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100 Comentários
Avocado Dip
Avocado Dip Hora atrás
Blame the whole team not just one player, hate when ppl do this
Alyjah Dauda
Alyjah Dauda Hora atrás
Chelsea need to sell Christensen, keep tomori rudiger and zouma and buy koulibay, sell kepa and buy onana, and if possible sign havertz. If they can do that and ziyech and werner play well they will be real contenders for the pl and maybe even the cl next season imo
Andy Ickw
Andy Ickw Hora atrás
Loool so many salty Arsenal fans
Uday Sujithkumar
Uday Sujithkumar Hora atrás
Arsenals defense is horrible
George Kandylis
George Kandylis Hora atrás
Arsenal in the past couple of games are doing surprisingly better ?! It’s either the other teams aren’t taking em seriously enough or it’s drugs most likely ! 🤣
coolpuppy 3214
coolpuppy 3214 Hora atrás
How did Luka Milivojevic’s goal against Bournemouth not make it into this video
Mo Ty
Mo Ty Hora atrás
This reporter on here is not educated at all
Davor Jovic
Davor Jovic Hora atrás
Glad to see him score and I’m a United fan
Lit Hora atrás
I dont like Troy Deenee but with his loyalty to Watford it would be sad to see him and the team go to the 2nd league.
davis karki
davis karki Hora atrás
3:23 when the assist is better than the goal
Angela Coffey
Angela Coffey Hora atrás
SmithN' Wesson
SmithN' Wesson 2 horas atrás
Pulisic and Willian play great together. Chelsea needs to sign Willian for another 2 years.
Ralph Adamo
Ralph Adamo 2 horas atrás
The leftist scumbag Jackass should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY. NO DOUBLE-STANDARDS!!!!!!
Mo Ty
Mo Ty 2 horas atrás
What he said was a 1000% true
I Am Always Happy
I Am Always Happy 2 horas atrás
Starstruck how Vardy isn't called offside
Cormac Devine
Cormac Devine 2 horas atrás
Florio can’t process that mahomes isn’t all about money and just wants to play with the chiefs for a long time
HRT - Gaming
HRT - Gaming 2 horas atrás
Nketiah’s red card was 100 percent deserved, studs up challenge took place and was very reckless. Hopefully in the future he’ll be more careful.
Andrew Phassos
Andrew Phassos 2 horas atrás
I love laughing at Arsenal just as much as the next guy but even I have to admit that this was some BS.
Eric Han
Eric Han Hora atrás
studs up straight to the knee, red card all day every day. twice on sunday.
Beckham Eseyas
Beckham Eseyas 2 horas atrás
God bless you all ❤️❤️❤️
IGot Stylez
IGot Stylez 2 horas atrás
Great game but come on.
Diego Rameriz
Diego Rameriz 2 horas atrás
Bill Tierney
Bill Tierney 2 horas atrás
Can we stop with the empty ritual to an marxist organization, BLM, that will just bring tyranny, death, and destruction?
davis karki
davis karki 2 horas atrás
artisalife west
artisalife west 2 horas atrás
How can anyone accept to stop the game and not count the goal. I see cp players complain to referee.
Mohamed Almo
Mohamed Almo 2 horas atrás
Arsenal is flop team
HRT - Gaming
HRT - Gaming Hora atrás
Aren’t you in relegation form? 🤔
I Am Always Happy
I Am Always Happy 2 horas atrás
Villa fan trying to pipe up uno 😂😂😂
Josh Chang
Josh Chang 2 horas atrás
Joshua Antonio
Joshua Antonio 2 horas atrás
Nobody cares.
Dont Needtoknow
Dont Needtoknow 2 horas atrás
He looks like Chelsea’s best player at the moment.
MLGDorito82 RBLX
MLGDorito82 RBLX 2 horas atrás
First ezzzzzzz
Joshua Antonio
Joshua Antonio Hora atrás
Maybe put a REAL comment.
Joshua Antonio
Joshua Antonio Hora atrás
No, but I don't know why anybody needs to know that you are first.
MLGDorito82 RBLX
MLGDorito82 RBLX Hora atrás
Josh Chang sometimes
Josh Chang
Josh Chang 2 horas atrás
Joshua Antonio lol is this what u do 😂
25k subs in 2020 challenge
StudRitaF 2 horas atrás
World class player.
