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100 Comentários
mike vic
mike vic 2 horas atrás
Stephen A Smith is a goofy clown. No Toronto Raptors?
goku uchiha
goku uchiha 2 horas atrás
I agree SAS as for usual espn keeps on unnecessary jokes serious.
Kaden Otten
Kaden Otten 2 horas atrás
Jalen rose is still salty at the Lakers #81
James Wilson
James Wilson 2 horas atrás
Yup, sounds about right. Let’s hold every 17 year old boy accountable when they don’t turn out to be what they thought they wanted.
dcomputers 2 horas atrás
he has a few options . he either drop at least a good 50 pounds or adjust his style of play ,such as play like shaq back to the basket or he needs to shoot like melo , mid range 2 step and shoot.
jacob ahyau
jacob ahyau 2 horas atrás
JW will change his predictions after this week
Leo Richards
Leo Richards 2 horas atrás
0:55 Ayo Jay, it's "Respeck"
Malcölm Majöp
Malcölm Majöp 2 horas atrás
He's lying of course. MJ isn't class at al. Here is the difference with LeBron. LeBron would never say that. Shame on MJ.
Samuel Bane
Samuel Bane 2 horas atrás
Zoey Paige
Zoey Paige 2 horas atrás
It’s the Rocket’s fault. Chris Paul was a silly pickup because your two best players are a repeat of skill sets. With Westbrook, it’s a MORONIC idea. Two max players with the two highest usage rates, and high turnover ratios not to mention less than amazing defenders.
Chasing Musky and salmon
Lakers didn’t make the playoffs last year. What is this lady talking about!
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic 2 horas atrás
SAS again with his bulshit about Hayward. It was Kyrie who ruined the Celtics last season. Just watch them now. They are going to the Finals!
Cee King
Cee King 2 horas atrás
Andrew Magwaro
Andrew Magwaro 2 horas atrás
Let's not overlook the fact that MJ & Kobe had a better support in terms of Scottie & Shaq compared to Kyrie or Wade @ the end of his prime. & don't forget the coaching was better for Kobe & MJ
#LakeShow 2 horas atrás
Hehe okay 😂
Ramessu 2 horas atrás
Sorry to see this kid hurt but a diet shoudlve been implemented during contract signing,summer league and definetly before preseason.
the king of digging
the king of digging 2 horas atrás
Hes the goat u have 2 respect it
Victor Lott
Victor Lott 2 horas atrás
As a rockets fan this is facts. Should’ve won without Chris Paul. Him not playing wasn’t the reason we lost even though it would’ve been great to have him, we lost because they missed 27 straight 3s. All you had to do was make 3 😭
Mega Josh X
Mega Josh X 2 horas atrás
Harden is playing like Westbrook isn't even on the team
Delano III
Delano III 2 horas atrás
when i first heard his comments i took them literally, as in steph is literally not in the hof yet
Book of shadows contributor Brian
200rd comment 💰💳
vond bee
vond bee 2 horas atrás
Young against old, dark against light. That's old n America.
Trevor Gittens
Trevor Gittens 2 horas atrás
Elway like most of the NFL people, they are looking for a white quarterback which u can c is a little difficult, they jealous of the African American quarterbacks, and like n all other sports, they can only slow them down, but they can't stop in. 😎
Blair Calaway
Blair Calaway 2 horas atrás
Jordan is buggin. And that's my dude. But I love it.. It puts things in perspective and holds players to a higher standard.
Shane Persad
Shane Persad 2 horas atrás
I guess Curry drawing 3-4 defenders, running with out the ball, invented a new style of play, being guarded half court up by everyone, running a marathon every night with out the ball, deadliest shooter in NBA history is not enough... Not to mention he open the market to every average joe who think they can drop 3s and are not necessarily 6'5'-6'10 hope to one day play in the NBA...
