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Van Varner
Van Varner 14 minutos atrás
Is he still living in her basement ?
2Talented 14 minutos atrás
They need to get bacc together 😩😩
laurens Lourens
laurens Lourens 19 minutos atrás
Now she wake up her main too see what he doo too her ?? Now she is too late too figerout too speak whit her sister,because she don't care what her sister see her over him Now look what happend,he is fuckup too doo that whit her,not nice
fatima jacobs
fatima jacobs 21 minuto atrás
Can someone help me, what language his he speaking?
Rethabile neo Mohapi
Rethabile neo Mohapi 22 minutos atrás
this is honestly the reason i fell in love with cardi
Snapping Turtle
Snapping Turtle 22 minutos atrás
Moneice is almost too beautiful
Ashonte R
Ashonte R 23 minutos atrás
Cheating is never a “MISTAKE” take accountability of your actions
Comedian DRochelle
Comedian DRochelle 25 minutos atrás
I used to work with him back in 09. He cheated on his wife with our coworker. I see nothing has changed with this new girl
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 29 minutos atrás
I love mami Anna , BUT it seems she’s trying to live her life through Amara and it’s not right. Then again ion gaf cuz it’s reality tv and reality tc is heavily scripted
Rethabile neo Mohapi
Rethabile neo Mohapi 29 minutos atrás
i wanna see them wrinkles wiggle🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 damn even i would beat you up saying that about my mother
Rica Nelson
Rica Nelson 30 minutos atrás
Mom is right....Amara will see soon
professorrob 30 minutos atrás
I see this mother old fashioned
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 34 minutos atrás
Im confused what was Tommies job? 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤣 at least homegirl was working not 1 but 2 jobs 3 if you include LHHA Tommie kills me when she tells Karlie be a role model to her daughter 😩 people in glass houses should never throw stones
Creole Queen86
Creole Queen86 35 minutos atrás
Pardon my childishness in a kind of serious moment, but does Amara’s room look like the Coming 2 America set to anyone else? 🤨
sierra 37 minutos atrás
I feel bad for her and her lace front
Nana Mokone
Nana Mokone 37 minutos atrás
no one: Pam: *that's ma son*
Divine Warwa
Divine Warwa 37 minutos atrás
Flo on love and hip hop bon you made it pitut
Evens Desir
Evens Desir 39 minutos atrás
You are not the Queen of compas
Evens Desir
Evens Desir 40 minutos atrás
The husband is not a great actor
Campbell Couple
Campbell Couple 44 minutos atrás
We Need A Spice And Tokyo TimeLine
Orapeleng olivia Molotsi
Orapeleng olivia Molotsi 45 minutos atrás
I don't know what Kirk is... I honestly don't know what to call him.
Razzle Taz
Razzle Taz 46 minutos atrás
Praying for you love!! You are beautiful!
Shani Black
Shani Black 48 minutos atrás
That was intense ! Bravo 👏🏽 Amara reminds me of some of the best in entertainment, you know the classic ones⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Danger Zone
Danger Zone 49 minutos atrás
She should have said I have black heritage but I am latina which are a mix of everything. Nothing WRONG with being everything girl.
professorrob 53 minutos atrás
Akbar is very beautiful, before and after she lost weight. We gotta do betta than this sisters smh.
Sharon Freeman
Sharon Freeman 56 minutos atrás
Congratulations Beautiful Girl, may ur baby bring u lots of joy, love and happiness. Dont worry ur mom will come around!👶💞💐🌸🌺
Rethabile neo Mohapi
Rethabile neo Mohapi 56 minutos atrás
go richh
professorrob Hora atrás
Oh shane lol.
Cheria Anderson
Cheria Anderson Hora atrás
I hope she means what she says and aint on some love and hip hop Rasheeda, Tara, or Amina ish.
