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let's escape...
2 anos atrás
H.1 - Further
2 anos atrás
E66S 卵 - gently
2 anos atrás
idealism - Lonely
2 anos atrás
Xandra  - Daylight
2 anos atrás
geerad - japan
2 anos atrás
100 Comentários
CHIN YONG CHING Moe 2 horas atrás
songs here give me butterflies <3
Joyce Dingou
Joyce Dingou 2 horas atrás
Pulling an all-nighter tee hee :)
Kouachi Vang
Kouachi Vang 2 horas atrás
yo you >.> yeah you fool just wanna say... hope you really doing well ^-^ life is so messed up right now but ay stay strong keep positive and just C H I L L & V I B E.
poopy cup
poopy cup 3 horas atrás
why is jazz hopping
I love this song. I don't know why but it just touches my heart??
Cerenity :3
Cerenity :3 4 horas atrás
Black lives do matter... And i feel bad that the person got some backlash for the title. I saw him recently change it. :/
Lovely Rainbow
Lovely Rainbow 4 horas atrás
2:47am tingzzzz, to whoever is reading this, have an awesome day/night 🤍🦋💖🙏🏽
Mohamad Razzaq Jassim
Mohamad Razzaq Jassim 4 horas atrás
to whoever reading this ! i love you <3 have a sweet day :3
Cufilth 5 horas atrás
bruh.. you ruined that beautiful illustration with that cheap ass background/border
AngelFlow3r 6 horas atrás
This is so peaceful sounding it just makes me so relaxed ^_^
Monika Hong*
Monika Hong* 6 horas atrás
I'm having my art exam right now and while listening to this while at home is so relaxing. 😌
m i l k t e a
m i l k t e a 6 horas atrás
i’m hurting a lot right now and feel like i can’t talk to anyone. but lofi music helps a lot and i love this whole community, the purest and kindest community there is. so thank you for that <3
Cherry Sodaa
Cherry Sodaa 7 horas atrás
Cookie Xoxo
Cookie Xoxo 7 horas atrás
There may be multiple reasons a person clicks on this video. Some want a soothing track to lull them to sleep. To those people: leave the comments and get the rest you deserve, sleep well. Some are lonely or are feeling very sad. To those people: all pain ends eventually. The good will come soon enough. You can do this! Some may be studying. To those people: leave the comments, I wish you good luck, you're going to do amazing. Some can't stand the silence and the thoughts and tears that accompany the silence. To those people: take a deep breath in. Now exhale and say, "I'm fine. I will be fine. I am in control. I am okay." Some may have clicked on this video by accident. To those people, I hope you enjoyed the music :) To anyone who is reading this right now, I love you and so do many others. You have nothing to worry about. Take a breath and appreciate the good things about this world. Everything is and will be okay. You've got this. *I just want to specify that I am spreading the message. I am not the one writing this, but I did edit the original comment to my liking, adding more beauty and more happiness. Anyways, I am just trying to be honest.
Jayvyn Sheppard
Jayvyn Sheppard 7 horas atrás
We live in a dystopia that we hope will become utopia, but that's life.
k.chani4 7 horas atrás
موسيقى ماينكرافت افضل من موسيقى كثير من الناس . بس ليش تحزن 😂🖤
Glenn Fjorski
Glenn Fjorski 8 horas atrás
Excuse my long comment, I just have some stuff to say: At heart, we all are ignorant people. If an issue doesn't directly affect us, it will never fully resonate with us. It may rock our minds, but it will never shake our hearts or our souls. Racism is such an issue. Police brutality is to blacks as the September 11th attacks were to survivors. Anyone who wasn't present to witness that fateful day, be it the towers billowing dark smoke or the terrifying radio and newspaper headlines, will never truly understand what emotions permeated that day which changed America as we know it. Similarly, acts of police brutality that receive bold headlines in news outlets are enough to kick up the dust of discrimination and pain that has plagued minorities for a long while. But when we, as the public, view this issue that surfaces every time an innocent minority is killed, we fail to examine the issue in its diminutive scale. The truth of the matter is that discrimination shelters itself behind a systemic blind eye. It may receive attention when it culminates into a violent and aggressive murder, such as the one of Mr. Floyd. But the issue in its most prevalent, simplistic form occurs every day, in nearly every part of our country and our world. It's not enough to garner attention by the media or by the country. But it still exists. It always has. By the time an issue such as this surfaces into the tragedy that it has become, it's already affected a countless number of victims. Victims that never experienced a crime worthy of legal attention, but victims of a crime