$163 Chipotle Burrito Taste Test | FANCY FAST FOOD

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We joined Mythical Chef Josh in the kitchen to bring a $163 Chipotle Burrito to life, and give our personal orders the fancy fast food treatment. GMM #1381
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18 Set 2018

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Comentários 4 516
Lyn 2 meses atrás
"We're fine and we're fine and we're calm and we're fine." Josh is the best.
Barron Paragas
Barron Paragas Mês atrás
Lyn jesh
Dang Duong
Dang Duong 2 meses atrás
Yum n we we
Jill 2 meses atrás
This is me talking to myself on the daily.
deprofundis 2 meses atrás
Anyone else slightly concerned that Link didn't step away from the fire when it erupted?? XD
Sydney Jackson
Sydney Jackson 2 meses atrás
Africa - Toto
Africa - Toto Hora atrás
American Wagu? Tsk tsk, only Berta Beef. S + P the choice for me
Aiden Sundara
Aiden Sundara 11 horas atrás
xTechFusion20x 14 horas atrás
9:23 "Needs more mustache..." Link 2018
Jason Cuddy
Jason Cuddy 20 horas atrás
2:40 dont u mean...Jurassic PORK XD
Jason Cuddy
Jason Cuddy 20 horas atrás
1:36 u can see like tale the burrito off his shoulder
Blue Lion
Blue Lion 23 horas atrás
That burrito looked REALLY good why do I watch these videos when I’m hungryyyy
Strictly Anime!
Strictly Anime! 23 horas atrás
What's with the heart filter? 😂 Is that some kind of meme nowadays?😂
its noon
its noon Dia atrás
Just realized this video came out on my birthday ayyy
Jaron Davis
Jaron Davis Dia atrás
At 4:25 my echo dot went off on a ramble about how centimeters cannot be converted to farenheit.
blazin chickens
blazin chickens Dia atrás
Do animal style fries next
Loaf Dia atrás
4:21 y'all set off my Google Home 😂😂
Max Stanley
Max Stanley Dia atrás
I love josh
Aaron Ayala
Aaron Ayala Dia atrás
Best part of this video is seeing Josh's frustration level very slowly increase as he's giving instructions
Conor Pugh
Conor Pugh 2 dias atrás
Fancy Panda Express
Dylan bailey
Dylan bailey 2 dias atrás
CJ Morales
CJ Morales 3 dias atrás
How expensive can subway get?
Slasher88 3 dias atrás
Did anyone else's phone turn on when they said Ok Google and Hey Siri?!?
asher .woods
asher .woods 3 dias atrás
do more fancy fast food
ggamegal42 4 dias atrás
PLEASE use the heart filter more!! 😂😂😂😂💖
ggamegal42 4 dias atrás
7:34-7:38 what a special moment
Ken Sylvia
Ken Sylvia 4 dias atrás
This was a super fun video. Josh, please move in with me and cook me tacos.
maddy mattews
maddy mattews 4 dias atrás
Fancy Wendys burger and frosty next!!!
Nick Wetzel
Nick Wetzel 5 dias atrás
It’s Jurassic Pork
David Fender
David Fender 5 dias atrás
25 Centimetres in Fahrenheit?
fem wynn
fem wynn 6 dias atrás
couldn't even tell Josh he had sour cream on his face ;_;
Sync Crossfire
Sync Crossfire 6 dias atrás
brenden 6 dias atrás
3:20 I need to know what this is for my own type of plant..
Space Cow The Unicorn
Space Cow The Unicorn 6 dias atrás
*gasps* Rhett knows what Dances With Wolves is! This is the greatest day ever!
