My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.
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Lincoln Bourne
Lincoln Bourne 17 horas atrás
Jared is awesome! Hopefully Tavarish is not using him too much and is getting paid like a lot for his hard work. Jared looks like cool and honest guy. Well done bro!
EL Ribeiro
EL Ribeiro 17 horas atrás
I am wondering how much it cost after you paid 11k with all the changes?
kuan720 18 horas atrás
Love this guy. I struggle to keep my A3 2.0T (trust me. I ask myself why every day) in mediocre shape and every time I open YT he's got another car. Love this guy.
Aron Armentrout
Aron Armentrout 18 horas atrás
As a cancer survivor myself this definitely hits home. Had stage 3 leukemia. To see how much care there is in the world and and generosity. Absolutely amazing. Hope everything is well also. Keep up the good fight guys. You got this.
Mark Camaro
Mark Camaro 19 horas atrás
You bought a new garage door to eliminate the windows from a really nice door??????
whitewarmaker 19 horas atrás
Its parkers turn for the car burn. La style!.
MK JOE 20 horas atrás
this guy working hard
Ahmed Saleh
Ahmed Saleh 20 horas atrás
ESP & SBC are actually scary codes, SBC stops anytime if service life has exceeded, if ESP is defective that also disengages SBC, Without SBC you have 20% of braking power along engine braking
Channel Of Kool
Channel Of Kool 20 horas atrás
I would definitely love to see what you do with this dookie
Jordanisawsome I’m awesome
I have questions its bout that hummer in the back
Chato Chavez
Chato Chavez 21 hora atrás
This man really just said Mercy elgo lmfaooo
Nick B
Nick B 21 hora atrás
I'd take the C8 over any of those any day...
James Shelnutt
James Shelnutt 21 hora atrás
like in Pet Cemetery, sometimes dead is better - if you bring it back it will be a devil car & try to kill you
NY Sledge
NY Sledge 21 hora atrás
Like the fact that you got your car back and the honesty and humbleness of your appreciation of it all.
Cheryl Stanhope
Cheryl Stanhope 21 hora atrás
I love FLA. I'm move FLA I hate NJ
skeelo69 22 horas atrás
Fast Forward to TODAY , what happened to it, was it restored ?
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden 22 horas atrás
Auto trek season 2 cheapest pos car you can find. Then road trip.
NY Sledge
NY Sledge 23 horas atrás
Really enjoyed the series. But, I have barely been out of the house in 8 weeks due to the corona virus! Before finding this series, I was debating whether I should watch the Kardashians or the golden girls. Take this as you want!!
45 th Parallel
45 th Parallel Dia atrás
You are either a brave man or an idiot, I am getting a headache just watching this . 🤣
Brian TX
Brian TX Dia atrás
Dearth is when you don’t have a lot of things.
xX Xx
xX Xx Dia atrás
sad that u are in the us so i will never be able to come around and check out your work :/
Gursimran Banga
Gursimran Banga Dia atrás
wheres the mclaren?
DJ DIGITAL Dia atrás
I was always a fan of mid engine sports cars. I used to own a Fiat X1/9 and a Indy Fiero. They didn’t have much power but they were fun to drive! That Corvette C8 is so cool!
Tabatha Fincher
Tabatha Fincher Dia atrás
07:38 10:55 08:34
mamus4 Dia atrás
Why would I want your signature, stupid
Speed Freak
Speed Freak Dia atrás
Wasted money 😂
Emad Saad Drastic Measures Hip Hop
I love fast and the furious
NedRedGuy //
NedRedGuy // Dia atrás
Ah yes... "The blue pain"
aurelius rule
aurelius rule Dia atrás
This joint almost look like a 2020 Riviera 😂 dope repair guys super plus it’s an Bentley coupe I want one ☝️
Peter Gibbons
Peter Gibbons Dia atrás
Who else was hoping this Bentley would be a giveaway? 😂
Dominic Duran
Dominic Duran Dia atrás
This video made my day. I've wanted to see this thing running since Tyler had it!
Dominic Duran
Dominic Duran Dia atrás
Projects I should probably have finished by now....... damn I felt that... I feel personally attacked rn!
CaptainDuckman Dia atrás
now what was the total bill in parts and labour... Far more than the initial $11000 no doubt, especially if you calculate the labour at market rates.
lucky EAR Finds
lucky EAR Finds Dia atrás
You guys made me cry what a team congrats love that car
Bboy Exclusiv
Bboy Exclusiv Dia atrás
You mean to tell me I can get hot chicks with that
Purdue03b Dia atrás
There's a boat somewhere missing an anchor...give that rotary the boot.
James K
James K Dia atrás
Honestly we don't care about horsepower
Dalton Hannah
Dalton Hannah Dia atrás
Why did you buy this car again???
whycantibefree Dia atrás
This is great. Glad I clicked on it. Well done to everyone involved
Alex Dia atrás
Land of the free - Where if you haven’t got the cash to keep up with cancer payments, you’ll die.
george mcnutt
george mcnutt Dia atrás
You should transform it into a rally car
Leonard MacAulay
Leonard MacAulay Dia atrás
Amazing how engineers (especially exotics) to build a car around it’s most common faults making simple repairs multi hour operations.
Leonard MacAulay
Leonard MacAulay Dia atrás
How in the hell does a fault like dangerous situation like fuel spilling during a simple fuel up. Fools and their money.
Leonard MacAulay
Leonard MacAulay Dia atrás
I have to learn to watch the whole video before commenting.
r r
r r Dia atrás
mobil1 is just fine for this as long as you change it at the recommended interval including filter. Waste of money to pay more. Yes even if you beat the crap out of it.