that is absolutely worthy of our moral recognition and transition from prejudice to indiscriminate equality. Racism can sometimes end in vioence, and turn into a crime against U.S. law. But any case of racism is ALWAYS a crime against humanity and against unity. They are strikes against our foundation of love and universal compassion. And today, in this nation and in this world, our foundation has been shattered. We are now taught to accept judiciously, respect conservatively, and love selectively. But none of these emotions are meant to be used sparingly. They are meant to be sown within, used, and received by every individual in this world, from those with light to dark-colored skin. From burkas and turbins to yamakas and crosses. And from the poor and oppressed to the wealthy and affluent. These all are the classifications that we made. This is the societal grading system we all have helped create. It hasn't worked in the past, it isn't working today, and it will only further divide our nation tomorrow. Now, we are pressured to give an answer to a lingering question we all need to ponder; a question that has gone unanswered for centuries: will we let this continue? Will we persist to deny the presence of issues that surround our system of acceptance? Or will this be enough? Will this be the point where a line is drawn, a 180-degree turn is made, and an effort to support our neighbors is contrived? Our failures are obvious, and our potential for success is even clearer. The one decision left to be made by all of us is when we will choose to stop what hasn't worked for us before, in favor of what will work in the future. And we can never go wrong with love and equality. That's my rant, thanks for reading this far! Let's make a difference today, together. Thank you!
Glenn Fjorski
Glenn Fjorski 7 horas atrás
@Beamer 101 Thank you! I appreciate it! Much love to you too
Beamer 101
Beamer 101 8 horas atrás
Dang man, ya'll just wrote a whole essay. But its the sad truth. You captured it perfectly. Much respect man 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿
thewaffle duck
thewaffle duck 8 horas atrás
Jorge Devian TM
Jorge Devian TM 8 horas atrás
Amo Tu Canal!!! <3
Jorge Devian TM
Jorge Devian TM 8 horas atrás
Whao Esta Playlist es de lo Mejor Felicidades!!! Nuevo Sub <3
ThatHurttted 9 horas atrás
*_hey I made a video about a cat vibing at a Minecraft song, it didn’t do well but I appreciate if you check it out!_*
CPUCooler 9 horas atrás
I normally dont do this but I create daily relaxing red dead 2 content and am trying to get a small community started. If you stop by it would mean alot :)
Star Goan
Star Goan 10 horas atrás
Seh Jas
Seh Jas 10 horas atrás
I was about to die when i heard the first one i thought it was my alarm clock.
Ana Cristina
Ana Cristina 10 horas atrás
It gives me some sad memories, but it's still awesome
Chim 10 horas atrás
this is helping me relax rn since it's nearly 3am for me, thank you so much
Star Goan
Star Goan 10 horas atrás
this music is so peacful i wove it
thewaffle duck
thewaffle duck 11 horas atrás
fear dog has the most wonderful music. I listen to feardog’s music super often!
VibenOnTheRitz 11 horas atrás
I messed up a relationship with a girl i cared about deeply and i channeled all that emotion into a song
HeadphonesOnly 11 horas atrás
Great vibe brother 🔥🔥🔥 Cheers
Jugo de Naranja
Jugo de Naranja 12 horas atrás
Amo la música que compartes. Siempre estoy atento por si algún día decides comenzar a transmitir música en vivo. Un abrazo desde Argentina.
Mistuba S
Mistuba S 12 horas atrás
Justices for Floyd he didn’t deserve what happened to him and I hope he is peacefully in heaven.
Joarcraft 13 horas atrás
( :v ) like si estas en el año 2020
Marina González
Marina González 13 horas atrás
i love how the title of the songs appear as you are seeing the video!!!! thanks for that <3
OnceUponAnUwu 13 horas atrás
the 5th one really hit different
Sleepy Head
Sleepy Head 13 horas atrás
Ah yes what would I ever do without this relaxing music
Katsu 14 horas atrás
very nice thanks
amanda 14 horas atrás
im listening to this while studying for finals teehee
SimplyCxctiiq 14 horas atrás
I'm the only one who plays roblox and i'm proud :)
Libby McGregor
Libby McGregor 14 horas atrás
You wake up from a dream at 4am. You try to fall back to sleep, but it's impossible. So, you clamber out of bed, put on some Vans and a light jacket, and head outside. You find that it's raining, so you sit on your porch, protected by your roof. You turn on this music and pop in your earbuds. You notice a slight breeze brushing through your hair, mixed with a light moisture. You close your eyes and soak in the peace, the protection, the sweet, sweet life.
