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FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. A top cable network in both total viewers and Adults 25-54, FNC has been the most-watched news channel in the country for almost two decades and according to Public Policy Polling is the most trusted television news source in the country. FNC is available in more than 89 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching 12 of the top 15 programs in the genre.
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tommy b
Joey is awesome. He always makes sense on every subject.
The Abandonment Of Truth
*Paragraph 4 of 4.* 89 million Americans is 27% of the *working* population! Or a $50,000 a year stipend for 40 million American families of 4 making less than $15 an hour; *so that they are NOT made permanently homeless.* Amen.
It is called elder abuse.
Keith Hoss
Seems to me the only party that cares about anyone making under $400,000 are the Democrats. It pains me to say so because I vote primarily Republican.
American Born Patriot.
Jason Chafetz, you stray from the fact that Democrat elected public employees seize that moment to assault American citizens and attack the US Constitution. You fail to mention why Democrats hate *TULSI GABBARD*
I've been saying for 15yrs that the Democ'rats are the biggest threat our Country has ever faced !!!
Steven Klinkhamer
"A great day for America." Agreed It would of been a huge propaganda victory for China. Biden administration except for Polosi, projecting weakness in the he face of the latest intimidation campaign by a totalitarian regime, in this instance, China.
69urmom Yes
Nothing I can do
Robert Noon
That blue dress lady is full of shydinsky
Franman74 Minney74
Maybe she should move to a different country if she doesn't care for the United States and she's so insistent that our flag is so disrespectful to her we should just pay for a ticket I bet other people are with me on this disrespect against are country . I'll help pay for it to whatever country she wants to go to the she thinks it's so much better the American .
David Minter
I hope the imaginary 81million people that voted for him see the sespool he made.
Saudi Ali
Many people inside the United States homeless, think about the nonsense, Joe Biden billions of dollars using the Ukraine War.
It's all ready too late
Brian Collins
How is The View still on the air?!
Kevin Dismore
When a man claims to be woman they deserve to be mocked.
Blaine Midkiff
I have nothing against youtube or fox. If you select the dislike button a message says that will be shared with the creator. If you enter the like button it has no message about sharing that with the creator. There are no dislikes that are counted. Interesting indeed.
J Espinoza
It's the MAGA Republican Party , not the old GOP . If your not supporting America First policy you are a RINO . Republicans that are hanging back and not taking a leadership role in regards to supporting President Trump are complacent swampers. I'm looking your way McCarthy , McConnell and Graham.
Elsie Doomhammer
Man... I would advise everyone get their head wrapped around their taxes and know exactly what they are filing. When the IRS audited us (and we fell into that under 25k category too btw) it took four years to even get another tax return and we JUST got that. There are mistakes so I wouldn't call it sorted out just yet. I can't even describe the frustration. I sincerely feel for everyone with an audit coming at them because of this horrible freaking bill.
Yeo Wee Huat Huat
Pure greed! Loyalty,gratitude all gone.
Sara Parrott
I'm a big supporter for Governor Desantis , and agree "Bring wealth here", and you are a hero for protecting our constitutional rights, parental rights and all around American rights! Thank you. But one thing... My son is mentally ill. He developed disorganized, paranoid schizophrenia with Anosognosia, also called "lack of insight," is a symptom of severe mental illness experienced by some that impairs a person's ability to understand and perceive his or her illness, It is the single largest reason why people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder refuse medications or do not seek treatment) from synthetic Chinese drugs that caused his brain damage that cause you try to protect us from, but they change chemical compounds just as fast as your rules! With disability he made 800$ a month from SSA, but he didn't qualified for low income housing because he did not make enough and I want to emphasize enough for low-income housing! I myself in fighting horrific diseases I was born with and have developed from that including joint hypermobility syndrome, pots, IBS, and most affecting my life me CFS which is a horrible disease with a quality of life lower than those with AIDS and full-blown hepatitis c scientifically and medically proven to have a lower quality of life than every disease that's been put against yeah I can't even get assistance yet I can't work. I can't help my mentally ill disabled son get the help he needs because of a failed system. I can't get the help I need because of a failed system. I've worked my entire life and provided for two children as a single mother went to school and graduated summa cum laude in the first few years of severe disease onset! Where is affordable living for my son out side of jail or a homeless shelter I pay 70$a week for( cause shelters aren't always free either!)
I can't understand why I said Trump didn't lose for two long years, when we quickly realized he'd lost fair and square. That's how this party works.. they depend on us to defend their lies. Anyone who thinks Desantis is any different from Trump is delusional. In fact, Desantis copies Trump to the T, no pun intended, only he's much more boring.
The Abandonment Of Truth
*Paragraph 1 of 4.* This is how you do the Christian thing, *that **_Jesus Christ_** orders it to do,* by financing an $1,800 a month guaranteed income for families of four making less than $15 an hour who have been made homeless, *and lost everything,* due to the extreme weather events; spawned by catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenic-global-warming [CRAGW]:
They never have why would they start now 🙄
Chris McDaniel
The Abandonment Of Truth
*Paragraph 2 of 4.* Start by repealing Massacre Mitch McConnell's $2 trillion tax breaks given to billionaires and corporations that did not need it and which did not create any jobs, all offensive miliFAIRY spending is cut to zero, and FEMA disaster relief funding; pays for an $1,800 a month minimum income for those making less than $15 an hour with no healthcare and dental benefits.
Probably the only thing Biden has done thus far that I approve of.
Let’s go Brandon!!
Actually he’s positive again. He’s never recovered and still had it
Mar Kazain
All cops should learn these
Roger Murphy
serious question.. is it embarrassing to watch Trumpy Wumpy at the golf course (a "rally" that Fox doesn't cover, but MSNBC does), and hear the small crowd chant "Let's go Brandon" instead of something pro-trumpy wumpy?