Marsss 2 horas atrás
Zaha wasting his potential on a terrible team, without him they might be relegated. Could see him playing at Dortmund or Wolves
Jobs mine
Jobs mine 2 horas atrás
Since when does Cahill play for Crystal Palace? Wasn’t he a Chelsea player few months ago? 🤷🏽‍♂️
Andrew Gunner
Andrew Gunner 2 horas atrás
Danny Welbeck showing Arsenal quality
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 2 horas atrás
The Mourinho Effect
Jose Muñoz Romero
Jose Muñoz Romero 2 horas atrás
What a humble guy
Choocha Lagoocha
Choocha Lagoocha 2 horas atrás
Hahahahahahaha. RACIST!!!!! N
Seba 2 horas atrás
Kepa is awful
Ryan 2 horas atrás
I hate arsenal
Khoa Vo
Khoa Vo 2 horas atrás
William + Pulisic
ভাইসাব Bros
Fake World Cup noise 🤣🤣
Dean D
Dean D 2 horas atrás
Love all of this analysis especially on the Mahomes contract.
G-Dub 85
G-Dub 85 2 horas atrás
Arsenal gonna Arsenal
Brian Schlaf
Brian Schlaf 2 horas atrás
100% touched the ball that’s offsides and should be no goal
Scolitoesmuchomono 2 horas atrás
You blind
Relevance 2 horas atrás
What a game. Zaha needs to be surrounded by more like him.
Alex K
Alex K 2 horas atrás
How lucky were chelsea tonight lmaoo
Old School
Old School 2 horas atrás
Defending in the Premier is doggshitte they just kick people, hold and run as fast as possible to get back in position, and the refs are worst in europe and may even be as bad as Mexican and American refs who are basically blind
Dale Sankum
Dale Sankum 2 horas atrás
chelsea needs new defenders🤦🏾‍♂️
liberty lover
liberty lover 2 horas atrás
Wellbeck FIFA 2013 version
AndrewA60 2 horas atrás
man how did we not drew that. Thank God for Zouma
Mo 2 horas atrás
Wonder what shes up to?
jorgito best
jorgito best 2 horas atrás
Remove Var
Jonathan Arroyo
Jonathan Arroyo 2 horas atrás
its not vars fault. Its the referees
ভাইসাব Bros
Buy a defender who can defend arsenal
Brad Marchand
Brad Marchand 2 horas atrás
Fun fact: Lord Bendtner scored a hat trick against the USA in 2015 for Denmark.
Alvaro Egas
Alvaro Egas 2 horas atrás
Pulisic went on a cycle of “ juice” during covid rest. You can tell😂.
Will L
Will L 2 horas atrás
Everyone's blaming Kepa but seriously where were the defenders? No one in the MF were tracking back to defend
Lionel Ebenibo
Lionel Ebenibo 2 horas atrás
We escaped in this game, could easily have been 3-3. We need better defenders.
judah 2 horas atrás
Chelsea's defense is trash 🚮 Ziyech and Werner are an explosive pair but you can't win every match in a shootout
Mr BangzYou
Mr BangzYou 2 horas atrás
Thanks for noti yt smh
Clifford Agyekum
Clifford Agyekum 2 horas atrás
Jesus our defending has been our downfall this season 😅😅 I almost died watching this match🙄
andrew barone
andrew barone 2 horas atrás
The midfield needs to gel more with the back line - my biggest concern. Individual mental lapsed made up most of the other chances (Christenson getting owned, James getting caught too high up the pitch, midfield not pressuring Zaha on his wonderful strike). Obviously giving the ball away on the defensive half too.
Diehard Devil
Diehard Devil 2 horas atrás
Arteta should never have taken Laca off to begin with. That’s where the game was lost. Should’ve just taken out Saka only like he did and brought in Pepe instead of Joe.
Kyle Malachowski
Kyle Malachowski 2 horas atrás
Probably because he took his run gum before the race
Jordan Anthony
Jordan Anthony 2 horas atrás
Sorry Arsenal fans this was an accurate call🤷🏿‍♂️
Jack Moehrle
Jack Moehrle 2 horas atrás
How so
ZT 2 horas atrás
6:13 dear god someone teach the owl how to smile
Sen Li
Sen Li 2 horas atrás
Its okay Ars. Yall still have FA cup next season.
johnny lee
johnny lee 2 horas atrás
We already know Zouma will get a new card on fifa
yung bluhd cock
yung bluhd cock 2 horas atrás
anyone else just like to see Hodgson so happy when crystal scores
Jody 2 horas atrás
Who cares sports will come to a end because of race
johnny lee
johnny lee 2 horas atrás
12:39 I hate how tammy makes a mistake but never goes back. He always does this.
Diehard Devil
Diehard Devil 2 horas atrás
That’s where RLC is at his best. Some assist that. Quality baller.👌💯
M Mora
M Mora 2 horas atrás
Matt Sheer (is that correct?) Looks like a hecking Dorito. The dude is stacked.
