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100 Comentários
Nicolas Gomez
Nicolas Gomez 4 horas atrás
That size for the iphone 12 might just keep me using an iPhone for another while. I love me some compact phones
Anon Moose
Anon Moose 4 horas atrás
Holy crap that iPhone 12 looks so good to me...
Nicholas Sam
Nicholas Sam 4 horas atrás
The t shirt is so cool
Gautam Damojipurapu
Gautam Damojipurapu 4 horas atrás
What happened to the iPhone 12 Max. No pro
Suhas HE
Suhas HE 4 horas atrás
What a beautiful video 🙂
Adoom al ga3oni
Adoom al ga3oni 4 horas atrás
I would use the regular pro or maybe a max depending on battery life
Onkar Agarwal
Onkar Agarwal 4 horas atrás
Maybe they aren't adding a charging brick or cable because it's going to be type c and everyone has a type c cable and fast charging brick. It helps the environment, cuts cost and makes you use one less cable. Plus charging bricks are inexpensive. Idk just maybe.
Sniper957pro 4 horas atrás
*BRvid intros exist* Dave: we don’t do that here!
shahbaz ahmad
shahbaz ahmad 4 horas atrás
The first animation was awesomeness 😂😂
Cat911_ _
Cat911_ _ 4 horas atrás
why is the title very similars to MKBHD's title
Ayan Ahmed
Ayan Ahmed 4 horas atrás
i think they should just give people the choice so that the people moving to iphones don't beat around their head.
Edson Santiago
Edson Santiago 4 horas atrás
What about the 6.1 iphone 12?
upam patra
upam patra 4 horas atrás
If you loved the charger animation, Watch DNCE's Hands Up. Thank me later✌🏾
Noctis IX
Noctis IX 4 horas atrás
Almost 3m Subscriber best of luck, mate. Love your videos.
Daniel Loh
Daniel Loh 4 horas atrás
iPhone 12 is probably more expensive then a MacBook
Eric Willis
Eric Willis 4 horas atrás
Dave where did you get that shirt?
Anthony Fourkiller
Anthony Fourkiller 4 horas atrás
I would love the small one IF it had a OLED display and 120 refresh rate but it won’t so sadly I’ll have to get a big phone
Derrick Wango
Derrick Wango 4 horas atrás
That charging port animation is amazing!!
園أفهم 4 horas atrás
I wait for MicroLED display and no notch
StarLord TECH
StarLord TECH 4 horas atrás
What about the acer nitro 5 15.6” gtx 1050 and with core i5_7300 is this gaming laptop also good
Hossein 4 horas atrás
I would definitely go for none.
Gábor Vértesi
Gábor Vértesi 4 horas atrás
Moto G was sold in the UK with no charger back in 2014.
R Melo
R Melo 4 horas atrás
Not a big deal with the charging bricks. Apple should simply reduce the cost of the phone by the same amount they charge for a brick at retail prices. So, unlsess you are swithcing from Android to an iPhone, the charging brick is not required.
Rajendra Gupta
Rajendra Gupta 4 horas atrás
Do you think there's gonna be 8T this year??? @davelee
NaeemTHM 4 horas atrás
I don’t think any of us were prepared to see an iPhone port deep throat a lighting cable.
Gianpa Kasa
Gianpa Kasa 4 horas atrás
I think i will go Xiaomi, cause i'm sure takes much better pictures...Is already 5 years i'd like to buy an Iphone, but...they never impressed me with camera. Video yes, they super cool, but
Anthony Borus
Anthony Borus 4 horas atrás
Offended that you say fast screens are not essential. I liken it to switching from HDD to SSD.
samtherat6 4 horas atrás
Since I might end up upgrading my iPhone SE to the iPhone 12, I might end up skipping the entire series of curved iPhones. The SE supporting iOS 14 makes me reconsider upgrading this year tho...
mayank rahi
mayank rahi 4 horas atrás
These "Let's talk" episodes are like when you have one of those "we gotta talk" incidents. You just listen and mentally nod.......knowing the other person is just way too correct for you to respond back.
Skylar 4 horas atrás
I’m pretty sure the iPhone 12 Pro is also getting the LIDAR sensor at the back.
Suraj Gattani
Suraj Gattani 4 horas atrás
Which T-shirt are you wearing?
mashfour 4 horas atrás
They'll sell no charger as brainer. More courage 🥴
Ice banna
Ice banna 4 horas atrás
We ask them for a quick charger they say fuck it and just remove chargers altogether
TheReal_ist 4 horas atrás
Folks in there 40s and up like the Archaic 5 Style design. Millenials up to 18 yr olds like the 6s Design. And Everyone past 18 wants the newest no matter what, cause they haven't been brain washed to believe anything yet. Its not Perfect Dave calm down.