Melyssa Gomes de Almeida
Melyssa Gomes de Almeida 14 horas atrás
Lofi + asmr at 4:15, just loved it.
Anime_Vibez 14 horas atrás
Everyone is so sweet in the comments and then theres me who is going to use this to listen to while play minecraft-
Maya Rouillard
Maya Rouillard 14 horas atrás
At about 32:59 I finally said aloud "I don't know who Toby is, why...?" and scared my roommate who I forgot was in the room and probably thought I was possessed temporarily
Aedan Slaughter
Aedan Slaughter 15 horas atrás
My gf broke up with me yesterday so I'm here for some of that serotonin cause I'm sorely lacking rn T-T
Rebecca 15 horas atrás
#foco nos estudos
Rebecca 15 horas atrás
eu amo esse tipo de música, traz uma calmaria em tanto!
natam 15 horas atrás
hey thats me
dweeb 15 horas atrás
This helped ease the pain of the horrible headache I've had for a few days, thank you for giving us this soft and soothing mix.
Cela Lare
Cela Lare 15 horas atrás
for a second there at 34:28 , i thought the playlist autoplayed to Fallout 4 radio
NikolaLuis Crisostomo
NikolaLuis Crisostomo 15 horas atrás
Have nice life:)
Crie 15 horas atrás
Its so relaxing, yo!
Rachel Landes
Rachel Landes 16 horas atrás
lyrics: *ye* (1:03:17)
guardian of the toasters
guardian of the toasters 16 horas atrás
Perfect it's 3:30 AM
Matteo Noupech
Matteo Noupech 16 horas atrás
nice room
dick balls
dick balls 16 horas atrás
homework? half done due date? half an hour time im gonna be done? 3 hours me? fucked also me? vibing its all gonna be alright hope you all are doing better than i am
Gabriel Marçal
Gabriel Marçal 16 horas atrás
Can i find this art to use as wallpaper? its fucking amazing.
NitropiK 16 horas atrás
Hey, enjoy your time :)
Izzie Stevens
Izzie Stevens 17 horas atrás
this gives me chills
MICROSOFT HQ 17 horas atrás
Really my nigga 🤨 how does this help the cause
Walter Gamer06
Walter Gamer06 17 horas atrás
creeper ooooh maan
lowkey.nataliee_ 17 horas atrás
Im ready for Christmas
amelia 17 horas atrás
listening to this while doing online driver’s ed. can’t wait to take my dog to see the beach for the first time ✨
iamculyheadmaya 17 horas atrás
i like the paart when he was on his phone
Ev.G 18 horas atrás
guys i just want to share my happiness : i found my childhood bestfriend. i just want to cry .
tyyougenius 18 horas atrás
if the ad money isn't going towards bail for protestors or something positive other than the creator of this channel then this is still terribly tone deaf, doesn't matter how well intentioned. people are correct to be angry.
Elizabeth Camba
Elizabeth Camba 18 horas atrás
I’m encouraged by the fact that there was such a strong reaction in the comments section based on the previous title of this video. Although many viewers may have missed the point, and that caused you to change your title, their strong reaction still shows that they’re not complacent. And that’s exactly what we need during these times! We need people that are ready to stand and fight against injustice, and it starts with talking about topics that some people may find uncomfortable. Thank you Feardog for this video, for not being afraid to tackle an uncomfortable topic, and thank you for donating. 💕 Your video spreads awareness and is another call to action. Let’s move for change, unity, justice and peace. ~ Nothing can stop us. ~ BLM 🙏🏼
Feardog 16 horas atrás
Natalie Friesen
Natalie Friesen 18 horas atrás
how come lofi perfectly depicts how you wanna feel? the music is just so mellow and chill, and the titles on the videos go perfectly with the music and your feelings. 🌆🍡💧 my recommendation, sit down with some milk tea. read a book, chill, draw, study, etc. always wrap yourself in a blanket, and listen to lofi. stay safe everyone, stay sane everyone. ...and if you need to cough in a store I swear you'll regret it
Echo X Moon
Echo X Moon 19 horas atrás
I usually listen to these while writing. It gives me ideas and helps me stay focused. Thank you.
Adriana Kopalek
Adriana Kopalek 19 horas atrás
You'll be ok... Believe it!
