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Alec Steele
Alec Steele
My name's Alec Steele and here you'll find near-daily videos documenting the process of building some awesome projects here in the shop. As a blacksmith, most of the projects start as lumps of steel, or stacks of different alloys for making damascus, that I forge out into blades, sculpture, art or tools before taking the project to the machining equipment or into the grinding room for finishing. Each project teaches me a lot and stretches the bounds of my knowledge. I make a lot of mistakes but they serve as an excellent teacher. There's always something important for me to learn in the shop!
I want my work to be the spark that ignites the desire for you to get into your shop (or kitchen/basement/garage) and make something too! Whether it's stitching a leather wallet or forging a giant sword, you'll love the creative process.
Be sure to follow me on instagram @alecsteele for behind the scenes and grab some awesome products at
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Making Wedding Bands!
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Kleo 84
Kleo 84 15 segundos atrás
Paul Debaecker
Paul Debaecker 4 minutos atrás
Shirts really do look better! I loved your description of how a power hammer works!
Mustafa Qutbi
Mustafa Qutbi 9 minutos atrás
Hey! Congrats and awesome stuff! Might I ask, what camera and lens you using to shoot this?
Cristóvão Nunes
Cristóvão Nunes 17 minutos atrás
@apple HomePod at 8:15
sean almacen
sean almacen Hora atrás
man u r cringe af
Wojciech Migda
Wojciech Migda Hora atrás
I liked the old videos, not that I don't like the current but now Alec is a businessman, where before that he was just a kid with a hobby, who turned into an entrepreneur. But that is the price of success and it is very well deserved! I really like this one, and I feel like looking at my own learning by doing experience, especially when the valve dropped into the top of the ram. Keep up the entertainment coming :-)!!!
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Hora atrás
I am thinking that they need to build a brand new custom workshop that has a big glass wall that looks out into his scenic mountain view...would just add a new dimension to his forging videos...just a thought
Sam Greatorex
Sam Greatorex Hora atrás
Does anyone know if this would work with British coins? Thinking 2p's and 10p's.
Egon Schwarz
Egon Schwarz 2 horas atrás
what ive always been wondering as a non blacksmith person why do blacksmiths quite often hit the workpiece and then kind of lift it up and drop it on the anvil? does it have a reason even?
Tim Reid
Tim Reid 3 horas atrás
Josh Sater
Josh Sater 3 horas atrás
We love you Alec. You are one of the sweetest most honest most genuine people on the internet and we hope you stay safe and healthy as well.
CeGiVenskus 3 horas atrás
Alec is it possible to do first person blacksmithing?
LaughingMan 3 horas atrás
Cory Sauls
Cory Sauls 4 horas atrás
Going live would be great
red brezuela
red brezuela 4 horas atrás
Too much talking,hate it
Rodger 4 horas atrás
its a ford,sorry you learned the hard way,but as the sales guy at the used lot said..."theres LOTS of parts available !!!
jabiluss 4 horas atrás
So a bit of an easier idea but a slight waste, for the punch would it have been helpful to make a negative impression so you could hopefully heat up another piece of steel to impress the seal into it? I also find myself thinking of a spider-bit. Still though, always fun to see you working with the finer stuff so I'm not mad in any way.
TJ Slick
TJ Slick 5 horas atrás
Just wondering? Why do you two girly grip your hammer handles so close to the head?
Hummingbird 5 horas atrás
1:34 little did alec know he’d be making one later on
Don Sayre
Don Sayre 5 horas atrás
keep the Slag off of the Anvil!
Eric Wiedenhoft
Eric Wiedenhoft 5 horas atrás
That is exquisite, Alec!
Timothy Shannon
Timothy Shannon 5 horas atrás
Live show!
Rene Schaap
Rene Schaap 5 horas atrás
Controleer de boven flens en de zuiger met DYE-CHECK op scheuren en lassen met Lincoln Smitweld Nichroma 2.5 of 3.4 mm voor het lassen op warmen tot minimaal 150 graden Celsius en voorzichtig af laten koelen !!!!! wees voorzichtig Opa
Luz Gaming
Luz Gaming 6 horas atrás
Your videos are so good cutted.
