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Jelly Roll
Jelly Roll
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Nashville, TN
Management: Matt Wallace
Booking: Hunter Williams
Birthday Sex
2 anos atrás
2 anos atrás
2 anos atrás
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Jelly Roll "IFWYFT"
3 anos atrás
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jefferyred mackey1981
jefferyred mackey1981 2 horas atrás
the struggle is real in almost every situation..but harder than ever trying to deal with these f*ck*ng demons
slimunique84 2 horas atrás
Still a banger..🖕🖕🖕
Shane Jackson colorline
I love y'all!!
Andrew E
Andrew E 4 horas atrás
Y’all realize you’re allowed to listen to a song past the year it came out? This song came out 3 years ago it’s not that old 😆 of course people are still listening to it. Mf’s still listen to music from thousands of years ago so it’s safe to say you’re not special 😆
Christa Williams
Christa Williams 4 horas atrás
Shorty got a 100 dollar bill for the Blow... Carolina...
the devil
the devil 5 horas atrás
Still badass in 2020
BaybeeBishhh 7 horas atrás
BaybeeBishhh 7 horas atrás
Bryant Nephew
Bryant Nephew 8 horas atrás
Thummpity Bumb Bum
Dubs McDubs
Dubs McDubs 9 horas atrás
I just heard of this dude today and decided to give him a listen, pretty dope!
Scott Petersmarck
Scott Petersmarck 9 horas atrás
Who is still listening to this song in 2020
Taylor L
Taylor L 9 horas atrás
james cook
james cook 10 horas atrás
Jelly your music has grabbed my heart and soul and raked it over the fire ripping it open. I've lived such a similar life that you could have been writing my bio. Never change jelly you speak to and for us.
Tennessee breed #tennesseegang
Know how to stick up feels even though going down to Florida even to pick up them pills I'm done that been there Newport. Tn
steve ritchey
steve ritchey 12 horas atrás
I met Jelly here in Akron Ohio at his show at the vortex man I’ll never forget he was like hell yeah bubba I’ll take a picture with ya. This dude is thee most humble artist I’ve ever met and my kids love him
Brandi G
Brandi G 15 horas atrás
This is another one of my favorite songs. I can relate. On the worst of the worst of days , which seems quite often lately, listening to your music gives me hope that I can rise above this bull shit and stand tall again. Thank you & God bless!
Tre Winstead
Tre Winstead 15 horas atrás
Cant wait till I can see jelly live again money just been tight for this slum 🤙
Brandi G
Brandi G 15 horas atrás
Love this! You are such an inspiration and I thank you!
Lisa Hall
Lisa Hall 15 horas atrás
This song Better get some fuckin radio play!
Dean Martin
Dean Martin 15 horas atrás
Faith all about faith it's what it's about i know that dieing sucks and living situation 4 every person needs to look At everything as life no matter what Life adventures bring and we all know So think 4 your self and if others want to help let them even if there not for you. Had had hard things in my life and some great blessings so peace
Joe Kittelson
Joe Kittelson 17 horas atrás
Jellyroll. Metaphysical attainment outward from within. Like a seed. Thanks for all
Mike Mehevic jr
Mike Mehevic jr 18 horas atrás
To bad that AR out the car window has the lightweight barrel. Y'all some shooters tho lol
Tara Jones
Tara Jones 19 horas atrás
My Wes going to jail For being real this your you 💯 Wes grandma respect
Alex Lawless
Alex Lawless 19 horas atrás
Jelly roll is one of the rappers that helped change and shape me to the best me i can think of myself to be and that right there is enough. True inspriring artistry is what that is.. You have a gift...So keep using it to the fullest potential, dont use it to your own personal potential, the entire potential of said gift. Use it, it was given for a reason. Wear it out mane!!!!
wylde talks Harrelson
wylde talks Harrelson 19 horas atrás
Why jelly only get a small part of this the man spits gold and he barely got a third of the track I love doobie but if jelly is spitting he needs atleast half.
NightHawk 270415 cox
NightHawk 270415 cox 20 horas atrás
I lost my dad to cancer too & my husband had a stroke right before that. 2013 was the worst year of my life
BVNDIT 21 hora atrás
Yo!! I can’t afford promotion, so I gotta be “that guy” that posts his songs in the comments. Please give it a listen! If you like it, maybe subscribe🤘🤘🤘🤘
BVNDIT 21 hora atrás
Yo!! I can’t afford promotion, so I gotta be “that guy” that posts his songs in the comments. Please give it a listen! If you like it, maybe subscribe🤘🤘🤘🤘
BVNDIT 21 hora atrás
Yo!! I can’t afford promotion, so I gotta be “that guy” that posts his songs in the comments. Please give it a listen! If you like it, maybe subscribe🤘🤘🤘🤘
BVNDIT 21 hora atrás
Yo!! I can’t afford promotion, so I gotta be “that guy” that posts his songs in the comments. Please give it a listen! If you like it, maybe subscribe🤘🤘🤘🤘
Dick Johnson
Dick Johnson 21 hora atrás
I've never really had a home . I'm my own worst enemy. I need to get my self out da pic
Jeremiah Brewster
Jeremiah Brewster 21 hora atrás
Jelly roll is one of the only real g white boys in the rap game right now keep it up man
Juanita Logan
Juanita Logan 21 hora atrás
Sarcasm doesn't make you smart...
