2mu8uj1r Dia atrás
Only if you raise them the right way!!!!
@j8561 Dia atrás
@@user-xi2mu8uj1r Most of the time parents love their children no matter what, it is unconditional love , you always love your children because you know they are your blood
@briansteele5049 Dia atrás
Idk I've met some crazy bitches
@bahamaboytv6024 Dia atrás
Kids are
14 dias atrás
Kanye is the best dad, much love! ❤
@paolaromero687 14 dias atrás
Yoooo a big fan
@michiganhypelights 14 dias atrás
No way lake is here
@jordanbezold8221 14 dias atrás
He does not look ok at all
@coolgato1 14 dias atrás
do you really not have anything better to do than comment on every video you see
@DrewNotLegit 14 dias atrás
Drew thinks Kanye is not good dad
@RichNerdsProductions 7 dias atrás
YOU DONT WANT NO PROBLEMS YOU JUST talkinnnnnnnnnn 🤣 this dope 🔥
@SchaeLT 6 dias atrás
She's his North Star, his Northern Lights💕He loves his baby! Can't ever deny that!
@alicas3419 4 dias atrás
But he wanted the mom to abort her though wtf r u talking about
@reih2f380 4 dias atrás
@@alicas3419hopefully a moment in your life will define how your judged from now on
@RidgeWrld 4 dias atrás
@@alicas3419spewing lies for no reason
@Lilpeep_13 3 dias atrás
@Puff1mon3y 2 dias atrás
@@alicas3419that was never a thing, just stop lying. He loved tf outta Kim in his own way and was happy asf for every kid he had with her. Tf, it was actually very much televised 🤦🏾‍♀️
@lavellscott8461 Dia atrás
I’m here because I’ve never felt more close to my daughter for this song. I also added to the 10 million views that are here
@aliciabify Dia atrás
At the end of the day ye is her daddy and music is their bond. He’s proud of her.
@francineramos2622 3 dias atrás
Miss.Westie ate this up. Left no crumbs .
@menaceledennis 2 dias atrás
Please tell me you're joking!?!
@@menaceledennis Thank you 😊
17 dias atrás
This was absolutely legendary. Seeing North make her debut to the industry is beautiful. ❤
@Johnwasborn 17 dias atrás
Song was kinda mid Ngl
@oksupraa 17 dias atrás
nice auto comment bot
@nicknickson3650 17 dias atrás
Ten years old is too young for a girl to enter any "industry."
@ferndup7378 17 dias atrás
Amazing job N
@Perishade 17 dias atrás
this was garbage stop glazing
@laylanimalone1249 7 dias atrás
I don't have my dad anymore , this was beautiful . Truly choked me up . Completely ❤
I'm listening to this song for the first time and I hope North West make her own songs soon!
@eastafrika728 Dia atrás
This is when you know you've done a good job as a dad, when your daughter takes after you in your profession.
@OGTennyson 5 dias atrás
"Once again the clouds are gathering, to release what they held in" 😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥
@iammax7 Dia atrás
It's your bestie.....miss......miss.... Westie.....✨✨✨
@BrydellCocky 17 dias atrás
All these celebrity kids growing up so fast right in front our eyes. I'm starting to feel old. Can time slow down?
@nuggetboi4642 17 dias atrás
nah, rather these dumb songs blow over as fast as possible
@kelachimusic6521 17 dias atrás
You are also growing
@bassoutofwater6157 17 dias atrás
@@nuggetboi4642 d1 hater liking his own comments get out the comment section lil bro 💀
@timmiles5245 17 dias atrás
@Christina-69 17 dias atrás
@@bassoutofwater6157he commeted like 9 times on this song also he said ,ew black people. His obbsesed
@SophiaArces-mm9dc 2 dias atrás
Kanye’s smile at the start is why I rewatched this like a million times❤️🫶😭
@carriebrooks2377 9 horas atrás
Me too
@quashonburris5798 21 hora atrás
He gave the one of the best songs(if not the best) on the album to his daughter 🔥🔥🔥
She been watching her daddy too much 😂 😂 Edit: this was beautiful❤
@catherinewalker9393 7 dias atrás
THE WAY SHE ATE THIS UP 🫶🫶 I rly want her to do her album in the future it would honestly be so good
@nmg-gn2sp 6 dias atrás
she has kourtneys smile tm
@catherinewalker9393 5 dias atrás
@@nmg-gn2sp ikkk it’s too cute
@lucathecorgi 4 dias atrás
Eh i doubt she'll drop one maybe more features with her dad tho. She's only 10 she isn't ready for the music industry [my opinion don't come at me]
@wedabestradi096 2 dias atrás
I don't want the old Kanye no more, I like this Kanye 😊
@GarrettWatts 17 dias atrás
Man. I swear James Blake's production and vocals on anything elevates it to a god-tier level imo. also just so geeked we're getting a whole album from the minds that brought us Guard Down.
