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Yugeindrah Ravi
Yugeindrah Ravi 4 horas atrás
Dayuummm sooonnn *100M views*
Samuel L. Tankson
Samuel L. Tankson 5 horas atrás
This does NOT feel like 23 minutes 😂😂😂
COCO BROWN 10 horas atrás
Who is this Illuminati puppet?
Rosevonne Pato
Rosevonne Pato 10 horas atrás
Denzel you illiterate
Wet Wata
Wet Wata 11 horas atrás
Denzel's best piece of work 🔥
Drewip 12 horas atrás
I love the creativity of this music video
Emeka 15 horas atrás
"2000 feet, 1000 steps/I let it all sink to 1000 depths/Soon Black Balloons pop/Let it be the day the pain stop" Never EVER slander Zel, that is pure poetry.
Badass TrapBass
Badass TrapBass 16 horas atrás
Still fire
Taha Zula
Taha Zula 21 hora atrás
Watching this at 2 A.M for first time... nice timing bro.
Lorena Rubio
Lorena Rubio 22 horas atrás
This song is a vibe
say Wot
say Wot 23 horas atrás
Why buy his album when you can listen to his music for free on here?
xPRx Blitz
xPRx Blitz Dia atrás
Lol 100 million. Views now after 2 years and I was one of the first thousand to hear the song first
Koowaałe Mikko
Koowaałe Mikko Dia atrás
Interesting Birthday Gift He gave me 2 years ago
Treboeren Rødnese Neseslim
Next song: Zelda
Reshard Simmons
Reshard Simmons Dia atrás
Tevin Grouse
Tevin Grouse Dia atrás
Zel delivers punch lines like big L
Lucas Maia
Lucas Maia Dia atrás
slc lembrei dessa musica só agora, quente dms
Geno.W.I.P 2 dias atrás
2021? anyone
- 18 horas atrás
yes sir
Xikeyba 2 dias atrás
i remember unus annus a lttle differently ngl
snoww leoparD
snoww leoparD 2 dias atrás
100 mill views..........
Jesus Bravo
Jesus Bravo 2 dias atrás
Congrats on 100 mil views
Romain Cree
Romain Cree 2 dias atrás
Tf is up with the First Track 1?
Orginal Mana
Orginal Mana 2 dias atrás
Underrated song ngl
Ayden Tenorio
Ayden Tenorio 2 dias atrás
Denzel this song never gets old
Wombat 2 dias atrás
i want 10 songs exactly like this
Nick Marcos
Nick Marcos 2 dias atrás
Denzel Kenny 2024 or whatever year the next election is.. i dont vote
҉ 2 dias atrás
Haven’t bump this in a min... Forgot how good it is
A Pro FAN 2 dias atrás
23Jaxstin Mentz
23Jaxstin Mentz 2 dias atrás
man this song is still fire
Izaiyah Smith
Izaiyah Smith 2 dias atrás
This really explains how bad this generation has gotten in
Buyisiwe Tshabalala
Buyisiwe Tshabalala 3 dias atrás
I can't believe this sounds better on the Colors show, Geez this guy is good!
Desoulate 47
Desoulate 47 3 dias atrás
That boy Zilla really just came in too disgusting. The way he damn near howled to start the verse? The fit folk chose for this vid fit’s the theme & the intensity that boy came spitting was too clean for this. 🤌🏽 I need a Solo Album from just him alone ngl. Him & Zel blend good stylistically.
Frost 3 dias atrás
Vid 3 dias atrás
i think i may be an actual psychopath lol
Parker Hedin
Parker Hedin 3 dias atrás
I gotta thank the Lord
Parker Hedin
Parker Hedin Dia atrás
@vCertifiedSplxsh - good for you 😎
vCertifiedSplxsh -
vCertifiedSplxsh - 2 dias atrás
Don’t need to😈
Василий Забурин
Thami Ndlovu
Thami Ndlovu 3 dias atrás
Nice beat
Fiend Bean
Fiend Bean 3 dias atrás
congrats on 100 mil!!!
