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Team Edge
Team Edge
This is a channel where we do nothing but competitions and challenges and act like idiots while doing it! We love Jesus and live to make his name known. BRvid has given us a great opportunity to do that! All are welcome and loved so we hope you'll stay awhile, but don't spend your whole life on BRvid! Go smell a leaf or something!
Philippians 3:20- "But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ"
The Edge Games!!
6 meses atrás
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Big Bob
Big Bob 8 horas atrás
Okay but when J-Fred sneezed he sounded like Mario when he jumps 😂
JofPlayz-Minecraft and More
J-Freds little cousins: Hey Uncle Joey! What are you doing on team edge videos? J-Fred: Nothing just challenge and stuffs... J-Fred in videos: 5:07 and 10:57
WHAT’S UP FAM 8 horas atrás
SHAUGHNA crew VLOGS/ 8 horas atrás
When are they playing dope or nope
xXJosephine_GamingXx 9 horas atrás
You should make another episode of this and then invite Mark to play IT would be SOOOOOFUNNNNNnnnNnnNnnNn
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 9 horas atrás
Daddy long legs aren’t spiders
Daniel Ryan Valdez
Daniel Ryan Valdez 9 horas atrás
How Ridiculous sounds like Xisumavoid from HermitCraft which is a server on MineCraft
lilianacait DLC
lilianacait DLC 9 horas atrás
Apparently lin and Shakespeare are the same person. He looks quite young for how old he must be.
SHAUGHNA crew VLOGS/ 9 horas atrás
Please upload
Martin144 gameplays
Martin144 gameplays 9 horas atrás
I miss team edge 😭
Sebastian Bryła
Sebastian Bryła 9 horas atrás
Ian Kim
Ian Kim 10 horas atrás
Hi imyourhoasttodaybryan
Lea Guinto
Lea Guinto 10 horas atrás
thats jumscare make me a heart attack because of sounds in 0:54 and this make me laughs
Hedgehawg Ninja
Hedgehawg Ninja 10 horas atrás
I like that they didn’t use an actual volleyball in the video Love y’all
331prettynpink 10 horas atrás
AnthoGaming yt
AnthoGaming yt 10 horas atrás
Wayne evison
Wayne evison 10 horas atrás
I love every animal
Gage Hardesty
Gage Hardesty 11 horas atrás
When are you going to make another video it has been three weeks since you haven't done one
owen RAFOLS 11 horas atrás
Only og og ogs knows lettuce master G
Eric Silver Singletary
Eric Silver Singletary 11 horas atrás
Bryans first experior episode
7 Metru
7 Metru 11 horas atrás
Chocolate cake Fat boy
Chocolate cake Fat boy 11 horas atrás
Bryna come on
Michael Pitt
Michael Pitt 11 horas atrás
Matt is my favorite
Chocolate cake Fat boy
Chocolate cake Fat boy 11 horas atrás
Bobby come on
Chocolate cake Fat boy
Chocolate cake Fat boy 11 horas atrás
Matt come on
Eric Silver Singletary
Eric Silver Singletary 11 horas atrás
the editing on this makes it that much funnier
Isaiah villarreal
Isaiah villarreal 11 horas atrás
Francis Ferris
Francis Ferris 12 horas atrás
Serioss black
Lu Zhao
Lu Zhao 12 horas atrás
13:50 you see your friends catching many fishies. You are determined to catch one too! This is related to the game Undertale if you were wondering.
Rifty fish gang z
Rifty fish gang z 12 horas atrás
Shtop 1:50
Carina Ferro
Carina Ferro 12 horas atrás
AUSTIN HENDISON 12 horas atrás
I have a bad feeling that edge got cancled
Garrett Stevenson
Garrett Stevenson 12 horas atrás
You should at least give Bobby some points for doing the no look neck shot on Brian
Francis Ferris
Francis Ferris 12 horas atrás
Me and my step dad love watching your videos our faverite ones are the who don it
Hunter Schwartz
Hunter Schwartz 12 horas atrás
I am wearing their merch and Bobby said it is stupid
Dory Cordero
Dory Cordero 12 horas atrás
Jeff is that you
jayden ayban arts&paintings
Who is a fan of team edge since 2018
Casmo 13 horas atrás
I thought J was Matt 😂
Jay Fran
Jay Fran 13 horas atrás
Transformers is goated.
Gacha Gamer
Gacha Gamer 13 horas atrás
This is even better than the movie😂
Physcø Sorrow
Physcø Sorrow 13 horas atrás
When are they making a new video? :(
KYLE GABRIEL GECALE 13 horas atrás
I see guava juice, i cLicK.
Mr.Memez. •_•
Mr.Memez. •_• 13 horas atrás
If one of them picked a lab if they had one, they would win
Sharp Eye
Sharp Eye 13 horas atrás
Anyone else watching this in 2020? Like and reply if you are one
lunchrumble 13 horas atrás
Does anyone know if they are taking a break from videos? I miss the team!!
