I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with other projects and things I enjoy. Like drones & fixing random things.
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100 Comentários
Victor Marquez
Victor Marquez 17 segundos atrás
What phone does he use?
Kolby W
Kolby W 27 segundos atrás
Watching this from the Razer 2 🤣
Adrian Padilla
Adrian Padilla 56 segundos atrás
We're basically looking and a worse version of iphone 11 except it folds.
Rabih Chahine
Rabih Chahine Minuto atrás
It be nice to see what happens when you step on it
Huda Mustofa
Huda Mustofa 2 minutos atrás
q Ra mudeng ngomong OPO Iki😭😭😭
Purple Diamond
Purple Diamond 4 minutos atrás
i ate bananas
Blostin 4 minutos atrás
Feel-good story!
Ken K
Ken K 5 minutos atrás
@11:19 kidnapped by UFO.... ohhhh nooo jerry! lol!
Audrey Ningtyas
Audrey Ningtyas 7 minutos atrás
It hurts me physically to watch this
Mandrew34 8 minutos atrás
yes it passed
Joker 8 minutos atrás
Great Guy. That's how you take care a Lady.
cdanielr 9 minutos atrás
Today on “How it’s made”...
Zeth Panen
Zeth Panen 10 minutos atrás
I wish i have enough money to buy a phone hmmmm
David 11 minutos atrás
This is the opposite of ASMR.
Caleb Brook
Caleb Brook 11 minutos atrás
If only this video was a collaboration with demolition ranch 😂
JuanCarlos Esparza
JuanCarlos Esparza 11 minutos atrás
my smallest phone was a Samsung SGH T429, man i loved the phone, still have it lol
Mobile games inJustice
Mobile games inJustice 11 minutos atrás
But Apple Watch is more useful
Dave B
Dave B 13 minutos atrás
Spoiled biatch😚
Jesse Conlan
Jesse Conlan 14 minutos atrás
Ended up getting the McLaren Edition.. It is epic. well worth it. I've been watching Jerry's videos for about a year trying to figure out which phone to get and this one has some great features I couldn't pass up on
CL Henry
CL Henry 15 minutos atrás
What do you mean “no burn marks”? I saw it crystal clear!!!! What did me learn?::;0 DONT BUY IT IF YOU CAN CUS ITS BANNED
StupidLittleBrat 15 minutos atrás
I love how his voice is so calm while he destroys one of the very first touch screen phones ever made that made a revolutionary difference in technology
my head brick wall
my head brick wall 16 minutos atrás
I want this phone but I'm not gonna blow $600 even then I still don't have the money lol
InfiniWolf 17 minutos atrás
I’m still using my s9 plus
mx 17 minutos atrás
Lol plastic screen
Indignus est
Indignus est 17 minutos atrás
4:57 *slender man has entered the chat*
Smartscience345 darkness534
Smartscience345 darkness534 18 minutos atrás
Nice voice
isaac hanna
isaac hanna 19 minutos atrás
U need to STOP
Ayoma Anuradha
Ayoma Anuradha 20 minutos atrás
Can u sent me a iphone 11 pro max....plz..
soelistijo Tjahjono
soelistijo Tjahjono 22 minutos atrás
Waow dual smart monitor ,,,,,, smart digital ,,,,, smart hypertech ,,,,, smart supertech ,,,,,, smart superfine ,,,,,,, Soelistijo Tjahjono/Yoyok/t.j/06208817043729/062082257862178
고양이 23 minutos atrás
한국 나와라아ㅏㅏㅏㅏ
BlumpyGame 24 minutos atrás
I’m watching this on a Iphone XR, I think my phone is traumatised now😂
K i n g FF
K i n g FF 24 minutos atrás
Ver esto me produce dolor
VTS NET 25 minutos atrás
Aduh om botak, hpnya untuk saya saja 🤪
Nghĩa Nguyễn
Nghĩa Nguyễn 25 minutos atrás
What the
Stacey R.
Stacey R. 25 minutos atrás
i changed my side key to shut off my phone
Zachary Dalton
Zachary Dalton 26 minutos atrás
or you couldve given it to me i have a half broken iphone 8 you know that kinda wouldve been pretty nice
Morrie Mukoda
Morrie Mukoda 26 minutos atrás
2020, still using my Iphone 6s with my 3.5mm jack. My next phone won't be Apple.
