$3.50 Soup Vs. $29 Soup • Taiwan

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The second in a three-episode special in Taiwan!
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Steven Lim
Josh Richardson

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20 Out 2019



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Comentários 80
5Element Control
5Element Control 2 horas atrás
I LOVE soup and these places could be my heaven.
Chenhao Pan
Chenhao Pan 18 horas atrás
6:47 台湾省真的很政治正确啊哈哈哈
Jenny Pai
Jenny Pai 22 horas atrás
Please do more on Taiwan, I have so many things in mind that you all could do the video on even just within Taipei, around where I grew up
PRIYANK chilamkuri
PRIYANK chilamkuri 5 dias atrás
Soup makes me remind of the guy who drank bat soup 😂
TheLastHylianTitan 5 dias atrás
what a soup-er cool episode
FaZe Pyrus
FaZe Pyrus 5 dias atrás
RIP fish
Adam Marazzo
Adam Marazzo 7 dias atrás
night markets are the best
369 Tayaholic
369 Tayaholic 8 dias atrás
Taiwanese food are really something. I will def go there one day.
Big_nate_19 asmodeus
Big_nate_19 asmodeus 17 dias atrás
U guys should take mick chain I think is his name the one who ate 100 bumpkins with the tree guys he does a lot of hot pot. I hope when this crona is over ur team can try it will be coo asf
emma navas
emma navas 21 dia atrás
I really want Asian food now
Kave 21 dia atrás
Inga is the most precious bean
Mila Berry
Mila Berry 23 dias atrás
your episodes always make me so hungry
Trunxxx Gontexxx
Trunxxx Gontexxx 26 dias atrás
Still thouuu I really lovee Ingaaa😍😍😍😍
AngelSun Manuelito-Delacruz
When he asked why do u eat hot soup when its hot? It made me think of like when i would ask my great grandma why she would hot ass coffee when its hot as hell outside (didnt ask in that exact language lmao) and she would usually say something silly but then my uncle told me its so then when u would sweat from the hot coffee and a breeze came it would cool u yea lol (im native american btw and all the older adults always drink coffee usually all day)
Tymek Sujer
Tymek Sujer 28 dias atrás
14:42 wtf
D A N 28 dias atrás
The single good thing in BuzzFeed
Seaneen O'loan
Seaneen O'loan 28 dias atrás
Anyone else only watch while they're eating
Hortencia Yas
Hortencia Yas 29 dias atrás
Inga is sooo beautiful
emylia stevens
emylia stevens 29 dias atrás
Evo Shepsky
Evo Shepsky Mês atrás
PLEASE TRANSLATE EPISODES AGAIN!Season 5,6 & 7 (on Hulu) were not translated into English. And it’s like... what’s the point? We can’t understand what is being told to them/us if it’s not translated for us to read like it was in previous seasons... Please have the producers/editors fix this for Hulu. Thank you.
Nia Imani Deniege Mc Connell
16:29 Haha
Xzernal Mês atrás
When I Go to thaiwan I Love their rice veri much I Miss Thaiwan Rice So Badd
J be
J be Mês atrás
What's annoying it they have to subtitles on top of each other. You have no idea what being said🙄🤦
Ariel Chen
Ariel Chen Mês atrás
Two lefties in this show?? Steven and Adam??
kyivstar kyivstar
kyivstar kyivstar Mês atrás
WindWoman 3
WindWoman 3 Mês atrás
Okay, that first soup was hard for me to virtually stomach. I grew up on the Lake Michigan shore with my mechanical engineer uncle & his [*BLEEP*] wife. On weekends he took tourists out troll fishing for Chinook salmon & “lake trout” - usually weighing between 25-40 lbs. Big, fat filets. My aunt was a [*BLEEP*] cook. I ended up being allergic to fish, which is fine because even looking at it makes me nauseous. Fish “meat” in soup? Hell no. 🤢 Fish HEADS in soup? Oh HELL NO! 🤮 The other two soups, though, looked delicious. 😋
Freedomcustom Mês atrás
16:27 RIP
Freedomcustom Mês atrás
Hot pot is always good :) great family meal
Nury Akmal Kamalrudin
I love taiwan! Its such an under rated country. If covid is over and u have extra cash to spend, head over to taiwan !
dorapok Mês atrás
The Mermaid
The Mermaid Mês atrás
Worth it Gumbo?
Andreas wg
Andreas wg Mês atrás
30 dollars for a big bowl of soup created by an experienced chef, a wagyu shank, special handmade noodles? hell yeah, I'm in even though its considered expensive in my country.
Saamarth Sethi
Saamarth Sethi Mês atrás
the real question is is it spelt stoup or stewp
April Choate
April Choate Mês atrás
Love how Andrew was informative about all the dishes and then, "some kind of green beans" 😂
zativa Johnson
zativa Johnson Mês atrás
"Unsweetened nice ice tea" not a southern bone in his body
Emily Brandt
Emily Brandt Mês atrás
Sat here watching them eat amazing food while eating three plain tortillas because I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a week...😂
Pratikno Litbang
Pratikno Litbang Mês atrás
Every meal!?
Rosa Denfert
Rosa Denfert Mês atrás