Glitchtrap 13 horas atrás
lol bobby was talking about the epic fail joey dud at the end while his in the first round was worse
Ryan Rod
Ryan Rod 13 horas atrás
I have the same soccer ball
Jasmine Gregory
Jasmine Gregory 13 horas atrás
Billie eilish is not rap
The Ella Bella and Stella show
4 years ago almost 5 years ago they put there first video the 7 Second challenge is that OG Enought feels like it was just yesterday.!!!!!!LOL😂😂😂😂😂✌😜
YaBoiLuis 321
YaBoiLuis 321 13 horas atrás
Team edge better not be cancelled, battle universe just did
Dxvi Is goated
Dxvi Is goated 14 horas atrás
Team edge old videos get me in good vibes
Téanna Ang
Téanna Ang 14 horas atrás
BRvid, you waited 7 MONTHS TO RECOMMEND THIS TO ME????
Frank Richardson
Frank Richardson 14 horas atrás
Who misses RISK
Jacob Walton
Jacob Walton 14 horas atrás
Why hasn't team edge posted, did it end?
every thing you love!
every thing you love! 14 horas atrás
justJUSTICEjoker OI
justJUSTICEjoker OI 14 horas atrás
When Bobby says “you disgusting freak” I could not breathe😂😂😂
Roblox Gerald
Roblox Gerald 14 horas atrás
I was here thru 2018
Axel Clapis
Axel Clapis 14 horas atrás
Bryan and joey are just copying bobby which is unfair
Cheyene Haukoloa
Cheyene Haukoloa 14 horas atrás
Just with a bigger beard
Cheyene Haukoloa
Cheyene Haukoloa 14 horas atrás
I literally thought that Matt was j-Fred I do not know why because they look alike
Becky Porter
Becky Porter 14 horas atrás
Conner is a 1,000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Time power
Kid Friendly Gamer
Kid Friendly Gamer 15 horas atrás
I like how the chess piece puzzle is the same as the one in resident evil 2.
desmond hawthorne
desmond hawthorne 15 horas atrás
jason nash
Brian Manuguid
Brian Manuguid 15 horas atrás
umm i am worried, after the battle universe vid i cant help but to keep on looking on this channel to see if they post anything i hope they dont stop making videos. PLS COME BACK
Doug Dab Again And Pay
Doug Dab Again And Pay 15 horas atrás
Wow just wow
Conner Spielman
Conner Spielman 15 horas atrás
ethan wilson
ethan wilson 15 horas atrás
I could fish for 138 hours and not get broad
Mbravo 10
Mbravo 10 15 horas atrás
Bobby in the background 3:28
Nehemiah Singer
Nehemiah Singer 16 horas atrás
Salvador Vidal
Salvador Vidal 16 horas atrás
Hi I’m Salvador
ESS Y 16 horas atrás
What I would choose is Nintendo switch and a Google home and mac book
Angela Kristansen
Angela Kristansen 16 horas atrás
5:31 listen to the audio, you can here the song through J-Fred’s mic 🤣
Grace J
Grace J 16 horas atrás
HOW DID THEY NOT RUIN THE BOXES??? I’m trying to make this for my brother’s birthday
joel Vasquez
joel Vasquez 16 horas atrás
Anyone else getting a little annoyed that they were holding the bat wrong
Daniel Ranlet
Daniel Ranlet 16 horas atrás
1:12 the dog is like me wen it Friday
Faze Legends
Faze Legends 16 horas atrás
Are you guys still gonna make videos on this channel
Tarnim Tous
Tarnim Tous 16 horas atrás
2020 quarantine anybody
Daniel Ranlet
Daniel Ranlet 16 horas atrás
At 1:36 did you hear the old from roblox
Player_NickGamerz 16 horas atrás
Jairo Loria
Jairo Loria 16 horas atrás
You didn't realize the one was holding the white flag means I Surrender
Wrestling God
Wrestling God 16 horas atrás
7:13bells of death
Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney
J-Fred's ability at throwing storm breaker... Thor would be proud lol
jeremy yu
jeremy yu 16 horas atrás
remember the time jeff passed the 6 mill to chris?
Squidward Mobile69
Squidward Mobile69 17 horas atrás
Look at j Fred at 00:55
FaroDS8 Playz
FaroDS8 Playz 17 horas atrás
10:39 joey is turning into doom guy
content 101
content 101 17 horas atrás
9:00 bruh
Charlene Enriquez
Charlene Enriquez 17 horas atrás
J-Fred:🎶you’re on candid camera🎶 Bryan:we need to be Professional J-Fred:what,no then we wouldn’t get views Bryan:true Me: listen to J-fred
X.NetNikoru 17 horas atrás
I've been laughing at bobby just bouncing at 2:47
Salvador Vidal
Salvador Vidal 17 horas atrás
Julien Porch
Julien Porch 17 horas atrás
The old days when Matt is in the vids
Brooke Moran
Brooke Moran 17 horas atrás
cjsdms 17 horas atrás
i think that they might be having family issues with COVID because dope or nope has not been uploading either
nerfer08 _yt
nerfer08 _yt 17 horas atrás
10:23 that's a happy connor.
Isaac Dichard
Isaac Dichard 17 horas atrás
Joey talk first
Kayla de Boer
Kayla de Boer 18 horas atrás
Why do we never see Lucia?
Dangerboy TV
Dangerboy TV 18 horas atrás
1:30 Elmo XD
Paula Piedlow
Paula Piedlow 18 horas atrás
I think bobby will smash his sunglasses
Mr.E 18 horas atrás
Did this channel die?
10WF 18 horas atrás
anyone else *just now* get this on their recommended?
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 18 horas atrás
I am kind of worried that they are not posting. Also Dope or nope hasn’t been posting either :(