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Welcome to Good Mythical MORE with Rhett & Link! GMMORE is the show after the show where things are a little more relaxed, but every bit as interesting as Good Mythical Morning. Tune in daily for even more taste tests, challenges, and games!
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100 Comentários
Keiki Duncan
Keiki Duncan Dia atrás
the link to the noods was amazing
lucas renslow
lucas renslow Dia atrás
I'm a cold pizza and pasta guy
Michael Hudspeth
Michael Hudspeth Dia atrás
No one: Lance: Hehehe
That One Commenter You're Always Finding
This is the second grilled cheese video on trending.
Lee 219
Lee 219 Dia atrás
The noods link is to the will It ramen vid
lyn baker
lyn baker Dia atrás
The crust makes a great piece of toast!
Justin Bowling
Justin Bowling Dia atrás
Wow nikki is so beautiful!
Robert Brownie
Robert Brownie Dia atrás
"Dude, get a double double!"
Isac Piedra
Isac Piedra Dia atrás
15:35 link jerks the air
m c
m c Dia atrás
I appreciate your joke link
jimgilliam Dia atrás
Link "Let me take you to my In-N-Out" :)
TonyKnockOff Dia atrás
That's no twinkie, that's a big bear.
Raya Xx
Raya Xx Dia atrás
Well.. how many people signed up for Joshs petition?
Drew Ivan
Drew Ivan Dia atrás
Josh and Rhett need to include Linky poo into their bromance.
Bethany Platt
Bethany Platt Dia atrás
8:47 I literally started crying, because I’m struggling to get past some nasty stuff. ❤️
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Dia atrás
They really did link to some noods!
Madeline Garber
Madeline Garber Dia atrás
His vibe fits so well with Rhett and Link. We need him to be a regular.
Brandon Broadway
Brandon Broadway Dia atrás
“Link’s the only reason I don’t have a man bun..” Dear Rhett, this is a message from the future... you now wear a man bun occasionally. That is all..
Nate Nate
Nate Nate Dia atrás
this is for geeks
Roman and Silas
Roman and Silas Dia atrás
Those plates sounded like swords 2:27
Super Nintendo Chalmers
If that kid would've eaten an In-N-Out burger, he would've been bed ridden for a day... You can't just dive into the deep end. 😂
Michael DeLeon
Michael DeLeon Dia atrás
Aldi Winking Owl is the best and the cheapest....
loudkylin Dia atrás
The fact that they really put a “noods” link made me so happy
n1KE Dia atrás
Two channels on trending amazing
Griffin Howell
Griffin Howell Dia atrás
Love Josh, but holy eye contact man... 😂 90% of the episode is his profile as he stares deeply at whoever is talking at the moment. Lol
Fancy Necromancy
Fancy Necromancy Dia atrás
There's no way I'm the only one who loves Link's awkward jokes
first name last name
What does drinking diet soda have to do with a "mythical morning?" Im starting to think this is lies.
ConvictCupcake Dia atrás
I have to state that I’m a fan girl of Josh.
Madeline Garber
Madeline Garber Dia atrás
Rhett and Link tasting wines and gradually getting more and more tipsy for 14 minutes.
Demetrius Thompson
That plate passing was so smooth
Awésome Dia atrás
Anyone else get a notification for this 3 days after it was uploaded?
Sup Dawgy
Sup Dawgy Dia atrás
When I was a we lad, there was this guy at the zoo who stared into the Silverback's eyes. Big mistake because the gorilla chased him around and started charging the glass and roaring. Guy basically started a fight for dominance with a gorilla.
TechGuy Teaches
TechGuy Teaches Dia atrás
The word is nauseated. nauseous things make you nauseated.
RestHeres ThePresent
..... ..if the knife things ah "gimmick' then one should accept that it is; currently though, feels its run the course, and the safe, extension, of using a tool, that is ordinary, could use the benefit, of a conscious, user; the experience most folks are inclined to yeild towrds, I, respect your choices, its novel, and attentive, thank yo
Fubs_the_queen 1996
Hands down one of the most chaotic videos of Rhett & Link
nelda blanco
nelda blanco Dia atrás
Prune juice..Dr Pepper..and diet dr pepper. I love it!
Christopher Eshleman
As a former executive chef, I'm incredibly disappointed with how Josh carried that knife onto the set.
Andrew Householder
3:28 uhhhhhhhh it's a loaf ha ha so funny Link
Chris Mutton
Chris Mutton Dia atrás
“No” **END**
Queenofwheels Dia atrás
I never saw this one she was even cuter.
Julie Britton
Julie Britton Dia atrás
I need to know why Link and knives are a no no. I have been binge watching and havn't seen anything.
Mini Royal
Mini Royal Dia atrás
I didn’t watch the other segment can confirm I was very confused on the ant in links hair
mickey ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Please let the next vlog be Josh meeting Link’s Nana
Dan Riddick
Dan Riddick Dia atrás
First 2 items on their "Get the GMM Set Gear!" section - UNAVAILABLE... Glad you guys are using technology that's decent and sticks around, lol...
kozmik__WZRD Dia atrás
Kitchenboy... what are the secrets of your power?
Emme Dia atrás
“A center-cut fillet of bread”
Capn Smashem
Capn Smashem Dia atrás
Fruity Candy Andy and Cotton Candy Andy need to do a collab...