Fabian Waters
Fabian Waters 6 horas atrás
Ok but they would be a great couple
Flávio Lopes Batista
Flávio Lopes Batista 6 horas atrás
Congratulations on your persistence. Great job Alec.
Justin Eblacas
Justin Eblacas 7 horas atrás
Terraria?.... Ohhh itss real life
erroneum 7 horas atrás
Alec: aluminum oxide is good (hardness of 9), but silicon carbide (also available on sandpaper) is better (hardness of 9.5)
Steve Sartin
Steve Sartin 7 horas atrás
Great vid Alec. I have so many cheap hammers that I need to apply these lessons to. So to my question... My anvil is a small 45 lb and the shoulders are pretty chunked up. How would you recommend refacing it?
JanoschNr1 7 horas atrás
Y not melt it first?
erroneum 7 horas atrás
I liked it with the flats on the tines; it gave it character.
Wayne Walker
Wayne Walker 7 horas atrás
If your running a 2 inch air pipe, reduce it to 1 inch just before forge entry. This will increase the pressure; just like a garden hose.
Luca Pantaleo
Luca Pantaleo 7 horas atrás
9:28 Alec holds a block of cheddar with tongs
robert shaw
robert shaw 7 horas atrás
Been a bad day. 3 Machines damaged by careless shipping. Glad to hear they will be replaced. That should teach the freight company something. Good luck Alec
Quinlan Brown
Quinlan Brown 7 horas atrás
Alec your hammers are a millennia to expensive. I’ve seen you make them. I’d understand $50 but much more Han that is ridiculous.
Henry McCausland
Henry McCausland 7 horas atrás
just wondering have you ever grabed something you thought was cold?
robert shaw
robert shaw 7 horas atrás
Alec - That looks similar to a corliss valve. That should be familiar to you. Trim everything up and likely it will work well. After all, It worked nicely when it was young -- like you.
Brad Yoder
Brad Yoder 7 horas atrás
It's a volume thing. I'm at about sea level and I get by with 2" pipe.
Aaron Knudsen
Aaron Knudsen 7 horas atrás
Your shameless advertising is destroying your content. This channel is nothing like when I first started watching a couple years ago. Sorry but I will probably mo e on if it continues.
robert shaw
robert shaw 8 horas atrás
Well, Alec That is quite an accomplishment. BUT, you can save that monster motor by brazing the broken parts. Keith Rucker is the guy to help with that. You must have apprenticed when you were 12 or so to get to own a machine shop at 18. You are all a bunch of high school guys - amazing. I know you are proud of your new hammer. How about getting it all cleaned up and giving it a nice coat of paint. Restore it, don't just make it work. Be safe - keep your distance.
BIGCHEW 8 horas atrás
Cool Video But Where Is Part 2 For This One ? I Cant Find It ! Or Am I Just Over Looking It Or What??
Danie Müller
Danie Müller 8 horas atrás
Random strangers: "Hi...What do you do for a living?" Alec: "Hi! I forge weld metal and steel in smelting hot ovens. I hammer said molten metals into swords, daggers and I make knives...I fix lathes and milling machines. I repair MASSIVE pneumatic hammers! And in my spare time (when I'm waiting for Will) I sit in a warehouse by myself, sewing PPE together...For my other business..." Alec:" This is HARD!" Some factory workers all over the world thinking...You say it's hard? I make 1000 of these a day! All jokes aside...It's always a good thing to expand and get better as a human being... Kudos!
Kyle J
Kyle J 8 horas atrás
Is the issue not to do with the fact that it’s on a wooden base. Instead of the hammer base being on the concrete. It’s sitting higher off the ground which gives you extra space for the valve to open wider? Closer to the ground, less movement of the pedal?
