$163 Chipotle Burrito Taste Test | FANCY FAST FOOD

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We joined Mythical Chef Josh in the kitchen to bring a $163 Chipotle Burrito to life, and give our personal orders the fancy fast food treatment. GMM #1381
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Comentários 100
Lyn 8 meses atrás
"We're fine and we're fine and we're calm and we're fine." Josh is the best.
Zeretox Gaming
Zeretox Gaming Mês atrás
Josh looks left out and innocent, man I feel bad for Josh, he needs more attention
Atlas Z
Atlas Z 4 meses atrás
Lyn Just like talking to two startled old men🤣
Aspecct 7 meses atrás
Lyn jesh
Dang Duong
Dang Duong 8 meses atrás
Yum n we we
Jill 8 meses atrás
This is me talking to myself on the daily.
Nathaniel Calderon
Lmao link be deep throating avocado
Smash Revino
Smash Revino 2 dias atrás
Link did not have to eat the guac that way. I cannot unsee that. 😞
Sir Pineapple
Sir Pineapple 2 dias atrás
"I can't believe we just watched the entire director's cut of the lord of the ring's trilogy" Did you do it without peeing? That's the real question
TheOther Dude
TheOther Dude 2 dias atrás
"Alexa what is 25 centimeters in Fahrenheit?" I laughed way too hard at this 😂🤣😂
Genta 3 dias atrás
When Josh kept saying "we're fine! We're calm! We're fine!" He totally reminded me of a mom calming down her kids 😂😂
Christopher w
Christopher w 4 dias atrás
$163 chipotle burrito not from chipotle. So a $163 burrito.
Payton Kaiser
Payton Kaiser 5 dias atrás
Why is Josh not my husband?
dylan the random person
When link said okay Google my Google home was SORRY BUT I CAN'T CONNECT TO THE WIFI
AnimeBoi7 8 dias atrás
Ditto Ditto 😂
Bobo Tio
Bobo Tio 8 dias atrás
bebe east
bebe east 8 dias atrás
Josh really knows his stuff
Oh naw.
Oh naw. 9 dias atrás
I just wanna kiss josh too. He should have an apron with the saying “ kiss the chef”
Neetra Dee
Neetra Dee 9 dias atrás
Can I marry Josh so he can cook me all the food... homie got skillz
Justin Powell
Justin Powell 9 dias atrás
Absolutely love Mythical Chef Josh
I like Josh please have him in more videos
Deidre Hoppe
Deidre Hoppe 14 dias atrás
Anyone else's Google home start to recite a duck recipe?
A H 15 dias atrás
3:38 hmmm looks familiar
Han Park
Han Park 19 dias atrás
What's up with the color
Jay-B 21 dia atrás
10:52 the way Josh awkwardly came into frame
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes 21 dia atrás
The smokiest peatiest brand of mainstream scotch. That would be Ardbeg young man.
Tammy Norris
Tammy Norris 22 dias atrás
Link activated my OK GOOGLE when he said that 😂
Peyton Enns
Peyton Enns 23 dias atrás
Link set off my google home
CallOfPundy1192 24 dias atrás
That sacred bean dance I swear
Suhh Dude
Suhh Dude 24 dias atrás
You set my Alexa off😂🤦🏼‍♂️
Robin 24 dias atrás
link eating the guacamole
Maeve Bidonde
Maeve Bidonde 27 dias atrás
They should fancify a mcrib just fro rhett
Raymond Chen
Raymond Chen 28 dias atrás
Josh should’ve made himself a taco bowl🤷🏻‍♂️
小狼哥youtube 29 dias atrás
jake kiene
jake kiene 29 dias atrás
fancy hot-n-rdy plz
Skylab14 Mês atrás
F@#%!! .... Rhett is a God damn Giant!!!! No wonder he loves beans!
Nicholaus Mcdowell
Nicholaus Mcdowell Mês atrás
Fancy Wendy’s Baconator
Gianna Andrea
Gianna Andrea Mês atrás
13:05 this is how i see josh💕
Kevin Calderon
Kevin Calderon Mês atrás
Make a fancy pizza from pizza hut?
Stargirlshay Mês atrás
My teacher : Me : 6:15
Sam Sandwich
Sam Sandwich Mês atrás
4:18 you actually set off my Alexa lmao
HY281 Mês atrás
They Jurassic Parked a pig might be one of the best sayings ever. lol. :)
A Mês atrás
Josh is living the dream. He gets to really explore culinary
A Mês atrás
This show is just like "Let's boost Josh's ego"
A Mês atrás
"Only the best at-" *checks tag* "Joshpotle" 😂😂😂😂
A Mês atrás
This kitchen is my dream 😍😍
Ethan Mês atrás
I need that duck smoker for my.....smoke.....😂😂
Shadow Mês atrás
props for actually letting josh eat while he was there, i sometimes see other shows where guests don't even get to eat the food they spent their time and effort making
Carrie Simpson
Carrie Simpson Mês atrás
I love the absolute joy on Josh's face when he sees the absolute joy on Rhett + Link's faces from eating his food.
Fenn Reeder
Fenn Reeder Mês atrás
did anyone elses alexa tell them a joke bc of rhett? lol
xNational Anthem
xNational Anthem Mês atrás
When you said hey google my google started playing Elvis Presley 😂
The First World Problems
Make more fancy fast foods!
