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Zijkhal Hora atrás
the keyholes at least could easily be mitigated by using wafers. Which then instantly defeats the purpose of the keyholes
size12jon Hora atrás
If you can’t find film flat plastic bailing twine works great for this bypass.
Senpapi Chullo
Senpapi Chullo Hora atrás
Penetration specialist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
bobw222 Hora atrás
So... my jewelry and millions are OK as long as the burglar can't lift more than 85 pounds and doesn't bring a skill saw with a carbide blade with him...
Darkyamix Hora atrás
Lmao! GG
Christian Dickerson
Hunters safety 101: how to unlock a gun with nature.
- Horizontal -
- Horizontal - Hora atrás
Video: when you get too bored of opening locks
Samid Hossain
Samid Hossain Hora atrás
To ride it it's easy
Samid Hossain
Samid Hossain Hora atrás
You can take it of and put a new one on
Craigs L
Craigs L Hora atrás
You should pick a Marks mortise lock. I see them all over around me in security doors
jimmyohdez 2 horas atrás
Magic Plants
Magic Plants 2 horas atrás
Crossover over the century!!
Alejandro Ramirez
Alejandro Ramirez 2 horas atrás
U sound like mousetrap Monday
Sergeant Shultz
Sergeant Shultz 2 horas atrás
you know how to prevent firearm mishaps with children? teach them.
Slade Darklighter
Slade Darklighter 2 horas atrás
Omg im laughing my ass off at the sped up footage lol
Slade Darklighter
Slade Darklighter 2 horas atrás
Omg im laughing my ass off at the sped up footage lol
Jon Smail
Jon Smail 2 horas atrás
B happy it picks EZ. If not, try drilling it on the outside of a home behind an air conditioning unit, no space to work, standing in mud. Yes, when keys R lost, picking it EZ is a blessing. :)
Lander 2 horas atrás
Why do people send you locks, you just make there locks look like shit 😂😂
Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith 2 horas atrás
Had to get into a Sentry Safe yesterday. Just used a 8 pound sledge hammer and a crowbar. About 15 hits and a few minutes with the crowbar it was open. A good "fire protection" safe for papers but not a security safe for valuables.
Caleb Sherman
Caleb Sherman 2 horas atrás
This is the crossover I didn't even know I needed
Anuskitzler3000 2 horas atrás
You hear how your lock get picked Keine Schwäche zeigen
Mary Ditzian
Mary Ditzian 2 horas atrás
Does anyone know what kind of tool he used? Thanks everyone.
stampy Dragon
stampy Dragon 2 horas atrás
Lol that is literally a screwdriver bit shaped like a key and with this security screwdriver set you could open it
CMDR Sweeper
CMDR Sweeper 2 horas atrás
Not possible on the doors I have tried so far... The handle goes one direction and that is down, of course with film that has infinite strength and you have infinite power to apply on the tug, you will break the door lock and handle and may gain entry that way.
Other Unqualified Username
Greatest anime crossover in history
John D II
John D II 3 horas atrás
That was pitiful.
Soniboy84 3 horas atrás
For some reason I really thought he'll pick a door with movie film like he did with a piece of stick a while back.
Meeker Extreme
Meeker Extreme 3 horas atrás
I never had issues angle grinding a chain that is in use in the real world.
Ian Huhn
Ian Huhn 3 horas atrás
Master Lock company LLC........... That explains everything!
Just Looking
Just Looking 3 horas atrás
2:50 Having a cat in the house would totally defeat the film trick. Burglar: Ima wreck this security with film. Cat: Itsa time to play. Grainger, best catalog ever, after the McMaster Carr catalog. Yeah baby, hardware porn.
Gimme Sum Sugar! xx
Gimme Sum Sugar! xx 3 horas atrás
Hmm a “penetration specialist”, forward him my deets..xx
Lash LaRue
Lash LaRue 3 horas atrás
5:38 - WOAH!! You bent your freakin' hammer!!!
Soggy In Seattle
Soggy In Seattle 3 horas atrás
So a hard lock is a 3-4 minute to pick... why bother to lock it in the first place?
Greg Cooper
Greg Cooper 3 horas atrás
Its cool that Ben Wyatt finally found his calling.
eduards robeznieks
eduards robeznieks 3 horas atrás
i have this padlock at my countryside house! i never knew it was rare!
AgtX999 3 horas atrás
Cant think of any doors ive used that the door will open by pulling the handle up, usually a door with an upward handle movement will only apply the additional locks in the frame when you put the handle up.