Gerald Ryan
Gerald Ryan Dia atrás
Nice video, best to get a cheap Mercedes info loaded Obd ii scan tool ?
Abdullah Ghani
Abdullah Ghani Dia atrás
What happened to Mclaren
Pfeen Dia atrás
never in my life have I heard someone say 2x like "two ex" out loud
Augusto Leal
Augusto Leal Dia atrás
Nice car and did ,lets for a ride ,one of my favorits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christopher Lane
Christopher Lane Dia atrás
So are you gonna fix that
Michael Biniakewitz
Uh dearth means absence of, yet your colleague says so many hoses. So if you want us to like the word use it correctly
Jack L
Jack L Dia atrás
24:04 😳😳😳
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh Dia atrás
Wow man to see your joy and emotion driving a car you have worked so hard on is heart warming and you deserve it fully, thank you for sharing this with us , keep on wrenching bro, mike from south africa
Ahmed Saleh
Ahmed Saleh Dia atrás
Engine oil level says OK even if it is low by 1 liter. The ideal way is to go in service menu and measure real time reading
Lamond Jay
Lamond Jay Dia atrás
So much more room for activites, step brothers lol
Jhon Balbin
Jhon Balbin Dia atrás
Why you sound like wolfie ahaha
彡ʜɪTʟEʀ彡 Dia atrás
Can you fix this car
Lamond Jay
Lamond Jay Dia atrás
I could of swore that guy working at Advance was latino, till he started taking lol
Jesus Cosme
Jesus Cosme Dia atrás
dude... why did the owner bury this car he's stupid... like give it to me i love 2004 range rovers i bought one for my mom already i want aanother for me
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva Dia atrás
I dont know why you have 1.5 million subscribers, you deserve like a 10millions subscribers!
UltramindcontroL realzz
This dude is a russian
davei vemai
davei vemai Dia atrás
Why u guys did that? Let me have it.. From India
Juliano e nois
Juliano e nois Dia atrás
Vixi eu qurendo um carro e os carra estragando um
James Odom
James Odom Dia atrás
Soul plane!!!!!!
James Odom
James Odom Dia atrás
So this is a first for me, not only did Tavarish drop the f bomb, but he also looked pissed. This is two firsts for me!
Jonathon G
Jonathon G Dia atrás
Before it’s sold, you should take a trip to Kansas and let Tyler see what could have been. That would be a great episode. Who knows, maybe he’d buy it or trade you some cars for it.
UltramindcontroL realzz
What are you paying your mechanic to kiss your stupid ass
İsmail Emre AKYOL
Sabya sachi Roy
Sabya sachi Roy Dia atrás
Now that's a BURNeletta
Big The Cat
Big The Cat Dia atrás
as soon as he cursed i liked the video lol
Snogard Dia atrás
The P1800 is Sweden's first sports car. It was the Koinensegg of the 1960s. I don't think they sold very well.
Golden Dia atrás
4door supercar v10!!!
Golden Dia atrás
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith Dia atrás
Yo dawg! I heard you like steering wheels! We put a steering wheel on your steering wheel!
Derrick Quintal
Derrick Quintal Dia atrás
What's with that extremely small air cleaner on the v8?
MaxSpeed Dia atrás
Wow these old AMA videos are great.
Jairo Martínez
Jairo Martínez Dia atrás
qué clase de topgear es esto
Lorenzo Benito
Lorenzo Benito Dia atrás
What is the song at the end?
K Harvey
K Harvey Dia atrás
I really don't think people realize how much patience a rebuild takes. This video is simply amazing. Very nice to drive & horrible to fix. I choose to pay & drive. Great Video Bro!!!
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez Dia atrás
I do this stuff every day 😆😁....I just don't record them 😅. 70 cars a year every single year...
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic Dia atrás
11:20 dude your back has gone to shit
Jan Barrett Nielsen
William Weaver
William Weaver Dia atrás
10:52 Sweet fart dude. Sounded a little wet though.
david co
david co Dia atrás
I would love to own the Supra
Demon Wheelchair
Demon Wheelchair Dia atrás
Isnt that the same type of engine maseratti/ Ferrari used in their cars?
Diesel117br Dia atrás
"Oh look, a mouse turd." Haha
Rell Purnell
Rell Purnell 2 dias atrás
Loved this. They are at heart at quarter million dollar car ❤
Tiktok Toyatoya
Tiktok Toyatoya 2 dias atrás
please fix it to original!
Dj Hitmaker
Dj Hitmaker 2 dias atrás
You've got great content Tavarish ❤️❤️❤️ i hope to Watch more content!
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 2 dias atrás
My question is, would you do it again? And if you were to charge someone, how much the bill be?
Ari gold
Ari gold 2 dias atrás
guys. seriously good work. GL!
Ben Schuller
Ben Schuller 2 dias atrás
07:33 08:39 02:14
stephen Jones
stephen Jones 2 dias atrás
Done a great job there well done.
Tiktok Toyatoya
Tiktok Toyatoya 2 dias atrás
drag races are for wimps
Nathan Crama
Nathan Crama 2 dias atrás
500hp for a W12 twin-turbo seems really anticlimactic.
Bruce Leeroy
Bruce Leeroy 2 dias atrás
Love your videos! But I'm not always getting them!
Mathieu L
Mathieu L 2 dias atrás
I need a Jared in my life
Justin Asencio
Justin Asencio 2 dias atrás
Nobody really appreciate that german torque joke i live it 😭😭😭
Roush 2 dias atrás
Petra J.
Petra J. 2 dias atrás
What about the 1:1 LEGO Chiron? :)