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hyunjin nation
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ÌtzÑekoÜnicorn 6 horas atrás
this is why u stick to powder and milk mixed together u can’t frick it up
Karen Hoskins
Karen Hoskins 8 horas atrás
I think I would be Minho. For example: Me: *sitting in my room* My sibling: *walks in room without asking* Me: "did you ask" My sibling: *steps outside the room* "can I come in" Me: "no" My sibling: "your not the boss" Me: "I'm gonna kill you"
bored potato
bored potato 8 horas atrás
I miss Woojin 😭😭😭
Nini Soft
Nini Soft 8 horas atrás
30:00 en ese momento... Woojin ya había abandonado el grupo? La canción ya estaba lista o casi lista para los nueve?
Chanel DeSimone
Chanel DeSimone 9 horas atrás
Felix eating the strawberries and seungmin be like: MY LIFE HAS COME TO AN END xD
Chans Babygirl
Chans Babygirl 11 horas atrás
I've been a STAY for almost a year, and watching this made me cry because I miss Woojin so much!!!
Borahae BTS
Borahae BTS 12 horas atrás
so well i will be stanning stray kids from today after listening to changbin's rap So Guys take care of me ;)
Moon Gayoung
Moon Gayoung 15 horas atrás
minho with his cats still gets me
Ellen Andwinge
Ellen Andwinge 16 horas atrás
As someone that actually watch this because they are new to SKZ I just wanna say that this is really well made and informative! The only constructive criticism I have is that the moving text (in the beginning) is a bit hard to read at times ❤ thanks for putting this out!!
BrOcOlLi ChAn
BrOcOlLi ChAn 17 horas atrás
3:21 I don't get this so what if the staff got caught in the video? Please explain are they not allowed to be caught in videos?
Gwother Wilkerson
Gwother Wilkerson 17 horas atrás
I pity the fool to join this fandom amist all the chaos.. With Chan daddy, chan throwing shade, Felix and seungmin trying to cook, and much more
Yang Artiza
Yang Artiza 17 horas atrás
2:21 is it a vlive video or is it a reality show. Sorry I just forgot were I found it before.
Ashley Zuzatee
Ashley Zuzatee 19 horas atrás
no one: not a single soul: not even minho's cats: hyunjin: i look like THANOS i wheezed so hard
ur mom
ur mom 19 horas atrás
no one: literally no one: jeongin: 2:35
c h a n l u v s
c h a n l u v s 22 horas atrás
me; *knows everything about stray kids* me: *watches the video for fun*
Jose Rosario
Jose Rosario Dia atrás
Stray kids for all too long: I AM GROOT The driver: *I ain't getting paid enough for this*
yeetskeet kuroouwu
wkfkdk this is prolly the most in depth guide video i’ve seen ive been stanning for almost a year so i knew almost everything but i still enjoyed watching it u did an amazing job :))
glittery rat
glittery rat Dia atrás
it's 3 am and i decided to stan them
SeVeNtEeN Dia atrás
Changbin, Jisung y Hyunjin se pasaron
best44gamer44 Dia atrás
3RACHA = HAN RACHA = cHAN + cHANgbin + HAN Dance RACHA = Visual RACHA vocal RACHA = Maknae RACHA
m y g
m y g Dia atrás
for some reason this made me feel kinda emo lol idky
Calum Girl
Calum Girl Dia atrás
Whats the intro song 🥺?
Rick Harrison
Rick Harrison Dia atrás
i love this video thank u :(
Lesley Wayne
Lesley Wayne Dia atrás
"We didn't search up related Contents for this Experiment cause We wanted to make our own Shoe polish" -says Me the Leader to Our Teacher wy our Product Became like... something.... I feel you Min & lix.... I feel the struggle T - T
Lesley Wayne
Lesley Wayne Dia atrás
Basically Me And My Friend Doing Our Science Experiment together a month ago and didn't have a clue how to do it so We just Thought of something that we thought could work that did work but Also... didn't.... Also i thought she Looked uo something beforehand but was relying completely onto me.... And I was On the Ideal side of things soooo... ye.... Also We did that experiment with bananas😂
Dawnica Martin
Dawnica Martin Dia atrás
7:11 was so cute
Mei Dia atrás
now im here coz i need the title of the song at the intro
Emma Dia atrás
Someone tell them youre supposed to use yogurt not icecream-
Fibs Raine
Fibs Raine Dia atrás
Grell Sutcliff
Grell Sutcliff Dia atrás
Hi I’m just getting into Stray Kids 😊. I’m still at the point where I can’t tell them apart tho 😅
Rushulna Gertse
Rushulna Gertse Dia atrás
God please tell me how is it so hard to make a simple fruit smoothie?
