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P Lee
P Lee 14 horas atrás
This was pure wit! Thanks, Tucker!!
Sunny Ndu
Sunny Ndu 14 horas atrás
Why waited so long innocent citizens lost their life.
Pedro Bossio
Pedro Bossio 14 horas atrás
That AG is a RACIST.
Travis Hudson
Travis Hudson 14 horas atrás
This prosecutor is garbage. She has the worst record in the st louis history of letting criminals go free. She is a HUGE contributor why St Louis is one of the most dangerous cities in America. We need to GET HER OUT!
Wei Xiong
Wei Xiong 14 horas atrás
Love Tucker show!
Paul Kolesnikov
Paul Kolesnikov 14 horas atrás
Donald Trump = mental illness :(
Phincter 14 horas atrás
june 19th, 2022 is a day that will live in irony
EthnoEuropean's CountriesAreBeingInvaded
One problem is that Republicans always defends themselves "I'm not racist!", just gives the enemy power by making "racist!" a powerful word!
2A Strong
2A Strong 14 horas atrás
How many FOX NEWS viewers will say MLK?
Cheryl King
Cheryl King 14 horas atrás
He doesn't have a right to get you to say a sentence without beating around the bush.? Give it a break Mayor....
Craig Avery
Craig Avery 14 horas atrás
I live in Kansas. We carry on our campuses.
Adrana West
Adrana West 14 horas atrás
Do a fantastic job Sec. Of State, John Pompeo and thank you very much
Pedro Mathew
Pedro Mathew 14 horas atrás
The american (USA) dream is over. The republicans and the democrats have failed the country horrendously. The republicans (mainly ideological evangelicals) have sided with a sociopath/conman. This is an economic reset initiated by a greedy governing class whose foreign policy and unrestrained ignorance and arrogance has finally come home to roost. The rest of the world figured this out years ago, now its like watching reality TV. It doesn't matter whose in charge or whose fault it is, they will never be held to account. The US citizens will be the only ones that will pay. unfortunately
splatthecat55 14 horas atrás
Tucker and Co. Sarcasm at its finest 😂 love it !
Peter Aylesworth
Peter Aylesworth 14 horas atrás
Tucker: Asks why Bill thinks climate deniers should be locked up and persecutes him about that statement. We come to find out Bill was refering to billionaire CEOs "average people" who knew better. Tucker is a joke.
Ms. Angela
Ms. Angela 14 horas atrás
Nick Stanfa
Nick Stanfa 14 horas atrás
They would love to fake getting in trouble anyone in their way to Ruin America. These people are Crazy. The Future does not look great. All we need to do is remove these people and get back to being America😇🇺🇸
James Davis
James Davis 14 horas atrás
Hannity is on Trumps payroll.
Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein 14 horas atrás
Vancouver ViKinG
Vancouver ViKinG 14 horas atrás
You guys are hilarious!!.😆
Charlotte Kuehne
Charlotte Kuehne 14 horas atrás
BLM seems to be hateful with killings citizens💔 and Police 💔 random violence against random peoples 💔 rioting with the burning neighborhoods💔 breaking laws 💔 looting💔 tearing down historic art and statues 💔 not peaceful at all💔🇺🇸🗳
Michael Petrovich
Michael Petrovich 14 horas atrás
Pompeo is upset that America has lost its position as the only super power position. Neo cons, zionists, neo liberals are all upset.
canadianroot 14 horas atrás
“You’re listening to the voice of a Marxist”. Mr. Owens hit the nail on the head.
gilberto ramirez
gilberto ramirez 14 horas atrás
Why do fox in live with trump. Even when he’s wrong
Phillip Silvers
Phillip Silvers 14 horas atrás
Vote Republican in November keep our cops
michael mcilvaine
michael mcilvaine 14 horas atrás
Hooray for Tucker Carlson, expose the RINO named "TRUMP" right to his face; he is so stupid, he probably won't even know!
CoachJefe 14 horas atrás
There is NO WAY Tucker KNOWS that CNN didn't mention Juneteenth for FIVE YEARS!