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers 2 horas atrás
I live in Vegas. Caesars Sports Book is a popularity contest to draw in players. They don't mention what the odds are in a Clippers Lakers WCF because thats more like 50-1 Lakers. 😂😂
Meet the Fr34ks
Meet the Fr34ks 2 horas atrás
Clippers and Lakers overated I'm sorry but u fans are so gullible to the media
raul htx
raul htx 2 horas atrás
I agree Mr Jordan
Shane Persad
Shane Persad 2 horas atrás
Bet you house on MJ team and talent acquisition acument ahahahahha
Loc T
Loc T 2 horas atrás
I'm rooting for the Clippers. But if, IF, the Lakers figure out the high-low style on top of pick-n-roll offense then they will be unstoppable. Big IF though
WavyAli 2 horas atrás
Stephen A a clown for this
Stranger Stranger
Stranger Stranger 2 horas atrás
He ain’t no hall of Famer because he won’t come home and play for you
The Kid Fame
The Kid Fame 2 horas atrás
Zion Oden..
Dee Lee
Dee Lee 2 horas atrás
Obviously I speak to Mike "frequently"
tevfik enis
tevfik enis 2 horas atrás
If Yao ming is HoF, then Curry is x10 HoF.
Bruno Sabino
Bruno Sabino 2 horas atrás
TreyJames 19
TreyJames 19 2 horas atrás
Wow did Michael Irvin who is undeniably affiliated with the Cowboys just pick someone as his mvp that isn't playing for the Cowboys?!!!!
David Rocker
David Rocker 2 horas atrás
Wow! you guys need to leave the kinesiology to the experts!
LukeCanHoop 2 horas atrás
Stephen “the fact of the matter is” A Smith
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Jordan should be banned from talking basketball what has he ever done? 🎏🔨
D low Lofton
D low Lofton 2 horas atrás
I agree with Jordan stephs defense has always been suspect he is the best shooter to ever touch a nba court but I would a defense first point guard
SquadAF 2 horas atrás
I’m a laker fan but I really can’t deny what Kawhi has done since he became elite offensively he effects the game in such a major way . You’ll see exactly why . Same thing that happened to the spurs will happen to the raptors . It’ll show you the impact of Kawhi
Danijel Kezmah
Danijel Kezmah 2 horas atrás
Somethings wrong.. Molly didn’t say anything for 7 minutes.
Ray W
Ray W 2 horas atrás
If Curry is actually a superstar they will be in the playoffs... Idk how this is a discussion
jacob ahyau
jacob ahyau 2 horas atrás
Agree with MJ.. listen and learn.
Boss Hog Zoomer
Boss Hog Zoomer 2 horas atrás
Should have asked MJ,if he would like Curry on the Hornets if he could get him.😆😆😆😆 MJ is arguably the greatest,but instead of that position being enough to feed his ego a lifetime,he darkly dissed Curry. Motherfucker jealous because eventhough MJ is arguably the greatest to ever play. There is no doubt in the minds,hearts of the basketball world and record books,that Curry is the greatest long ball shooter to ever pick up a basketball. MJ's ego wont let him, publicly retract that ludicrous statement,call Curry and apologize,over dinner. Rack of lamb,MJ's treat.
ESSJ333 2 horas atrás
MJ is the GOAT, hes sitting back with a cigar in his mouth and thought let me just make a silly comment so these ESPN dumbasses have something different to talk about instead of the GOAT discussion. We all know Steph is a HOF player.
John Yu
John Yu 2 horas atrás
Molly, stop interrupting
Aaron Koh
Aaron Koh 2 horas atrás
TIL: People commenting are dumb and don't know a joke when they see one. Look at MJ's face when he said that, it's tongue in cheek and Steph is technically not in the HOF "YET" compared to the other guys he's mentioned.
Ellster B
Ellster B 2 horas atrás
no kd and kyrie?
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Max on weed 🚬☠
John Holman
John Holman 2 horas atrás
In all do fairness, Mj said that Steph wasn't a h.o.f. "YET". Meaning he knows he's going to be in the hall BUT he is still playing right now. So until he gets there, he is NOT a h.o.f.