Catalina Waller
Catalina Waller 7 dias atrás
😭 my inner chef got way too excited watching this episode. Love love love
123 8 dias atrás
"Did you log your miles?" "I dont know what that means so no I suppose not" "good" me: dead
shane high
shane high 8 dias atrás
Fancify the Mc rib!!!!!!! Its been a long time coming
Casey Douglas
Casey Douglas 9 dias atrás
KelliAnn Christensen
KelliAnn Christensen 9 dias atrás
00:33 proof that even youtubers have to check for that double chin...;) Lol
Francisco Sarmiento-Torres
What about something from Arby’s for next episode? Maybe the gyro, or the beef n cheddar?
victheartistic 9 dias atrás
I’m just now seeing the spork on Josh’s arm.. I wasn’t sure before, but I’m ready to get married now.
Haley Owens
Haley Owens 9 dias atrás
If u put some weed in that smoker thing it would be a bong.
ShadowGamersSquared 10 dias atrás
Good to see Swabian Hall getting attention, my friend Carl Blake put in a lot of time creating that breed
Dave Schultze
Dave Schultze 10 dias atrás
Only the best at Joshpotle
Keysrypt 11 dias atrás
My alexa said they dont know that one
lobelia blood
lobelia blood 11 dias atrás
It should be called fancy food taste test: Cookin with Josh. Should start of with Josh talking and have him be like Hello welcome back to another great ep of fantasy food taste test,. I'm ur host Josh and I am accompanied by my two friend Rhett and link. Say hello guys. Hello , hello Know are u guys ready to try some fancy foods today Love u all big hugs to all of u as well as everyone behind the camera. Have a great day
Ramsher Felix
Ramsher Felix 12 dias atrás
That's price not including labor soo..
Henry 12 dias atrás
This is a truly great episode. Josh is a top fella.
None Yabizness
None Yabizness 13 dias atrás
Ok, so they call their fans mythical beast. Can I be mew☺️?
Glenn Z
Glenn Z 15 dias atrás
I have a very high stress profession, and cooking is my relaxing hobby. I'd love to cook with Josh -- especially on some of these upscale fast food cooks. He obviously knows what he's doing, so much so that he doesn't get uptight about it. If you do your prep (mise en place), and don't freak out, cooking is fun and relaxing -- as well as challenging, when you want it to be.
Youngster Joey
Youngster Joey 15 dias atrás
My biggest question is how much did the chipotle bench/desk/assembling station cost
TRC Hydra
TRC Hydra 15 dias atrás
Is it just me, or does the video seem kinda gloomy cause of the light
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 15 dias atrás
Anyone here in 2018
King 15 dias atrás
Rhett be off a bean.💀😂😂
Jonah Lossiah
Jonah Lossiah 15 dias atrás
“Chipotle is gentrification, and it’s killing people”
ActuallyRandomPerson 15 dias atrás
"Only the best at *glances down* Joshpotle"
Mica Santos
Mica Santos 16 dias atrás
i'm binge watching josh vids
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin 17 dias atrás
Josh you are a magical man! I always wondered who made all the crazy food. Your spork tattoo is the best Chefy tattoo I have ever seen. Josh you are a treasure of human being.
Puppy and Me A
Puppy and Me A 17 dias atrás
Needs more mustache... has be dying. Watching it over again 50 times
Bleue 17 dias atrás
I feel like if link was alone he would start crying over the burrito.
Michael Widstrom
Michael Widstrom 18 dias atrás
Mandi Jones
Mandi Jones 18 dias atrás
Can he host a cooking show? Or like teach me? He’s amazing.
pwippwip 18 dias atrás
XDarkPhoenixX 18 dias atrás
When I saw that smoker thing... I was like ayyyyy... 'definitely' just for cooking. And nothing else... at all...
Durka Bomb
Durka Bomb 19 dias atrás
Josh, if given the proper training and resources, would be a fantastic chef in Los Angeles.
Aoi37una 19 dias atrás
Well done josh!
Billary Blinton
Billary Blinton 19 dias atrás
Jessica Knott
Jessica Knott 20 dias atrás
They said okay google and my google looked up cook haha
Briana Shaid
Briana Shaid 20 dias atrás
Plz do Wendy’s she need an update on her food any of her food needs an update let see what you got gmm
THE_LASAGNEMAN 21 dia atrás
*josh drives a total of 400 miles there and back to get an onion for GMM* Rhett: "did you log your miles?" josh: "i dont know what that means so i suppose not" Rhett and Link: "Good" This has me dying 😂😂
RexisTheCywolf 2
RexisTheCywolf 2 21 dia atrás
Why do I watch these types of vids when I'm hungry and I cant have what they are eating.