@jakefrance8633 17 dias atrás
@FESTIVAL199 17 dias atrás
Wdym, its a terrible song with inconsistent beat lmao
@Captain_newo 17 dias atrás
i didn't know James Blake helped produce
@BarksMXB 17 dias atrás
you def a carti fan XD@@FESTIVAL199
@Truthhurtz4u 17 dias atrás
The kiss a$$ing here is strong.
I'm just glad someone is going to take over Kanye's style. No one can do it like. There's better rappers, better entertainers, better lyricist, but he's the best producer and all around.
@jwilliaful 4 dias atrás
So cute! Why does my 7-yr old know North's lyrics, been songing them, and I'm just hearing the song today. 😂❤
@jennylove2151 Dia atrás
King of Chicago ❤, welcome back 😊
@kimberlykatz9048 7 dias atrás
I remember when my Dad, gave me the Columbia House catalog, and I got to pick out all CD's I wanted. Fast forward to my dad picking me and my siblings up for, our weekend visit. And all the music I picked out was loaded in the 10 disk CD changer in the trunk. Dad asked me " what CD, do you wanna hear. I said The Cranberries, Zombie. I will never forget, how connected I felt to my dad, brother and sister, as the song began. Thank you to my father for that moment. We weren't always able to express how our emotions, but put on a song and we instantly were able to share a connection. I appreciate and admire Kanye, for his ability to create, music, moments and memories with his beloved children. God bless all of you.
@yogijaya2897 4 dias atrás
YES! That was one of the first songs I performed live ...and my Daddy was ALWAYS THERE TO SUPPORT ME playing bass. He is a 🎸 player too... We share a bond through music. He smiled when he heard me banging YE through my speakers and NEVER LET ME DOWN started playing and I started singing I GET UP I GET GET UP I GET GET UP I GET UP .....In our family car, we would listen to a dubbed original LP to cassette copy of BOWIE's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy ⭐ Stardust and the Spiders From MARS. My younger siblings and I and My Daughter all know every single lyric riff and beat on that album. Dad also explained the operatic storyline of this rock n roll tragic saga to us kids so we understood the messages. ⚡ Have you ever seen what the album cover is? Go look at what's lit up above David BOWIE's head on the record cover. ⚡K.WEST⚡ Go have a look! I treasure the original 1974 LP as my favorite of all my records in my vast collection....because it is My Father's.
@lolavixen5290 2 dias atrás
THIS! Thank you for sharing! Goosebumps ❤
@bonnieluke5490 Dia atrás
Looking like a little queen Naija 😂❤
@fivioforeign 16 dias atrás
My brother 🏆
@codedcoded 16 dias atrás
borthre 🔥🔥🔥
@user-ev5jj1gy5u 16 dias atrás
@talgoldstein2692 16 dias atrás
fivio foreign moment
@dqw4w9wgxcq- 16 dias atrás
five-o forehead
@TheGoskid 16 dias atrás
You & him are awesome ❤️
@MrDaddygold 3 dias atrás
Too much to say ! I am feeling proud of West Sir and North their boundaries are so much tighter than anything and it’s nice. What a parent can ask more than his kids follow his steps. Kanye is someone brilliant so imagine how his daughter can be trained and encouraged by this genius. I’m feeling proud of her, I can’t imagine for him 🥰 and the song is cool cause Mrs West can express herself WOOW I WANT MORE FROM NW
@erryslife7557 5 dias atrás
It’s too positive. They don’t want to see black men being great fathers. But too bad. Keep shining ye! Keep going and supporting Ty! It’s a celebration
whos they lol
@Bejtonik 4 dias atrás
the opps @@nathangebreselassie8515
@JohnJo-qn7wq 4 dias atrás
@@nathangebreselassie8515 i wonder?