SHINee fouzia
SHINee fouzia Hora atrás
I don't understand Amara like... I understand that she wants a baby just like everyone else on this planet. But she saw how much her mom struggled to feed her and give her a home and how strangled the relationship she had with her father is. She experienced the whole thing, she fully understands why her mom is against her and she knows well where her behavior is going. Any human in her situation would be cautious about their partner and wouldn't have a child unless if it was with the right person, right timing, right condition But Amara is dragging herself willingly into the situation.
gamerYT Hora atrás
Cisco pulled out all the stops with Mariah lynn AND cyn?? He got maddd stops lmao.
SHINee fouzia
SHINee fouzia Hora atrás
See THAT'S A REAL STRONG WOMAN 👏👏👏👏 She knows her worth and she is definitely knows that a cheating ass man is no good for her but her life and carreer are.
Yolanda Gusman
Yolanda Gusman Hora atrás
Erica needs to learn you treat people the way you get treated I've never liked Erica's she's rude disrespectful and now that it's getting happening to her everybody wants to play the poor me Erica card will guess what freak Erica mom's you take care of your two kids and learn how to be a mom instead of worrying about a man but like I said treat people how you want to be treated what comes around goes around in karmasabeep and she came back and got your ass and I ain't even mad just cuz you pregnant or well poor you
Louise Miswolk
Louise Miswolk Hora atrás
Momma look good
Louise Miswolk
Louise Miswolk Hora atrás
Your honor
yoshie Vasquez
yoshie Vasquez Hora atrás
Lol I love her mom. She say"I had you,I raised you my job is done.
Michelle Owens
Michelle Owens Hora atrás
I didn't like her before and I definitely don't like her NOW. it just goes to show someone can be just just As UGLY on the outside As they Are on the inside 🥴
Miranda Edwards
Miranda Edwards Hora atrás
I'm so glad Joseline left Stevie J!!
Sweetie Pie
Sweetie Pie Hora atrás
Her mom didn't have a stable partner 🤣 Her mom just wants her money to keep flowing
Kaisi C
Kaisi C Hora atrás
That's sad. They should protect their marriage over their career !!! Well Safaree anyways ... He just said "protect himself" instead of looking at her as "himself". Erica is a beautiful woman and mother. Weak men can't match her. 🖤
Ra Beka G Shakur
Ra Beka G Shakur Hora atrás
And Nikki never made it. Got herself blackballed.
childof jesusrose
childof jesusrose 2 horas atrás
Amara is a grown woman! Her mom needs to back up a little Amara has to live her life! I understand that her mom will always try to be over protective but she has to remember that Amara has to make her own decisions now as an adult and she has to be allowed to make her own mistakes and decisions!! Amara is a smart, intelligent and hard working woman if she ends up being a single mother Amara can handle it!!
I am from Atlanta, GA, and my dad live in Atlanta
Kegger123 Mane
Kegger123 Mane 2 horas atrás
Ra Beka G Shakur
Ra Beka G Shakur 2 horas atrás
So was that girl pregnant by brisco
Miss Casey Kior
Miss Casey Kior 2 horas atrás
Them Haitian men boy my lorddde you gotta be strong to deal with them honey a gift and a curse
I have the ASMR Fever
I have the ASMR Fever 2 horas atrás
Ghetto that’s all I can say
MIZ HOODIEWOOD 2 horas atrás
Let's not forget chrissy tried to jump yandy 8n Miami and mendecee is about that life
Chanel Wilson
Chanel Wilson 2 horas atrás
valentina 2 horas atrás
Yes she definitely going to have a miscarriage.They all do👺SACRIFICE
Chanel Wilson
Chanel Wilson 2 horas atrás
TRUE 100%
Chanel Wilson
Chanel Wilson 2 horas atrás
Creep SQUAD. 100%
She miscarried
Chanel Wilson
Chanel Wilson 3 horas atrás
That sh$# is old as h3ll
Snapping Turtle
Snapping Turtle 3 horas atrás
1:16 OMG OMG OMG Alexis is sooooooooooooooooo PRETTY!!!! TF.
