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This is the end.
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Goodbye FaZe Rug...
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100 Comentários
Luke Anjema
Luke Anjema 18 minutos atrás
One flinch move should be the sound of a pix axe breaking in Minecraft!
Art matters
Art matters 18 minutos atrás
Show us your new house!
Don't Read My Profile Picture
Nobody : Rug : Making everyone's quaratine better! Btw don't read my name ❤
Lexis _
Lexis _ 19 minutos atrás
Dude vlog creations the best
The Twinz
The Twinz 19 minutos atrás
Brandon’s drawing looks like squidward
Carly Mathews
Carly Mathews 19 minutos atrás
I hate your neighbors
Ramen Bae
Ramen Bae 19 minutos atrás
noah's collection
noah's collection 19 minutos atrás
I give your fort 10/10
Bohdan Faulkner
Bohdan Faulkner 19 minutos atrás
Bro that guy is from storage wars😱
Lori Pace
Lori Pace 19 minutos atrás
DoNt bE Shy, SuBscRIbe SomE MoRe!
Jacob Birch
Jacob Birch 19 minutos atrás
Man has a Louis v face mask but wears a disposable one 😂💀
Trapsaul Yuh
Trapsaul Yuh 20 minutos atrás
16 million
XylonZ 20 minutos atrás
yes thirft challenge
Acid BunnyYT
Acid BunnyYT 20 minutos atrás
Click bait be like
Benjamin Hansen
Benjamin Hansen 20 minutos atrás
Ana Hinojosa
Ana Hinojosa 21 minuto atrás
why were u in a bath tub?
40a Sakisaki
40a Sakisaki 21 minuto atrás
Kaidan Jones
Kaidan Jones 21 minuto atrás
Fun facts: Natural Disaster's are 100 times worst [the real Natural Disaster]😂😂😂
Lauren Constantino
Lauren Constantino 21 minuto atrás
Wait how does Noah know that it tastes like what his cat eats?!
Art matters
Art matters 21 minuto atrás
Please don’t turn into colins key LOL
Magali Manrriquez
Magali Manrriquez 21 minuto atrás
Sleep in it
Dustin Dompier
Dustin Dompier 21 minuto atrás
How many days on average does it take to make one vid?
Hynzz 1
Hynzz 1 21 minuto atrás
That’s literally Raine from storage wars what the
Aylo 21 minuto atrás
7/10 Because You Had No Bev
Statiic zzz
Statiic zzz 22 minutos atrás
Bro u look kinda different without the mustache I'm I wrong?
Becka Pace
Becka Pace 22 minutos atrás
Yo rug I want to meet
dc35 Sharpepocsortr
dc35 Sharpepocsortr 22 minutos atrás
Faze:keep ur ears peeled Me:cuts ears 👍
Daniel Govender
Daniel Govender 22 minutos atrás
So apparently rice is used to balls dropping over his face
Drew 22 minutos atrás
6 out of 10
noob 3559
noob 3559 22 minutos atrás
l give it a 3
Ali Hassoun
Ali Hassoun 23 minutos atrás
Can someone tell me where his shirt is from I wanna get one
Caleb & Lexi
Caleb & Lexi 23 minutos atrás
fuck u
sxcii_ 23 minutos atrás
The thing I’m really scared of are little girls with long hair and white dresses, it just gives me chills
Flaminco 23 minutos atrás
Morenia Arias
Morenia Arias 23 minutos atrás
DJ J5 :
DJ J5 : 23 minutos atrás
You are a Golddigger
raahym Mustafa
raahym Mustafa 23 minutos atrás
Mike Aliozor
Mike Aliozor 23 minutos atrás
I love your video always make me happy from Italy
Becca Jane
Becca Jane 23 minutos atrás
IamNotLone 24 minutos atrás
4:46 You mean a minecraft door
Carlos Cano
Carlos Cano 24 minutos atrás
(THRIFT STORE ITEM CHALLENGE) Goes to the Gucci thrift of all thrift stores 😒 that ain’t no thrift lol
Ashley Alvarez
Ashley Alvarez 24 minutos atrás
Rug and papa rug should make a channel where they just build things
Salvador Rico
Salvador Rico 24 minutos atrás
At 1:35 I knew that when Noah said can u play a song it was gonna be rugs shit
Masapan 24 minutos atrás
I’ve the Carolina reaper
Irvin Jimenez
Irvin Jimenez 25 minutos atrás
Noah Is i good guy and you shud had him as a camara guy
SFMASTERUPFRONT 25 minutos atrás
I rate it a 1 loser
braun strowman
braun strowman 25 minutos atrás
Congratulations on the baby
Dominic Mentzer
Dominic Mentzer 25 minutos atrás
I live in Ephrata pa
Eniel Cedillo
Eniel Cedillo 25 minutos atrás
imagine if gordon ramsay came here and saw that 💀
Liam McEachen
Liam McEachen 25 minutos atrás
i rate it a 8
Chandder Reyes
Chandder Reyes 25 minutos atrás
A solid 7/10
Khris Smith
Khris Smith 26 minutos atrás
Ion like the idea of thrift store
blake billionaire
blake billionaire 26 minutos atrás
24 hrs in fort
HSO Adrian
HSO Adrian 26 minutos atrás
Bro why did u shave ur beard bro
Dodgerfan 2009
Dodgerfan 2009 26 minutos atrás
Play fortnite again
d6rk 26 minutos atrás
So we not gonna talk about how thick that mom is ??
