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77 Comentários
Kylie Dipilato
Kylie Dipilato 52 minutos atrás
did anyone notice Eugenes photo wasnt in the intro?????
Himbodumbo 52 minutos atrás
"Hey boss" PFAHAHAHA
Mamin Rai
Mamin Rai 58 minutos atrás
seeing eugene and matt I suddenly have the urge to read a new bl manga haahahahahahah .Such a fun felling hahahahaha I really cant stop smilling I dont know why the tingliy felling just gets you hahahahahah
Sugar Beet
Sugar Beet Hora atrás
I keep pausing this video just to put myself together 😹😹😹😹
Elizabeth Stewart
Elizabeth Stewart Hora atrás
This was uncomfortably hilarious.
Arifa Patel
Arifa Patel Hora atrás
I'm sorry, but WTF did i just watch...and why did I watch it all the way through??
Odd Mad
Odd Mad Hora atrás
My favorite show is back!!!!
Charlotte L
Charlotte L Hora atrás
you know film bro zach had to reference the graduate
Lexy Courneya
Lexy Courneya Hora atrás
Zach and Miles were definitely high when they came up with the concept for this episode 😂😂😂 Love it!
StarkJ Hora atrás
I clicked so fast when I saw Zach posted it to his IG story. Wow. Yasssss!!!!!!
Angela T
Angela T Hora atrás
I think this is the hardest I've EVER cringed at a try guys video. Mile's outfit combined with the horribly awkward laughter at each proposal.... lmao
Lexy Courneya
Lexy Courneya Hora atrás
the final scene of the episode was worth the wait
Emma G
Emma G Hora atrás
My friends just got engaged today and this video being posted is just perfect. Although they got engaged at an escape room and not a chain restaurant.
Adriana Luna
Adriana Luna Hora atrás
For your next food taste, you guys should try Peruvian 🇵🇪 food and you should invite Maggie 💕💕
Himbodumbo Hora atrás
Miles's sigh LMAOO
Alisha Kukreti
Alisha Kukreti Hora atrás
best series ever
L Sayama
L Sayama Hora atrás
Ok, I was NOT expecting to like this lady so much in the beginning of the video! Why is she so funny??? I was laughing the ENTIRE TIME!!!! ...My cheeks hurt lol
Hannah Devyor
Hannah Devyor Hora atrás
Miles “no you said hon like seven times” bonsignore
Maddie Waylan
Maddie Waylan Hora atrás
My initial reaction was “they really did another candid competition” and then I found out this was the episode Zack becomes self aware
a J
a J Hora atrás
I can tell you that non of those places are good places to propose.
meetsmalae Hora atrás
16:01 17:19 that's the best line ✋
Alison Odermann
Alison Odermann Hora atrás
its the crocs for me
Karinezumi Hora atrás
only a few seconds in and I already know it’s gonna be awkward and embarrassing but absolutely hilarious
Arya Upadhyay
Arya Upadhyay Hora atrás
The endings of candid competitions is what I live for!!
Shannon Butler
Shannon Butler Hora atrás
this is the stupidest, yet the funniest video you have ever done
Molly L
Molly L Hora atrás
I really want to but I dunno if I can watch the whole thing. The second hand embarrassment is out of this world
Kory Mann
Kory Mann Hora atrás
*A BRvid video should not be able to give me this much anxiety*
MCRmyGeneral Hora atrás
If you need to ‘kiss’ someone for authenticity and you don’t actually want to kiss them, put your hands on either side of their face and your thumbs on their lips and then when you ‘kiss’, there’s no actual contact between lips. Life hacks from a former theater kid. 👍
mint pod mart
mint pod mart Hora atrás
The editing in this video + the behind the scenes vibe and laid back humor feels new and fresh I love this great job on this video gang!!
Nathan Waters
Nathan Waters Hora atrás
Next episode: best chain restaurant to get married at I can’t wait lol
Kat Valenti
Kat Valenti Hora atrás
I remember hearing ya'll discuss something like this months ago on the TryPod. SOoOOOOOOOoOOoo happy to see it pull through.
LAURI Hora atrás
You guys are missing out /-
Bryer Art Studios
Bryer Art Studios Hora atrás
Omg this video is too much for me HA- I was not expecting the engagement between Miles and Zach LMAO
Sarah Strum
Sarah Strum Hora atrás
Loving the vaccine encouragement 🤗
Alexa Lewis
Alexa Lewis Hora atrás
I enjoyed every second of this!
Consuelo Rojas
Consuelo Rojas Hora atrás
The second hand embarrassments it's too real, I had to stop the video several times ahhdhsja
mint pod mart
mint pod mart Hora atrás
Haven’t even watched 5 min in n I feel like this is about to be a banger
Aslinn Hora atrás
I had to tap out for awhile when the ihop waitress comes over and is genuinely touched by Zack wanting to promise to his boyfriend in the place they had their first date lmao.
brickley07 Hora atrás
Kwesi understands my bitter millenial soul 😝
faureamour Hora atrás
These two are delightfully weird. (My phone autocorrected weird to white. They're that too.)
Sammantha Reyes
Sammantha Reyes Hora atrás
I work at the Red Lobster you guys went to and I can say without a doubt the EXCITEMENT we get when people ask us to do proposals is insane 😂😂💕 I can’t believe it was you guys!