Paul Racine
Paul Racine 3 horas atrás
Soggy In Seattle
Soggy In Seattle 3 horas atrás
So this massive lock provided the same security as the cheapest Master lock. It was picked in minutes.
wolfpackflt670 3 horas atrás
Why do all of these gun locks suck so bad.
Carlos Aaron Delapaz
Carlos Aaron Delapaz 3 horas atrás
Not sure if you read these comments, but I work for an industrial company and we are in the market for a set of locks for our large tool boxes and a large set of wether proof locks for our gates. If you have a preference of locks, please let me know.
buspojk von H
buspojk von H 3 horas atrás
On the 1000 episod you shuld do a face reveal.
Gaz S
Gaz S 3 horas atrás
Your vids have got me into lock picking. I made some picks from wiper blades and just picked my first lock about an hour ago. Took me 3 mins, but now i can do it fast hahahaa
Ken Klassen
Ken Klassen 3 horas atrás
So basically made of vinyl and aluminum siding with foam holding it together. No bolt holes to attach to a floor. A cheap skill saw and a wood cutting blade. Be better off just hiding your stuff. As for fire,well I wouldn't trust that either.
wkruit1 3 horas atrás
The only thing safe about this thing, is the name....
agalerex 3 horas atrás
I've been wondering for months if LP has (or will) do videos with deviant ollem, now i know the answer. :D
Pierre R.
Pierre R. 3 horas atrás
Oh boy, i know some of the womans manufacturing those in Rehe Germany. I guess they belive this thing is indestructable
Jon Smail
Jon Smail 4 horas atrás
You want locks, in most cases, to be able to be picked. If you lose yours keys, then what? Of course, a grinder will work but it most cases simply picking will do. This is why you don't always need a Sherman tank to secure a door.
Max Adams
Max Adams 4 horas atrás
Is it possible to make a strike that can tolerate shifting due to weather/seasons? I could see making the hole super tall making it overall much weaker but it's also no good having your doorframe pocked full of holes from the ole annual adjustments
Rex Insanity
Rex Insanity 4 horas atrás
i think heavy tension is a bit necessary, im too new and my tools are junk but this master lock 3 gives so much problems just with light to medium tension. heavy tension seems to work just fine though ...or raking. LOL
Garry Maxwell
Garry Maxwell 4 horas atrás
"what did you do for a living?" "urmm.. you know.. penetration specialist?"
Chandler Gloyd
Chandler Gloyd 4 horas atrás
Knock the bolts out of the hinges, Slide a hanger over the door to pull the handle Slide a hanger under the door to pull the handle use a credit card to push the bolt in
Meeker Extreme
Meeker Extreme 4 horas atrás
Spray paint some lead bars Gold and pack it full...LOL But in all seriousness what if you liquid nails the cylinder lock shut and just rely on the digital aspect? Or just really clue the cover on so it's not prying off?
Raman Yazdani
Raman Yazdani 4 horas atrás
In Sweden, doorshandles only open downwards. I cant fathom why it should open upwards aswell unless you are a company that teaches the film technuiqe ;)
Tobias T
Tobias T 4 horas atrás
Dutch Max
Dutch Max 4 horas atrás
Thats not a locked door, it's a closed door. Shimming it would be faster. In Europe the hinges only go down. Not up.
Bob Davis
Bob Davis 4 horas atrás
Pretty ingenious! I would have never thought of doing that to open a door
XtreeM FaiL
XtreeM FaiL 4 horas atrás
Roughness will fade away after use. I should have watch the vid first.
PuddingGameZ 5 horas atrás
Me watching american Problems.
Thrawn 5 horas atrás
LPL and Ollam doing a collab. My life is now complete.
Keith Sweet
Keith Sweet 5 horas atrás
Are you high deviant
mybluebelly 5 horas atrás
Kodak moment. Why in the world is the handle going upwards in the first place, that`s just lame.
maxwel1 5 horas atrás
No handle in Germany ist moving up
mdlund0 5 horas atrás
"This is not a lock that I would recommend." I'm pretty new to this channel, but it seems like this is a common theme. Do you have a list of locks that you DO recommend (and that are accessible to the public)?
Jason_Music 5 horas atrás
1 million subscribers, congratulation, you can now make a face reveal :)
BearPigs 5 horas atrás
Kodak bacl in business
Andrew Shah-ntz
Andrew Shah-ntz 5 horas atrás
Use a deadbolt, problem solved
Marius Schmitt
Marius Schmitt 6 horas atrás
It is good as security against accidental discharge Well.... a loaded gun should not be lying around for kids to play with or without gunlock ....right?
megapro17 6 horas atrás
Where is your fuсking face??? You're so ugly so must to hide it?