MtnDewBajaBlast 1
MtnDewBajaBlast 1 2 horas atrás
Benteke what are you doing brooo
tjscarce Musediq Ismail
New Kepa (keeper) and experienced CBs are all we need. Christensen, smh!
NJ Ellison
NJ Ellison 2 horas atrás
Great to hear Sir Ian Darke!
Ethan Larson
Ethan Larson 2 horas atrás
Vardy’s shoulder was offside initially and he was offside after the touch by Perez. Either way, he was offside
Teleko Admasu
Teleko Admasu 2 horas atrás
he was not, see it on another angle
Jack Bromley
Jack Bromley 2 horas atrás
The irony of DeSean's comments is that Hitler destroyed 5 million non-Jews including black people since they were not considered part of Hitler's Master Race. Say what?
Ehzeer co co
Ehzeer co co 2 horas atrás
Stupid VAR
Javier Landaverde
Javier Landaverde 2 horas atrás
He was onside
jordan Silva
jordan Silva 2 horas atrás
Lmao jews hate whites but cant take it.
Brock 2 horas atrás
aaron philby
aaron philby 2 horas atrás
Number 15 doesn’t know what just happened.
Diana Davis
Diana Davis 2 horas atrás
What did say???
Chris Visions
Chris Visions 2 horas atrás
These refs are blind. How can you not see the touch here 1:03 Stevie Wonder in the VAR room
Jack Moehrle
Jack Moehrle 2 horas atrás
Jordan Anthony it’s in the air dawg
Jordan Anthony
Jordan Anthony 2 horas atrás
The angle @1:33 shows he didnt touch it. The ball trajectory changed because it skipped off a wet patch of grass
Raz0r 21
Raz0r 21 2 horas atrás
Chris Visions I like Leicester anyway so
Odegaard 21
Odegaard 21 2 horas atrás
Better than timo Werner
K. Impact
K. Impact 2 horas atrás
Damm, as an Arsenal fan, I thought our defense was bad. Wtf Chelsea?
i think it was because perez didn't affect the ball's direction
Yoomareuh 2 horas atrás
That’s not the rule though, it should be about whether or not he touched it
BIG HUNGRY 2 horas atrás
I’ve been waiting for us to have a player like Christian for so so long.
Andrew Fournier
Andrew Fournier 2 horas atrás
Audio Smackpro
Audio Smackpro 2 horas atrás
Jackson trying to go to the bucs
Dexter Quinn
Dexter Quinn 2 horas atrás
Glad they hugged it out. Both are good players, even greater people.
Tim Clasher
Tim Clasher 2 horas atrás
Why are VARs still 2 minutes long. It’s supposed to find clear and obvious errors not fucking measure millimeters....
S T 2 horas atrás
Kepa should've saved that Zaha goal. The defending for the Benteke goal was comical. I'm not sure how an expensive, elite defender would've prevented that. Seems like a coaching problem to me. The set pieces, yes, height absolutely matters. But it appears our defensive issues run much deeper than size/height.
Chris.EST.93 2 horas atrás
Finally 🏆🏅🎖🍾
592bwoy 1
592bwoy 1 2 horas atrás
Williams is Chelsea best player
Terry McBride
Terry McBride 2 horas atrás
You Mike Florio are going to feel awfully foolish after Hearing Patrick Mahomes inform you Winning is important to Him,Keeping a competitive team around him year after year after year!
joshua lee
joshua lee 2 horas atrás
No need to blame anyone. Hugo's intention in doing that is not to hurt anyone, only making son a better player. Son understood that very well and reacted adequately.
Book of shadows contributor Brian
70th comment 🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏽🚴🏼‍♀️
Marlon Jones
Marlon Jones 2 horas atrás
Welbeck ftw, literally. Great finish!!
Kenny Roso
Kenny Roso 2 horas atrás
0:49 Sissoko was like “git outta here, we’re not doing this here!”
Steve 2 horas atrás
Manchester United disliked this post.
Sarah 2 horas atrás
no, its salty arsenal fans that think perez touched the ball
Tim Clark
Tim Clark 2 horas atrás
How much money does he need though? Come on? The Chiefs are giving him around $500 million dollars.....and that doesn't even include all the endorsement money he will get. Your argument is that he should hold out for more money? Plus he wants to win Championships; which means he needs to leave some cap room for some quality players......your argument is crazy.....
PES FINESSE 2 horas atrás
Crystal Palace really needs to invest in strikers next season. Seriously
Clyde Lakins
Clyde Lakins 2 horas atrás
Nfl stands for (not for long)bye bye fool.