Cindy Allen
Cindy Allen 2 horas atrás
His Father did not say this . , . I’ll take his word first.
dizzle522 2 horas atrás
WOOOOOOW!!!! First video in a while where Molly didn't talk. Watched it TWICE AND gave thumbs up. Thanks Molly. I KNOW it was killing you at 2:33 (jalen) but you swallowed it back like a throw up burp champ. Keep up the good work lady.
MrTaurean513 2 horas atrás
AD and Lebron Kawhi and PG13 Harden and Westbrook Curry and Klay(if fully healthy) Dame and CJ
daniel newton
daniel newton 2 horas atrás
Neither is kobe or Tim Duncan
R P 2 horas atrás
Talks about Steph Curry. Turns in a Lebron conversation.
Kirbystare1992 2 horas atrás
Yea cause point guards just set screens all the time...
Arlen Lee
Arlen Lee 2 horas atrás
Steph and Klay destroyed Portland
daniel newton
daniel newton 2 horas atrás
He isnt a hall of Famer YET!
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers 2 horas atrás
Clippers are ESPNs favorites. In the real world the clippers have no real fans. Just LAKER haters.
Mac Xavier
Mac Xavier 2 horas atrás
Only on First Take does a conversation that literally has NOTHING TO DO with LeBron James AT ALL become a five-minute diatribe about the man 🙄 smh but since we're bringin him up, whatever. Is he a HoFer or not? Is Kevin Durant a HoFer or not? Of course they are, and I'm not a fan of either of em. Don't give me this bullshit about "oh, Steph is still playin, so he's not a HoFer". RIGHT NOW, Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter to ever walk the planet, the only unanimous MVP EVER (sorry Mike 🤷🏾‍♂️), and one of the top two or three point guards in NBA history. If we're judging by the totality of a player's career, then I'm assuming we're also taking into account Michael's time with the Wizards? Those weren't exactly Hall-of-Fame caliber seasons.
max69 2 horas atrás
Очень не красиво со стороны MJ. Кэрри уникальный игрок, игрок который привёл свою команду к чемпионству, игрок, который не бегал по командам, как Леброн. Кроме того, он разыгрывающий, маленький игрок.
grantp33 2 horas atrás
He said he's not a hall of Famer yet, it's actual truth. And he also said *yet. So he told actual facts. Jordan and me talk frequently, he likes to say stuff to see if they make segment out of it. Cause they are whores of the nets.
Trey Chapo
Trey Chapo 2 horas atrás
Stayyyyy offffff the WEEEEEEEEEED, Dame over Russell yes but barely and cj is nowhere near James harden not even close smh
Book of shadows contributor Brian
199th comment ⛹🏿📼
Adi 24
Adi 24 2 horas atrás
You KNOW it's a Lakers town when the Clippers host the Lakers.... and it's still a Lakers home game.
Charles Brouwer
Charles Brouwer 2 horas atrás
Dallas is nice and warm the Cowboys would be the best team in the league if Brady was on it
Josh Brown
Josh Brown 2 horas atrás
Who cares? Why do we bother asking mj's opinion?
Hunter 2 horas atrás
Just because Kawhi and PG go to a clippers team who has been overly mediocre, doesn't mean they're favorites to win it all. I mean you gotta look at the rest of the team, the key pieces that helped the raptors win the title. I don't know if the clippers have depth like that. Maybe they do, but I'm just saying that it's kinda bs that a mediocre franchise gets a few players and boom they're gonna win it all. Personally, I think the Lakers should be the favorites with AD, LeBron, Kuz, Cousins, Rondo. They're much more rounded.
ESSJ333 2 horas atrás
MJ is the GOAT, hes sitting back with a cigar in his mouth and thought let me just make a silly comment so these ESPN dumbasses have something different to talk about instead of the GOAT discussion. We all know Steph is a HOF player.
