Max Klymenko
Max Klymenko
Max Klymenko
Hi, I'm Max! I run a creative business and make videos about brands, marketing and psychology.

I have four university degrees in law, economics, business and sociology. I have also worked in law and corporate consultancy before starting my own agency.

Hope my videos help you!
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Isabel Noyer
Isabel Noyer 15 horas atrás
Just another dude shitting on stuff girls like
My phone, a charger and a first aid kit
Artie POV
Artie POV 15 horas atrás
I just want to know where yall applying for job
Slayer’s Brother
Slayer’s Brother 15 horas atrás
Bro stop saying isreal it is the same ass calling ukrain russia would u like that?
Lance Christopher Mambo
Lance Christopher Mambo 15 horas atrás
More than 1
Natedawg 2.0
Natedawg 2.0 15 horas atrás
i got it right 😁
Antonoid 15 horas atrás
Good to see a danish place on one of your videos
ANNA 15 horas atrás
Man i don't care abt taste i'ma just drink it
Victoria Cheeseburger
Victoria Cheeseburger 15 horas atrás
You do know that the brain technically uses sugar as fuel right? And I think cookies have more sugar than carrots. Technically the study's results do not point to "willpower", it's that your vehicle (brain) has more fuel (sugar) when you eat cookies instead of carrots, that's why you can keep going for longer
Lionkingview 15 horas atrás
1. Self defence 2. To cut a big piece of paper into small notes to write on 3.To traumatize myself with memories of how shit I was at arts and crafts
Karim Hany
Karim Hany 15 horas atrás
How about Dubai
Joshua Laudermilk
Joshua Laudermilk 15 horas atrás
Do cheapest
Ezra Tse
Ezra Tse 15 horas atrás
Didn’t expect Hong Kong to be that high on the list (didn’t even expect it to be on the list)🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰
That Bill Guy
That Bill Guy 15 horas atrás
To be honest I'd use it to cut traffic LMAO
Muryoku 16 horas atrás
If you eat crust first you are donald trump
Ali 16 horas atrás
My answer was: What?
Jagos Sepic
Jagos Sepic 16 horas atrás
Most expensive pizza cost 12 000$ -Mr.Beast calling
Albion Morina
Albion Morina 16 horas atrás
eyoooooo some people like pizza more than burger it does not matter your prefer if you whant a food test just say the benifits of both not ho is better in taste because pizza i the best food
Voltage 16 horas atrás
Man just killed 100 people
Triskitsgambler 16 horas atrás
yo wtf bro. wild this is real
Mr Path
Mr Path 16 horas atrás
Well the cookies 🍪 were distracting
K Smith
K Smith 16 horas atrás
This is just like Rory in Gilmore girls because she falls in love with dean in high school and they are like puppy love but then she falls in love with Jess who is toxic towards her but then she finds Logan unexpectedly
FreezedUpFrost 16 horas atrás
"I slap the apple logo on the scissors and sell it for 1000$.." Apple: YOU'RE HIRED!
daniel Rybuk
daniel Rybuk 16 horas atrás
My father lives in tel aviv... the rent is so expensive!!! Its like buying a new car every couple of months, absolutely insane.
Ben Jonas
Ben Jonas 16 horas atrás
I just came here to stack shelves, ima head out
Samuelito 16 horas atrás
At The Moment He Throwed The Pizza All Italy Died (I'm Italian💀)
The Informatics
The Informatics 16 horas atrás
After eating all those cookies 🍪 i would probably fall asleep rather doing my project !!! 😂
Aron Toor
Aron Toor 16 horas atrás
Hmmmm interesting
Janelle Hood
Janelle Hood 16 horas atrás
Every detail we received from this guy had zero to do with her employment and everything to do with her being a feminist social justice warrior…. That is why we chose option 2…..
Bvhj Bghknb
Bvhj Bghknb 16 horas atrás
I guess this is a channel for teenagers