Barbara Miller
Barbara Miller 14 horas atrás
That raz guy got 90,000 grand from the city
KatzCeo 14 horas atrás
It will eventually burn because protesters will be back next month. Coronavirus and unemployment isgoing to make the poor eat the rich.
Miss Kimberly
Miss Kimberly 14 horas atrás
So, because Juneteenth wasn't talked about on CNN, Tucker doesn't think anybody knows what Juneteenth is?
Steven Buck
Steven Buck 14 horas atrás
His wife needs to learn how to hold a gun
Cheryl King
Cheryl King 14 horas atrás
Even disabled people have a right to a gun. Because the law does not protect them at all.
walt charamba
walt charamba 14 horas atrás
Now that the cops took over CHOP, will they change the name PORKCHOP?
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones 14 horas atrás
It seems that many of the protesters/rioters/occupiers would favor a Marxist government. How stupid can they be? A Marxist regime wouldn't tolerate the foolishness of their lazy and lawless asses for 20 minutes
Chaz Tupper
Chaz Tupper 14 horas atrás
SharResist45 !
SharResist45 ! 14 horas atrás
Lies, lies & more lies. How does this woman sleep at night? Not a single word she said is true. No wonder her viewers hate the left & Democrats; she spewed enough propaganda & demonization for a lifetime in less than 3 mins. Sad.
Billy G
Billy G 14 horas atrás
Exile the little free loading rats to any Communist country they want to go ! No longer American ! Get rid of them !
Pan LVX 14 horas atrás
What happened to Roger Ailes? May he BURN in the deepest part of HELL!
Chris Sillars
Chris Sillars 14 horas atrás
"Probably never even heard of george floyd" said with a serious face lmao what a turd.
psilvakimo 14 horas atrás
He came out swinging? Who are you kidding! This announcer is a jerk!
Thunder Up
Thunder Up 14 horas atrás
This was the dumbest rant I’ve ever heard from tucker
Undistinguished Lyricist
Undistinguished Lyricist 14 horas atrás
Blm are equivalent to antifa at this rate. I would absolutely LOVE to go another round, with this knowledge, and see JUST HOW they portray the beginning of America.
John Ward
John Ward 14 horas atrás
Apartheid was crushed. CCP will be as well, and then, just as in South Africa, in China it will be up to their own people at large to 'reserve the right to stuff things up themselves.' That's what 'moral agency' and 'political responsibility and accountability' means and it is okay; even to make mistakes by the ballot-box. Instead of having insanity and foolishness imposed onto them from the top down by some dictatorial 'elite' that sees itself as above the ordinary citizen. Xi is pathetic.
Lean dean
Lean dean 14 horas atrás
Let me tell you a story: The bully and his friends beat up the child because he was the youngest and the smallest one in the class but when the teacher arrive she blame the child for defending himself against the bully. Because the teacher was the mother of the bully. This is exactly whats happening here.
Aya M
Aya M 14 horas atrás
its fake accusations
Sören Nilsson
Sören Nilsson 14 horas atrás
What stupidity, the bases should have been renamed years ago.
Phillip Silvers
Phillip Silvers 14 horas atrás
Yea dont fire a gun at an officer
J Noel
J Noel 14 horas atrás
How dare anyone calling and Leaving Phone Messages calling The Distinguished and Honorable South Carolina SENATOR TIM SCOTT the “n” word!!!!! I am shocked and appalled at the colleague that left that message. I demand a public apology to Senator Scott and his Bill excepted immediately!!!!! In JESUS Name, AMEN🇺🇸🦅🎺🎺🔔⚖️🏛🎚🔥📖⌛️
Rishi Chandu
Rishi Chandu 14 horas atrás
like what he’s saying about health care. he deserves that seat i see potential
Cheryl King
Cheryl King 14 horas atrás
This man is an idiot. It's so important that he gets around it to be taken care of why is it that we can't take care of ourselves. Never once have I been protected by a police. In fact I always become part of the problem. Being a woman we get abused a lot. Especially when you're single and elders.
mike renzo
mike renzo 14 horas atrás
bring on the army with tanks,and they will run and dissapear like rabbits...
