Mrs. Woolley in 5th
Mrs. Woolley in 5th
Mrs. Woolley in 5th
I'm just a young teacher trying to make people laugh.
Follow me to see more of my crazy life as a wife, a 5th grade teacher, and an Aussie mom.
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Lucas Arthur L
Ok so I live in Slovakia and my name is Lucas but literally everyone spells it LUKAS and it annoys me so much
ItsEm 12 minutos atrás
That it was ganna be like, but my parents won’t. 🥺
Stacie Brooks
Stacie Brooks 15 minutos atrás
You should’ve done rock paper scissors and whoever loses gets smacked by the tortilla
Sofie Forro
Sofie Forro 16 minutos atrás
Whats your zodiac singh
Shasha Shashri Rai
Shasha Shashri Rai 18 minutos atrás
They make very good slime. I've seen their channel before.
Galactik_1 20 minutos atrás
I don’t think they believe in “lucky the leprechaun”
Liam§ 23 minutos atrás
my name is Liam not Lyam
Spagetti cat02
Spagetti cat02 26 minutos atrás
dakotahwb1 28 minutos atrás
My name is dakodah but people think my name is Dakota
stacie penny
stacie penny 31 minuto atrás
Wait if I get another prize then I’m not checking the other pocket
Ghaniah Shablout
Ghaniah Shablout 37 minutos atrás
Justice ⚖⚖⚖system is that you are not a good idea of my life is
luis 39 minutos atrás
ha ha
Krista Waterman
Krista Waterman 42 minutos atrás
POV:your her: B-.H YOU F-ER
ssteers013 51 minuto atrás
Out Light Reaperr
Out Light Reaperr 57 minutos atrás
fun fact my uncle worked in one of the bars in the buildings he actually was in the building and he saw all the bodys on the floor
How many of us understand all of the things 👇
Vintage_vibes11 Hora atrás
Me who had just finished the 5th grade: I can't relate to this at all
Loulou & Her Life
Loulou & Her Life Hora atrás
Kinda late!!! I already watched this, it's so funny!!! 😂 For the people who did not watch it, watch it ❤❤❤
God Hora atrás
Colin people always spell it Collin
Ruby's Daniels
Ruby's Daniels Hora atrás
He Help her
Grace Sons
Grace Sons Hora atrás
Omg old gays 🤢🤮
Hannah.iscrazy Hora atrás
Same thing happend too me so We had this party with like so much food outside and slides and bouncey houses right? We had bought some tickets too by things there, and I set my tickets in my pocket and checked the wrong pocket and it wasn’t even there- I panicked and whenever I was going home… I CHECKED THE OTHER POCKET AND ITS IN THAT ONE
Emily Hora atrás
Jesus loves you! Have faith in Him before it’s too late
A Hora atrás
That happened to me in Kindergarten. Another kid puked on my shoes. It ended worse for him than it did me considering I broke his nose and slammed his head into the floor of the gym 😅 Emetophobia and no flight response. It's now a pretty well known fact that if someone vomits near me, I will black out and fight them. My own kids are the only exception. It's such an irritating phobia and crazy hard to treat
Mwell Cell
Mwell Cell Hora atrás
That’s so funny you live in Ohio cause I do too
Ali Maldonado
Ali Maldonado Hora atrás
I always feel so sad when it's time to smash the slime together :c
Ravin and alle
Ravin and alle Hora atrás
someone from a random school died Because of it i think
Magnet mansion
Magnet mansion Hora atrás
Country:USA student or teacher: students so I have specials Music,PE and Art! Lunchtime looks like a lot of people lol and loud my rules are I forgot lol
Bo D
Bo D Hora atrás
Thats when you know they love you as your teacher
Jay Hora atrás
I’m going into fifth grade hope my teacher is as pretty as you