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Need a legit hit on the dark web market? I strongly recommend Kharlydark… he’s real and legit 💯
Jeanne Hagan
Jeanne Hagan 2 minutos atrás
Excellent talk....very insightful, informational and quite useful across many scenarios in the work place.
Foodie Roadie
Foodie Roadie 2 minutos atrás
waiting for that kind hearted ❤️ person who can actually support me from heart❤️❤️🙏😭
Soma S
Soma S 2 minutos atrás
Thank you, much love
Sam Buttafuco
Sam Buttafuco 3 minutos atrás
I think obese feminists should go skydiving with skinny parachutes.
Alice J Little
Alice J Little 3 minutos atrás
The mushy utensil curiously obtain because height reversely place near a powerful skiing. possible, frantic gasoline
Clajps0n 5 minutos atrás
Septiembre de 2021, el FMI, la Reserva Federal se preocupan, el New York Times publica abominaciones sobre Bitcoin, los gobiernos y bancos quieren una parte del pastel, hay mucha incertidumbre.... Somos pioneros de algo grande. HOLD!!!!!
Joanne Webb
Joanne Webb 5 minutos atrás
Terrible sound 🤦🏻‍♀️
Soham Sadhukhan
Soham Sadhukhan 7 minutos atrás
Audio is terrible guys
SunKing Sanders
SunKing Sanders 8 minutos atrás
Great presentation style.
Paola Bustamante
Paola Bustamante 10 minutos atrás
Uchh Vichar
Uchh Vichar 10 minutos atrás
Dude, He has served in Two major Wars with Pakistan, seen his men dying in front of him. How could you expect someone to hold his anger after all these things ?
Plinio Fernando Ribeiro Eng :.
Fenomenal história de vida! Grande exemplo de vida!!
someasiankid 11 minutos atrás
wow this guy is gonna be a famous musician
Marilia Sampaio
Marilia Sampaio 12 minutos atrás
Obrigada Google por me trazer a este vídeo 😭 Era exatamente o que eu precisava ouvir, parar de me comparar com outras mulheres que eu considero intelectualmente perfeita.
Sumis daily life style
Sumis daily life style 14 minutos atrás
Nice to share tutorial video watching. Pls waiting for next 👌🥰💕
李洋 15 minutos atrás
quang vuong
quang vuong 15 minutos atrás
"Just be your self", you're amazing
Manuel A. Hernandez-Estrada
Manuel A. Hernandez-Estrada 16 minutos atrás
That was brilliant
マーク 17 minutos atrás
no va pa parte!
DR AK 17 minutos atrás
Wow very.nice lecture
debn n
debn n 20 minutos atrás
This is fkd!
WeillschmidtDesign 21 minuto atrás
¡Uy! ¿Qué hacen estas mentirosas en un canal así? 😮😐
Red Void
Red Void 25 minutos atrás
I just want to be recognized. I crave the attention of those who could care less about me :/
Red Void
Red Void 23 minutos atrás
Worse when there's two who ARE there for me; however I struggle to function mentally knowing I'm a second option for majority of my friend group.
Valfran Gonçalves de Oliveira Oliveira
Esse cara é exepicional.
MattAffekted 28 minutos atrás
Amazing presentation, thank you for sharing
Joke Biden
Joke Biden 28 minutos atrás
We won’t protest online, because you censor everything that is truth. And we won’t turn our guns in. Then the government will come for the few rights we have left.
Joubert do PUBG
Joubert do PUBG 31 minuto atrás
Eduardo, vc é o cara! Deus te abençoe grandemente 🙏
Sócrates Souza
Sócrates Souza 31 minuto atrás
No Banco do Brasil eu sou uma porca. Mas a vida é isso mesmo! Somos engrenagens. Isso é normal!
Evelyn Torres
Evelyn Torres 34 minutos atrás
Woww Shin has made such a great difference in Honduras. 56 schools, bunch more rebuilts to homes, small businesses and he is still looking towards his goal of 1,000 schools
Juliah Silva
Juliah Silva 35 minutos atrás
Where did you find this awesome dress Pat Hedley!?
KryssLaBryn 35 minutos atrás
Dear Mum, it's been sixteen years, and I still miss you. I'll stop missing you when you stop being dead. :(
Jimmy S.D
Jimmy S.D 36 minutos atrás
KryssLaBryn 37 minutos atrás
"If you've ever lost someone, then you know. If you haven't, then you can't possibly imagine." -one of the Lemony Snicket novels
品 赵
品 赵 37 minutos atrás
第一次听ted 听哭了。
Lucia helena ivantes dias
Lucia helena ivantes dias 38 minutos atrás
Lucia helena ivantes dias
Lucia helena ivantes dias 38 minutos atrás
Loren Renee
Loren Renee 38 minutos atrás
Jackie looked in pain just thinking about your questions.
DATBOY SALTY 41 minuto atrás
Friendly Fire?
Alexander M Cortez
Alexander M Cortez 42 minutos atrás
Everything is possible if you can believe. I believe because God is real I shall and not die. Thank you Lord. Amen.