Niyaa Díor
Niyaa Díor 3 dias atrás
RIP bestfriend 😔😔😔😔😔
Niyaa Díor
Niyaa Díor 3 dias atrás
This is the last song my Bestfriend listened too before he took his own life💔💔💔😔😔😔😔
Jesus Pernia
Jesus Pernia 3 dias atrás
This is probably the most important song on TA13OO
pj Dia atrás
Black balloons are cloud cobain
Nyameko Sogoni
Nyameko Sogoni 3 dias atrás
maad.dogg666 3 dias atrás
Who the asian girl?
Jay 4 dias atrás
That 808. Ugh
iconic Savage
iconic Savage 4 dias atrás
Guy is art and it's a dream one day for me to do a song with him part two of this or some future ICONIC SAVAGE aka me
Buddha Jagzo
Buddha Jagzo 4 dias atrás
Krankes Teil , sehr nice 🖖🤎💜🤎🖖
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore 4 dias atrás
This is his best song if you didn't know.
pj Dia atrás
Kroola 4 dias atrás
100 mil
RipStiXx 4 dias atrás
Imagine not still bumping this in 2021
shania catrese
shania catrese 4 dias atrás
not me finding out about this a year later 😭
Rexhep 2 dias atrás
At least you are here now🤗
kenny sieling
kenny sieling 4 dias atrás
My take. He's waiting to be sacrificed. If you know you know. Ya know what I'm saying?
Jean escobar
Jean escobar 4 dias atrás
Armando Tellez
Armando Tellez 4 dias atrás
and to think that yesterday gave the year this video
crackhead Tyrone
crackhead Tyrone 4 dias atrás
Sound like comethazine for the first few seconds????
Xazuma 4 dias atrás
TescoSniffer 5 dias atrás
Zilla had such a unique flow and he still does to this day, he's still too underrated bruh
Aaron Javier
Aaron Javier 5 dias atrás
Have u ever heard about boufa?
ItzShadowEJ 5 dias atrás
Is this wild kratts?
mysticBro team
mysticBro team 5 dias atrás
Such a good song
Jiho Choi
Jiho Choi 5 dias atrás
0:40-0:54 best part without a doubt so smooth
datteblayo 5 dias atrás
100 million views,congrats bro
Rage Uchiha
Rage Uchiha 5 dias atrás
I'd except denzel in the dark carnival
the real CRAYEWOX
the real CRAYEWOX 5 dias atrás
100m. Much love denzel
Walidous Dadi
Walidous Dadi 5 dias atrás
Soolking steal the style of dalida song from this video
Wombat 5 dias atrás
If this aint the theme for Fast and Furious 9 im not watching it #FF9SPEEDBOAT
Venomous 7
Venomous 7 5 dias atrás
face paint reminds me of solo leveling
Узбек Казахстанович
You fucking God Denzel
Juana Vázquez
Juana Vázquez 5 dias atrás
Still a big hit
Farry Alemnoe
Farry Alemnoe 6 dias atrás
My favorite rocket league song
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 6 dias atrás
2021 Anyone?
Sergio Weed
Sergio Weed 6 dias atrás
So underrated
Jesus Pernia
Jesus Pernia 3 dias atrás
@Kush Givane It’s popular but it doesn’t get the PROPER praise it deserves
Kush Givane
Kush Givane 5 dias atrás
You think that over 13 million views is underrated? You should check other music video view numbers compared to this.
Skydancer 6 dias atrás
So much unity
kriblekrablebums 6 dias atrás
that is legendary no cap fr
skarface sweet revenger
Kower Samp
Kower Samp 6 dias atrás
Этот клип выражает всю хип хоп культуру. This clip expresses the entire hip hop culture.
_Untitled _
_Untitled _ 6 dias atrás
We just gonna act like Dada 5000 isn’t in this video
carrotguy 6 dias atrás
who's ricky though
Sriansh 2 dias atrás
I think his dad
Meckley Plays
Meckley Plays 6 dias atrás
Zaya Polus
Zaya Polus 6 dias atrás
On 8;9;
A.m.f. K
A.m.f. K 6 dias atrás
Tsepang Malephane
Tsepang Malephane 6 dias atrás
Really glad I bumped into this... This is a great piece of work fr💯🔥