I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with other projects and things I enjoy. Like drones & fixing random things.
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RisingTech 2 minutos atrás
Me: I wonder how sensitive this new phone is? Jerry: Dont worry I got u, lets throw some sand in it ;-) Single handily takes down the fold, round 2 R.I.P. Samsung Fold.....
flexy fier
flexy fier 4 minutos atrás
Похож на лысого из браззерс
Unknown Ball
Unknown Ball 6 minutos atrás
What if they break up?
GiulianoTek 6 minutos atrás
Do you are crazy
Hussain Saleh
Hussain Saleh 6 minutos atrás
you sick man
NonSerious Adda
NonSerious Adda 6 minutos atrás
Seeing those cans of cola bursting was one of the most painfull thing ever
2 Guys and a Podcast
2 Guys and a Podcast 7 minutos atrás
xd Lunai
xd Lunai 7 minutos atrás
Triforce from Zelda lik if u an epic gamer
Contentibus 7 minutos atrás
You two are very cute ❤️
MR JON 8 minutos atrás
Thanks to iPhone 6 now we have this STUPID BEND TEST!!!.
Carlton Wheatley
Carlton Wheatley 11 minutos atrás
I don’t understand the purpose of scratch test videos in 2019... once the glass became harder than razor blades, the average user’s phone won’t come anywhere near anything that can scratch it. If you have exposed razors in your pocket anyway, you have more to worry about than scratching your phone.
BlaQ 11 minutos atrás
Just ignore these indian comments, none of them is true.
Clippzy 12 minutos atrás
5:26 he has a barcode on his head. Wtf?
Timothy Breedlove
Timothy Breedlove 13 minutos atrás
What happened to his wife?
THE HITLER 13 minutos atrás
you are professional at my sight good job keep it up ♡
No U
No U 15 minutos atrás
When I dropped my phone once, the only thing that broke was my nose....
haagen imvu
haagen imvu 16 minutos atrás
9:29 - so sad seeing the iphone xr screen like tht.. thts literally the state my iphone 7 plus is after ONE DROP
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs 17 minutos atrás
A few years Ago, there was the Galaxy S Beam....
omwtfyb 20 minutos atrás
Apple: That's fucking illegal
Emely S
Emely S 20 minutos atrás
Does the Apple Watch have a Calculator (to cheat on a test)
Moudire Ifan
Moudire Ifan 21 minuto atrás
I just love Jerry and his soothing voice !
-МакаРон- 22 minutos atrás
Aaaaahhhvmy eyes.......
Rusty 24 minutos atrás
Just wireless charging
Samuel Moore
Samuel Moore 26 minutos atrás
You could of DECAPITATED her when you kicked that piece through the floor! IDUOT!!!
Jayden Gaming and more!
Jayden Gaming and more! 26 minutos atrás
Dude what5tye
Andreas Giöbel
Andreas Giöbel 27 minutos atrás
nice Vid-Top
Saru EMS Education
Saru EMS Education 27 minutos atrás
Hitman: Hangs TV. hopefully this game comes to Steam.
Traven AJ
Traven AJ 27 minutos atrás
Eugene Washington
Eugene Washington 27 minutos atrás
Лысый, ты мудак!!
J 28 minutos atrás
Andreas Giöbel
Andreas Giöbel 28 minutos atrás
last bit felt sposored, like I want my free stuff from DJI
No U
No U 28 minutos atrás
I’ve literally been watching you for a whole year and I didn’t even know I wasn’t subbed And as much as you scratching the phones hurts me you’re still one of my favorite BRvidrs.
tanner cool
tanner cool 29 minutos atrás
#1 Zelda #2 Harry potter Deathly hallows
shaun greenamyer
shaun greenamyer 29 minutos atrás
Dude you're awesome
GHOST_ OF_SPARTA 30 minutos atrás
Guys keep all the phones from Jerry 🐸🙂
Marek Jedrusik
Marek Jedrusik 31 minuto atrás
no one is bending so much like You
OxionG 36 minutos atrás
Godammmmmmn, so much respect for you Zack. I'm an heterosexual dude and I would still marry the f out of you. What an alpha !
Ivan Gonzalo Almaraz Del Carpio
The rear part is disassembled
River Dreams
River Dreams 39 minutos atrás
Even Steve Jobs watched this. Now he is haunting the AC dev team.
Ivan Gonzalo Almaraz Del Carpio
Lack Teardown
unB4nned_D13p1c 40 minutos atrás
You both are a CUTEE!! couple may god give your gf good luck and give you both the strongest relationship and unseperatable
TheDark Knut
TheDark Knut 40 minutos atrás
Can i get a 600$ discount if i opt for no glass back iphone and replace it with a dbrand skin? 🤷‍♂️
Ankur Jadhao
Ankur Jadhao 40 minutos atrás
Someone say ... Why jerry you are so serious .... Jerry tell me a joke .... Jerry :- just uploaded this video 😁
override39 45 minutos atrás
fold phone no thans.thank you for the upload,peace
kashieve huie
kashieve huie 47 minutos atrás
I think that you should make a reversing system on it
Wheelie Gang
Wheelie Gang 48 minutos atrás
He's bald, yet so careful at opening a phone
Paul Birkholz
Paul Birkholz 49 minutos atrás
That is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time
Micheal Suen
Micheal Suen 50 minutos atrás
Just saying, "recycled" metals in China are often cheaper than "new" metals. I work in factories in China and deal with these metals all the time.....
