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29 Comentários
Randy Mullins
Randy Mullins 27 minutos atrás
Any of you ethical and responsible folks remaining in California/L.A. better remove that terrorist Gascon
black world 0
black world 0 27 minutos atrás
I like how they let the car drive thinking it'll fool the Chopper
Martin Thomas
Martin Thomas 27 minutos atrás
My question would be how many of these thugs were illegals as well
Mikimouse chocolate
Mikimouse chocolate 28 minutos atrás
Their DONE😵😫💯
Omar Avalos
Omar Avalos 37 minutos atrás
He definitely gonna show the homies love.
Z06 Cali
Z06 Cali 37 minutos atrás
I’m surprised they took them in alive
Nemo 39 minutos atrás
The streets of LA are filled with people selling food everywhere and it’s disgusting. Meanwhile restaurants spend tens of thousands of dollars to be set up properly. Why do these people get special treatment.
Ray Hsieh
Ray Hsieh 42 minutos atrás
Green light these putos!!!!
Zoe Emiko
Zoe Emiko 48 minutos atrás
I'm wondering how Balboa Peninsula in Orange Co is doing.
M Rich
M Rich 50 minutos atrás
Thank you sheriff!
Ray Hsieh
Ray Hsieh 51 minuto atrás
Pammy M H
Pammy M H 52 minutos atrás
Sorry to the family and anyone that has lost anyone loved from these vaccines....
Pammy M H
Pammy M H 54 minutos atrás
This is scary.
Kartier Supreme White
Kartier Supreme White 56 minutos atrás
Jesus Christ!!!
B Management
B Management 59 minutos atrás
Funny how cops only care when cops get killed. They don't give a rats when civilians are killed or they kill civilian. Police are ALWAYS the villains first.
Jörg Hora atrás
0:15 Ich glaube beinah' , der möchte den haben .....
Jörg 51 minuto atrás
Ach. Ich war eingeschlafen. Wie gings denn zuende ? Hast Du DAS gesehen, Oma ?
Jörg 59 minutos atrás
Geht DAS noch jahrelang so weiter .... ?
William Anderson
William Anderson Hora atrás
deport him
Rebekah T
Rebekah T Hora atrás
If you want more criminals in jail then guess what-expect an increase in taxes to build more because they don’t have room. Also, it costs money for them to stay in jail, you realize that don’t you? Where is this money going to come from? The sky? Where’s the real solution?
psydwaindah Hora atrás
Was she tweeking? What?
Rabbit Fish63
Rabbit Fish63 Hora atrás
America is at a crossroads with poverty, homelessness, unemployment, inflation, voting rights. attacks against government, and government supporting those who attacked your own Capitol. It could very easily turn to civil war.
cheads9376 Hora atrás
So you can bypass the DA when you need to?…..
D.H.S 👹 👊
D.H.S 👹 👊 Hora atrás
James Parker
James Parker Hora atrás
When you being robbed you got to give it up if a gun is being pointed at you.
Pigeon V2 Roblox
Pigeon V2 Roblox Hora atrás
I live in Santa ana in Orange County and my school had a pride flag me and other kids cut it and burn it and we got suspended
Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh
Brace yourselves, it has begun....
James Parker
James Parker Hora atrás
The victim schould have gave them their valuables.
James Parker
James Parker Hora atrás
The suspect don't mind going to jail. They killed a police officers. They are proud.
Miles Ackers
Miles Ackers Hora atrás
This is why I always Carry nothing short of a 10mm Handgun with me into the woods. Even if it’s just to pop into the ground. I’m not trying to be defensively against any sort of predator
Mirko Martinovic
Mirko Martinovic Hora atrás
U ćorku oba