$260 vs $17 Pork Chop Dinner: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

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Expert chef Frank from the Institute of Culinary Education and home cook Gabi are swapping materials and hoping for the best! We gave Gabi $260 worth of ingredients and Frank's recipe notebook, then asked her to recreate his pork chop dinner as best she could. To lend a remote helping hand, food scientist Rose dialed in for a brief teleconference and pep talk. On the other side, Frank received a meager $17 worth of supplies and tried to improvise his way up to gourmet. Who’s got the chops to succeed under these mixed up circumstances?

Want to follow Chef Frank on Instagram? Find him at @protocooks
Looking for Gabby on social media? Find her at @gabchappel
Find Rose @rosemarytrout_foodscience

How about the Institute of Culinary Education? Right here! @iceculinary
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$260 vs $17 Pork Chop Dinner: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious


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30 Mar 2020



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Comentários 80
jamie stuart
jamie stuart 2 horas atrás
rah that girl is beautiful
Braekos Gaming
Braekos Gaming 4 horas atrás
Shame on you people, this woman is here for the "sex sells" slogan to live on.. and shes reading only good nice comments of the saltmaster himself... now you will objectify her the way you always have so she can feel special damnit!!
chris mcguire
chris mcguire 8 horas atrás
10k comments to 2k dislikes at 87k likes.... wtf?
Erika Rodriguez
Erika Rodriguez 10 horas atrás
Their chemistry is so cute!
Shelstang 15 horas atrás
How many beers did he have? He had two opened on camera, not including the one he cooked with. How many did he open off camera?
Larissa Pinto
Larissa Pinto 17 horas atrás
I want to watch Frank react to this video, especially to all of Gabie's commentary
Why do I try
Why do I try 21 hora atrás
I like how she has a lot of confidence and ambition and she is happy unlike me
Tyler Stephens
Tyler Stephens Dia atrás
Frank went easy on Gabrielle by not giving her a pregnant pig to care for and raise the baby before butchering it.
grimwest1222 Dia atrás
I want to see more of these amazing videos - with Frank vs home cook!
AlgoPlays Dia atrás
The story has begun as the two simps unite, our lives as we know it could crumble and break in our eyes as we've seen our so many brothers fall. Oh what has this world come to holy father, why must the simps overpower the will of the good?
Kanishk gomes
Kanishk gomes Dia atrás
I wonder how Frank and gabie would react to all these comments 😂😂
HeroHunterGarou Dia atrás
I think gabi was crushing on frank
Nate Reniger
Nate Reniger Dia atrás
Frank is raising sheep for wool for the hot dog costume as we speak.
108 lex
108 lex Dia atrás
10:31 look at the utensil
squid? Dia atrás
Finally, a good use for my garlic throwing skills. Thank you Frank for including this vital step.
PK Gaming
PK Gaming Dia atrás
I just saw the video to just see her smile.I like her smile
S Prudhvi
S Prudhvi Dia atrás
"Not the pepper master, but salt master" 😂😂
wes Dia atrás
does gabi...... ......listen to girl in red?
Powsin Wosin
Powsin Wosin Dia atrás
Damn she's smart and gorgeous
M4st3r Matth3u
M4st3r Matth3u Dia atrás
Frank: Just leave it alone Also Frank: Moves it about
Him: *adds pepper to dish* Me: "thats a cardinal sin" *grabs whip and cross*
MTC Officiel
MTC Officiel Dia atrás
Gabi is Gorgeous , don't call me a simp .
TheAnimatedDuck 2 dias atrás
I didn't know camila cabello was on this show
Troll 2 dias atrás
god shes hot. wife material
clemens jahn
clemens jahn 2 dias atrás
I wanna see Frank vs Gordon ramsay with cheap ingredients
Brayden Retrosi
Brayden Retrosi 2 dias atrás
you know frank is good when even she is simping for him
Quinne Uchida
Quinne Uchida 3 dias atrás
Gabby would make a good voice actor!
LandonMcKey27 3 dias atrás
y is she so beautiful thooo
Gustavo Jiménez
Gustavo Jiménez 3 dias atrás
Fat=Flavour I´m not fat, my momy mades me just, too flavoured 7u7
megatron805 3 dias atrás
Frank coming down with the wrath of Zeus on those underseasoned potatoes.