Jonathan Towle
Jonathan Towle 8 horas atrás
Running, oil leaks, no vids for a while 🤔
mkckf4l 8 horas atrás
is this video about bears or fabrication. I am a bit confused as to why the bear crap was forced in the middle?? No Sub for now! Lots of potential be true to you title!!
keir farnum
keir farnum 9 horas atrás
New show: “Squishmasters!”
kyle amaral
kyle amaral 9 horas atrás
Get yourself a cheap woods truck with big tires and a winch and hit the trails you wouldn't in a daily driver
Morrie Wyatt
Morrie Wyatt 10 horas atrás
You are going to need one hell of a big dingleberry hone to crosshatch that bore. And the valve was obviously a student of Newton rather than Douglas Adams or Bugs Bunny. preferring to do a Wile E Coyote into the gorge instead. (Bugs never having studied law, and Douglas Adams recommendation to "Throw yourself at the ground, and miss.")
Charli’s Channel
Charli’s Channel 10 horas atrás
Jason’s vise is genium
Suomalaista Pelailua
Suomalaista Pelailua 10 horas atrás
meteorite silver/gold damasgus?
Alex LoL
Alex LoL 10 horas atrás
I am sorry for my poor English, but I can not see this horror. First of all, the power machines should be fixed only by specialist, because such machine could wound somebody because of wrong repaire. Especially awful for me was the fact repairing by photo!! If the power hammer does not work correct, first of all shopuld be checked both pistons - main and secondary, and state of sealing rings on them. If they are not good, the leaking air may cause malfunction. And then should be checked air valves about leakage. Anyway such machine should be disassembled and every part must be detected. Cutting the whole-body lever and weld it back is absolutly prohibited !! To make the manageable correcting lever, You should make two clevises with nut-like connectors and threaded rod with fixing nuts.
J C 10 horas atrás
Anyone else know basically nothing about blacksmithing but still watching these whole videos during quarantine? Lol
sacredoblivion1647 10 horas atrás
Eh who needs to go buy thinner wood at the store, just put it under a power hammer
dong lagpao
dong lagpao 10 horas atrás
Dear santa..
Fire Souls
Fire Souls 10 horas atrás
Why dose the twisting of the steel kinda reminded me of a kfc ad
Seb Hudson
Seb Hudson 10 horas atrás
Hey Alec, I really enjoyed this video, if possible, please could you do some more like this where you look into the engineering behind your machinery? Thanks
Tin Jeger
Tin Jeger 10 horas atrás
You sud sin UP to foget in fire
Trap Johnson
Trap Johnson 10 horas atrás
Grind down the top of the ram and de-swell the inner ring facing the valve?
BENJAMIN C4NV45 10 horas atrás
yeah do a live show its been forever, i think....
Trap Johnson
Trap Johnson 10 horas atrás
His method for tuning in the hammer SHOULD be the method that the governors are approaching this pandemic, finding the Most beneficial and as reduced cost balance as possible. Right now, the cost to our future lives be damned sadly. I pray that cost is less than the cost borne by those who are ill.
Kamolels Kalikamis
Kamolels Kalikamis 10 horas atrás
You don't even need to go to gym if you are black smithing
Mr. Frontsau
Mr. Frontsau 11 horas atrás
from time to time, id prefer you to blow some air into the emulsion, it starts to stink very quickly, it needs to be in movement....
Justin Patalsky
Justin Patalsky 11 horas atrás
Do you smoke meth?
FaiNted 11 horas atrás
Can you make zulfikar (sword)
Andy Campbell
Andy Campbell 12 horas atrás
Why did they put gloves on when they did the plumbing?🤨
Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop 12 horas atrás
I want a t-shirt of the outline of only Alec's hair.
Raha Sia
Raha Sia 12 horas atrás
Not katana
Twoflower 12 horas atrás
Is it better to get new tools or source vintage tools??
Antony Hibberd
Antony Hibberd 13 horas atrás
“We don’t make mistakes, only happy little accidents”. Live stream...just like the good old days!!!! Barker street Ho!!
EDC Knife Gentlemen
EDC Knife Gentlemen 13 horas atrás
Nice one mate keep up the good work yerrrr live and we going the see well do some home made knife thing a home made folder keep him going
Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop 13 horas atrás
I'd have build straps for the motor. Can't really fix what's there but you could drive it down and hold it.