Joe 21 dia atrás
I want a Josh to just cook me whatever I want in the most expensive way possible.
OG Monster
OG Monster 21 dia atrás
I always knew link wasnt straight
Knuckles Lacrosse
Knuckles Lacrosse 22 dias atrás
This is the best fancy food video on GMM. CORRECTION: best food video on BRvid😂😂
deadly Fedora
deadly Fedora 22 dias atrás
OK Alexa cook *DUCK*
Dinah Deats
Dinah Deats 22 dias atrás
Awww omg I love how Josh looked so proud when Rhett and Link were eating his food how sweet what a nice guy xD
Dinah Deats
Dinah Deats 22 dias atrás
8:28 Rhett: *foodgasms*
FireRose720 23 dias atrás
"Whatever you do to it is for fun, and know that it's futile and a metaphor for this entire process." Josh was born for the Mythical Crew.
Team Lefebvre
Team Lefebvre 23 dias atrás
Anyone else's Alexa respond to link?
Kaley Paige
Kaley Paige 24 dias atrás
this was the hungriest 15min of my life
Hazoish ?
Hazoish ? 25 dias atrás
Do in n out animal style fries :D
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 25 dias atrás
Im not gay but if I as id want it to be with link
Wendy Chou Le
Wendy Chou Le 25 dias atrás
love josh!!!! How about Wendy’s chili???
Rakaye Carmichael
Rakaye Carmichael 25 dias atrás
More josh please
Andromeda14100 25 dias atrás
I freakin love the videos with josh. A hot man who can cook...where do I sign up for that?
DeFragin 26 dias atrás
Da_ Gudz
Da_ Gudz 26 dias atrás
Can you try to do Hardee’s jr double bacon burger
Adrian Poptart
Adrian Poptart 26 dias atrás
Chipotle make that shi in 3 mins not 3 days
Abi Millar
Abi Millar 26 dias atrás
I never realised how much Link is my spirit animal until now
Elizabeth Panku
Elizabeth Panku 28 dias atrás
"This is a worm with salt!?"
Elizabeth Panku
Elizabeth Panku 28 dias atrás
michael smoak
michael smoak 28 dias atrás
my google home started talking when link said "ok google" i damn near shit myself
Michael Marcum
Michael Marcum 28 dias atrás
You guys should do a fancy taco bell double chalupa
Susan McCartney
Susan McCartney 29 dias atrás
This video activated my Google home and started looking for recipes for roast duck! 😂
579gooney 29 dias atrás
Try Kobe beef, beef jerky
Channel Happiness
Channel Happiness 29 dias atrás
Cool bong ✌
Jake Elliott
Jake Elliott Mês atrás
Fancify KFC famous bowl
Kris Stephenson
Kris Stephenson Mês atrás
Is Chipotle fast food? Because If so it's the healthiest Fast food in the world.
Sunny Lovetts
Sunny Lovetts Mês atrás
this isn't chipotle this is just really expensive food
Smelly Animations
Smelly Animations Mês atrás
Does anyone know if John was on master chef of taught by Gordon Ramsey because he is fricking AMAZING!!!
Kazutoification Mês atrás
Five food groups, one tortilla; coming together like reverse-Pangaea.
Allison Leigh Says
Allison Leigh Says Mês atrás
Mmm... best episode yet
Toldyaso Mês atrás
Now those tacos and that burrito looks amazing. My mouth is watering so much, I want a bite soooo bad. 😋🤤
James Ladner
James Ladner Mês atrás
Just set of my Alexa 😄😄
Joe Shakalaka
Joe Shakalaka Mês atrás
Can I hire josh for my next party? Dude knows how to cook lol
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