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I put $10,000 behind a bullet proof glass safe and got Stephen Sharer the Hacksmith and the Funk Bros to try to break the unbreakable box!! An unbreakable mystery box with $10,000 lets see who wins the challenge.
Stephen Sharer:
the Hacksmith:
Funk Bros:
Grace Sharer:
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3 Ago 2019



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Comentários 80
Daniel Kayode
Daniel Kayode 2 dias atrás
Pls give the box to the demolition ranch
Botanica guesthouse
Botanica guesthouse 2 dias atrás
pls justin give me one of thoose so i can destory it i live in cambodia kep the name od my house is botanica
Jash Modi
Jash Modi 2 dias atrás
Stephanie Karpicke
Stephanie Karpicke 2 dias atrás
lavelle woods
lavelle woods 3 dias atrás
Could have rented a backhoe that has an attached jackhammer. Wouldnt use any muscle other then your wrists along with a few hundred for the rental fee. Maybe even go sky diving which is about 200 to 300 and drop it out of the sky onto the landing strip. The ones that managed to open the box all used some sort of cutting tool aka cheating. Including Hacksmith with cutting an X and then dropping the hammer...finishing it off with blunt force after cutting it is still cheating. So let's all just take a moment for this box and its incredible strength.
browny _pants09
browny _pants09 4 dias atrás
Unbolt the box
Thynx Creator
Thynx Creator 4 dias atrás
All of them are child's play compared to hacksmith
אמיר ברנהולץ
but why use fire if you can just coll it down to absolute zero and then shatter it like glass?
Alex jt
Alex jt 5 dias atrás
you should use a triangular pyramid shaped box instead of rectangular one, it would probably absorb and deflect hits better.
ykn_ Aden
ykn_ Aden 6 dias atrás
I think it would break
ykn_ Aden
ykn_ Aden 6 dias atrás
Why didint one of yall use a 50 cal sniper
Nik Zalina
Nik Zalina 6 dias atrás
You should give that box to howtobasic
Nik Zalina
Nik Zalina 6 dias atrás
Eehh Meow
Richard Pendleton
Richard Pendleton 6 dias atrás
I'd like to try and break one of them boxes looks like it could be fun
M4tty8001 8 dias atrás
I knew the blaster didn’t shoot anything
Ateeb Mohammad
Ateeb Mohammad 8 dias atrás
Give an unbreakable box to mark rober
Da Oofsta
Da Oofsta 9 dias atrás
i want to do this but i probaly dont live in the same country
Cajeeper The gamer
Cajeeper The gamer 9 dias atrás
It’s called a stump grinder not a bigger chain saw on weels
BenTheGamer XY
BenTheGamer XY 9 dias atrás
"I'm going to unbreak the box, this is how I will unbreak it"
DiL RoDD 10 dias atrás
ur intro is so gay
Reekid Jerry
Reekid Jerry 11 dias atrás
I think the storm breaker is able to break it
mobslayer gaming
mobslayer gaming 12 dias atrás
The hacksmith would have gone throe through the doubble thickness with stormbraker
David Newsome
David Newsome 12 dias atrás
I'd love to see MrBeast do one, but I would PAY (a low amount, sorta broke) MONEY to have him send Morgz the same box given to Hacksmith, hoo boy
RealLugia97 GeN
RealLugia97 GeN 12 dias atrás
hacksmith is the only one that didn't "cheat" by using unfair machinery like chainsaws and jack hammers, all they used was fire, ice, and the heaviest thor's hammer. everyone else technically sawed/drilled through it.
Sonic thehedgehog
Sonic thehedgehog 13 dias atrás
Hacksmith was awesome. I watch him and I knew he could break it. Everyone was patheticly trying using scooters, cars, their feet, but what did hacksmith use? His brain. He's the real life tony stark.
blake stapleton
blake stapleton 13 dias atrás
yeetus 14 dias atrás
You should get DemolitionRanch to do it
Why are you wasting Your time looking at this
sharer family is cringe
Dylan Moisdon
Dylan Moisdon 14 dias atrás
that's just a nokia with money inside
Luv Da Kid
Luv Da Kid 16 dias atrás
He should try Logan Paul or Jake Paul I
Rhys_dom 16 dias atrás
I like that the hacksmith said don’t burn polycarbonate at home and it immediately turns to a clip of Corey burning polycarbonate
Braden Bach
Braden Bach 16 dias atrás
I want the Funk Bros is300
Emily lozano
Emily lozano 16 dias atrás
Who won
Jonathan Joestar
Jonathan Joestar 17 dias atrás
Believe me hacksmith did a lot better job of breaking the box.
F0rce JW
F0rce JW 17 dias atrás
I bet theses people all have model x’s which are two ton
abie natan
abie natan 18 dias atrás
use hydraulic press but the thing that gonna press the box is sharp
GECKO 77 19 dias atrás
Actually it's not that hard...