Ashley Masterson
Ashley Masterson Dia atrás
Rhetts looking straight up majestic lately
RJ Martinez
RJ Martinez Dia atrás
We might clearly need to start a petition to get Link's nana to make an appearance on Mythical kitchen becausee poundcake haha
Brian Miller
Brian Miller Dia atrás
I want nice center cut fillets of bread😂😂
That_ Wired_Kid
That_ Wired_Kid Dia atrás
Your supposed to freeze gogurt mann
Wanmohan Dia atrás
Funniest thing i’ve seen this year
THE 808
THE 808 Dia atrás
Didn't finish the story!?😂 What did the kid get?? I would have gotten him what ever he wanted...
Daidaika Dia atrás
*sees link in description to "noods" and it sends to the Will It Ramen video* HA! I get it!
Morgoth27 Dia atrás
Why was Link beating on Jen in the episode??:) lol I miss Jen
james2 Dia atrás
Have they never had sour patch kids?
Gatsios Dimitris
Gatsios Dimitris Dia atrás
Why is Marques in 8K in this video while R&L are 1080p??
wout tourwé
wout tourwé Dia atrás
“Stop laughing, burnt boi” Link, sometime, GMM
addy booz
addy booz Dia atrás
0:55 don’t walk with the knife like that creepo.
Charla Nolasco
Charla Nolasco Dia atrás
The bread reminded me of the El Salvadorian Quesadilla! Like a cheese pound cake!
Andrew S
Andrew S Dia atrás
I’d call it a quickbread. Josh had a valid argument.
Lydia Vaughan
Lydia Vaughan Dia atrás
I used to make my mom to the whole dry washcloth thing when I was little too haha
Gatsios Dimitris
Gatsios Dimitris Dia atrás
reddit is awsome
Knirps Lyn
Knirps Lyn Dia atrás
Captions make it 100% better.
Blockhead Tackle
Blockhead Tackle Dia atrás
Rhetts hair and beard over powers the video
Brenda Kidd
Brenda Kidd Dia atrás
It looks good...
Mari Paradise
Mari Paradise Dia atrás
Bruh everyday they are on the trending page wth
50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e
Can we have a moment of silence for the people who haven't had a Twinkie in their life.
Suffering Memes
Suffering Memes Dia atrás
@kaeru cat you're in luck they're gross
kaeru cat
kaeru cat Dia atrás
I haven't had a twinkie
Banidil Dia atrás
So the idea was to intentionally let rhett cheat over so glad I've failed in life while I watch these two
Aleks Coleman
Aleks Coleman Dia atrás
When Link joked about the noods it sounded like Josh was hyperventilating in confusion
1,000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
I expected Rhett to say about the "El Jerko Superior" .. "THAT'S MY NICKNAME IN HIGHSCHOOL."
Aleks Coleman
Aleks Coleman Dia atrás
6:18 "You're exactly like Mark Twain" is Josh being supportive of his boss the same way you would support a five year old boy and it's adorable
DeadlyFredXXX Dia atrás
Josh is a wizard.
Steven V.
Steven V. Dia atrás
Mythical restaurant!!! Mythical restaurant!!!!! Mythical, RESTAURANT!!!!
SpaceOrbison Dia atrás
This one time at bandcamp
Brian Dimaano
Brian Dimaano Dia atrás
2:58 for the crouton ranking
giselle joseph
giselle joseph Dia atrás
Fin Bryant
Fin Bryant Dia atrás
I’m British and I’m OFFENDED that he put sugar in tea
John-Luke Pollock
Josh <33
harrisnutter Dia atrás
Masticators 🙃
GRV Dia atrás
You guys are hilarious, no good morning without gmm👍
Craig X
Craig X Dia atrás
7:25 "We're a small but strong community, with a lot of THOTS..." Okay Josh what are you trying to tell us here?!? And you also have Noods in the description?
Laurie Owen
Laurie Owen Dia atrás
Link fiddling around with the knife, especially as Josh tries to take it, is me when I have something I should not have!
park 64
park 64 Dia atrás
Josh you better show how to make this on mythical kitchen too
The Silent Cheerleader
this is my first good mythical more episode, this is so much more chill and calm than the main gmm
Sweetstar87 Dia atrás
I'm an end piece girl
S C Dia atrás
02:27 sounded so cool. Like a drawing of swords in preparation for battle, except it's just plates.
Froebel Vergara
Froebel Vergara Dia atrás
why isn't link allowed to use knives? is there a video?
Julie Martin
Julie Martin Dia atrás
Because “why not” can be because “reasons” ;)
Assassin Initiate
It got so funny towards the end 😂
Ian Reid
Ian Reid Dia atrás
Id rather see josh make this than the funnel cake
Weird_Internet Person
While your doing that search for Rhett’s invisible chin
jayoutsider Dia atrás
When rhett said "the swiss cheese wasn't strong enough , you need a cheese that would go to war" I damn near lost it lmfao😂
Ricardoqweasdzxc Dia atrás
Rhett and Link are awesome, they are so authentic.
Mr. Bjack
Mr. Bjack Dia atrás
But did you laugh
CAG ShadowSnypr
CAG ShadowSnypr Dia atrás
origami katakana
origami katakana Dia atrás
All cakes are sandwiches
Sews Dia atrás
granny fanny lmao
Hadley Briar
Hadley Briar Dia atrás
I love how Rhett always makes it land on Gifticality so they have an excuse to give to charity XD