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NBA 2K21 Review
14 dias atrás
80 Comentários
King Edzky
King Edzky 53 minutos atrás
I don't get why 2K always mess with the shot meter, they don't even have to fix it. I guess they just want to change it to officially call it 2K21 'cause after all, the changes in the game were very little.
D MaK Hora atrás
I switched to flexible release and man it sure didn't help me in the park.
BIG_HOMIE_ HAYNES 2 horas atrás
Like how you threw Ed Reed in there which had nothing to do with basketball. Lol. Good one.
Jordinho Charles
Jordinho Charles 3 horas atrás
I can’t get the half spin at all ?? 🤨🤨
Yoni Feuerstein
Yoni Feuerstein 3 horas atrás
Bro I use the shot stick and literally green everything took me about three days to crack j keep using it and it becomes broken people literally think I’m cheating
J B 4 horas atrás
2k21 is the worst 2k since 2k18
Stelio Kontos
Stelio Kontos 5 horas atrás
Not using that stupid stick shooting
Joseph Gates
Joseph Gates 5 horas atrás
Was really wanted a be a pro like the madden's or 2ks.. cut scenes storylines that change with my interviews and other decisions.. but if the compy d isn't shit anymore ill take it
kelton aborom
kelton aborom 5 horas atrás
He call bradley beal james harden😂😂
Kim Wetvac
Kim Wetvac 5 horas atrás
Thank you 🙏
grandmasterbruce 5 horas atrás
Great video but one thing you need to change is that your hot zones DO carry over from my career, into the park and rec 👍
Solomon E
Solomon E 6 horas atrás
Bro... Why is the Computer keep leaving there man open. How do you stop that. That shit getting me mad.... The other teams players always open. And I put it on Play Tight
Kevin Kimbelle
Kevin Kimbelle 6 horas atrás
This price is a little high for a game with characters that look like plastic dolls, however i played Super Mega baseball 2 and the gameplay is ok but the fielders seem to move kinda slow to get balls especially short stops as they seem like their efforts are half hearted. Overall i do actually like the Super Mega Baseball series but not enough to pay $45 though
TheFIlthy420 7 horas atrás
Shot meter is fucking stupid..My highschool guy is like 0-25 lie shits a hassle this year. Can't even get meter to move half the time tha fuck 2k do?
Stay Educated
Stay Educated 7 horas atrás
Will they be adding this customization to franchise? Because the jersey cuts and back plates are something I really want on my player.
DaShow stoppa25
DaShow stoppa25 10 horas atrás
So, I really need someone to test Clutch Shooter... It was really strong in 20, but it seems like no one is using it, in 21.
Ryan Agoot
Ryan Agoot 10 horas atrás
It limits 3 point shooting in the game
Tupua Fonoimoana
Tupua Fonoimoana 10 horas atrás
hot zones do carry over from mycareer to park and rec and pro am
Ducky Hora atrás
Salem Ali yes they do they combine together
Salem Ali
Salem Ali Hora atrás
Tupua Fonoimoana no they don’t
Jayysmoove 7 horas atrás
hot zone is waaaay less effective now ever since the patch tho
i Kritonix
i Kritonix 10 horas atrás
How do u put a RE on the edge bc it has him at DT
GG BOYS 10 horas atrás
Kris Carroll
Kris Carroll 11 horas atrás
Are the servers done for 2l17
Kwamein Allen
Kwamein Allen 11 horas atrás
Clutch info
Hudsanity 11 horas atrás
Honestly I've figured it out and I hope they don't change it. It's fun to have it be more difficult, but agreed they need to up the difficulty of driving/fastbreak then or there's no point in shooting a lot since layups are so easy to draw fouls or make. I'm hitting like 8/15 with any good 3 point shooter though and sometimes 3 in a row mid game, not always wide open either. You simply just need good players, but also an average player shouldn't miss several single 3 either...
Ky 11 horas atrás
Student Caleb Clay
Student Caleb Clay 11 horas atrás
CORE AMEEN 11 horas atrás
2k is good thanks for the tips😄😄😄😆
CORE AMEEN 11 horas atrás
Sports Gamers Online
Sports Gamers Online 12 horas atrás
What has been your favorite shooting badge so far in NBA 2K21? MORE NBA 2K21 Tip Videos:
Osmosis Miller
Osmosis Miller 9 horas atrás
Flexible Release. Been hitting more shots because of it. Just need to find the right custom jumper.
T.R.U. Louisianimal
T.R.U. Louisianimal 12 horas atrás
I didn't even know til your previous upload before this one now I gotta go check the roster update in a few
T.R.U. Louisianimal
T.R.U. Louisianimal 13 horas atrás
That's what's up then
T.R.U. Louisianimal
T.R.U. Louisianimal 13 horas atrás
Shaun Sway
Shaun Sway 13 horas atrás
"Today, i consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth" *holds up chalk portrait.* Now that is respect for the Iron Horse Gehrig
MrSucc 13 horas atrás
If it got some more people working on it and some funding, it could be amazing.