Simon Turner
Simon Turner 13 horas atrás
Amazing job will, attention to detail is another level
Ruben Wins
Ruben Wins 13 horas atrás
Please do a steele vs stelter again???!!!!
Codak 141
Codak 141 13 horas atrás
How much iron sand would it take to make an ulfberht The kind of iron sand the Japanese use to make a katana
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones 14 horas atrás
I wonder if Alec suffers from ADHD with all the excessive enthusiasm
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 14 horas atrás
Florian RAULT
Florian RAULT 14 horas atrás
Could you create something with recuperation steel? The EcoloBlackSmith
mandavaler 15 horas atrás
You know alec would do good to buy himself a motor puller for stuff like that housing
Max Hearld
Max Hearld 15 horas atrás
I wonder if you heated it up in a lump charcoal furnace and gave it a lot of carbon would make any difference in how it responds to how you work it?
Dario Crnoja
Dario Crnoja 15 horas atrás
Those 2 months of free skill share are not free i was charged 1$ for something... and they are now not replying to my mail!
Austin Hayducky
Austin Hayducky 15 horas atrás
He missed an opportunity for beautiful irony by using other harbor freight tools for the job
martin van Wezel
martin van Wezel 15 horas atrás
Live shows are great, but unfortunately the timezones don’t match with fans in Europe. Many makers are putting out live content, but it is mostly the afternoon US which is understandable, but unfortunate. (Maybe for consideration)
martin van Wezel
martin van Wezel 15 horas atrás
Super interesting to look inside the machine. I am not a blacksmith and don’t intent to become one, but love your video’s and this is very cool.
ICE BLOCK 15 horas atrás
Man I bet getting one of those helmets is a breath of fresh air
tobys Standpoint
tobys Standpoint 15 horas atrás
i really admire his determination with making this blade! and he seems to never tire out, holly heck. you have my greatest respect.
mandavaler 16 horas atrás
Big air compressor and a wheel valve regulator in place of the blower. Can easily pump 180psi in bulk with big enough air lines
Daniel Looney
Daniel Looney 16 horas atrás
Team bumblefuck rise up! Love that you know who Ave is!
Lance Curley
Lance Curley 16 horas atrás
Why aren’t there any locking nuts on that turnbuckle? If it only takes half a turn out of spec for the ram to be hitting the top, wouldn’t you want to make sure the turnbuckle won’t move? That much vibration would definitely have the threads walking themselves loose pretty quickly
Capt Obvious
Capt Obvious 16 horas atrás
I'd love a live show!
garciah2 16 horas atrás
Do a live show
The Pilot Penguin
The Pilot Penguin 16 horas atrás
Alec is only like 2 years older than me and he makes me wonder what am I even doing with my life 😳☹️
Richard Metoxen
Richard Metoxen 16 horas atrás
Might I say alec your voice is very good! Maybe you could be a voice over for like a story teller or even maybe the radio?
glup12 17 horas atrás
New rock band right here.
boltonky 17 horas atrás
Great video and reminds me i need to make one....only problem i noticed was Will needs to hold hammer further back only say that cause ive been told off so many times by the older guys (your wasting the fulcrum)
neverdieadam 17 horas atrás
Awesome videos as always!! My question is what is your favorite "visually speaking" Damascus pattern??
Joriz Catangue
Joriz Catangue 17 horas atrás
You never really show the result like the actual sword
Giovanni Mora
Giovanni Mora 17 horas atrás
Michael & April Maize
Michael & April Maize 17 horas atrás
why do I want a grilled cheese sandwich while watching this?
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 18 horas atrás
Check the head plate seal with the hammer body. You may need to lap the joint to make a better seal. A blown seal can cause the issue you are having, as well. A cheap way to do this is get some car engine building, Plasticgage. Automotive stores carry this.
John Chrysostom Rev 3:9
John Chrysostom Rev 3:9 18 horas atrás
What Alex? Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone makes beautiful ingenious things like you do! We are all just humans. Don't sweat it :) Live Shows Rule!!