Stacey Kannedy
Stacey Kannedy 21 hora atrás
TX Half pint Yaya 72 Mc weedz
He fucking loves me cause I'm fucking southern. He calls me his darlin. BabY southern and proud Y'all whatcha know about that @jellyroll615. You keep rocking lil brother. Big sis got cha 💪
rhec Austin
rhec Austin 22 horas atrás
"Even demons need a prayer"
Leon Bird
Leon Bird 23 horas atrás
What’s this beat called ? Where can I get it
justinwhitacre 23 horas atrás
my kids request this regularly!!!! kids even love jelly. hell yeah. BTW who the hell is all these ppl disliking?? I LOVE everything bout this song.. tiffany*
Joseph Breslin
Joseph Breslin Dia atrás
I can't believe I haven't heard this album til now. Straight fire.
Cheryl Pinder
Cheryl Pinder Dia atrás
Jelly fuckin roll man
Patricia Johnston
My life
Joseph Boone
Joseph Boone Dia atrás
Struggle struggles with rap
Dude Guy
Dude Guy Dia atrás
Soundtrack to my life. Jelly you the man. Always keepin it real. Def one of my all time favorite tracks!
Thomas Burr
Thomas Burr Dia atrás
What the fuk happened in the end I didn't catch any of that that foolish talking Southern gibberish LMAO I'm from Boston I catch a word of that shitt
chris Logan
chris Logan Dia atrás
Shit all 3 kilt that shit, and beat dope, shout out to whoever put that moneymaker together 4sho!!
chris Logan
chris Logan Dia atrás
Ive listen this shit so many times!!
Jason Hyde
Jason Hyde Dia atrás
Jelly if it weren't for your music I wouldn't have made it thru one of the biggest losses of a true friend in my life. RIP BIG BOI....Brian Rainville
Skunky Munky
Skunky Munky Dia atrás
I love you Jelly! Im going through so much shit right now. Your music helps me to not just end it all right fucking now. I been rocking with you since White Boys Can’t Rap - Ceazy I4NI
Richard Troutt
Richard Troutt Dia atrás
Some of you people say some dumb shit but everybody's untitled to there opinion but even if you don't like jelly's music you have to respect the raw honesty he just lays it out there some times I think he makes music for him if people like it's just a bonus so at least listen to what he's saying not just the beat it's not like the cookie cutter shit labels put out it's from the heart but that's just my opinion
Joey Helton
Joey Helton Dia atrás
Jelly I need help with coping with this fucked world I've lost everything my family my parents everything . Please jelly I dont know what to do anymore
Kemp Amy
Kemp Amy Dia atrás
That bass line
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Dia atrás
Felt this 💯%
Spencer The Weedus
My tattoo artist Buck Wayne mentioned him. This man 🔥🔥 out of lebanon, TN 💯🔥
Paula Stone
Paula Stone Dia atrás
T-tone it’s ur long lost sister P-stone
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson Dia atrás
I fell it... on so many levels
Jason Gilbert
Jason Gilbert Dia atrás
Jelly what you do is inspirational I fell off the wagon pretty hard after a divorce my cousin said I should hear one of your song and I was like 💯 on the soul and your beats thank you I am going to take every day continue to follow you and share with others to make a difference in this world instead of hate once I felt inspired and drugs women fast cars nothing put it together like storm of your vocals To my heart ok know this seem s personal but man I needed to see how fucked up I was and one video made me ball 😂 thank you
Lisa Ann Harding
Lisa Ann Harding Dia atrás
Hell Ya!!!! Ma fam from Southwest Detroit Pa fam from Mcminnville Tennessee awesome you join the best of both keeping it real Thanks
Wayne Spears
Wayne Spears Dia atrás
Awesome emotion keep getting more tools
Wayne Spears
Wayne Spears Dia atrás
Moved me had to hear this song over and over
TX Half pint Yaya 72 Mc weedz
This burning this joint lil Brother's 2020. MlL&R tx half pint
mnoutdoors Dia atrás
My favorite duo ❤️❤️
Phil Rogers
Phil Rogers 2 dias atrás
We need this jelly back cuzo
fire mountain
fire mountain 2 dias atrás
This shit is so good it picks me up to believe me to do something
Thomas Burr
Thomas Burr 2 dias atrás
@jellyroll. Yo jelly I just discovered you and this song bro I'm a huge fan now I just lost my step brother a week before this Thanksgiving oh, he was in and out of jail his whole life like me doing heroin coke and everything else oh, I've been clean for three years I have a son in the family I live in New Hampshire I'm from Boston, he was still running around in that life and I went and visited him while I was down in Mass, he was all f***** up and I was disappointed but we had a good time like always he's my best friend since day one, I left in that day and got a call two days later that he had overdosed and died, it kills me he's my best friend men this song really hits home call you're an amazing artist bro
Jacob Callahan
Jacob Callahan 2 dias atrás
Cancha even just a little bit.floooooosssseeeeyyyyyssssss
John Bennett
John Bennett 2 dias atrás
He rips people off
Eleazar Juarez
Eleazar Juarez 2 dias atrás
I really needed this right now man, for real. Thanks, Jelly. My man.