Christine Kreider
Christine Kreider 43 minutos atrás
Only for Strong 💪 men👍
Loren Renee
Loren Renee 44 minutos atrás
Seen and not heard - I hated those words. I’m so sorry 😣. I’m so glad you escaped and got the help and love you needed. I was in my 40’s when I learned about this. It got much worse after a major concussion. I was told there was no treatment for adults 😳 how I find training?!?! I’m in the US in Southern California. Please, my autistic daughter gets so frustrated that I can’t understand what she’s saying and it breaks my heart when I can’t understand what she is saying to me her words are precious.
ARMAMENTALL 48 minutos atrás
Un campeón.....
BLACK MONSTER 50 minutos atrás
I’d like to share and get out of this! Please if anyone in India is in the same situation as me and wants out from this or anyone willing to help please reply!
Cheshr Kitn
Cheshr Kitn 50 minutos atrás
The story itself was great and interesting. The problem is that she just isn't a very good public speaker. She comes off as awkward.
Maria Belen Biagini
Maria Belen Biagini 52 minutos atrás
Gracias Hernán!!
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris 53 minutos atrás
Strawberry Fields forever! Grace Slick was first choice of the lead in Blade Runner. In the future is catching up with us. One pill make you larger,one pill makes you small. Get it wink,wink. Matrix 4. Been to the future and back. Ubik.
krithivas ramamurthy
krithivas ramamurthy 55 minutos atrás
Civilizational Nationalism - An accurate, succint and wonderful way of describing what we are all looking for.
Rosalie Mejias
Rosalie Mejias 55 minutos atrás
To be honest I don't watch Filipino movie bacause it's boring. After watching this I realized that we must appreciate, support watch our own Filipino movie.
suburbanturnip 56 minutos atrás
What about people with ADHD that get paralysis when they try and get things done via motivation, by flow/hyperfocus when they try and get things done via curiosity/last minute panic?
Sandie Joyce
Sandie Joyce 56 minutos atrás
TJM 59 minutos atrás
24k ppl didn't like this? So many f****d up ppl
Mikel Lolley
Mikel Lolley Hora atrás
Suicide is a final expression of repressed rage. F’ all of you! I’m so over your cowardly blindness!
Written Dreams
Written Dreams Hora atrás
i thought this video was going to be about criminal gangstalking.
nathan harshbarger
nathan harshbarger Hora atrás
Fuckin love you man! Thank yoy
Finestjimjay1706 Hora atrás
Valentina V
Valentina V Hora atrás
This came at the right timing! Thanks Mr english
Andrea Maio
Andrea Maio Hora atrás
io non vedo nessuna disabilità vedo solo una bella ragazza , uma grande atleta e una magnifica persona ....
Mikel Lolley
Mikel Lolley Hora atrás
My personal experience is that most people are just too afraid to acknowledge deep sadness in a loved one until it is too late.
Colin Maharaj
Colin Maharaj Hora atrás
This guy does not know what he is talking about 2:20 e.g the use of computers in high freq trading has been know for years, no matter how intelligent something is, fast/first always wins.
de ae
de ae Hora atrás
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Aaron Oneal
Aaron Oneal Hora atrás
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xitlalli castañeda
Este maldito perro debería estar refundido en la cárcel muy pronto vas a caer maldito
Cleo Uesugi
Cleo Uesugi Hora atrás
She did fantastic and she's so young! You go girl! Keep up the good work!
Pâmela Batista Klauk
Ele foi meu professor de história no Colégio Marechal Floriano Peixoto, em Poa ,entre 2003 e 2004 . Maravilhoso😍
The Shutter
The Shutter Hora atrás
Where can I find the summary of this article. Someone please help me out with this.
JayKickx Hora atrás
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Lee Walter
Lee Walter Hora atrás
Tedx Talks......You wasted my time with this.
Pp P
Pp P Hora atrás
I’m a Japanese . I can have understood this almost story. This is my idea that school and institutes should teach how protest is important. Then ,all of them are also comfortable to live. I’m 17 years old.Can you read my terrible English?😂
Josh Calhoun
Josh Calhoun Hora atrás
Me: how many push-ups can you do Jocko? Jocko: all of them
Mule Official
Mule Official Hora atrás
I never had an amazing life, but I believe someday I will succeed
argusfest Hora atrás
Putin isn't the one censoring me and others on social media.
ANIMAL CAPONE Videos anI7MaL Cap0nX3 V7de0s
dr.steven Greer CE5!!
Isabella Ponce
Isabella Ponce Hora atrás
This is such a powerful talk and you are such a gifted communicator! Amazing!!
Tj Smith
Tj Smith Hora atrás
I’m currently going through an breakup that ended on good terms , we still love and care about eachother he just wanted to be better on his part. And so it wasn’t messy and we don’t hate eachother it’s just so hard .
Juan Luna Navarrete
Ya lo volviste a decir regalo del universo...solo es regalo de Dios...el universo fue creado por Dios....y todo sucede por voluntad de Dios....pero no el universo
Abzyfabzy Hora atrás
I don't hate myself, I don't care about why I wasn't right, I just want to be the right one for him. I miss him a lot, and it was his family that broke it off, not him. We tried being friends but that wasn't working and now we have the most short, dry and sad conversations. I just want him to get married so I can move on.
Kieran Cho
Kieran Cho Hora atrás
AgiX to the moon? 👀
Juan Luna Navarrete
Sin embargo...eres una buena persona y tienes un gran corazón....y eso es lo más importante....