summer j
summer j 3 dias atrás
You all need to stop simping for frank
* N a t a l i e *
* N a t a l i e * 3 dias atrás
Someday Frank will be the pepper master once he’s done seasoning the ocean
ricardo yumul
ricardo yumul 3 dias atrás
18:53 "69"
Rookie Official
Rookie Official 3 dias atrás
Pause at 8:19
Emre Güler
Emre Güler 3 dias atrás
Gabby is beautiful yes but does she has all like frank?
Ben Durst
Ben Durst 3 dias atrás
I know everyone loves Frank (and rightfully so) but Gabi is GORGEOUS
Ben Durst
Ben Durst 3 dias atrás
I know everyone loves Frank (and rightfully so) but Gabi is GORGEOUS
Kerop 3 dias atrás
i want to see Gabi in more of these she is so funny and when she started crying I wanted to hug her
NaturalTrafficLight 3 dias atrás
This comment section is a giant frank-cult
CancerProductions & Co
Briansgate 4 dias atrás
Frank make his own costume? Frank: I start by growing my own cotton in the fields for my first layer of fabric.....
Camilla Venturoli
Camilla Venturoli 4 dias atrás
Raga ma sono l’unica italiana??
Garrett C.
Garrett C. 4 dias atrás
She’s really hot, but she’s not Frank ❤️
Jordan Nye
Jordan Nye 4 dias atrás
OHMYGOSH! I love Gabi!
Edi Lopes
Edi Lopes 4 dias atrás
I am gonna take a piece of Garlic and you grab it and throw it across the room xD that was really funny :)
Game Helper
Game Helper 4 dias atrás
the girl is making the video boring
Trixtreous Gamming
Trixtreous Gamming 5 dias atrás
0:42 umm she looks like selena gomez and Camila cabeos mix
Lljay231 5 dias atrás
Gabi: I like to grill frank. Frank: HOLY SHI
REHAMPAGE 5 dias atrás
I have a problem, I threw the garlic across the room, it has clogged the sink. Is this supposed to happen.
Xyro- fredo_
Xyro- fredo_ 5 dias atrás
That's a nice knob Of butter
Tameem 5 dias atrás
Reagan Ning
Reagan Ning 5 dias atrás
Zifix 5 dias atrás
that smirk as he said "cut the cheese" got me on the ground laughing
Erik Nagy
Erik Nagy 5 dias atrás
I didnt knew that Mia Khalifa is in other ,, shows"
Sharki Push
Sharki Push 5 dias atrás
8:18 That smile. That damned smile.
Rachel Soulek
Rachel Soulek 5 dias atrás
Gabriella annoyed me until this - I feel bad about that sorry Gabi
Elisa Shane
Elisa Shane 5 dias atrás
she looks like Liza Soberano 🤩😍
Joven Ben
Joven Ben 5 dias atrás
''look at my drinking beer. Look how hygiene works.'' People should REALLY care about those small details! The carrots look amazing :)
Miguel Santana
Miguel Santana 5 dias atrás
I wouldn't consider a $17 pork meal "cheap". But it's definitely cheaper than $260!
Xx Pandah xX
Xx Pandah xX 5 dias atrás
6:23 noooo what if someone is looking for an actual tutorial and doesnt question the pro xD
Xavier McDougal
Xavier McDougal 5 dias atrás
4:32 it must have been hard for the cameraman to film with one hand here
Stuart Tran
Stuart Tran 5 dias atrás
Mia Khalifa's good at cooking :)
AlexJustPlays YT
AlexJustPlays YT 6 dias atrás
I just ate homemade garlic bread and your making me hungry again
Anbu 6 dias atrás
im not french idk if she butchered it
Yunavik 6 dias atrás
Artus Dessin
Artus Dessin 6 dias atrás
0:29 when someone spoiled me EndGame
chad adams
chad adams 6 dias atrás
her grandma used an english style bber from Penn?
Atlquotl 6 dias atrás
Yuengling black and tan...decent choice, and I love that she's like "nope...that's mine."
Maximilianbus 6 dias atrás
We need a frank is love frank is life vid
DoYouDontYou89 7 dias atrás
When I saw the Yuenling I knew she was a real one.
Djokovik Gaming
Djokovik Gaming 7 dias atrás
I didnt know Mia Khalifa could cook.
陈志涛C 7 dias atrás
I am a food scientist and I love those 2 ideas
陈志涛C 7 dias atrás
tbrown837 7 dias atrás
Gabi.. certified smoke show
Dame Anvil
Dame Anvil 7 dias atrás
Gabi is so much more entertaining than Lorenzo
I only wash my hands when I shit on them
Broccoli office reference.
GeneralBeast99 USMC
GeneralBeast99 USMC 7 dias atrás
That's disgusting she was eating raw meat
Max prime
Max prime 7 dias atrás
0:05 Just play here with no context.
Daniel Cortez
Daniel Cortez 7 dias atrás
Lmao she looks like liza soberano 😂
Sheesh 7 dias atrás
i hate her....... SO GOD DAMN MUCH
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