$163 Chipotle Burrito Taste Test | FANCY FAST FOOD

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We joined Mythical Chef Josh in the kitchen to bring a $163 Chipotle Burrito to life, and give our personal orders the fancy fast food treatment. GMM #1381
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18 Set 2018

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Comentários 4 313
Lyn Mês atrás
"We're fine and we're fine and we're calm and we're fine." Josh is the best.
Dang Duong
Dang Duong 29 dias atrás
Yum n we we
Jill Mês atrás
This is me talking to myself on the daily.
deprofundis Mês atrás
Anyone else slightly concerned that Link didn't step away from the fire when it erupted?? XD
Sydney Jackson
Sydney Jackson Mês atrás
Yassin Bennasser
Yassin Bennasser Mês atrás
Ethanmat01 3 horas atrás
You set off my Alexa
ohtehlolz 6 horas atrás
So 163$ made at home... it would be what, 350$ at a restaurant?
Ship Raider
Ship Raider 12 horas atrás
i kind of get the feeling that Rhett and Link have a deep hatred of josh
The Life of Lee Sin
The Life of Lee Sin 14 horas atrás
Chris Klinger
Chris Klinger 23 horas atrás
Did no one have the duck?
Vivien Martin
Vivien Martin Dia atrás
Rohin Maliyil
Rohin Maliyil Dia atrás
When you said hey Google my Google home started showing me duck recipes
Jen Li
Jen Li Dia atrás
some of my favorite videos are rhett + link in the kitchen XD
Isaac Stottlemyer
Finally, something from Chipotle that looks advertising
Normal Art
Normal Art 2 dias atrás
When Link said "Okay Google" my Google assistant opened up
Dada Kräuter
Dada Kräuter 2 dias atrás
Is this footage shot in some-log format? It seems flat. :) But still love it!
Rachel Payne
Rachel Payne 2 dias atrás
Lol that burrito roll was traaaash
Jaden Sardella
Jaden Sardella 3 dias atrás
Josh is awesome
Jill Lofties
Jill Lofties 3 dias atrás
Who else just dies for links faces
Caroline Lobato Hernandez
“Smokey, Smokey”
Caroline Lobato Hernandez
Rhett and Link are bestfriend goals😂❤️
Brook San gaming
Brook San gaming 4 dias atrás
I know this is late but, happy 10 year anniversary!!!!
Jfoldy vlogs
Jfoldy vlogs 4 dias atrás
When he asked Alexa what is 25 feet in Fahrenheit my Alexa answered
Nikita Badovich
Nikita Badovich 4 dias atrás
This is hilarious! Look at Link -- 9:19
Bradley Matusiak
Bradley Matusiak 4 dias atrás
Make a fun video for my google home assistant. as this video wanted my gha to smoke a duck
Allie Cipoletti
Allie Cipoletti 4 dias atrás
Let’s TACO bout that
Nate Pig
Nate Pig 4 dias atrás
Chipotle is not fast food
Ineta Karos
Ineta Karos 4 dias atrás
Merchiodos 4 dias atrás
Aww Josh was amazing and also cute
Aurora 131313
Aurora 131313 5 dias atrás
Josh is bae
Kg Rhapsody
Kg Rhapsody 5 dias atrás
Josh might be the best cast member aside from Rhett and Link
Haley Garner
Haley Garner 5 dias atrás
When he said Alexa my Alexa went off
farah nad
farah nad 5 dias atrás
the fact that they never trust link with sharp object
Danaamot 6 dias atrás
Josh is my favorite, hahaha
Laith Jones
Laith Jones 6 dias atrás
I died at 9:20
Jen Byrd
Jen Byrd 6 dias atrás
Ariana Gomez
Ariana Gomez 6 dias atrás
Wooow this looks so amazing that I want
Puddi Panda
Puddi Panda 6 dias atrás
oooo yum :D
Jonathan Notis
Jonathan Notis 6 dias atrás
Josh looks menacing
Logan D
Logan D 6 dias atrás
Who else wanna use one of those smokers with the reefers 👀🌬
Xcraft MC3
Xcraft MC3 6 dias atrás
dang it link my google home is telling me a duck recipe and i had to pause the video
Literal_Facts [STAMP]
Literal_Facts [STAMP] 6 dias atrás
It’s not chipotle It’s..... JoshPotle
Julian Owens
Julian Owens 6 dias atrás
Link deepthroated that pestal
Gamebro Sep
Gamebro Sep 6 dias atrás
They should do something from jack in the box
Gamebro Sep
Gamebro Sep 6 dias atrás
Maybe fancy animal style in and out burger?
Jcoolzone Barreiro
Jcoolzone Barreiro 7 dias atrás
I like how he kept everyone calm in the fire thing
Autumn Almonte
Autumn Almonte 7 dias atrás
Did you log your miles? No. Good! 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
willywonkarules 7 dias atrás
"Josh, you're a magic man." lol
Zach McMurtrey
Zach McMurtrey 7 dias atrás
9:20 just enjoy
Koquetsss 7 dias atrás
Am I the only one that realized that Josh’s t-shirt is labeled with the same brand as the tortillas they’re using? 😂
ChingChao 7 dias atrás
13:53 Josh is the best! Rhett and Link should have asked him what he thought of the items (though conflict of interest in he made them) because we'd love to hear his informed and personal opinion be known!! I still love the episode!
ChingChao 7 dias atrás
13:41 Why are middle-upper class Americans so phobic about sharing bites or drinking from the same can? Don't you trust each other? You take a far greater risk when you touch a hand rail or use a public restroom lmao; Airports are like 10 times as potent in the nasty department XD
Ubilicious 8 dias atrás
When he said ok Google my phone stopped and pulled it up 😂
yohohoco w
yohohoco w 8 dias atrás
I guess you could call it JURRASIC PORK!!!!