Jonathan Au Leones
Jonathan Au Leones 50 minutos atrás
Usb-C was SO smart here.
a ded meme
a ded meme 51 minuto atrás
* cries in poor*
Connor McDonald
Connor McDonald 52 minutos atrás
Such satisfying sounds
Hany-KastjelBLN34 53 minutos atrás
*Actually, I like your channel and the Kontent, but the fact that you always take a carpet knife & scratching on the phones so that I get goose bumps all over the body, by the disgusting noise that is generated, like fingernails on the board, only 10 Times worse. This is no joke. This is really very uncomfortable and stressful. How about if you cut this sound out in the future, because I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels that way at the sound.*
Cappi Tcho
Cappi Tcho 53 minutos atrás
that was painful
Jusnoor Dhillon
Jusnoor Dhillon 53 minutos atrás
The first part of of this video was literally asmr
Kef103 53 minutos atrás
I bet it cost more to impure the sapphire and was done intentionally by apple
Larry Hernandez
Larry Hernandez 54 minutos atrás
As if he can create a phone
UnLimitedSkillX 41 minuto atrás
you don't have to be an expert to critisize.
Not A Cat
Not A Cat 54 minutos atrás
The ultimate jail assphone
Eric Piche
Eric Piche 55 minutos atrás
Gonna reuse any of those parts?
vivo morto
vivo morto 55 minutos atrás
Francois Louw
Francois Louw 55 minutos atrás
How did you close the door behind you?
Kef103 56 minutos atrás
It’s not impure it’s just bullshit and I thought there are standards of percentages a material required to make claim it is . There is for lead crystal
lyricbread 56 minutos atrás
“Yeah Mr. White! Yeah science!”
Charlotte Dix
Charlotte Dix 56 minutos atrás
Well good to know I'm part of that eight percent female 😅 56 minutos atrás
Like a little lego
Wesam Almaradni
Wesam Almaradni 58 minutos atrás
اكو عرب
schroeder50739 58 minutos atrás
Are you kidding? Without gloves? I think I destroyed several displays before I learned to use gloves or ”finger condoms"
Reggie Chartrex
Reggie Chartrex 58 minutos atrás
And we're back to the LUNA
Lyubomir Lalov
Lyubomir Lalov 59 minutos atrás
Man, You are really Pro! Thank You!
Mahesh Walatara
Mahesh Walatara Hora atrás
I want his bald head.
Mark F
Mark F Hora atrás
I love my ears being raped by the box cutter agaisnt the side of the phone
HOLY WATER Hora atrás
Ihave been watching jerry for like 2 years and noticed i wasnt subbed
Goulart Chiker13
Goulart Chiker13 Hora atrás
Banana, banana, banana, BANANA, Apple ._.
blackflagqwerty Hora atrás
Trump: I said"Tim Cook Apple!"
Arief Mz
Arief Mz Hora atrás
iphone left room chat
rosamelasbolainas Hora atrás
Flaco te odio
Rayer Hora atrás
Jonathan Bartels
Jonathan Bartels Hora atrás
i would like a iphone 11 ;)
FoxyBox336 Hora atrás
My ears
Ranger Alpha
Ranger Alpha Hora atrás
That song in the intro went perfectly with the normal "JerryRigEverything" intro scene.
Koray Cakir
Koray Cakir Hora atrás
What the hell is wrong with you we don't have much money too buy me an iPhone 11 and you destroy an pro one
diamond huskey
diamond huskey Hora atrás
Or just use the cable...
Victor Galisa
Victor Galisa Hora atrás
Mano esse cara é doente, tantas pessoas querendo um desse e o cara lá vai e estraga
Thomas Dickson
Thomas Dickson Hora atrás
I have the iPhone 10📱
Henrique Ivan
Henrique Ivan Hora atrás
Sebastian Mason
Sebastian Mason Hora atrás
Safety is not number one priority
Josh Bollans
Josh Bollans Hora atrás
Could you do this and just have a clear back
GBP FX Hora atrás
Worth a million views.
EJCTV Hora atrás
Are they married ?
Andreas Giöbel
Andreas Giöbel Hora atrás
-when u bother to add Metric info in video= subscribe
ReBeL Hora atrás
Thomas Dickson
Thomas Dickson Hora atrás
Thomas Dickson
Thomas Dickson Hora atrás
I have the iPhone 10📱
Axl Sane
Axl Sane Hora atrás
Good luck putting it back together.
Swastik Goswami
Swastik Goswami Hora atrás
India 🇮🇳 loves you ✅
elementalblaze79 Hora atrás
Oddly, I know at least 3 people that'll use the crap out of a cellphone like this due too they don't care/want data, just a way to call someone, wonder if it has bluetooth?! That'll make calls sound better with the right bluetooth headset, as long as it has a halfway ok bluetooth system!
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson Hora atrás
My old phone is a S4 in an OtterBox defender without the screen protector. To this day the screen doesn't have a single scratch. Gorilla Glass makes the screen protector unnecessary.
hyun jam
hyun jam Hora atrás
Can i have the phone i dont mind that its scratches
阳阳 Hora atrás
Try durability testing some of the Goophones(iPhone CLONES). You can get those form DHgates
Toriana Douglas
Toriana Douglas Hora atrás
Thanks. This was very well explained. Still took me more liek 45 minutes, butt hats becaus eof my own stupidity. (I accidentally sealed one of the connecter ribbon cables under the metal plate, spent like 10 mins wonder why mine only had 3, and then had to unscrew everything to fix my mistake)
OFADOX 053 Hora atrás
Wait can you make calls