Chanel Wilson
Chanel Wilson 3 horas atrás
How she sleeps with everyone dang
A marriage is like a child. It's a package deal.
Bayou Kitchen Guy
Bayou Kitchen Guy 3 horas atrás
But who got the last laugh? How u get them is how u lose them. 😂😂
naomi Kirigo
naomi Kirigo 3 horas atrás
Amara You can do better than don't deserve this.
That Girl ChrissyTV
That Girl ChrissyTV 3 horas atrás
I’ve been in her shoes before. Being cheated on, being humiliated and feeling embarrassed. Yeah this scene touched me personally because I felt every word she said and I felt her emotions. I actually got teary eyes and held back my tears. Trust is so hard to get back and rekindle once it’s broken. If she’s really done with him I understand. 💔💯
Ke Ke
Ke Ke 3 horas atrás
Heidi Scott
Heidi Scott 3 horas atrás
To the men it's a game they expect to just say sorry and it all be good but they don't know how much u hurt and how much it break u when they cheat smh ...... Hun I feel your pain .....he don't even know how much he hurt her smh and that's the bad part
Neisha Tatts
Neisha Tatts 3 horas atrás
Just the fact Erica is a manipulative person, a liar and a narcissist is very telling. She is emotionally abusive and controlling. She has been a side chick and has the nerve to cheat on her partner. Even been caught liking and posting shady comments about Cyn on her child's Instagram page! She is not a good person. She is the Scorpio nobody likes that gives Scorpios a bad reputation.
Yasin S
Yasin S 3 horas atrás
A goddamn legend.
Niqabi ASMR
Niqabi ASMR 4 horas atrás
All that damn mother things about is money . Amara is her income . She been saying on several occasions to her that she dosent want her ever to be pregnant bcz she Will ruin her carieer. And she herself was poor and had kids but her daughter is rich and not allowed to have kids . 🤦🏽‍♀️
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 4 horas atrás
I think mimi and ninico should've just came on out and told truth maybe things would've been different
Amshyll Sekhmet
Amshyll Sekhmet 4 horas atrás
Okay I get it, I was raised the same way. My father even chose my husband out of the guys that came to him, but mami was wrong to say she has the right to dictate or be "consulted" about your womb let alone having a baby. In our culture it can be hard dealing with family and having a baby out of wedlock but my father nor mother ever did this to me. Then again both my sons are with my husband, we also were pregnant and gave birth to our first son 5 months before our wedding. Mami was way harsh
Aryantics 4 horas atrás
She is very beautiful! And sweet
NC 4 horas atrás
Amada is GORGEOUS! As a chocolate sista, we don’t get too many beautiful melanated sista that chocolate girls can look up too! Chocolate n dark was the first human being on the planet n Israel first! So it’s only right to display our natural beauty!!!
Flint Life Tail
Flint Life Tail 4 horas atrás
idk her but she's so right, cause women are always expected to just forgive a man for cheating but if a woman cheats men will leave them, and insult them & he thinks bc he told her that he cheated that she's supposed to be less angry
Lola Walker
Lola Walker 4 horas atrás
All of the crying and denying just to find out she was lying🤣🤣🤣.
SXYBrown Suga
SXYBrown Suga 4 horas atrás
SMH This is sad!! At this point, just leave him sis, he's proven multiple times that he can't be trusted. Just move on, no one deserves that type of treatment.
Carmen Tydingco
Carmen Tydingco 4 horas atrás
Mariah straight from da hood-🤣😑 tf she full white-
Nomfundo Majola
Nomfundo Majola 4 horas atrás
I'm loving her voice 😍😍
ET M 4 horas atrás
I know you mad girl but keep your hands to yourself.
SimplyOmar 4 horas atrás
So why did she storm off? Her damn ego is OLD as f***.