$2 VS $16,000 Minecraft House!

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We bought 100s of Minecraft builds ranging from $1 all the way up to $16,000! Massive shoutout to Sapnap and Fundy for being in today's video.

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24 Ago 2021



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Comentários 70 500
I like how Jimmy says he could’ve built the first house in 2 minutes and it shows him building a dirt house. A true Minecraft gamer
The 5,000 dollar one is so good in my opinion. The fact that every building has furniture and they actually credited all the builders in the build is so respectful
Daed Lizrad
Yeah the last one looked like more of an art piece rather than a base/home. The 5k one was more on point as well as just overall more aesthetically pleasing.
quiietriot 14 dias atrás
The last one was so good, but seeing all the build team credited made me emotional. Great builds!!
GT Bryce
You guys gotta remember. He stilled paid the last build 16k which is more than the prize money. The 5k base that won still got less money than the 16k build.
ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)
Let's take the moment to appreciate how effort he puts into the content for us
Lonely Sandwich
The $5000 is by far the best, it’s literally a megabase
As a builder myself, the 16000$ build was easily 3x more work than the 5000$ build, but honestly, I think either the 25$ or 100$ house is the best bang for buck here. Even without interior, that's a very ambitious build for not much money at all. The worst value was the 50$ house. The 10$ one was better than that one.
CGI Andy
the most expensive one is just so crowded. I would have loved to see more detail in the city rather than all those heroes and villains. I'm glad the $5000 one won.
Chris Burrow
Chris Burrow 14 dias atrás
The 5,000 had a really good theme with effort put in with the characters and things. The 16,000 seemed like a thing thrown together and with few details missing. 5,000 all day long for me
Yeah, I once again agree with Karl lol. The 5k build had a theme and the 16k was kinda random.
Top Tens Gamer
Top Tens Gamer 14 dias atrás
The 500$ one is based from a movie and it is very accurate and detailed .
The amount of grind this stuff takes is insane... props to Mr Beast!!
The $5000 build was the best to me. Whoever made it, is really good!
to be honest the 16k one was cool but its really random and the houses are not furnished but the 5k is probs the best as they furnished alot of stuff and didnt add too much also i like how when u find it there just a village outside of it
Accelerant  Hank
Accelerant Hank Dia atrás
I love How Karl Always Says You Guys Are Being Harsh When They Say A Low Number
Max 14 dias atrás
The thing is...The first houses didn't have a chance to win, because if you pay 5$ for a house, you'll get a house that's worth 5$, not a masterpiece like the 5k city or a huge build like the 16k build
Paul Simon
Paul Simon 14 horas atrás
The 5,000 dollar house is so beautiful and peace because you're living in a beautiful nature without interruption.
The 5000$ build was literally the biggest and most beautiful thing I've seen in my life in minecraft
Nicole and Nicolas 💪
I like how sapnap said “WHAT” when Karl said it was an 8/10 but then when he votes he gives it a 7/10 😂
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