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UK Love
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benson Dia atrás
Ilham Snap Digits_15
Le virus
Oprah did 911
Oprah did 911 Dia atrás
i’ll never forgive him for featuring mgk
Quebec X Riding
Quebec X Riding Dia atrás
Young thug sounds like his balls are to tight with his tight pants... high pitch!!
Stefan Duducea
Stefan Duducea Dia atrás
wyself Boss
wyself Boss Dia atrás
came back and this never get old because the lyrics are so connected
0% Sex 0% Car 0% Real 100% Snake
Duong kuac
Duong kuac Dia atrás
Who still listens to the POWER 👌🏾🙌🏾
matane raseona
matane raseona Dia atrás
on point.......11111
1lilMaury -
1lilMaury - Dia atrás
Still hardd🔥🔥🤟🏾
Pugzy Dia atrás
This is my solution to keep warm this winter
Tariq fgeh
Tariq fgeh Dia atrás
Welcome to my country saudi arabia 🇸🇦❤️
Minecleto Youtuber Secreto
Teacher: Okay class, we're going on a trip to London 🤓 Girls:In London is always cold and It rains a lot 🙎❄️⛈️⛈️ Boys (me included): 0:20 Meet me at The London 🧑🏿🇬🇧
speakingofcari Dia atrás
lil baby part is lit
LIL UZI VERT Dia atrás
1.5M for a show🔥
lego obi-wan
lego obi-wan Dia atrás
Ain’t gonna lie I don’t like young thug at all but this song is fire 🔥
whooosh if gay
whooosh if gay Dia atrás
malcolm King
malcolm King Dia atrás
Deserved top 10
Maricus Dia atrás
Tik tok make this song popular,im right?😁
Corree Smith
Corree Smith Dia atrás
What dose wiz say when he starts this is for who?
qwerty YUIOP 2.0
qwerty YUIOP 2.0 Dia atrás
I’m rocking this in 2020 shit fye 🤟🏿🔥
Philip Lewis
Philip Lewis Dia atrás
75m views seems low
I had to rewatch this first time i seen it shits like a movie
CortezDahGreat Dia atrás
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton Dia atrás
0:45 let's fuck mate? You good there thugger o_0
Philip West
Philip West Dia atrás
We need slime language 2
Pick up the Phone part 2
procurementYt Dia atrás
Nik makino copyright again -lexi
Proud gamer
Proud gamer Dia atrás
At 1:48 im pretty sure im hearing a chicken clucking
hatinjoint Dia atrás
yo give us more than 1,5 minutes :(
Montana Skye
Montana Skye Dia atrás
What's he saying
Boulevard BILL
Boulevard BILL Dia atrás
999 ISRAHELL Dia atrás
on 2k21 ,you heard it here first
B- P-I-F
B- P-I-F Dia atrás
this music need to good flow and lyrics
sulaiman omar
sulaiman omar Dia atrás
Saudi Arabia falling off this is really the last days if they let his gay ass in there
RealTalk Detroit2019
Lil baby is lil baby for in this video
Alexandre Nascimento
Thugga 🔥🔥🔥
Drex Dionisio
Drex Dionisio Dia atrás
hottest concert ever
No brakes
No brakes Dia atrás
weed smoker
weed smoker Dia atrás
Great beat trash rappers
Wiktoria Wysocka
Wiktoria Wysocka Dia atrás
ZPRT LEE Dia atrás
fuck tiktok is also taking this song
love bey
love bey Dia atrás
Is this song targeted at youth? If not, why are there some signing in this video?
Nyree Simone
Nyree Simone Dia atrás
Check out kcmarrs
dimitris apostolou
Remember when mfckers said that thug ate Nickis verse on this song and then thug said that Nicki actually wrote the whole song! What an embarassment
dimitris apostolou
@malcolm King yeah she wrote it as a gift for thugs deaph brother and she gave thug lyric credit even though he didnt write it. Amazing person, generous Queen of rap!
malcolm King
malcolm King Dia atrás
Wow really
Ttt Tttty
Ttt Tttty Dia atrás
He looc gay😂😂😂😂
Lil E.F.F.A
Lil E.F.F.A Dia atrás
Если ты русский , и смотришь это видео , респект тебе
Frank Reyes57
Frank Reyes57 Dia atrás
why am i jus now finding out ab this🔥
Kristen Carson
Kristen Carson Dia atrás
He did not go there right
Kristen Carson
Kristen Carson Dia atrás
You already went ? This gotta be lie.