YANKARA BEATS 19 horas atrás
loved it 😍😀😍
lvnxria 19 horas atrás
Too many ads to disturb you...
Salma Elgothamy
Salma Elgothamy 19 horas atrás
love this. it helps me relax, nap, and study. it really puts me in that aesthetic mood
carolina 320
carolina 320 20 horas atrás
It's one of my favorites playlist for studying, but there are literally an add every change of song.
Dearyvette TN
Dearyvette TN 20 horas atrás
🤔 How do some members of a race that are suppose to be “superior “ not understand the concept of exponential compounding? No, wait, I’m missing the fact that one has to acknowledge that there’s an actual quantity to be calculated because calculating or compounding zero, (racisms), equals no racism. ...yep, got it 👍🏽
Kap _
Kap _ 20 horas atrás
Chase DaGamer
Chase DaGamer 20 horas atrás
Man, Just reading the comments while listening to music makes me nostalgic. I should’ve cherished minecraft more.
Bro. Client Calledo
Bro. Client Calledo 20 horas atrás
I miss the homies, we would play on servers and sometimes we would have this little government system and ranks so people started assasinations and revelutions, damn... i miss those days
manta rat
manta rat 20 horas atrás
JamTheWarrior 20 horas atrás
Feardog 8 horas atrás
Last time got strike for visuals
Sr Konzen
Sr Konzen 21 hora atrás
Mdddds cara cada música 2 Ad na cara
Allison Yoder
Allison Yoder 21 hora atrás
No matter what race you are, You will always matter You will always be special Keep your head up and stay happy No matter what happens No matter what anyone says 💕😁👍
• S A N T Y •
• S A N T Y • 21 hora atrás
I like it 💙
roel esquejo
roel esquejo 21 hora atrás
I love this.
VIBEST Records
VIBEST Records 21 hora atrás
Zahra 22 horas atrás
Okay, okay, what a nice comment section we got today.
Hajia Nekena
Hajia Nekena 22 horas atrás
Hey Feardog! where is the others playlist sound with the jaket TAPE ?
Feardog 8 horas atrás
Which one mate?
Lady La Diva
Lady La Diva 22 horas atrás
oh eh o this boats rockin' rockin' the whole world round 'cause we're living the sweet life now hey ho oh eh ho
라야Laya 22 horas atrás
As a Filipino, I am really sorry this has happened to African American people. I may not be of the same race but I am with you. I may not be black but, I hear you. I may not be black but, I feel you. I may not be black but, I love you. Black lives matter. I am with you. All races may matter but when one is below us we have to be there to help step them up so we all can be equal again. This year is the most important year of our lives. We have to change the world so it can be better. We have to make the difference so our generation doesn’t fail. We will change humanity forever and we will be known and remembered for that. We will change humanity for good and keep it that way. Let’s all join together and say “BLACK LIVES MATTER” ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
BBQ sauce
BBQ sauce 22 horas atrás
why is it so good? I wish I could listen to this music and stay. No need to go, no need to rush. Just sit and enjoy.
Tord Larrson
Tord Larrson 23 horas atrás
* sits looking at one point and remembers what moments he went through with his loyal friends for the entire game*
Weird Greyy
Weird Greyy 23 horas atrás
49:54 sounds sooo much like Howl's Moving Castle theme
Andy Santos
Andy Santos 23 horas atrás
Can I please have a link to the thumbnail art?
AnimeNerd356 23 horas atrás
Thank you for posting this just on time I’m in a really bad place right now and this helped, thank you
Words Are Hard _2
Words Are Hard _2 23 horas atrás
you guys know that minecraft still exist, don't ya? like, bruh its a true gamer game, just force you friends to play with ya minecraft is imortal
Heitor EABR
Heitor EABR 23 horas atrás
yes mimecraft is immortal 😼
Fiolioco Mataafa
Fiolioco Mataafa 23 horas atrás
is it normal to listen to so much lofi and overtime when you listen to a playlist, you can literally name the title of some tracks? because thats me ;-;
LO FI farm
LO FI farm Dia atrás
For those who are reading this, i wish you all become successful one day 🍻
Hi_Hate Dia atrás
check out my lo fi track
Gaming Dolphin
Gaming Dolphin Dia atrás
Rauf Simsek
Rauf Simsek Dia atrás
i need this music:)
Isaac Fuste
Isaac Fuste Dia atrás
with what do u edit uwu?