Destiny tran
Destiny tran 14 horas atrás
Tax payers foot the bill to clean up that mess.
SuperFreddy1965 14 horas atrás
Even if it is true that Trump was NOT briefed in the past, what is he doing about this TODAY? Is Trump calling it a HOAX, as usual?
Alice Moore
Alice Moore 14 horas atrás
Another BT 1000.
Vahrokh Vain
Vahrokh Vain 14 horas atrás
Those 2 traitors should be expelled from the party or declared not eligible (as Republicans) in the next election.
Noob Nooby
Noob Nooby 14 horas atrás
please don't give them to portland. It is a beautiful city.
Dylan Luckham
Dylan Luckham 14 horas atrás
Juan as usual, running his gums off. He is soulless, heartless and just plain thick. Greg, well said that man! Spot on, and Juan, please just go somewhere and sleep...we do not want to hear your pathetic sound bites. Get real! He ruins this for me.!
Simon Mc
Simon Mc 14 horas atrás
This lady is the best press officer I have ever seen/heard. Amazingly on point and fast to push back journalistic nonsense. I wish she were in this position back in 2016/17.
mr. nobody
mr. nobody 14 horas atrás
She needs to be placed in jail now!
Dana Thomas
Dana Thomas 14 horas atrás
All lives matter! Its how or what you do with your lives. Determines how you can succeed. I am responsible for my life. Are you? No excuses! Stop being a victim. You are a victim if you choose. But I am a fighter, and I do to the best of my ability the best I can. Stop the blaming, you are accountable for yourself and yourself only.
Ivan Loar
Ivan Loar 14 horas atrás
Sobs should all be given homesteads in Alaska. Years ago we all looked at one of the first socialist utopian effort in our fledgling country. It was called Harmony and it failed as well as many of the communes of the sixties. And why did they fail? Most of the members were unable to do the simple hard work it takes to keep one going!
Rockston KILMOR
Rockston KILMOR 14 horas atrás
OMG ,where's just a handful of ROOFTOP SNIPERS when you need 'em !!! That'll end the VANDALIZING of PUBLIC property QUICK !!!
SuperFreddy1965 14 horas atrás
Even if it is true that Trump was NOT briefed in the past, what is he doing about this TODAY? Is Trump calling it a HOAX, as usual?
CoachJefe 14 horas atrás
Who cares? I don't get Columbus Day off from work anyway!
Siva Subbu
Siva Subbu 14 horas atrás
The guy looks German.
olrik parlez
olrik parlez 14 horas atrás
I'd like to see how well Trump would do on a GED exam.
BrickbyBrick46 14 horas atrás
5:00 literally the only thing tucker carlson has said that i respect. (note: i’m not dem nor republican)
House of God
House of God 14 horas atrás
Trump endorsed the other guy. And you idiots voted him in anyway??? A 24 y old kid? He will betray us. A new lindsey graham. IF he was real Trump would have endorsed him.. voters can be so ungrateful and stupid. Just wait till a vote that matters comes. And like Mccaine he finds a reason not to vote with us.
Rick B Serrano
Rick B Serrano 14 horas atrás
Steven Buck
Steven Buck 14 horas atrás
Y'all racist af
Ken Whitten
Ken Whitten 14 horas atrás
Oh Tuk Tuk, you such a great entertainer, if only you had a brain.
olrik parlez
olrik parlez 14 horas atrás
I'd like to see how well Trump would do on a GED exam.
Harry Cheng
Harry Cheng 14 horas atrás
Trump will xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao after he failed the reelection later this year
13 percent But also 50 percent
Almost time to do it again, lads.
MesaGuitarGuy 14 horas atrás
I love her!