No Name
No Name 2 dias atrás
This edits are a piece of art :)
No Name
No Name 2 dias atrás
*And 5 seconds* :)
Evelynn Ortega
Evelynn Ortega 2 dias atrás
0:59 to 1:00 made me die
A Kpop Stan
A Kpop Stan 2 dias atrás
Me rn: aww shit here we go again
WellHelloThere 2 dias atrás
Stays, I have a question. I only recently heard "Side Effects" and I knew from the moment I heard it I wanted to be a stay. But, upon looking more into it and finding this guide, I realised that SKZ used to be 9. I felt (and still do feel) very hesitant to become a stay. I thought that by not having been there when Woojin left, I was being inconsiderate of the pain that long-time stays had to go through. I thought that I wasn't valuing Woojin enough since I wouldn't have gotten to know him and his personality. TL;DR: should I become a stay after Woojin left or not?
soph l
soph l 2 dias atrás
sweeties i’m sobbing it’s literally a smoothie how did u screw it up 😭
The Beat My Heart Skipped
That's My Opinion
That's My Opinion 2 dias atrás
I.N: *"You got mad at me for being on your bed without showering first-"* Seungmin: *"Now listen I wouldn't mind if you had pants on but you had your SWEATY ASS on my bed- Isn't that too much"* *I.N Cackling Already In The Background*
Bubbal Bubbal gum drops
When Seungmin didn't wash the lid and Felix said " Mr Seungmin?" I died, LITTERALLY.
Ari A.
Ari A. 2 dias atrás
Binnie: “back in my days...” Jisung: “back in your days?” **very obviously not taking him seriously** **gone days starts playing in the background**
JannRushd Marnia
JannRushd Marnia 2 dias atrás
Seunmin: did you searcg the recipe online Felix: nope
JannRushd Marnia
JannRushd Marnia 2 dias atrás
Sorry but it was suppost to be search
It's quite memeful
It's quite memeful 2 dias atrás
Can someone explain the dingo video with a Halloween theme?
fabiola machuca
fabiola machuca 3 dias atrás
-Can you hear me? "Can I?" I laughed so much at that. xD
Rylee 1804
Rylee 1804 3 dias atrás
Where are the beach videos from?
EmeraldHusky 3 dias atrás
where can i find 3:41 4:19 6:38
Kpop is my life
Kpop is my life 3 dias atrás
Me: laughing at how Felix and Seungmin are messing the smoothie up Also me: *my mom doesn't trust me in the kitchen because I almost burned the house down along with my hair*
arin morris
arin morris 3 dias atrás
one of my resolutions is to actually get into new groups rather than stanning just one group-
Guadalupe Sanchez
Guadalupe Sanchez 3 dias atrás
I am still questioning why you would put them to cook like why First of all who gave them the RIGHT its seungmin and felix LET ME REMIND YOU FELIX AND SEUNGMIN SEUNGMIN IN THE BUILDING AKA MY BIAS AND YONGBOK FROM SYDNEY ASTRIULA AKA MY BIAS WRECKER
Janeli Martinez
Janeli Martinez 3 dias atrás
I always thought Hyunjin was an ass hole
Lily Lilith
Lily Lilith 3 dias atrás
Felix:Thought Minho had 2 Seungmin:Thought Minho had 1 cat Me:Minho has a cat?
File Yoska
File Yoska 3 dias atrás
Me strating to be a fan: ok so who is the normal one Chan? Swearing in groot language I.N? Watching full version of the baby shark song Lee know? Doing asmr without any reason Woojin? Dancing himself And i cant even write the other members' reasons to not be normal...
Vintage . Tea
Vintage . Tea 3 dias atrás
Felix:I want a bite (of ice cream) Also Felix off Camera:eats the whole thing Seugmin:Now i have to buy more ;-; D8JAUSJQ
Jana Havana
Jana Havana 3 dias atrás
I am a Stay since 6 months october 2019
lea plateau
lea plateau 3 dias atrás
What’s the into song?
