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Montana & Ryan
Montana & Ryan
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am i pregnant?
2 meses atrás
@shaymauree 13 horas atrás
I never understood the culture of destroying a perfectly good phone JUST cause you bought a new one. I'd have loved to have the old one as well😂😂
@joycerhode6671 13 horas atrás
Happy birthday to ryan🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤
@serenaeby7932 14 horas atrás
Hi Ryan how Montana my name is Serena and I'm a fan of your shows you guys are so funny in the morning meet me laugh
@dragonsandbears 14 horas atrás
@edwardleecaliforniausa 14 horas atrás
Good morning all happy Friday morning and I loved your vlogs and you are amazing Supporter and I'm proud of you
@jaconekoen7460 15 horas atrás
I understand what you meant to do but this is wrong. You moving forward and going up in life you are forgetting to remember values of life. To a normal person that is a phone and can't afford to play around and lose a phone this way. Remember where you came from and don't turn materialistic in life. Flexing about your money.
@lynseegarletts4949 15 horas atrás
@vivianmateo4078 15 horas atrás
@jamieleewolfe 15 horas atrás
@lynseegarletts4949 15 horas atrás
So cute!!❤
@allissamaillet4137 15 horas atrás
Not my heart dropping when he dropped her phone 😭😬
@laniahragland9375 15 horas atrás
as a member of the merfam..,..ryan go crazy😟💯
@lynseegarletts4949 16 horas atrás
Love this!!!❤
@Hadid-in2di 16 horas atrás
Better give someone in need💔😭
@lolyviclaurente2039 17 horas atrás
@jadarenee5268 17 horas atrás
I love this❤️ you guys should stream both of you playing fortnite! That would be something I would watch!
@franceschioma6385 18 horas atrás
You can literally donate it to someone who needs it instead of smashing it
@Anddyyyyt1825 19 horas atrás
I watch you guys continuously and never miss a video but this was ridiculous. Just goes to show how privileged you are. Yes, you work hard and have nice things but there was no need for you to go and destroy her phone for no reason. There are people dying in the world who don’t even have access to phones and can’t call their loved ones as they are scared for their lives and you’re just throwing the phone around like it’s a toy and not worth anything. I have always been a supporter but this was out of line.
@livyhazelwood3897 20 horas atrás
Man this was great but at the same time.. Ryan deserved that 😂😭 girl you had every single right to act like that.. cause I would have 🤦🏻‍♀️😂. I love y’all both so much 😂🤍🤍
@joshcary6101 22 horas atrás
bro ur a little late to the phone
@TyishaFairley-eg8vk 22 horas atrás
Love y’all ❤
@liampesce607 22 horas atrás
Ohhh look more money spent on something that neither of you need! 🤔 so many ppl in need especially during the holidays! Sickening
@rugratniee26 23 horas atrás
The accidental zoom in at the end took me out I thought I was trippin😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@lorraine24680 Dia atrás
this man is so toxic montana. be careful
@brookelyons1483 Dia atrás
it suits you so much more!!
@lorraine24680 Dia atrás
does horrible things to her and just puts the word prank to make it seem okay
I want one to but my mom don't have the money😕
@Alcamons Dia atrás
Nice ❤
@Angeeortiz Dia atrás
Montana u should do a what’s on my iPhone vid ❤
@sarahmarie5660 Dia atrás
The new phone doesn’t even have a SIM card it’s a E sim so you have to have that other phone.
@sarahmarie5660 Dia atrás
I wouldn’t of cared if I got a new phone I probably would have not talked to you for weeks prank or not job or not 😂 normally I’m all for it but damn Ryan
@giselles2844 Dia atrás
An iPhone 4 is crazy 💀 should’ve saved it for a prank 😭
@paigecapener Dia atrás
😏 y’all gotta make a vid about it so it’s a tax write off ehhhh 😏😏😏
@lacytellock9863 Dia atrás
Love how u both treat each other and know one another... love ur dog as well... i used to have one exactly like it but she passed awhile ago... u guys are too cute together 💞💙🎄
@sactyb Dia atrás
Never had Jollibee….there’s only one in Sacramento I think..yet there’s still no hype!! The hype is not there..
@stylistxoxo5757 Dia atrás
That’s not funny at all, you gotta be mean to do that 😏🤷‍♀️
@tarynwise2019 Dia atrás
What size in the target pajamas?
@israelmena3135 Dia atrás
@niya1761 Dia atrás
Don't you need your original phone to set up a new one? Because your old phone needs to back up things like photos and data?? Or am I wrong?
@Chrissyvxo Dia atrás
Y’all are so cute 😅😅 I watched the whole video. Ryan is clearly so in love with Montana, when he pulled out the shoes for her & said when he saw it, he saw her. So cute, such a cute couple 🥰🥰
@lindseyhale59 Dia atrás
pampered chef pans, they are expensive but they are non stick and come with a huge warranty.
@Pinkfitt Dia atrás
Ryan’s a whole fucking vibe ong
@aubreyjames1070 Dia atrás
S/O to faze rug🙏🏽🙏🏽
@evilangels61 Dia atrás
Montana was flipping out....she can turn from sweet to evil in seconds...WOW.....When she gets something she changes really quick....It was funny you have to admit it Montana..
@lorraine24680 Dia atrás
this was for a good reason …
Do all guys not say, “I love you” back??
I would have threw a fit😂😂😂
@distinctive1390 Dia atrás
Why destroy a working phone for content?
Nice to meet you Ryan l like all your video it really funny 🤣
@racheljune688 Dia atrás
Lmao 😂 love how Ryan gets a high pitched voice when he playin too much lmfaaaao 😂😂 brooo you hilarious af dude lol haha love you guys ❤️☺️ Miss Montana is chill af lol shes like i got nothing to worry about. Haha loyalty! 💖
@racheljune688 Dia atrás
P.S. she was under dramatic Ryan lol 😅