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson Mês atrás
Am I too late to say Michael Cera
James SAP
James SAP Mês atrás
Is it just me or is the lighting different in this video?
sitella Mês atrás
Bruh when he said ok Google cook duck my phone searched up cook duck my phone heard itself and went to google I'm dead 😂😂
The Asher Show
The Asher Show Mês atrás
When he said something about Alexa mine started talking
Trevor Otto
Trevor Otto Mês atrás
Set my Alexa off 😂
Animal channel And beyond
Only if I could try them
NightHawk Nation
NightHawk Nation Mês atrás
How about doing a expensive KFC famous bowl go an idea
Beanie Monster
Beanie Monster Mês atrás
Fancy or not chipotle always makes my day
William Yates
William Yates Mês atrás
They should fancify Panda Express
Hailee None
Hailee None Mês atrás
I love josh so much, he is such a treasure. Don't ever lose him GMM!
Deryk Stearns
Deryk Stearns Mês atrás
Who forgot to color grade the LOG footage during the fancy part?!?!?
Rival Racer Gaming
Rival Racer Gaming Mês atrás
Yo they hot boxed a duck
Álvaro Serrato Mendez
I was dying when he shoved the whole temolote full of guac in his mouth! 🤣😂
And we are clam and we are fine
Mustafa Şahintürk
Did you just post thr raw footage? O.o
Frank Ayy
Frank Ayy Mês atrás
and google home is trying to tell me how to cook duck...
fish burt123
fish burt123 Mês atrás
Link: i feel emotional Rhett: i feel ashamed Josh: i dont feel ashamed at all
fish burt123
fish burt123 Mês atrás
Damn dey fancy with meat...kobe beef
ron zeckariei
ron zeckariei Mês atrás
you need to pet dry the duck before searing..... Amateurs
Charlotte Brackney
Charlotte Brackney Mês atrás
Who else wants mythical chef josh to have his own cooking show on gmm
Hem Rainsford
Hem Rainsford Mês atrás
7:37 👍 ditto
blake odom
blake odom Mês atrás
why not an arbys beef and cheddar?
Skylar Noire
Skylar Noire Mês atrás
Joshpotle 😂😂
Abid hossain
Abid hossain Mês atrás
why cant you hold a knife or lighter link?
Dylan Green
Dylan Green Mês atrás
If they had a taco truck and sold this stuff on random street corners.... they could be way more successful than chipotle. This looks amazing, chipotle isn’t too good
What do they do to have a tour
Help me
Help me Mês atrás
When you guys were saying ok alexa mine opened and I was super confused
Silky Mês atrás
When he said Alexa my Alexa went off lol😂
Irving Salas
Irving Salas Mês atrás
Im the bean man. Get at me
WeNeverWin Mês atrás
Who else’s Alexa responded at 4:25
Skyler Jones
Skyler Jones Mês atrás
your videos are awesome and funny too
Jonas Rothmann
Jonas Rothmann Mês atrás
creme fraiche is sour cream right? There is only creme fraiche in denmark??
Graham Stevens
Graham Stevens Mês atrás
when he said alexa, my alexa started talking
Parker Snow
Parker Snow Mês atrás
What do you do when you have the flu? Binge watch GMM. That makes it feel better.
XWhiTeBuFFaLoX Mês atrás
Anybody else Alexa turn on?! Lol!
Usrnot found
Usrnot found Mês atrás
why does it look so washed out?
Naruto Munoz
Naruto Munoz Mês atrás
I think link just sucked “wood”
Andrew Delta
Andrew Delta Mês atrás
Guys please do fancy street tacos!!!
BlockHeadBros - Gaming and funny moments
4:47 Rhett looks evil with that knife.
Barrett Mês atrás
call this "137 dollar beef in a 23 dollar burrito"
Landon Toth
Landon Toth Mês atrás
Everyone loves josh
MegaJesusFucker Mês atrás
You made my alexa go off...
Angelica C
Angelica C Mês atrás
4:15 lmao my alexa responded
alecx francisco
alecx francisco Mês atrás
Link set off my google :/ haha lol
Shlappy Mês atrás
i want to see Gordon Ramsay react to mythical chef Josh's fancy food.
randallracer Mês atrás
i just had chipotle too
Jeremy Turcotte
Jeremy Turcotte 2 meses atrás
Do you think they had that serving station just around the studio for craft services or whatever, or they rented it special for that bit?
Dustin Bourg
Dustin Bourg 2 meses atrás
Do the big Buford or the whopper.
Lavender Pickles
Lavender Pickles 2 meses atrás
My Alexa "That can not be converted" 🤣
Cohen Rooney
Cohen Rooney 2 meses atrás
4:27 I have a google home in my room and it just told me how to cook duck
Griffin Tuttle
Griffin Tuttle 2 meses atrás
When he said ok Google my phone activated
Mr Flow
Mr Flow 2 meses atrás
Rhett: josh I want to kiss you right now. But I won’t Josh: thank you 12:55 they wrote their own fan fiction
aisea havea
aisea havea 2 meses atrás
"Did you log your miles?" "Low Key Panic*
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