GECKO 77 19 dias atrás
Send me one lol
Natasha Hadley
Natasha Hadley 19 dias atrás
Dustin he lied to an elder
Lukaskirk Kaiser
Lukaskirk Kaiser 20 dias atrás
Why not just frees et so smash it just
IRONCROTCH 20 dias atrás
i promise i can open that
Nicki Marchetta
Nicki Marchetta 20 dias atrás
It was the funk Bros and Carter
Toxicity Element
Toxicity Element 21 dia atrás
We love rip sticks
gaming secrets
gaming secrets 21 dia atrás
My phone broke while am watching this
Bram Henry
Bram Henry 21 dia atrás
10k says I could get through it quicker than The Hacksmith, maybe 25 minutes as its larger than the polycarbonate I usually work with but I doubt its more than CR39 or CR45.
Renni 23 dias atrás
Wide pressure obviously would never break it, just heat it up as fast as possible then cool it as fast as possible over and over again. Liquid nitrogen + acetylene = no more box
KyaWayK 23 dias atrás
Imagine he gave it to demotion ranch
Rylan Durham
Rylan Durham 23 dias atrás
no i knew nothing would happen
Frazier Lo
Frazier Lo 24 dias atrás
You should send one to lazarbeam
Kawsar Plays
Kawsar Plays 26 dias atrás
Imagine if the sledgehammer flew out of his hand and fell on the Tesla
Sharafatullah Faheem
Sharafatullah Faheem 26 dias atrás
1:26 the rules are there are no rules , i laughed very bad 😂😂😂
SixK 26 dias atrás
2020 - I think "I did a thing" lightning fast ping pong ball launcher gonna break this ez
Forza Horizon
Forza Horizon 26 dias atrás
Nobody ever things of dropping it from a skyscraper or a 15 story building🤔
Donnovan buckets
Donnovan buckets 26 dias atrás
nobody thought to unscrew the bolt
Icy Oblivion
Icy Oblivion 26 dias atrás
Lets just say the box is thanos and the hacksmith is the avengers literally
Razzi_Rack Melovechicken
Yo if I had a steam roller and u sent me that box I'd break it in seconds
Sonic thehedgehog
Sonic thehedgehog 13 dias atrás
That's what everyone else thought and they were wrong
yo_boy_ronron 27 dias atrás
just unscrew the box
Gaacars 27 dias atrás
I brake a ton of polycarb plastic in robotics i know the way to brake it with 3 tools that are rilly cheap if u send me it it would be a mistake
Mitchell Halvorson
Mitchell Halvorson 28 dias atrás
I want to smack Stephen Sharer so bad. His ignorance and inability to correctly use any kind of tool physically pains me. Thats not even a giant chainsaw. Its for digging holes
Kampf_Nudel 246
Kampf_Nudel 246 28 dias atrás
Send ohne to How to Basic
BS WAY 29 dias atrás
Hacksmith is the one bro booommm Breaked it finally how was you filling
infamous crafter
infamous crafter 29 dias atrás
demolition ranch with the barret 50. cal
Keep it gaming 123
Keep it gaming 123 29 dias atrás
You should have gave one to demolition ranch
Heblue YT
Heblue YT Mês atrás
Send it to film theory he will science it open with acid or something
Amber Lewis
Amber Lewis Mês atrás
This was made two days after my birthday
LS Hugyme
LS Hugyme Mês atrás
You should do 5 layers and get them to work together
Sierra Pace
Sierra Pace Mês atrás
Can I get a unbreakable box.
Krishna Mês atrás
hacksmith is freaking genius rest others sucks
Rex Riviere
Rex Riviere Mês atrás
Hack smith broke it
Samanvay Animireddi
Try giving that to KIM JONG UN (Probably gonna drop a nuke on it...😂😂)
Lori Tyrrell
Lori Tyrrell Mês atrás
Give me a box to break
Kyle Cedrick Pastor
Matt carrikker entered the chat
Javine Wynter
Javine Wynter Mês atrás
Spray and unbreakable box with Line-X and send it to youtubers
Alex Vargas
Alex Vargas Mês atrás
Didn't one day Stephen sharer met carter sharer
NaytiF 47
NaytiF 47 Mês atrás
Who is the fastest
Kristen Peeples
Kristen Peeples Mês atrás
Send me one lol I'll have that bit opened in 2 hours tops
Avian Dominguez
Avian Dominguez Mês atrás
On youtube
Avian Dominguez
Avian Dominguez Mês atrás
Just search up my name
Avian Dominguez
Avian Dominguez Mês atrás
Please give me one
KYZAM AK Mês atrás
But he also didn't used the liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is powerful that dry ice or any other nitrogen. Because it is nearly - degree
KYZAM AK Mês atrás
I think nobody in this video has studied science. There is a simple science trick in which you can break anything using liquid nitrogen and a hard hammer or a rock . Only hacksmith used that technique and he got it
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