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Bill Morris
Bill Morris 38 minutos atrás
Good morning from SE Louisiana 16 Jun 21.
bobby smartypants
bobby smartypants Hora atrás
He's actually 11-12 years old
Excuse Me What The Fuck
I came here just to see Cillian 🤷‍♂️
Martin Kreps
Martin Kreps Hora atrás
I know Mary J. Blige was nominated for Soul/R&B Female, but I'm surprised she wasn't nominated for this award.
Tiffani Morris
Tiffani Morris 2 horas atrás
Beautiful soul❤️ love you Angelina Jolie ❤️ You were there with Jonny Lee Miller that night❤️True love never dies
Cathy Diane
Cathy Diane 4 horas atrás
Omg the 80s hair. I think she went to the salon and told the stylist “just make me look like my finger is stuck in an electrical outlet”
Clancy Greenwood
Clancy Greenwood 4 horas atrás
This woman had so much class,she was a very talented singer and actress.Very Beautiful lady.
Clancy Greenwood
Clancy Greenwood 5 horas atrás
I love this lady.She is a true legend,she is a class act.
Jet 5 horas atrás
Lynn is so beautiful! Love Judy but Lynn was so good in the josephine baker story
miriã borges
miriã borges 5 horas atrás
Doug Faiella
Doug Faiella 6 horas atrás
I don't think this was 2008. If it was the 90's wanted their hair styles back! lol
Pamela Mack
Pamela Mack 6 horas atrás
Love them!!!
Hamhead 7 horas atrás
What a weird fkg interview lol
The GoodTime FolkRock Show
Dick Clark was such a classy guy of a kind
Y R 9 horas atrás
Leo and Kate’s bond and friendship is absolutely beautiful to see.
Magdam Rutkowski
Magdam Rutkowski 10 horas atrás
Jim Carrey, o melhor ator do mundo.
Vicky Swindoll
Vicky Swindoll 11 horas atrás
She looks bored to me
Josue Henrique
Josue Henrique 12 horas atrás
Quenn ❤
DD 12 horas atrás
Even when the joke is a bad one, I still watched it again, because nobody could deliver jokes like Lasorda could !!
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green 12 horas atrás
I've recently become a fan of her acting.. Sally has the most Amazing sense of Style, she ROCKED her outfits with full on 80's shameless Glamour! A natural beauty with kind eyes
Mardiana Syafrani
Mardiana Syafrani 14 horas atrás
julius ceasar
julius ceasar 15 horas atrás
ya about as funny as there virus
Suman Singh
Suman Singh 16 horas atrás
He such a darling person... Whenever I see him smiling and laughing I don't why I got the same on my face... May God give me one opportunity to meet him one day😘
Tridartika Deanova
Tridartika Deanova 19 horas atrás
Agnes The best one
Selin Kutlugün
Selin Kutlugün 20 horas atrás
Meltem Cumbul ne alaka aq
Epidemic 21 hora atrás
where is his cain? o.O
Romani Gypsy
Romani Gypsy 21 hora atrás
Miss this show
Ark Antika
Ark Antika 22 horas atrás
Never was a tighter unit than Dazz Band . Pure virtuosity
ACC 23 horas atrás
Frida is so werid, talks like a soulless robot.
Lykos2 23 horas atrás
1984 mkay......... AH........... this looks better than the UFO"S videos from 2021!! wow! lol
Homer cles
Homer cles Dia atrás
Interviewer loves himself way too much. Nothing more annoying than a host that constantly interrupts the answer to a question he just asked!!
Bunni Armani
Bunni Armani Dia atrás
Such a genuine man, so handsome and always dressed attractively. Miss his work and style.
Payne, Inc.
Payne, Inc. Dia atrás
Still fine as hell 10yrs later too
Lengyel J
Lengyel J Dia atrás
Tom cruise is actor God!!!!
anna caroline
anna caroline Dia atrás
oh my god is so funny how they tried to give her the glasses lmao
kolonnage71 Dia atrás
glad we still have her.
Warren Roy
Warren Roy Dia atrás
One more thing. I am a man who is twice widowed. And a preacher too. I would love to find a third one with hopes to understand the Doctrine of the Trinity better. My basis. How can I be the husband of one wife married three times(1 Tim.3:2)?