MVP Mr. Simp
MVP Mr. Simp 27 minutos atrás
wasn't there some sort of show on Nickelodeon where the contestant would get slimed if the answer was wrong?
Savan Almaleh
Savan Almaleh 27 minutos atrás
I’ll rate it 3-10
Flaminco 27 minutos atrás
Threat-lord 27 minutos atrás
I think 30
Irvin Jimenez
Irvin Jimenez 27 minutos atrás
If you are coming to my house come whit a lambo ;)
sofia Lopez
sofia Lopez 28 minutos atrás
Did anyone notice the guy that works there in the red he's from storage wars😂
Nathaniel Ho
Nathaniel Ho 28 minutos atrás
Did anyone see how he wrote thirft store
EW_ToxicChed 28 minutos atrás
I don’t think they got the drills at the thrift store 😂😭
CloutHurts 28 minutos atrás
i miss the old rug videos these videos are more for younger kids in my opinion
Distractt 28 minutos atrás
definitely a 9
QuavyFN ت
QuavyFN ت 29 minutos atrás
Steling iedeas morejstu did this video
Jakov69 29 minutos atrás
Do you remember when you played the oujia board and his name is Noah and he said hes gonna follow you to new house and your new cameramans name is Noah. Coincidice??
Prodigy Manny
Prodigy Manny 29 minutos atrás
Lol noah looks stoned af
Maddux Fontenot
Maddux Fontenot 29 minutos atrás
Who else is watching his two years late
X4 Life
X4 Life 29 minutos atrás
O hope you do t get slimed that would be terrible especially if it’s sticky 😂
Ishdis Isxjh
Ishdis Isxjh 29 minutos atrás
boring video
Eileen Kiely
Eileen Kiely 30 minutos atrás
Is ther any old baby dolls if ther is can you send me 1
Eileen Kiely
Eileen Kiely 26 minutos atrás
An dolls in the thrift shop
Brianna Figueroa
Brianna Figueroa 30 minutos atrás
RuG: I learned how to use a drill Me: I'm 11 and I learned how to use a drill a while ago but no hate everyone learners at different times :3
Raptorr 30 minutos atrás
24 hour challenge in there out side
Thomas Dunphy
Thomas Dunphy 30 minutos atrás
I rate 8or7
Abel Liz
Abel Liz 30 minutos atrás
Avery Hilton
Avery Hilton 30 minutos atrás
"Dress" lol I never skip
Masapan 30 minutos atrás
1:10 weed ?
FaZe_kingjoe83 Like and subscribe
Everyone sub to me
LegEndaRy Nub
LegEndaRy Nub 30 minutos atrás
Soooooo close to 16M
Omar Momin
Omar Momin 31 minuto atrás
Brian opening birthday gifts be like a first grader on christmas
Cesar Jaquez
Cesar Jaquez 31 minuto atrás
It's so cool that his dad is in the music video
Alesha Carter
Alesha Carter 31 minuto atrás
I didn't scream
vGreen 31 minuto atrás
aint that dude from storage wars or sum lol
Riicky 31 minuto atrás
Love how rug threw in the wwe reference
Felicia Blankson
Felicia Blankson 32 minutos atrás
He always blurred swear words but then different
Sarah asare
Sarah asare 32 minutos atrás
Luis Orellana
Luis Orellana 32 minutos atrás
Vc_Wave 32 minutos atrás
Aaron Arreola
Aaron Arreola 32 minutos atrás
The hunted tunnel
PaixYT 32 minutos atrás
Nobody noticed the famous dude from storage wars?
Shawaiz Ali
Shawaiz Ali 32 minutos atrás
9 out of 10
nemesis prime
nemesis prime 32 minutos atrás
DRIPPY. Insta name jofielalejandro_12
Anibaba olalekan
Anibaba olalekan 32 minutos atrás
No bad comments Rug keep doing good!!!!!
Marisol Ramos
Marisol Ramos 32 minutos atrás
10 out of 10🔥✌🏽
Parker Smith
Parker Smith 32 minutos atrás
It starts happening at 5:10
Alina Azimi
Alina Azimi 33 minutos atrás
do a challenge last to leave the fort unless u ruined it already
J Garcia
J Garcia 33 minutos atrás
no credit to the people who did this already?
Tesla News
Tesla News 33 minutos atrás
It’s not Magenta it’s Magantè