Jason Joseph
Jason Joseph 2 dias atrás
Things to remember
509_ Dabbin
509_ Dabbin 2 dias atrás
Dang 17yrs ago Lil Wyte spittin bars about Oxycontin, Xanax Bars, Percocet, Lortab, Valiums, Morphine, patches, Exctacy.. This song 🔥🔥
Travis Daniel
Travis Daniel 2 dias atrás
I know you’ve heard this a thousand times before, but your music really helps me get through my own struggles. I appreciate you more than I can say bro!
AZAP JIGZ 2 dias atrás
Jelly is so underrated like some people just hate. Stop the hate
Amanda Burcham
Amanda Burcham 2 dias atrás
I love jelly so much! Can’t wait to meet him!!
monkey eater
monkey eater 2 dias atrás
S*** half a million of these views are mine. 👍
Lesa Redden
Lesa Redden 2 dias atrás
This song is so real comes from the ❤️
Samantha Durant
Samantha Durant 2 dias atrás
Chris Sulzer
Chris Sulzer 2 dias atrás
R.I.P Pops
Barry Young
Barry Young 2 dias atrás
I said Goodbye to the past and the old me, but still dealt with a stubborn f****** control freak. Mfkn word up Gotdammit. #Gospel*(book of Jelly, chpt.1)
Barry Young
Barry Young 3 dias atrás
Fuck love, bah humbug Happy Valentine's day ya bunch of slugs. This is only thing I'm posting for Valentine's day on facefook
Isaiah Cruz
Isaiah Cruz 3 dias atrás
i love how this was made in 2018, and some are still watching and commenting in 2020
Randy Greer
Randy Greer 3 dias atrás
Rest N peace Poe Enod
TJ Productions
TJ Productions 3 dias atrás
Will always bump this song! Your insanely talented jelly!! new music out now check it out 🔥💥💯
Matthew Collins
Matthew Collins 3 dias atrás
Leslie Rogers
Leslie Rogers 3 dias atrás
This song never gets old!! ❤️
babyluigl gameing
babyluigl gameing 3 dias atrás
I lost my grandpa 2 years go and he was my best friend I miss him a lot. And this song made me smile thank you
Becca Dalton
Becca Dalton 3 dias atrás
This goes out to my husband, he is truely the other 1/2 of my soul.
Ronald Dile
Ronald Dile 3 dias atrás
Ur awesome, keep ur head up
Matt Good
Matt Good 3 dias atrás
Still smoking 2020 !!!
Zack Mercer
Zack Mercer 3 dias atrás
Trashy is classic
Dustin S.
Dustin S. 3 dias atrás
I know this an old video of yours, but you turned into my favorite singer from how real you are. I love the James Taylor's Fire and Rain and just saw your version and I think it's great. I knew there was a reason why I think you're such a real and authentic artist. For someone who myself has lived a very tough life and lost my Mother when I was 16 due to cancer and recently my Dad to suicide with sad irony of them both being 48 when they passed and I'm only 24. I feel like I can relate to a lot of your music and it's helping me when I'm down or even progressing towards my own goals as a self taught software engineer and hopefully one day learn to sing. Maybe sometime I can do a cover of one of your songs! You truly inspire me to keep reaching for the stars and if you somehow read this I hope you continue to grow!
Keoki Maka
Keoki Maka 3 dias atrás
Catch us popping this in chi bike scene 2020
Larry Ogle
Larry Ogle 3 dias atrás
This version is awesome!!!!!!!!! Luv it!!!!!!!
Aj Pollock
Aj Pollock 3 dias atrás
Years later, My opinion this may be a diss track to Lil Wyte? Love this song.... Been listening to Jelly for over 10 years.
monster281988 3 dias atrás
Who Still banging this in 2020 lets go!!!!
Star Lucas
Star Lucas 3 dias atrás
I found this song on my pandora while I was getting ready to start work and smoking a L., and had to look it up. Damn these beats are 🔥🔥🔥🔥.
Steve Clair
Steve Clair 3 dias atrás
I big fan love your music
Jamie Robinson
Jamie Robinson 3 dias atrás
Shittin riding love the flow to this one big ups
SteelGoom 3 dias atrás
I’ve been bumping this for a grip. Jelly speaks the truth. You can hear the pain in the lyrics. 💯
Brandon Tucker
Brandon Tucker 3 dias atrás
I love ya bro. Keep the songs coming. I feel like your always writing about my life.
arman757 3 dias atrás
Wonder if he actually means this in any capacity or if it's just a song
Paul McCluskey
Paul McCluskey 3 dias atrás
Hell Yeah
Cuttykidd1970 W311970
Cuttykidd1970 W311970 3 dias atrás
Jelly coming threw 🧪