Robert Adams
Robert Adams 27 minutos atrás
IP69 would actually make alot of sense for smartphones because it would show the smartphone is extremely sturdy from severe impact. Smartphones should be able to be used without cases to protect them. Especially smartphones that are $1,000+.
soelistijo Tjahjono
soelistijo Tjahjono 28 minutos atrás
Waow smart digital ,,,,,, smart hypertech ,,,,,, smart hitech ,,,,,, smart supertech ,,,,,, smart superfine ,,,,,,,, Soelistijo Tjahjono/Yoyok/t.j/06208817043729/062082257862178
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 28 minutos atrás
Big bowl of crack, and your lifeless below the waist wife for desert! Yeehaw! Lol
Anees Gondal
Anees Gondal 30 minutos atrás
Give this to me I am poor
Recluse 31 minuto atrás
those real dino bones?
Iqbal Dzulfiqar I
Iqbal Dzulfiqar I 32 minutos atrás
Isinya sama kyak hp murahan
CL Henry
CL Henry 32 minutos atrás
🎶🎵If it’s new then You should’ve put a magnet on it!🎵🎶(if you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it) Beyoncé and what did we learn today DONT buy oppo/find-x
Count Meowt
Count Meowt 33 minutos atrás
Does that thread spool say "Made in Walter" ??
Tabs -
Tabs - 37 minutos atrás
The specs are great! I’m buying it.
Abbasi Automotive
Abbasi Automotive 38 minutos atrás
"Its mostly plastic" Perfect for the Kardashian's
Marquel Jeter
Marquel Jeter 38 minutos atrás
cloneskiller 38 minutos atrás
the best note is the 9. i have the 8 and its my second favorite phone behind the note 7 rip
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 38 minutos atrás
Marketing sells a product or service. When you hype the marketing end, the goal is to increase sales while also increasing revenue so naturally they're going to hype the marketing of this phone. If you think about it, they do this on purpose because no one will really sue them for false advertising... at least they hope not. They are counting on a quick sale and then quick obsolescence. They are trying to make the most money on a cheaply made product which would seem so with this phone.
Ethan parker
Ethan parker 39 minutos atrás
Cambry really hit the jackpot❤
Crazy Dude
Crazy Dude 42 minutos atrás
but i prefere my s10 plus who know il might get it for fun tho xd . ty was an interesting video
Crazy Dude
Crazy Dude 42 minutos atrás
its an awsome phone quit durable no one will do that to it
FluffyBoi 44 minutos atrás
Elon take my money
Lucas 44 minutos atrás
The real reason he broke his arm was because he tried to bend the Nokia 3310
Trickmaster Alastor
Trickmaster Alastor 44 minutos atrás
For anyone using this tutorial after me, the two screws at 42s are NOT tri-wing. They are Phillips head. You can tell from the video but I was listening while putting it back together. Aside from that great tutorial. You should've added how to clean the disc laser as it is a common issue on Wii Us. For future laser cleaners: I didn't disconnect the ribbon cable from the front panel or disc drive. Just remove the four screws surrounding disc drive and the two on top of the drive to open the top. Remove two screws mounting the white circular plastic piece and bam! clear view of the disc laser. I used rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. Laser reads better than ever. Cheers!
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos 46 minutos atrás
4 PROBLEMS??? Hahahaha LOOK AT IT ITS A IPHONE RIP OFF, though the 11 is not that good looking at all that is absolutely hideous. EVEN THE BOX IS A RIP OFF HAHAHA! Samsung started the iPhone rip off trend though..
Kio Nguyễn
Kio Nguyễn 46 minutos atrás
2020: Introducing NoPhone Fold & NoPhone Flip.
Ethan's Reviews
Ethan's Reviews 48 minutos atrás
his knife safety makes me EXTREMELY anxious 😂
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos 49 minutos atrás
9:30 no the theme of the Rip off company in total.
brendan wilson
brendan wilson 50 minutos atrás
Australia's upside down. I'm offended lol
Dontmiss thistime
Dontmiss thistime 51 minuto atrás
just come out if anyone can make it better than this moment....just use the most advanced one can go better now.
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos 51 minuto atrás
If you have a spare do a couple of drop tests, would be quite interesting because it’s a different type of phone than others, apart from the original flipping (smartphones) Only because your content is actually watchable, not overenthusiastic and good quality.