BSmithy☑️ 13 horas atrás
I get it on the line every time and it still misses Dk why they didn’t keep the meter the same
Top Selling Products
Top Selling Products 14 horas atrás
i cant shoot :(
Deandre Thompson
Deandre Thompson 14 horas atrás
My only problem is not the jump shots it’s the timing in the park
SportsGamerShow 14 horas atrás
Check out my in-depth NBA 2K21 review here:
Jimmy die Tulpe
Jimmy die Tulpe 14 horas atrás
hat das spiel einen VR support wie Dirt 2.0 das wer der hammer da Project Cars 3 ja so abgestunken hat ich nenne es liebevoll Project Bugs 3
ALMIGHTY VONN 15 horas atrás
Turn shot timing off keep the meter on and get a good js
BetterCallRaul 16 horas atrás
Im not going to lie, this is too much conversation for just for shooting. 2k has too relax with the complexity of their game mechanics.
BetterCallRaul 16 horas atrás
So the shot meter in 2k20 doesn't exist anymore?
Yousef Ahmad
Yousef Ahmad 17 horas atrás
The whole new shooting in NBA 2k21 is stupid just return the old way it’s much easier
D WADE IS THE GOAT 17 horas atrás
This shot meter trash
Joshua Traffanstedt
Joshua Traffanstedt 17 horas atrás
Every shot goes a different speed. It's stupid. My TV is big as fuck but too far away so I cant even see the stupid fucking meter right.
Kelsey Griffin
Kelsey Griffin 18 horas atrás
Thanks for the tips
Sports Gamers Online
Sports Gamers Online 3 horas atrás
Any time
Mike Wick
Mike Wick 18 horas atrás
Annoying af
Jason Stieler
Jason Stieler 18 horas atrás
EA Sucks.
Hayden Jones
Hayden Jones 19 horas atrás
When I shoot free throws and just any shot it goes in and out every time even if it’s on the yellow
Bence Grasl
Bence Grasl 20 horas atrás
It looks like it came out before the first game😂
Darth Snips
Darth Snips Dia atrás
Was Austin Matthews really present at the game when Ovechkin scored that goal sliding on the ice?
Shinjan Sengupta
Shinjan Sengupta Dia atrás
can i download the stadiums and players in ps4?
Logan Metcalf
Logan Metcalf Dia atrás
I want an option where people can share their rosters online.
Inspirational Politics
The default setting is hall of fame. Change it back to pro where it normally sits. Then it’s fine. I was complaining with my brother, and I was like wtf is going on then we checked the difficulty. Why 2k made hall of fame default is so weird
V R Dia atrás
Crazy bc I want to give Madden a chance for PS5 but it’s still seems bad I’m hearing Oh well We’ll see about madden 21
Jonny Dia atrás
Pc??? Pleaaase I was splashing in nba live 18 on ps4
Hudsanity Dia atrás
They just need to up the ability to hit normal 'yellow' shots and not make every green automatic go in. More realistic..
Adrian Wells
Adrian Wells Dia atrás
My xfactors are not showing up on my franchise mode wtf is going on
Nicholas Winfrey
Nicholas Winfrey Dia atrás
I feel like they're punishing the causal players for the sweats being able to green everything on 2k20... 😑🤦🏿
Mark Hill
Mark Hill Dia atrás
If its not broke why mess with it smh i went from great shots and green releases to missing a shit load of shots on 2k21 smh
Tay McGaffie
Tay McGaffie Dia atrás
Shit mad useful good looking!!!
Dalton Buchs
Dalton Buchs Dia atrás
this meter is absolute trash
Nicholas Benson
Nicholas Benson Dia atrás
I use aiming on shots and free throws only and layups is timing only,it has the most realistic gameplay feel to it and I believe should have been the default for sure
Nk Bad
Nk Bad Dia atrás
And what about if your color blind and could barely see the yellow bar inside the meter? What about the color blind people they can just fly a kite this year?
help me get 1k subs with 1 video
Success will always be with you. I wish you good luck.
[kNiV]gotpot47 vs. the W0Rld
Thank you eye opening
Mahdi saga
Mahdi saga Dia atrás
Dead game
Chris Mayville
Chris Mayville Dia atrás
So nba live dribbling in 2k now.
agrey832 Dia atrás
Been waiting for this one!! Thank you!
Sports Gamers Online
ft. cosmos
ft. cosmos Dia atrás
Is it just me or is Stephen curry jump shot delayed
Armondo Williams
Armondo Williams Dia atrás
D Herbo1K
D Herbo1K Dia atrás
First ❗️
Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A Channel
Good video. Thank you brotha.
Sports Gamers Online
Because of the control changes, what dribble move do you struggle doing the most in NBA 2K21? NBA 2K21 Tip Playlist:
King101 Dia atrás
Teams that never won a super bowl finally win one
Wen Interessierts
Did you improve the face-graphics? They look terrible in NHL20. Like weirdos.
Dev Dia atrás
I'm going to give this game a try simply because of the amount of content and customization options apparently available. 32 'pro' teams, 130 college teams, and it looks like they can all be customized to your liking. Create a playbook! Custom controls/button mapping, college dynasty, season mode and play now mode with all the teams, various league size options. With all of that content I can accept that graphics and player animations, etc. aren't going to be top of the genre.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones Dia atrás
Hi..I'm 66 and spend time just trying to play online with someone! I'm not smart with xbox. Where do I find simple guides on where and how to play online...I'm on versus mode and am a poor player but nobody is playing me ....waiting and waiting...sigh help
PotatoBugy Dia atrás
I guess you could make tiger woods for your career lol
Christian Coronel
Hi, what's about if I turn off my shotmeter but use the aiming system. How can I aim when I'm blind? And is there a boost of aim + shotmeter off? And maybe optional also when I use L2 as trigger button? Greetings
george magnum
george magnum Dia atrás
They should make ufc for pc as well i cant buy console just for 1 game