Faby Sanchez-Nunez
Faby Sanchez-Nunez 3 dias atrás
6:56 Chanbin:ThE mEaT
bundleeknow 3 dias atrás
i'll never stop thinking about that one message in the chat of this vlive that said "your bootyhole gonna cry later"
Felixthe Kitty
Felixthe Kitty 3 dias atrás
I like Felix he’s funny
RayMoffi 4 dias atrás
7:45 I want to watch it again, but I forgot what video is that, can someone gimme the link/the video ttitle??
zoe galeas
zoe galeas 4 dias atrás
does any1 know the song in the intro? i hear this song in like every fucking meme compilation.
Nevaeh Johnson
Nevaeh Johnson 4 dias atrás
Lynn's KittyHope
Lynn's KittyHope 4 dias atrás
6:36-7:35 just killed me 😂😂😂😂😂
hamdi warsame
hamdi warsame 4 dias atrás
Where kind I find full clip for video at 5:10 and also what song is bang Chan singing
Kerri Wright
Kerri Wright 4 dias atrás
Poor Minho all he wanted was someone to know his cats
Peachy Bree
Peachy Bree 4 dias atrás
guys what's the performance from 18:31. I'm currently trying to get to know them better and it would mean a lot if someone would tell me.
Peachy Bree
Peachy Bree 4 dias atrás
@Tiffunny Stay MyDay ohh thank you! <3
Tiffunny Stay MyDay
Tiffunny Stay MyDay 4 dias atrás
It is a cover of SEVENTEEN 's song adore you ♡
Cat Joseph
Cat Joseph 4 dias atrás
Cool now I’m sobbing like a baby
Lycca Aguirre
Lycca Aguirre 4 dias atrás
Thank you for making this vid it’s really helpful for newbie like me❤️❤️❤️❤️
S 4 dias atrás
Omg😂😂 I stan them 😂😂
jeongin chu
jeongin chu 4 dias atrás
*when you realize most of the video is I.N being savage.*
Daniela Chamorro
Daniela Chamorro 4 dias atrás
1:55 I dieeeed "bro wtf" HAHAHAHA I love them so much HAHAHA
Sushi Phile
Sushi Phile 4 dias atrás
9:13 if chan whoop yo ass u a fkin dead bitch
Summer Slime
Summer Slime 4 dias atrás
I just followed you on wit, can you follow me back my account is: ❃~bby.gguk~❃
Summer Slime
Summer Slime 4 dias atrás
How they made there smoothie really triggered me- 😂💜
Summer Slime
Summer Slime 4 dias atrás
Like even I can make a good smoothie and I’m 11- 😂
Lovely Virgo
Lovely Virgo 4 dias atrás
me: watching this because i miss skz
Austin Vergara
Austin Vergara 5 dias atrás
Where can i find this episode? 4:34
Erika Nuñez
Erika Nuñez 5 dias atrás
Solo queria un besito, aunque de piquito😟
Rianza De Wet
Rianza De Wet 5 dias atrás
The day Seungmin and Jeongin did that vlive where they sang to the tunes of the piano was the day one of my friends passed away. I remember crying while listening to their voices as it gave me a small sense of comfort. It was a really hard day for me that day, and I'm just thankful I had someone then who could lift my spirits even a little. So once again I'd just like to thank Stray Kids for giving me strength in times where I would have had none. <3
renkai ye
renkai ye 5 dias atrás
I love how loving this introduction is 🥰 Like it's not just facts, you rlly introduce them as who they are. ♡ (I'm not a new stay btw)
Regina Hermita Aziza
Regina Hermita Aziza 5 dias atrás
8:25 im dying😭
Tina Pan
Tina Pan 5 dias atrás
I started counting the amount of times Felix flicked his scarf but I lost count when they started distracting me...😂😞
Maria Virginia
Maria Virginia 5 dias atrás
chan's part makes me feel touch
Faith White
Faith White 5 dias atrás
seunglix: today we’re making smoothies! :D also seunglix: half a cup of grapes, half a cup of ice, rest of the cup honey
taekook vmin
taekook vmin 6 dias atrás
Me: jamming out to the intro Also me at 0:18 What the fsjdkgndusbsghxb Oh man holy shi- *breaths* ...... Ok
Azira Zenyrizza
Azira Zenyrizza 6 dias atrás
What song Is this 16:26
Azira Zenyrizza
Azira Zenyrizza 5 dias atrás
SL123 thanks for the answer🥰
SL123 6 dias atrás
stray kids mixtape 2