Evil Chars
Evil Chars 14 horas atrás
2:10 It is cultural White erasure. There is your answer. Inform yourself more by checking out youtubers: No White Guilt The Great order From there you will find more content creators speaking about these events honestly. Please for all that's sacred to you, check them out. Don't wait for the anti-Whites to be in front of your door.
paul mackie
paul mackie 14 horas atrás
Keep America distracted, The CCCp continues to work on we the free world ? And joe Biden is a fucken fool
OG Bleu boy
OG Bleu boy 14 horas atrás
Christiane Hemmick
Christiane Hemmick 14 horas atrás
Gardner is an idiot they broke into their property and trespasses.
4browsing 14 horas atrás
CHAZ was another failed Marxist experiment except it ended before tens of millions died.
Agathon 14 horas atrás
It's all due some combo of ...
mark wall
mark wall 14 horas atrás
Im a black man and definitely would have pulled my gun out on them and shoot if i have to
Iwant2chgmyworld I
Iwant2chgmyworld I 14 horas atrás
I'm noticing ads on TV for folks running for office no longer identify themselves as democrats. They say "for Bipartisan Change...Vote for so and so". Be careful when you vote folks. We need the do nothings out of office !
Mike Kooz
Mike Kooz 14 horas atrás
The Left did NOT get there Kent State to blame on Trump.
John Honeck
John Honeck 14 horas atrás
Take off the masks, the hats, and the hoodies, and you'll see that what we're seeing is a bunch of (mostly) white people aged 17-25. People born in the 90s. In Seattle. A place and time when there was a massive heroin problem. Let that sink in for a minute.
Gav Reynolds
Gav Reynolds 14 horas atrás
I Think Tucker and Jason are brothers from different mothers?
KAOS 14 horas atrás
Tucker do something with that dumb look you put on ,,,omg. It's so dumb looking
Betsy Ross2.0
Betsy Ross2.0 14 horas atrás
So never mind stating the obvious here where like minded individuals feel the same let those cowards in office know that their actions will result in their unemployment,.don't be outraged actually reach out and write that email, pop vox and make it your business to get that done or you really don't care..
Ken Jackson
Ken Jackson 14 horas atrás
Democrats are the problem.
The King Maker
The King Maker 14 horas atrás
imagine 130,000 dead under obamas watch, you people would be going mental over here
456t123g 14 horas atrás
Will miss Jason. He needs to cover Congress now.
Jay Sargos
Jay Sargos 14 horas atrás
rascism is hysteria. fuel of the democrats.
Cindy Lundberg
Cindy Lundberg 14 horas atrás
YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! They made me want to cry! Wow how refreshing...I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!! Thank you for fighting for our country!!!!! Mr Burgess Owens, I am praying for you to win and will continue to pray until I hear you won!!!!
douglas hagan
douglas hagan 14 horas atrás
is constantly being tested for cognitive abilities is because it's necessary that we do test him for every day for and every minute every second for cognitive delay because the dementia is taking hold because as we get older and older we actually are going to the end of our grand tour
The Secret Weapon
The Secret Weapon 14 horas atrás
I'm not normally a fan of snarky reporting, but in this case I'll make an exception. ;-)
Robbie Robot
Robbie Robot 14 horas atrás
The media scum as always ......
Ernest George Jr.
Ernest George Jr. 14 horas atrás
Exactly correct!
Evin Stevenson
Evin Stevenson 14 horas atrás
there are known knowns and unknown unknowns just because there is a lack of evidence there are 3 intelligence agents that can confirm it...and if there are 3 then im sure the rest can access the same information so there is some type of evidence its there they just have to investigate whether or not it is what they claim it is...we live in a time where whistle blowers are the enemy of the state for exposing the truth about our government they still want to crucify snowden for dropping the surveillance/spy dime and now this so this lack of evidence is mostly due to the fact that whoever has the full details on this matter that can prove it to be true is afraid for their lives and their families lives...not so much how accurate the evidence is or if the source is a creditable one...
Caspar Guise
Caspar Guise 14 horas atrás
Donna is on the five because Dana the crypto lefty wanted her on. Dana constantly supports the left. Watch Dana kiss donnas backside
Boo Radley
Boo Radley 14 horas atrás
What a spineless puppet Mike Braun is. You can literally see right through him.