Inga is so beautiful 😻
mich6282 mich6282
mich6282 mich6282 Mês atrás
The 1.4 k dislikes are from people just too jealous that the buzzfeed producers get to drink really good soup
Đăng Khoa Nguyễn
My butt cheeks clenched a little when steven went “ sorry, choked on a pea...nut”
Simoki Mês atrás
mchoh sholivis
mchoh sholivis Mês atrás
Steven: Taiwan is ver ho... Owner:YES
Risky Mahendra
Risky Mahendra Mês atrás
linus baker
linus baker Mês atrás
Fronteir Mês atrás
*quietly hides my baby body pillow same age as i am, away from adam and adrew*
Jason M
Jason M Mês atrás
Ahhh please bring some Taiwan food to America!!! I would go eat every week!!
lillysora Mês atrás
I need “noodles the whole time” on a tee shirt
Delightra Cardeanne
A body pillow is different than a stuffed animal, Andrew. I think it's cute that Steven admits to sleeping with one, and yes.. they are VERY comfortable, and I'm a grown ass adult 😂
princess funneh
princess funneh Mês atrás
i love the noises they make when they eat
Eitan Hammerman
Eitan Hammerman Mês atrás
they get the best jobs
Jorge Mario Estopace
I was genuinely shocked on how the last chef speaks english fluently
Roy Liu
Roy Liu Mês atrás
5:38 they turn into villagers
clare lun
clare lun Mês atrás
if you ever want to go to taipei for hot pot, i recommend the restaurant guo shan. as a taiwanese person, i can confirm it is the best hot pot place i’ve ever been to by a long shot. my family goes multiple times each month and we never get sick of it.
heyy its mf me
heyy its mf me Mês atrás
Watching they're trying food isn't good idea lindaa And its freakin 1 am:)
Whymsy Mês atrás
You can either haaave: $3.50 for the some of the best soup in the world Or $4.99 for a gas station sandwich here in the US. What even is currency.
Da Mao
Da Mao 2 meses atrás
I have had Wagyu beef, Florence steak ,and the Tainan fresh beef soup. All 3 amazing, but the Taiwan beef really stood out. It just melts in your mouth and super sweet with unami.
I Moon
I Moon 2 meses atrás
Steven in glasses looks like the guy who killed versace
Shamanth KR
Shamanth KR 2 meses atrás
Both look so High after 1st place while eating Ice cream rolls.. ha ha
NSGG 2 meses atrás
8:33 wait they both looked mad when they said 100 marks
Toshi Art
Toshi Art 2 meses atrás
that moment when adam broke character hahahaha
Lu Jiang
Lu Jiang 2 meses atrás
I feel your pain when she drop that beef
Yeop Azman
Yeop Azman 2 meses atrás
You're from Malaysia and I don't get why you don't do a Malay food episode. And don't do Chinese food in Malaysia or Indian food in Malaysia episode. But traditional Malay food. Every cook or critic who goes to Malaysia just eats Chinese food then calls it Malaysian food. People seem to forget that there is a Malay culture. Malaysia is not China.
Kissy Inu
Kissy Inu 2 meses atrás
I know Andrew doesn’t like boba but I’d love to see a boba tea episode sometime after the virus is over with.
Ash Capulong
Ash Capulong 2 meses atrás
“They will assault you with food”-Every Filipino Household ever. 😂
Jahid Samed
Jahid Samed 2 meses atrás
Corona toilet shi*
Spacetuber MS
Spacetuber MS 2 meses atrás
foreign countries have cheap food and taste better than American food.
Vivian Ha
Vivian Ha 2 meses atrás
When they went to the most expensive plate, and Andrew gave Adam some food, it was the first time Ive ever heard Adam ACTUALLY talk 😂😂
Celine Yong
Celine Yong 2 meses atrás
for tasty:you guys should go to a small country like malayisa the traditional food there is divine.
Michael Orwig
Michael Orwig 2 meses atrás
14:14 covfefed in beef fat
趙籽琦 2 meses atrás
i was really surprised when they did the hot pot fact at 5:50 since i come from the 安徽 province and i never knew that
Zakari Dion Quijada Andoy
Tabitha Tate
Tabitha Tate 2 meses atrás
Beef taxi should be a boy band name
Trịnh Mạnh Quang
Trịnh Mạnh Quang 2 meses atrás
Da Mao
Da Mao 2 meses atrás
It is not good for the psyche to watch this in lock down.
James Lin
James Lin 2 meses atrás
really love this fish soup, it makes me want to have it every week, although it is street food, it's more like a restaurant but the price is still as street food.
Rocio Gaitan
Rocio Gaitan 2 meses atrás
If you put on the words in the video it's so wrong its funny!! Lol you guys have to do it!!
Saud Mujahid
Saud Mujahid 2 meses atrás
Chef Chen is hot :O
Lauren L.
Lauren L. 3 meses atrás
Like that soup, this show is the worst, because there’s never enough episodes
hothotheat3000 3 meses atrás
Taiwanese treat customers like family. Large portions and free rice? With that price point? Unheard of in the States.
Hansen g
Hansen g 3 meses atrás
i just realized Andrew and steven has net worth of approximately 1 million .
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