Nathan Brazil
Nathan Brazil 6 horas atrás
I carry a battery powered angle grinder in my car. Let them boot me and they will find their boot in several pieces laying on the curb.
Dennis G.
Dennis G. 6 horas atrás
Zieh-Fix is pronounced "Zee-Fix". The IE is similar to the EE in English like bee or pee and the Z is a bit sharper like a snake. 😊
Zareli Noise
Zareli Noise 6 horas atrás
The most amazing part is 2:07, it takes me way longer to open one of those display packages. Still took him longer to open that plastic package than some of the locks featured here LOL
Kevin Rowe
Kevin Rowe 6 horas atrás
Congratulations on 1 million subscribers!
Monkey J
Monkey J 6 horas atrás
Well at least you're not regurgitating his methods as your own for once. Guess that's a step in the right direction.
dorian diddles
dorian diddles 6 horas atrás
BEST channel EVER.
Valdraya 6 horas atrás
So basically never trust an American to make a door
BigBoyMemer 6 horas atrás
me: parks and locks my $3500 motorbike with confidence of security LPL: click outta 3, 4 is binding
tony 6 horas atrás
handle up to open??
Jeremy Carter
Jeremy Carter 6 horas atrás
Yup, I think they need to change their security rating on the packaging from an 80 down to a 10. 🙄
NoC 6 horas atrás
Only in the US do they have to make a door handle that you can open both ways so some citizens don't get confused and won't be able to open a door.
Kayn96 6 horas atrás
I mean, let's be honest here. It's a lock you're most likely gonna have fastened to your bike in a public place. - And if opening it involves having to hammer those ball bearings down, you can reliably say it'll require some "steady surface" to do so. You can't just do it in the palm of your hand. - Plus it'd be loud, and time consuming, it took you five minutes to do in a comfortable setting with no stress or pressure. - In a practical setting it'd likely draw a lot of attention, and not be stealthy at all. With the time involved as well, a thief will probably consider it an easier endeavor to just take a hacksaw to the chain or use some heavy duty cutters to get it done quicker, rather than fiddle with screwdrivers and hammers. Sorry, but in this one example I feel the "inexcusable" thing is just over-hyped.
Glenn Cerny
Glenn Cerny 6 horas atrás
LPL at a school of covert entry. A match made in heaven.
C Cooper
C Cooper 6 horas atrás
It is annoying that kryptonite made this with flaws that could easily have been avoided. Why is there so much space for the brake disc? No discs are anywhere near as thick as this! All this space does is allow the lock to be turned slightly to improve access for thieves tools. Why did they fit plastic "o" rings and claim they defeat grinders? Fitting steel ball races in place of these o-rings would defeat grinders. A good compact lock but it could have been so much better...
ُSystem32 7 horas atrás
my door handle doesn't go UP to open the door. what tf is that handle?
Schuyler Woodard
Schuyler Woodard 7 horas atrás
They need to stop using brass
Zareli Noise
Zareli Noise 7 horas atrás
Obviously the LockPickingLawyer should go overkill on the lock with an inexpensive bike, however for us mere mortals it's even better to just use a less fancy lock, because, despite being less pick resistant, it will call less unwanted attention as well which adds to the "ugly bike effect".
erg0centric 7 horas atrás
Pick time longer than expected: 130 seconds.
kevin ragsdale
kevin ragsdale 7 horas atrás
Keltec is also the worst gun manufacturer in the world
clownrock95 7 horas atrás
LPL has been having some top notch co labs lately.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 7 horas atrás
Take hinges off
paul lavigne
paul lavigne 7 horas atrás
Criminals salutes you.
Otis Cat
Otis Cat 7 horas atrás
Bolt this safe to the floor of your closet, and hide your valuables in a cereal box.
John Cashwell
John Cashwell 7 horas atrás
Great stuff! I really appreciate the "other side of the door" view!
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies 7 horas atrás
What are the blades made of?
Dennis G.
Dennis G. 7 horas atrás
Hate-Monger Of The Toxic Brood
The fact that the door handle lifts up is super weird. And if you have anything on the frame preventing the door from slamming super hard, this can't happen. And all the people specifically talking about film: silk ribbon should work. No idea why this guy went through the trouble of getting actual film for this.
I Make Reddit Users Cry
Deviant oalf? Yeah he looks high as fuck lol
Alex 8 horas atrás
*penetration expert*
Baba Ayman
Baba Ayman 8 horas atrás
Hey, my zip tie has that Tittle I'm offended you are trying to say that lock is worse then my zip tie
Angelo Tognon
Angelo Tognon 8 horas atrás
Never seen an handle that works this way
Nothing Knew
Nothing Knew 8 horas atrás
Can you gut it? :c