Elvira Ganni
Elvira Ganni 8 dias atrás
When he said "okay Google" my phone opened Google 😂😂
Marcus Hillen
Marcus Hillen 8 dias atrás
When link started yelling at Rhett and he looked at the camera lmao
GabeLuck26 8 dias atrás
Link: “Alexa, what is 25 centimeters in Fahrenheit?” Me: 👏😂
Naluskay 8 dias atrás
did u shoot on raw? because the kitchen sceen looked so gloomy, turn the saturation up a bit
AnewDewDew 9 dias atrás
Gys, for the next episode ... Baconator.
ChampagnepapiJr 9 dias atrás
Finally a video where they make fancy food without making it with gold, goose liver and fish egg etc etc... just being over the top.
Waffleskater8 9 dias atrás
Anyone else’s Alexa go off and answer the question because of the video
Emily Bright
Emily Bright 9 dias atrás
Hola persona leyendo los comentarios, ¿cómo está?
Anna Pittman
Anna Pittman 4 dias atrás
Emily Bright hola emily! ¡Muy Bien! Y tu?
Tha donut
Tha donut 9 dias atrás
"What is 25 centimeters in fahrenheit " Sigh, Please Link
Ryan Kharbanda
Ryan Kharbanda 9 dias atrás
Can we have a show that josh hosts
kphoenix128 9 dias atrás
Link's command to "Cook duck" actually set off my Google Home Mini to find a recipe for duck 😂😂😂
Lolz1600 9 dias atrás
9:19 someone gif this please, thanks
SlothMentality 9 dias atrás
“And also a metaphor for this entire process” oh man, that subtle dig. Well played sir.
Major Gaming
Major Gaming 10 dias atrás
Tell my why.. when he said "OK google" my phone went off.. wth.. that made me lmao
Xavion Morrison
Xavion Morrison 10 dias atrás
9:20 had me crying
Bella Nugoy
Bella Nugoy 10 dias atrás
why wouldnt they let link hold sharp stuff
Hellomylovelies 11 dias atrás
Josh is handsome
Hellomylovelies 11 dias atrás
No-one tells josh he has food on his face 🤣
Hellomylovelies 11 dias atrás
Did link deliberately call Celsius centimetres or was that a beautiful mistake?!
DeathsTacoIsHere 11 dias atrás
9:20 *Age Restricted*
Ethyl 11 dias atrás
Y’all know what’s wrong wit shawty???
Caleb Treuer
Caleb Treuer 11 dias atrás
"Know that it is futile and a metaphor for this entire process." - Josh The Philsopher
luker48 11 dias atrás
6:21 when you hurt your little cousin and he says he wants his mom
Shannon L
Shannon L 11 dias atrás
I absolutely LOVE these fancy fast food episodes!!! They need to do a hotdog place next!!!! Or even a Philly cheese steak... YUMMY!!!!!!!
xxwolfshadowzxx 11 dias atrás
i smoke weed out of that smoke thing sometimes
fragile bean
fragile bean 11 dias atrás
Does anyone have any clue what that herb smoker thing is? For research purposes
Roman 11 dias atrás
I love these expensive food videos make more
Lukáš Soukup
Lukáš Soukup 11 dias atrás
thank you, my google assistant just recommend me some duck breast recipe
Teh Foxxy
Teh Foxxy 11 dias atrás
9:19 That killed me...
Haroldsavatar 11 dias atrás
Lithuanians represent!
S.P Spier
S.P Spier 12 dias atrás
9:19 Link had my dying on the floor!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mattie Dumbrill
Mattie Dumbrill 12 dias atrás
I just ate and this still makes me hungry
Owen Hawksfield
Owen Hawksfield 12 dias atrás
4:15 my alexa heard this
Yasmeen Kuraishi
Yasmeen Kuraishi 12 dias atrás
Want to eat one right now. Ohhh....I can almost taste it
Tris Ragan
Tris Ragan 13 dias atrás
"What are we going to watch in two minutes?" 😂
Sami Smith
Sami Smith 13 dias atrás
i want chipotle
luke osborn
luke osborn 13 dias atrás
"okay google"
Crypticol 13 dias atrás
So dam hungry now
Sitkid 13 dias atrás
I could use that smoker things
No One
No One 13 dias atrás
9:20 has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. Link is really something. 😂😂
john gutierrez
john gutierrez 14 dias atrás
i love how they act like kids and adults at the same time
Jensen Payne
Jensen Payne 14 dias atrás
Are we just gonna ignore that Link asked Alexa to convert centimeters to Fahrenheit?
Joseph Scruggs
Joseph Scruggs 14 dias atrás
Why oh why did link have to clean the mashing stick with his mouth
Jaquelin Ortiz
Jaquelin Ortiz 14 dias atrás
That shirt Josh is wearing says Jerez, Zac. 😍 mi tierra
Ban Veloski
Ban Veloski 14 dias atrás
Seriously where can I buy this?
Ban Veloski
Ban Veloski 14 dias atrás
My Alexa went off.
Chandon 14 dias atrás
9:19 sorry Link, that was a big mistake. The internet has that image now..
lexios 1234
lexios 1234 14 dias atrás
Costco pizza next
Amber Pantaleo
Amber Pantaleo 14 dias atrás
I was sitting next to my google home while watching this-bad idea because it started giving me a recipe lol
Shannon L
Shannon L 14 dias atrás
I don't know about anyone else, but the new season of GMM is the BEST yet!!! Keep up the great work Rhett, Link and the entire Mythical Crew! And I absolutely LOVE the new show LTAT!!! I miss Good Mythical Crew, but this I think personally is a bit better. Stevie's doing a great job as the "Hostess with the Mostess"
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