Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours
Welcome! Here at Tiny Home Tours, we are passionate about all things tiny living. You’ll find tiny homes, school bus conversions, camper vans, ambulance and box truck conversions, RV’s, shipping containers and so much more.

We’re excited about showcasing how people make this life work, whether that’s through multiple streams of income, remote work, seasonal work, or plain old ingenuity and creativity.

Living life outside of the four walls of a traditional home takes courage. We’re eager to tour with anyone who has taken the plunge to minimize and live a more intentional life. It doesn’t matter if your build costs $5K or $100K!

Below you’ll find links to our social channels, courses we’ve created on everything from turning a school bus into a tiny home on wheels to how to make money on the road, our podcast, and our newsletter subscription.

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