Kristen Carson
Kristen Carson Dia atrás
If u want sucid I’ll go with you so you not scared
Kristen Carson
Kristen Carson Dia atrás
Hope he back by now
Sassii Ness
Sassii Ness Dia atrás
If this ain't tha definition of ♥️, I don't want it!! 👅
lick my balls bitch
this video is the most fucked up and best thing ever i love it
Kenpachi Zaraki
Kenpachi Zaraki Dia atrás
Still can't believe SpongeBob Soul is worth 16 cents
SKYY LOVE Dia atrás
Bruno Victor
Bruno Victor 2 dias atrás
Anthony Iglesias
Anthony Iglesias 2 dias atrás
Nobody: The chemicals in my adhd pills: 1:20
MadboyRogers 2 dias atrás
Ide gass 😎😎🤑
iuxh神 2 dias atrás
Who still listening in 2020 😍
Corey Rose
Corey Rose 2 dias atrás
“Everything we do we own”
The black mystery
The black mystery 2 dias atrás
Honestly i can hear every word he says.. Its annoying that everyone actin like he speak another language or sumthin fucc all yall thugger a goat
Jose Sagastume
Jose Sagastume 2 dias atrás
Proud of Thugga Thugga
Jason Cardwell
Jason Cardwell 2 dias atrás
If i pick a bugger than i showed ya as a fifty 💍 💍 💍
xM0NTAGEx 2 dias atrás
D Will
D Will 2 dias atrás
Saudi Arabia is a big deal. They was prolly jigging to Diamonds.
Charley Varrick
Charley Varrick 2 dias atrás
Yeah I bet u 2 do
Digvijay More
Digvijay More 2 dias atrás
"I supply the cigarettes and 🍞" Thugga 🧠
Digvijay More
Digvijay More 2 dias atrás
"6'1, On the money 9'2" Travis 💸
Digvijay More
Digvijay More 2 dias atrás
"Could hit your bitch, you can never hit mine" Cole 🤙🏽
Kylie Wilson
Kylie Wilson 2 dias atrás
This song makes me want to donate blood to a crip
SceneState 7s, LLC
SceneState 7s, LLC 2 dias atrás
I dunno how but Young Thugga killed this track with barrz?!!
Poop Man
Poop Man 2 dias atrás
I was taking huge hits from a vape listening to this in Chinese
Brown Nino 30
Brown Nino 30 2 dias atrás
2020 am i the only one in dis biaaaaaaaaatch
Brown Nino 30
Brown Nino 30 2 dias atrás
I see no 2020 comment
Rush Turner
Rush Turner 2 dias atrás
1.5 mil to do this performance
RK 2 dias atrás
Ain't homosexuality illegal there
3mit 2 dias atrás
two and a half minutes in I forgot this was a music video lol
João Santos
João Santos 2 dias atrás
Garrison Sean
Garrison Sean 2 dias atrás
I got the chills when it said Dunna dunna dunnnnaaa! In the back
Punjabi songs Tv
Punjabi songs Tv 2 dias atrás
Nice very nice
Brokin 2 dias atrás
The beat is hot but the rappers are cold.
Natália Garcez
Natália Garcez 2 dias atrás
Brasil? 🇧🇷 Y love is song ❤️🙊😁
rickydlp 2 dias atrás
Slow it down to .75x.....chiiiiill
Jay B
Jay B 2 dias atrás
That gotta be a sober thug unless he hit the hash?
Never Toxic Always Right
flowwwwwwww 2:13
DAVID EASTWOOD 2 dias atrás
This shit is awesome
Jack Klein
Jack Klein 2 dias atrás
Jack Klein
Jack Klein 2 dias atrás
here in 2020
Envylos 2 dias atrás
Only real young thug fans will know this where Chanel go get it ft gunna and lil baby was filmed
Walter Clark
Walter Clark 2 dias atrás
Who still listening
Honald Trinton
Honald Trinton 2 dias atrás
Thug deserves a Grammy for “yee yeeee” that’s top 5 best ad libs ever
Jack Gallagher
Jack Gallagher 2 dias atrás
This song trash
Stephanie Hu
Stephanie Hu 2 dias atrás
Real nigga shit💢😎
ching chong
ching chong 2 dias atrás
anybody from TikTok?
Merci Ray
Merci Ray 2 dias atrás
Fast 9 coming in🤙🤘👌
Keep Fee
Keep Fee 2 dias atrás
I will never forget this song🔥
OvO Wilkins
OvO Wilkins 2 dias atrás
“I wish it was my idea for him to eat cheetos, but that was all him.” 🤣🤣🤣 this music video is legendary
Urgenspsnsbs Geheidksndvabs
Young Thug ruined his own song