Jeffyjoe12 53 minutos atrás
Triforce Legend Of Zelda
Proxima Centauri117
Proxima Centauri117 55 minutos atrás
Folding it in half makes it take up half the space My sixth grade science teacher “Matter can neither be created or destroyed!!!!!!”
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos 55 minutos atrás
Shit. You can barely call that glass... sums the whole company up.
Stranger People
Stranger People 55 minutos atrás
This called me poor in 293 diffrent languages.
DJ_BEANZz 55 minutos atrás
Tbh idrc about passwords so much that I’ll tell u it. iamgei123
CaptainMech 55 minutos atrás
"Apple paid a lot of attention to the design" yeah but they made a frikkin' 40-foot camera bump. If your phone drops, RIP camera lens.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 56 minutos atrás
We all can see a product such as the Samsung flip phone but what kills every product is the marketing of said product. As George Carlin puts it... "The marketing of bull$h1t." And he would be correct with this phone.
Pari Chimpu
Pari Chimpu 56 minutos atrás
This man was born wit zero brain
Hunter Rose
Hunter Rose 56 minutos atrás
What if the elevator is on the upper floor while shes on the lower floor? Does it have a a call button or something similar?
CL Henry
CL Henry 58 minutos atrás
You made he video then made the voice I saw reflection
Be ba
Be ba 58 minutos atrás
حط ترجمه عربيه لو ممكن
MrZiembix 58 minutos atrás
Ta twoja dupa bardziej pasuje do ciebie niz ty do niej łysa pało 😉🙃🤪😗
Cory Foley
Cory Foley 59 minutos atrás
Video was good but leave politics out of it. Unsubbed
The King
The King 59 minutos atrás
The first folding phone? So has everyone forgot about the Nexus 6p
Austin THC
Austin THC Hora atrás
Repair would cost a ton
psychopomp Hora atrás
The fact a fingernail can do that just makes me laugh my ass off
•Pastel_ Pinxiie•
*when your so rich you can destroy the latest phone everyone wants*
nirmormor Hora atrás
This video just made my day
Hunter Betz
Hunter Betz Hora atrás
I cringed so bad the whole time
ark13700 Hora atrás
The New Gameboy Advance SP
Andreas Weigand
Andreas Weigand Hora atrás
"Pff apple fanboy"
Glenn Winchester
Glenn Winchester Hora atrás
I never had an iphone in my entire life and watching this is really heartbreaking.... I will still accept that phone if you will give it to me
Depressed Sauce
Depressed Sauce Hora atrás
There Otterbox Symmetry brought me here. Feels like I'm gonna break it everytime I remove it.
mike Bordeaux
mike Bordeaux Hora atrás
Apple is selling 14k gold that is actually 1.4k gold. 😏
Yordan Vegas
Yordan Vegas Hora atrás
Veo este video con tanta tristeza. Me parte el alma 😞
Ricardo Senteio
Ricardo Senteio Hora atrás
Ridículo teste, nunca ninguém irá fazer isso com um smartphone.
JohnReviewer112 Hora atrás
huawei espionage is confirmed...
Isaiah Wilson
Isaiah Wilson Hora atrás
My first phone was a kyocera duraforce. The original model i think. A bit hefty but good for a clumsy bitch like me.
Scrumptiously0 Hora atrás
Benjamin Newlin
Benjamin Newlin Hora atrás
What watch is that?
cjr1881 Hora atrás
“Both in fahrenheit and calculus”
Phil Dunpot
Phil Dunpot Hora atrás
I saved and saved and saved for an iPod 5 to use as my daily driver cause it had WiFi calling and iMessage so I could text my friends. That thing was good to me
Jozef Maďar
Jozef Maďar Hora atrás
RIP BB finish in 2020
mike Bordeaux
mike Bordeaux Hora atrás
Hey this watch is not pure profit, they pay $60 each to have these made.
cjr1881 Hora atrás
The perfect christmas gift that will stay in the box or be used once.
Roy Rice
Roy Rice Hora atrás
Dry ice and frost bite that feels like a burn and ends up a burn!! 🥶🔥❄️🔥 Wear you gloves!!! 🧤🧤✅ ✅
Connor Bramham
Connor Bramham Hora atrás
When he says “when you get rocks in it because you ACCIDENTALLY go outside” 😂😂