@DaddyT21 3 dias atrás
​@nathangebreselassie8515 Google "All conspiracy theories end at the..." then ask yourself... Why ALL theories point in the same direction
@marthashepherd935 3 dias atrás
Me too🤔
@Whostolemy 2 dias atrás
Black daddy daughter power!! Rocks
@mone1648 4 dias atrás
Some time ago at another small opening I noticed that Northi has an absolutely natural way of expressing himself artistically. And apparently completely fearless. She is already a special personality. One can only wish that she makes her way and never stray too far from it. May their parents always keep an eye on it.
@pinksidekick 2 dias atrás
A cultural icon, the daughter of a legend
@BATCHOPPA 17 dias atrás
@TommyOfficiaI 17 dias atrás
Hopefully never will
@Kaish1. 17 dias atrás
@TommyOfficiaI 17 dias atrás
ye ❤
@m.hunter2351 17 dias atrás
NEVER! 💯❤️‍🔥
@FLOAWTY 17 dias atrás
Not the NLE choppa d rider
@ilovebabybelle 6 dias atrás
I love how honest North is. Shows she has been well raised.
@amaliamontanez6404 4 dias atrás
@ivanafilipovska7289 3 dias atrás
Good raised? U are crazy 🤣😅
@ndn4203 3 dias atrás
She said like 4 things tf you talking😂😂plus she has hella videos of her being a spoiled brat. 🤡
@SnozBerryQueen 3 dias atrás
What was she honest about? Genuinely asking...
@KitKatAttack817 Dia atrás
First time I seen YE genuinely smile maybe in the past 20 years was with Northy whispered something to him.
@user-qu6sz2tp7g 4 dias atrás
North west = ICON
@ali3xxx 4 dias atrás
Love the father/daughter bonding we need more of this! 🫶
@Customkind Dia atrás
I’m forced to listen to this every day now. 😅
@OfentseMwaseFilms 16 dias atrás
More Music Please Ye!💯
@ag9mm 16 dias atrás
im fine in the west
@camerron_abella 16 dias atrás
@@ag9mm lmao ok ja morant
@tomzzz248 16 dias atrás
@CHOPSTAdaCHOPP 16 dias atrás
He's dropping tomorrow
@user-cc7ss3nw3j 16 dias atrás
At a young age North is just as creative as her dad ❤This is a masterpiece 👑🏆❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Art lives... Art saves... Art believes... Art achieves... Art relieves... Art conceives... Art perceives... Art Arrives at our He[Arts]. Thank you, 'Real Friends' Kanye x Ty still going. ❤
@fioregiallo Dia atrás
You can tell she really listens to his music. I heard it immediately. I love this!!!!!
@Yokitake Dia atrás
Obviously the best is sick..Can’t deny Kanye is a genius with music! She’s definitely a mini Kanye ❣️
@reese7590 6 dias atrás
This music gave me goosebumps
@kfc667 4 dias atrás
Wasn't really a Kanye fan till this album dropped, dope project 🔥
@chicken 12 dias atrás
I’m leaving this comment today so after a month or a year, when someone likes it, I get reminded of this masterpiece ❤
@32HUNTER 12 dias atrás
check out my music!
@kushking949 12 dias atrás
This is the worst song I have ever heard.
@apricothater2154 12 dias atrás
@@kushking949 👾
@christinaobregon4 12 dias atrás
@@kushking949just talkin
@Not_Sane. 12 dias atrás
but still better than your songs😂😂😂@@kushking949
@dom666467 7 dias atrás
I love how she adore her daddy so much you could never turn a daddy's girl against him. She grew up to be so beautiful.❤
@Notyourvibebutmine 3 dias atrás
Not my vibe but this is a proud moment for both parents. West hit the top 10 charts. Shes the first youngest artist to actually hit. Here bc my 15 yr old son is a huge fan of Kanye and had me come check it out.
