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ItsInvis Mitell
ItsInvis Mitell 13 horas atrás
But what was the lamest thing ever
Scarlett Hopson
Scarlett Hopson 13 horas atrás
"Put it away! No, don't put it away there!" 😂
ariel 13 horas atrás
quid, two quid, mate
Lee Gauntlett
Lee Gauntlett 13 horas atrás
Fuck, the new cyberpunk dlc looks great. Edit: I’m high and everyone made this joke before me.
Бэbel 13 horas atrás
SomeRandomGuy369 13 horas atrás
I do appreciate the un edited version. Thank you AS.
Haruhi Paige
Haruhi Paige 13 horas atrás
doja cat?
SomeRandomGuy369 13 horas atrás
"He's Mr. Nimbus he controls the police!" - Jerry 🤣
DJ Spurgeon
DJ Spurgeon 13 horas atrás
How has it already been four years?
Rodrigo Monter.
Rodrigo Monter. 13 horas atrás
Fuck these damn unskippable Ads!!!!!!
~Spxnce~ 13 horas atrás
Ouch. I felt this one.
Eileen Quesada
Eileen Quesada 13 horas atrás
Sherman Tank Productions
Sherman Tank Productions 13 horas atrás
God….those bangs….
Juyx 13 horas atrás
Poor hoovy he was so nice 😭
PluralRaccoon 13 horas atrás
“Aw me hubbies dead” “Me husbands a bloody ute”
Kids Read Reddit
Kids Read Reddit 13 horas atrás
EpidemicalProdigy 13 horas atrás
here at 666k views
Giovanni Lonigro
Giovanni Lonigro 13 horas atrás
*Don't punch my lunch.*
Youtube Sucks
Youtube Sucks 13 horas atrás
She didn't age well
97mrmarioman 13 horas atrás
here at 666K views 0-0
Zechariah Gabriel
Zechariah Gabriel 13 horas atrás
Hi. I am Gabriel. I see this.
Rich Knight
Rich Knight 13 horas atrás
Petite feet, feminine step. Sounds like a lady when he's walking in the room. He's got, petite feet, feminine step, sounds like a lady when he's coming in the room.
lincolnlobster 13 horas atrás
Bart and Marge change direction in the photo.
Unnatural Balance
Unnatural Balance 13 horas atrás
Huh, I guess that exists
Youtube Sucks
Youtube Sucks 13 horas atrás
Who? Nasty looking thing.
Evan Jordan
Evan Jordan 13 horas atrás
How much do you just love Joe Esteves?
XxGet WetxX
XxGet WetxX 13 horas atrás
This vid had 666000 likes at this time
XxGet WetxX
XxGet WetxX 13 horas atrás
I mean views
Michael Sinister
Michael Sinister 13 horas atrás
I like how he has a cup of coffee, then picks up a smaller cup specifically for a spit take and to bite it apart.
Omar V
Omar V 13 horas atrás
1:41 did anyone else see Mr Meeseks in the background or was that just me?
Michael Sinister
Michael Sinister 13 horas atrás
Jimmy, I'm TALKING right now
Kit 13 horas atrás
this was the coolest thing ever to watch high
fezmel 13 horas atrás
This episode wasn’t great, but I love seeing the incels staying mad about it. Suffer.
Amelia Peterson
Amelia Peterson 13 horas atrás
I come back to this video whenever I need calm and comfort I am so glad it exists
Speedytyperman Answers
Speedytyperman Answers 13 horas atrás
Looks like runearm that artificers class from Dungeons and Dragons uses.
SergentBoucherie 13 horas atrás
And not a fuck was given by anybody at the end
Makdub 14 horas atrás
They should of made the J into J Coal
ayeg1213 14 horas atrás
can't for dis show. much excitement!
The great Cornholio
The great Cornholio 14 horas atrás
Ingus Smith
Ingus Smith 14 horas atrás
These writers won’t cut rick a break this season😂
Christian Miller
Christian Miller 14 horas atrás
0:01 The cutest thing ever
booker dewitt
booker dewitt 14 horas atrás
anne boonchuy walks into adult swim stage
yaboimaxx 14 horas atrás
leafy green
leafy green 14 horas atrás
Was this real
John Vance
John Vance 14 horas atrás
Yes more like this please
Ted Ripe
Ted Ripe 14 horas atrás
It’s sigma I don’t know how you thinks it’s a 7 the Xbox OGs we’re way better
BreakingBee 14 horas atrás
This world is populated by Pops’
yazzy0007 and Coolkidswag
Looks just robot Neymar Junior shit
Maria Gloria Tirado
Maria Gloria Tirado 14 horas atrás
Thumbs up if this is really a real episode
HowSci 14 horas atrás
1:34, what's on his chin? Is he drooling?
Rebecca Chesnul
Rebecca Chesnul 14 horas atrás
Fuhhhk the reporter
Devious J
Devious J 14 horas atrás
The Advertisement Universe.
Nick Nelson
Nick Nelson 14 horas atrás
It's actually kinda nice, season 3 on HBO max is unedited. This version sounds weird 😄
Joey Skar
Joey Skar 14 horas atrás
I wish we could do a Judge Dredd Parody... AS: Hold my beer.
Knight Zornnah
Knight Zornnah 14 horas atrás
i had to rewatch this cause i was laughing to hard
OmegaVideoGameGod 14 horas atrás
I'm surprised they didn't think cheese and jelly were going to be in there. XD
Metal head For life
Metal head For life 14 horas atrás
Its very metal
Clone Does games
Clone Does games 14 horas atrás
this is cannon right?
Offical Idiot
Offical Idiot 14 horas atrás
I have not wanted a character to die so much till today
Johnny Flores
Johnny Flores 14 horas atrás
Anyone notice how the second collar appears as if someone teleported it to him hmmm
Yxri 14 horas atrás
I’m scared-
Vulpes Ailurus
Vulpes Ailurus 14 horas atrás
Guys! I don’t think the old manager is dead. I think he’s trapped in the moss.
Tai QT
Tai QT 14 horas atrás
Why does it feel like I’m watching WandaVision?
barkdawgHI 14 horas atrás
Why does he sound like Batman from HISHE?
Rightshoe1 14 horas atrás
Well im sold
zay marie
zay marie 14 horas atrás
back again
Sir Duckfisher
Sir Duckfisher 14 horas atrás
What the ... did I just watch?
blade files
blade files 14 horas atrás
HaGoodJoke 14 horas atrás
Who voices all the characters? I hope it’s randy feltface
Matthew M
Matthew M 14 horas atrás
Jeez, release them to hulu already. I am paying for it....jfc. Do you want me to sail the seven seas and cancel?
Lionel Ball
Lionel Ball 15 horas atrás
Freddie Gang$ta Gibb$
Dragonlink203 15 horas atrás
Hey uh, just a bit of advice. If arguments over religion and atheism makes you upset, don't look at the comment section. For the love of God don't get involved, it's not fun.
Jennifer 15 horas atrás
"You ain't gonna tell me shit."
Wurm 15 horas atrás
Pickles is the only person in the world who can make us cry for a beer
Ben G
Ben G 15 horas atrás
You would think this is inaccurate until you visit Rhode Island.
bitbat9 15 horas atrás
Tim almost lost it when Gregg said it’s debatable if blu ray looks better than VHS
Samuel Sains YouTube Channel
Rick stopping Morty’s story is so funny I don’t know why
TrasherBiner 15 horas atrás
Electric windows... electric chairs....
CaseSheep 15 horas atrás
if im not wrong this is based off a real case or some shit
wølfy ff
wølfy ff 15 horas atrás
this looks like a gta knockoff that was made in china