Halo Boss
Halo Boss 2 horas atrás
Steph curry getting ready to prove evreyone wrong
Xander Sanders
Xander Sanders 2 horas atrás
Did Alex Caruso die?
Masoud Abdun-Noor
Masoud Abdun-Noor 2 horas atrás
Now we see why the hornets are what they are
Admiral Xizor
Admiral Xizor 2 horas atrás
They are going to max out Klay, and SAS is talking about "NOW NOW NOW"..!!! Please.
Petar Georgiev
Petar Georgiev 2 horas atrás
This will not age well.
Dollarize 2 horas atrás
Woj looks like a proper nerd
nucl3arboNg 2 horas atrás
J Will is the last person to talk the guy's a fool....just look how his career went lol.
VwWwWwWwWwW 2 horas atrás
This jazz team will be fighting for the 6-8 spot.....who cares
Forever Forever
Forever Forever 2 horas atrás
Is people dumb it's not one player that's playing that's a hof player right now Damm I can't believe people minds is that shallow
Nathaniel21 2 horas atrás
As the best player on a team, yes. But he could win more as a lesser star or role player when he's old.
Avery Horvath
Avery Horvath 2 horas atrás
Panthers fan here, yeah we ain’t giving you cam lol
angelo de leon
angelo de leon 2 horas atrás
Deja vu all over again for the Yankees...
Liam 2 horas atrás
This went so far away from the original topic
Christian McMahon
Christian McMahon 2 horas atrás
Stephen A “I love Him, he’s my Brother” Smith
Scott Sophia
Scott Sophia 2 horas atrás
One word: *Charlotte*
Rochambeau 21
Rochambeau 21 2 horas atrás
The only people who took this out of context are Lebron stans because they’re retarded
Sam Or Sammie
Sam Or Sammie 2 horas atrás
Such a misleading bullshit title, 76ers barely mentioned, but all Lakers talk. What is this? Undisputed with Skip Bayless? 😒😒😒😒
K Fam Adventures
K Fam Adventures 2 horas atrás
This is a great example of "give the media an inch, they'll take a marathon"
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 2 horas atrás
Laker fans are so delusional just because you have AD doesn't mean y'all will win the chip, LeBron is almost out of his prime. Clippers got the deadliest defense than anybody in the league well let's not forget Philly too, but anyways when George comes back they will lock you up, Lakers don't have much defense, AD is their only best defender.
Young NewOrleanian
Young NewOrleanian 2 horas atrás
Loyal Philly fan
Loyal Philly fan 2 horas atrás
Embiid & simmons should be in here over klay & curry. I heard klay isn’t even gonna play this season.
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes 2 horas atrás
he’s maybe saying that to get curry fired up, try to get curry to prove him wrong this season
LEVITICUS 19:15 2 horas atrás
Stephen Curry will destroy Jordan.
Rocket Dreamer
Rocket Dreamer 2 horas atrás
❤ you Mike but future headlines gonna read, "Steph career avg 40 points per game against hornets SINCE the year MJ said he wasnt a hall of famer"🤦
Michael Cross
Michael Cross 2 horas atrás
How does MJ go 7 games with a sorry Cavs squad....He had a bunch of bums gaurding him in the 80's and 90's...😂😂..What is Craig Ehlo going to do in today's NBA...
JAY 275
JAY 275 2 horas atrás
I'm pretty sure if your a MVP, your in
Boston Chris
Boston Chris 2 horas atrás
And the crazy thing is the Celtics in my opinion got the best player in the draft Carsen Edwards. I think two years from now when it comes to this year‘s draft he will be the leading in points
Long Beach Anonymous
Long Beach Anonymous 2 horas atrás
Not a Hall of famer yet but its already pretty established that he's probably the greatest shooter in NBA History and he already has 3 Championship rings. Ok Mike.
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 2 horas atrás
U can’t give kawhi the crown when he had one really good season and lebron has been good for 15 seasons
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 horas atrás
The most underrated draft class of all-time.