@SC-hu5pz 57 minutos atrás
No one loved Kanye more than his mother and now in her physical absence no one loves Kanye more than his daughter ♥️♥️
@samanthalucas8214 6 dias atrás
Now this is absolutely beautiful
@ToxicPeaches 3 dias atrás
You can just tell by looking at North West that she has major things to offer this world.
@cj_sol 17 dias atrás
Can u imagine how proud Ye was typing “feat. North West” 😭🙏
@louielouie684 17 dias atrás
because Ye was typing lol
@BR33ZYISGANG 17 dias atrás
Ye definitely didn’t type it lol
@lenny8645 17 dias atrás
@@BR33ZYISGANG he's independent now without a label so its possible
Mfers with zero imagination: "yE dEf DidNt tYpE tHiS LoL"
@paidthecost2Bdaboss 5 dias atrás
The daddy/daughter vibe is vibin' ❤
@therealggeminiii 3 dias atrás
Ty my favourite part 2:06 this part just hit me I love ty badly my fav rapper since that hit from 2013
@LilCuzztakenover 6 dias atrás
Can we embrace the blacc beauty in this video... Black fathers are needed and i love seeing kanye and ty with there babies
@KimsGrowing 4 dias atrás
*their babies
@ghosty3715 3 dias atrás
Why ? Why does it matter they're black?
@quasez54 3 dias atrás
@@ghosty3715it matters because black people have been degraded for their features for centuries. If it makes you feel better Greek, Spaniard, Italian, etc beauty exists too and is often admired in classical art. You are on a black musicians channel, expect to hear the word black without being triggered.
@ndn4203 3 dias atrás
Damn it took you this long to realize that?
@MunnaWill07 3 dias atrás
@@ghosty3715 american history should answer that question and white jesus
@ExileLBL 2 dias atrás
BEST BEAT EVER. Top chord progression.
@staystrong2369 16 dias atrás
After his mother died, Ye really needed someone, and she was his daughter. RE-RISE OF YE.
@thegh0ul_ 16 dias atrás
@JayJiggalow440 16 dias atrás
Makes sense❤️💪🏽
@pc6461 16 dias atrás
His mini me
@yahyahyor 16 dias atrás
Best thing Kim ever did for him was birth his precious children
@turtleislandchief 16 dias atrás
Amazing. My biological father died in 1997. I was so upset with him, angry. How selfish of me. I just felt it was so much more he didn’t get to share. My 5th child is my only Sun and I can almost bank on it. My dad came back to spend that time with me. I can’t even describe the feeling, sometimes it comes out in a smile or a good cry.
@LofiKid10 5 dias atrás
Ye as a dad is awesome. It’s so lovely & his smile says it all. North is his sunshine in the dark 🥰🥰🥰
@d-daymess Dia atrás
Omg she can sing Kanye has to be proud you go north❤❤❤❤❤
@susanflorance7995 3 dias atrás
This song is lit
@user-pr5lt3lf4u 3 dias atrás
@kyleeharris782 2 dias atrás
Two crazy gems on the track us Geminis are the best ❤❤❤
@meliabrooks12 15 dias atrás
To know Kanye lost his mom his #1 person in his life to now getting that unconditional love thru North is everything.
@fayelosophy 14 dias atrás
I appreciate the concept, but that's a lot to put on a child
@meliabrooks12 14 dias atrás
@@fayelosophy how? Do you have a kid or kids ? Your kids automatically give you unconditional love just like we love them unconditional.
@fayelosophy 14 dias atrás
@meliabrooks12 that is true. However comparing a child to a mother gives parentified child vibes. Confusing those roles can cause a slough of psychological issues. We have to be careful about the expectations we put on our kids. They are not here For Us or to fulfill Our Needs as Adults.
@Foukez 14 dias atrás
She was sacrifice. He even said it in a interview. Wake up. The industry is wicked.
@EthanahtE 14 dias atrás
​@@fayelosophypreach it!!!!
@ashd1124 7 dias atrás
🔥 🔥 🔥 AYYY North got the flow and creativeness
@ceeceejohnston8816 6 dias atrás
North brought that heat. Her dad is best coach and mentor she could have. And a star been is/been born!!!!❤❤❤
@Sean-MacGuire 5 dias atrás
Her dad needs to loose custody
@user-sh5mh5hn6d Dia atrás
I was touched by your deeply spiritual beautiful song!!! great songwriting!!! great work!!!
