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2 anos atrás
28 Comentários
Robert White
Robert White 12 horas atrás
Even the Jets wouldn't try this
James Porter
James Porter 12 horas atrás
He’s been knocked out before too
Tom Ace
Tom Ace 12 horas atrás
Yet Cowboys fans blame the refs for losing the game.
Jackson Putnam
Jackson Putnam 12 horas atrás
He starts to come and then pulls out
Norg1 12 horas atrás
for a sec i thought she said the state of texas didnt exist kol
David Harrison
David Harrison 12 horas atrás
why's he got a maryland mask on?
KalmKoala92 12 horas atrás
He looks younger because as he has gotten older he exercised more and dialed in his diet. It simply comes down to the fact that when he was younger, his jaw line was not visible. As he got older and lost bodyfat, his jawline became more and more pronounced. Literally changing the shape of his face. As a 30 year old who has been on a fitness journey the last 3 years. I look younger now than when I started at 27.
aznnp77 12 horas atrás
It was a nice play call, but he had to hit him in stride of the DB would caught up to him before the 1st.
James Fagan
James Fagan 12 horas atrás
Why the Maryland mask?
Palpi Chulo
Palpi Chulo 12 horas atrás
They know it's over before you do fellas. 😔
PROTECTANDSERVE 12 horas atrás
Good for San Fran I hope they do well. Die hard Boys fan here. I’m done with them forever. They are too soft. Every single year.
greencat 184
greencat 184 12 horas atrás
I beginning to not be able to tell the difference between the Jets and Cowboys...these failing trick plays, bad play calling, terrible execution, and maybe the worst ran franchises...lmfao
Jack Kilduff
Jack Kilduff 12 horas atrás
every fan be standing like they the head coach of the team when it’s an intense moment like this 😭😭😭
Patrick O
Patrick O 12 horas atrás
Serious Question- With 13:52 left on the game clock Why did the play clock get reset from 10 seconds to 25 seconds?
Jonavikingo21 12 horas atrás
Hope all wr and db see this, stop throwing urself like a kamikaze to hurt wr's, wr's do what cam did so db's stop being so nasty dipshit hitters
Jihn Chu
Jihn Chu 12 horas atrás
Dallas2020 12 horas atrás
If he makes that throw dallas wins the game. Tony would of easily had first down and probably Touchdown he had one guy on the edge to outrun and Tony is fast af in the open
Carson C3
Carson C3 12 horas atrás
Lucky he didn't get stripped while carrying the ball in the wrong hand & like a damn loaf of bread.
Mark Shaw
Mark Shaw 12 horas atrás
yay the rapist is done.
Imperial Spy
Imperial Spy 12 horas atrás
When I saw this live I was like damn a safety and then moments later I said damn a Rams Touchdown even worse.
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah 12 horas atrás
Good play...poorly executed.
Luis M
Luis M 12 horas atrás
She won a bet
Nevets 12 horas atrás
I'm not even sure why reporters show up on belichick is at the podium.......... Then again.. it's only bread and circuses people
C lightning
C lightning 12 horas atrás
now coaches are "harassing" blacks... lol
aznnp77 12 horas atrás
I really started watching football around 2003. And these HOFs are all retiring now. Big Ben, Eli Manning, Rivers. I won't feel old until Brady retires though lol.
Todd Moyers
Todd Moyers 12 horas atrás
The ball should have been spotted at the start of the slide as well about the 26 yard line. Not the 23.5 yard line like the cowboys were trying to line up at. Ref gave it to them though, but they blocked him from getting there quickly.
BCH 55
BCH 55 12 horas atrás
If it was Deion he would have run for a TD. Just saying
Jydy Myyyr
Jydy Myyyr 12 horas atrás
All the talking heads on the sport talk shows want to put the blame on the head coach or the coaching staff... but sorry, this falls on Dak. The choice was to take 2-3 pass plays to the end zone, or burn up all the time on the clock with a "suspect" running play and hope to have enough time to get 1 pass play to the end zone. I'd take the 2-3 pass plays!!! None of the coaches are putting the blame on Dak, but nobody has stated this was a "called" play. This indicates to me that Dak made this decision on his own... his teammates even seemed surprised by the play. I hate to bring this up, but if Ben R. (a white QB for the Steelers) made this blunder, would the talking heads blame the head coach (a man of color) for the poor decision and speculate on or encourage his (or another staff member's) firing? Hmm... just something to thing about in this cultural conscience world, especially on MLK weekend.