Eddie G
Eddie G Dia atrás
That chick in the background has a smile like Monica Lewinsky 😂
Warren Roy
Warren Roy Dia atrás
A lady asked her husband, "Honey would you remarry if I die before you do?" The husband answered, "You mean you want me to attend your funeral by myself?!"
wow merl💪❤️😎down to earth handsome guy
Nicole Holford Lockney
Happy 90th Birthday to Marla Gibbs!
Peter Booth
Peter Booth Dia atrás
I fell in love with Winona the first time I saw her in Beetlejuice. I may be biased but it is my considered opinion that she is the most beautiful woman ever to walk the planet. Also a very talented actress.
Mr Hoff
Mr Hoff Dia atrás
So, you're musicians. Lets talk about hair.
randall calloway
randall calloway Dia atrás
So y’all where was Edmund ???
SonnyGTA Dia atrás
Whaaaats the deal with these awaaards?
Kris M
Kris M Dia atrás
House is not a drama series its a medical comedy show. Still well deserved for tge acting though..
Len Drury
Len Drury Dia atrás
Shelly is hot as hell 🔥
ex Ysness
ex Ysness Dia atrás
Angela is so nervous, they both are! So cute. Dig the tiger jacket too
Udesh Gihan
Udesh Gihan Dia atrás
xxcharmed1xx Dia atrás
When she thanks them you can just tell by the looks on their face that they didnt feel the same about her.
WD Harris
WD Harris Dia atrás
She should have won for What's up Doc? she crushed that role.
Noah Levine
Noah Levine Dia atrás
Anyone feel "House" is merely impersonating a British actor?
Noah Levine
Noah Levine Dia atrás
He deserved an Emmy...a ton of them.
sammavacaist Dia atrás
Ben Affleck caught ordering a drink lol.
Brian Dia atrás
She soundz like Louise from malcom in the middle
Osman Lülecioğlu
It's clear from his eyes that Ross is in love. You didn't deserve Rachel, Brad.
Soft Pink
Soft Pink Dia atrás
Chris Noth :)
Soft Pink
Soft Pink Dia atrás
Martin Sheen presented her the Golden Globes twice :)
Даниел Кулевски
I thought he was a doctor, not an actor.
Mod Grip
Mod Grip Dia atrás
He’s amazing.
blissfulbaboon Dia atrás
And he was the greatest
Sarah HAMIA Dia atrás
i though my speed was at 0.75 😂
steve hansen
steve hansen 2 dias atrás
Dick Clark is a DICK. Always slams anything Canadian. He is a fucking asshole in my book.
ruffwayy zay
ruffwayy zay 2 dias atrás
So cute
Goddard Bolt
Goddard Bolt 2 dias atrás
The Bartender from The Last Detail disliked this video!!!
Le'ron morton
Le'ron morton 2 dias atrás
Luv me some Natalie Cole 😄😄👍 ..Miss you queen ...R.I.P. 😥😥
Le'ron morton
Le'ron morton 2 dias atrás
Yessss the beautiful Natalie Cole 😃😃 .. paying tribute to another Legend Mrs Ella Fitzgerald 🤗🤗
Darren Scott
Darren Scott 2 dias atrás
The womanly makeup understandably match because teaching consistently manage between a alert creek. nonstop, colorful ship
MrStitty26 2 dias atrás
You can tell he nearly let his real talking voice slip out there. Just like Gilbert Godfrey, Michael Jackson apparently had quite the deep voice.
receive JESUSCHRIST 2 dias atrás
I must say. Those were some good looking young men. Like they all look alike.
Roddy Segger
Roddy Segger 2 dias atrás
I wonder if "The Rock" is a big fan? That group and "The Rock" had similar family upbringings. Definitely have an R&B sound, Liz is great looking and talented/modest. I wonder if Dick Clark came up with "the sound of Philly" TSOP nickname?
Jayson Mello
Jayson Mello 2 dias atrás
Ah Donna. You are missed.
Some Brave Apollo
Some Brave Apollo 2 dias atrás
What year was this?
Mary Moran
Mary Moran 2 dias atrás
Kohntarkosz 2 dias atrás
Funny that she says they were schoolteachers, because if you've seen the video of them from 2011, she kinda LOOKS like a schoolteacher tehse days. lol
Chavis Jones
Chavis Jones 2 dias atrás
Whoopi is a spitting image of her mom. Strong black women.
Zach B
Zach B 2 dias atrás
Nothing against dick Clark but he didn’t really seem like the greatest interviewer
Pearl M
Pearl M 2 dias atrás
He really loved Nicole.