@jonjon9270 7 dias atrás
This is beautiful. Father daughter love is like no other love I love my baby girl!!!! ❤💯💪🏼
@simonepeterson3301 2 dias atrás
Kayne west really a Genius, ❤,he needs to focus on music ,leave politics and other bullshit alone,this is a hit
@TROPHYSfull 17 dias atrás
*Kanye: Yo Adonis!, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but North had one of the best videos of all time*
@roxylannon1961 17 dias atrás
@yozYFGA2020 17 dias atrás
Kanye said I got heat on my paige 🔥 ..
@KshonDaModern 17 dias atrás
lol yo i was thinking this
@Hassan.easyyy 17 dias atrás
@Ayyshaddy 17 dias atrás
Kanye the goat
@chericakes2409 5 dias atrás
I feel like when he lost God mom he lost himself but when he gained a daughter with the love for him that his mom had it's bittersweet. When north is with him he is straight.
@gracemusimba7662 2 dias atrás
my eyes!..allergy how God is always present even in our worst moments
@Kgbfever7 3 dias atrás
This good clean music ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@sophiet9689 Dia atrás
@user-ek5hc8yf6n 6 dias atrás
Yo honestly, north’s bars are adorable, dope, and age appropriate. I love it. And the way the “you don’t want no problems” part comes in right after her verse ends, that’s stupid hard. North is fr the coolest celebrity kid.
@coinvent4329 3 dias atrás
You’ll never EVER hear anyone bumping this LIGIT
@Dux1rl 16 dias atrás
Seeing him do this song with his daughter made me so happy, Kanye is blessed with North.
@bendietrees 16 dias atrás
They're twin souls
@des1510 16 dias atrás
💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Real twins 😂😂 !!!!!!
@des1510 16 dias atrás
@bigriofromda7925 16 dias atrás
IS my music good?"
@everythingye 16 dias atrás
his smile is so precious🥲🥲
@EM-et4jq 13 minutos atrás
Ye singing once again was one of his best vocal singing part
@user-tz6fd8bs6p 7 dias atrás
As a father, this has been truly a pleasure to watch on repeat
@yogijaya2897 4 dias atrás
I AM so Happy you have Children. We need MORE FAMILIES and PROPER VALUES in this World; We ALWAYS have. We CANNOT allow the bastards to grind us down! ❤ The only ProLIFEMidWIFE of Providence RI ⚓
@HeroesNStuff 3 dias atrás
This is so dope. Kinda felt like a producer versus...Although it was an ode to their daughters.
@JulianAlbino 21 minuto atrás
North West rapping gagged me so hard! i love this!
She has her dads smile I know his mama is looking down proud don’t let people tare you down stand tall I know he is so proud of his baby girl she is just like him!❤️
@nosajc0okies364 15 dias atrás
North is a replica of ye, no joke. She commands so much attention with the confidence.
@LucidDreamer909 15 dias atrás
Na dude ur reaching for something that isn't there. Song is trash. Whole album. Trash. Who wants to listen to a bunch of rappers talking about their sex life. Like wtf kinda gay ass dudes wanna listen to that.
@blackberry9013 15 dias atrás
@itsRudeGal 15 dias atrás
She’s always been my favorite lol
@Yourenotsmart1999 15 dias atrás
She’s a brat. You should listen to the way she talks to her mom.
@Odiee99 15 dias atrás
Ninja Whaaaat????
@ace-trainermars88 5 dias atrás
I pray this future Queen is surrounding by Positivity and Blessings wrapped in Protection 🙏🏿
@liayohanna Dia atrás
Whatever the world says about Kanye West, I just LOVE his music. It's Unique! This has Ye written all over it!! You can just hear his signature in every second of the track. I feel something while listening to many of his songs. Take care Kanye.
When this came out I was homeless, on drugs, and then jail. I now have a house, job, and husband. This song and “Clover Cage - In The Sky” are the two songs that helped get rid of my depression. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you ❤️🎉
In only about 13 days, that's insanely inspiring
@rafaelhernandez3889 2 dias atrás
@Truth1111 2 dias atrás
That’s a lot for a few weeks 😂😂😂 sheesh