Sammantha Reyes
Sammantha Reyes 59 minutos atrás
Also we all absolutely watched the video during work hours yes
Artys10 Hora atrás
Dude I was ROOTING For IHOP! They coulda done SO MUCH BETTER! Lol no whip cream name or nothin'.
Hannah Devyor
Hannah Devyor Hora atrás
This video is the greatest thing they’ve ever put out, I was laughing out loud so many times oh god my stomach hurts
Kyle Phariss
Kyle Phariss Hora atrás
When you come home from work and the title of the video is completely changed… must not of went with the algorithm
GameErica Hora atrás
The p.f. chang's waiter was so sweet, I hope she sees this video and claims the win money lmaoo
chaYne C
chaYne C Hora atrás
Ryan's laughter is contagious.
alex Hora atrás
The Try Guys are probably the best amateurs to play, they are so humble and such great losers. They don't act like they're better than anyone if they aren't and don't get salty that women can beat them at sports. We need more men who don't have fragile masculinity.
Sarah J
Sarah J Hora atrás
As a 20 year old who has just recently started having chronic pain, as of 5 months ago, seeing Zach talk about it and make videos like this have really helped me in the coping process. It’s been really hard having to cope with the fact that I’ll be in pain for the rest of my life, but seeing these videos bring me comfort knowing I’m not alone. Thank you Zach. It means a lot 🥲
Apple Guanzon
Apple Guanzon Hora atrás
Yehey! Try Guys including Filipino/Philippines in their videos! Love you guys 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😘😘🤩🤩
Seth Lang
Seth Lang Hora atrás
I have so much anxiety watching this.... idk if I can watch this
Hershey Hora atrás
“I love you buddy”
Caitlin Flannery
Caitlin Flannery Hora atrás
Love you buddy! 🤣🤣🤣 Exactly what you want to hear from your fiance
kialiegh jade
kialiegh jade Hora atrás
"i don't know why you keep saying maggie, she isn't invited" PLS WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY
nikko-fry Hora atrás
FINALLY this is the content I want
Laura Cottman
Laura Cottman Hora atrás
The Graduate reference oml
Maddie Cannon
Maddie Cannon Hora atrás
I got so embarrassed everytime Zach asked for everyone’s attention
Meg Julia
Meg Julia Hora atrás
The staff at all of these restaurants were so incredibly sweet!! What nice people.
Mackenzie E
Mackenzie E Hora atrás
the employees watching this 👁👄👁
Allanna Black
Allanna Black Hora atrás
I’m glad i have to watch this while drunk and single 😂
DaviL Hora atrás
The Internet needs to do its job and find that amazing employee at PF Chang‘s so she can get her well-deserved tip
VanillaMotoe Hora atrás
too far
Christine Brewer
Christine Brewer Hora atrás
alex Hora atrás
"Oh shit, 'par the course' is a golf reference." Zach says as he just realises for this time😂
melody alcantar
melody alcantar Hora atrás
Love that ending haha
Ash- Bob
Ash- Bob Hora atrás
I love that the other guys always want to cancel this series but here it is. Still going. 😂
Amber Garnett
Amber Garnett Hora atrás
Seriously find this server from PF changs and give her something! She was great!
Leah Lachmansingh
Leah Lachmansingh Hora atrás
Everytimes miles started to act surprised I burst out laughing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kasey Hora atrás
i dont know why, but this is probs one of my fav try guys series so far. it's bizarre, and im fully invested.
Maddie Hora atrás
I’ve been looking forward to this since Zach’s tweet!!! This brought me so much joy! THANK YOU!
Candace Stevenson
Candace Stevenson 2 horas atrás
I am LIVING for the implication at 33:04 that the priest marrying them was the only attendee at their wedding
Stephanie Wade
Stephanie Wade 2 horas atrás
I really wish Miles didn't look like he just came from the beach, lol
Steph S.
Steph S. 2 horas atrás
Omg! Y’all were at the Dollar Hits spot? It’s always busy at night with people hanging out outside and all parking spots in used but in the day is not which was great timing for the video. I live 2 blocks away and park where you were all snacking when parking in my street is all taken. Wowzers!!! ❤️
zoinomiko 2 horas atrás
omg somehow it doesn't even matter that this is fake?? The proposals are so sweet!??!! (But lol at "love you buddy" )
Bella Stroscio
Bella Stroscio 2 horas atrás
This makes me wanna go to Keith’s TikTok and like everything 😭
Gie Yanga
Gie Yanga 2 horas atrás
Im getting so much secondhand embarrassment that i wont be able to watch it in one time
freakingbored 2 horas atrás
alex 2 horas atrás
I've never played golf (I don't think mini-golf counts) but I have never thought of it as "easy" and "not a sport". I don't understand why people say that, because hand-eye coordination is a lot harder to master than it seems. When you see pros play on TV, they make it _look_ easy. That's because they're pros, but it definitely wouldn't be easy for most people to pull off the same plays. And if it's not a sport then why is it played on a field with specific equipment? OR if it's not a sport, why are some people just better/worse at it than others? And if it's not a sport why do beginners not play at the same level as pros? Because it takes practice. And why do amateurs get mad at not making holes? Because it's just as much against yourself as it is against your opponent. It's definitely a sport, and it probably doesn't come as easy as most people think. You can have your opinions, but just because you think it's "lame" or old-fashioned doesn't make it not a sport. Reminder: your personal opinion of a sport is actually irrelevant to whether it is a sport or not.