Samuel Maier
Samuel Maier 4 horas atrás
The one thing I'd accept (if I were into iPhones) is them switching to a wireless data transfer, but still with a option for wired charging (if you think about it such a charging port can be far simpler and I. E. Magnetic) Everything else will just hammer in my... Existing opinion of Apple as an anti consumer company hiding things horrible for both the consumer and the environment on top behind "consumer usability". They already integrate things that have no deal being integrated (backside glass replacement anyone?), if they force people to use wireless charging that's both inefficient and leads to even faster battery decay due to the added heat...
facts 007
facts 007 4 horas atrás
iPhone in 2020 no charger 2025 no battery 2030 no camera set up and a battery 2040 invisible iphone
David Martrano
David Martrano 4 horas atrás
Lightning port over USB-C, WTF! Why 🍎?
Fausto Faria
Fausto Faria 4 horas atrás
Another fan passing by just to say your videos are great coz theres no bs and you always go straight to the topic.
Darth Bane
Darth Bane 4 horas atrás
Once again apple screws up their phones but everyone is gonna buy it
Alexander Hinnant
Alexander Hinnant 4 horas atrás
The reasoning behind possibly not including a charger in the box is the same reason I think it would be a mistake for them to switch to USB-C. Their customers already have a massive amount of lightning chargers. The advantages of USB-C are enough to outweigh that imo. Remember that regular people (as opposed to tech enthusiasts) were FURIOUS about the switch to lightning from those massive, clunky iPod chargers because it made the accessories they already owned useless.
Kush Bhut
Kush Bhut 4 horas atrás Please watch this video
Ryan Gehret
Ryan Gehret 4 horas atrás
Crossing my fingers they do a smaller notch + 120Hz on the 12 Pro. I really want a new phone, but this is a hill I will die on.
Ridge frost
Ridge frost 4 horas atrás
There's jus thngs u can't ignore when it comes to gaming laptops regardless of the price...thngs like Res. refresh rate, brightness nd cooling you're better off saving a little more fr better spec
Hrishav Chakraborty
Hrishav Chakraborty 4 horas atrás
i dont have a 5 watt charger
gmorgcyborg 4 horas atrás
U made a good point though as why they won't include a charger .. keep cost and waste down .. especially when we all have a charging brick but at least include the wire since alot of people don't use lightning
Y P 4 horas atrás
Maybe just include the fast charger with all variants like Android phones do and then it won't be useless and people will actually use it and there won't be any waste. How about that Apple
Sean Fitzpatrick
Sean Fitzpatrick 4 horas atrás
I still use my iphone 5 that I bought the week it came out. The battery is now terrible but other than that I don't really have any complaints. As it stands right now I think I will be getting the cheapest iphone 12 when they come out because it appeals the most to me. I don't want a more cameras, 120hz or a massive screen so i'm quite exited. And even if the notch doesn't change it will still be a lot better than my current phone so I don't care about that.
Janesh Sahni
Janesh Sahni 4 horas atrás
Dude what's up with the regular 6.1 inch iPhone 12?? I thought 4 new models are gonna come but lately, everybody's been talking about this smaller 5.4 one and the pro ones. I wanted to get the 6.1 inch 12 (for me that size is quite nice but I can't afford the pro) but if it's not coming then I don't think I'll be switching to Apple after all. I don't care about the small one I need a bigger phone but I can't spend so much on the pros!
MrGurechan 4 horas atrás
I agree, no usbC = no Iphone(?) for me. The X that I use is such a powerful phone with a nice Oled display that no feature could make me switch, except, maybe, USBC.
Mad Rooster
Mad Rooster 4 horas atrás
superduper pointless topic
Apollo Haywood
Apollo Haywood 4 horas atrás
Honestly I was a little disturbed by not charging brick being a thing but the more I thought about it, as long as they at least provide a cable I don't think it'll be much of a problem. Almost everyone has a charging brick and if they for some reason need one I could see apple either selling the brick on its own "this is the fastest charger we've ever made" or a starter kit with wired headphones and a brick. Most people will probably choose to leave it behind and that will save on E-waste
Ajinkya Chaskar
Ajinkya Chaskar 4 horas atrás
Plot twist : The new iPhone comes with a built in charger.. Just stick it on the wall
C O 4 horas atrás
What a bore
Derrick Adame
Derrick Adame 4 horas atrás
Smaller phone! Finally
Jared CS
Jared CS 4 horas atrás
0:43 Thank me later
Emmanuel N
Emmanuel N 4 horas atrás
Can I just say why is it that Apple gets this much attention lol they are doing basically nothing I think and people basically keep them in frame all through the year other manufacturers keep themselves in the light apple is just somehow always in it why explain someone please
Tathagata M.
Tathagata M. 4 horas atrás
"The Weird Cut-Out..." Its a new sensor like "The Project Soli" sensor, meant to do the same thing that Google demonstrated in the Apple way... #FoodForThought
Cris S
Cris S 4 horas atrás
I like the small 5.4 but man I would love to have that promotion so im kinda torn. 5.8 is a mix of too big and perfect for me.
Shaun Greer
Shaun Greer 4 horas atrás
Smallest. By far, I miss my iPhone 5c that I upgraded from in 2017. Just because I could actually use the phone
Neil Parikh
Neil Parikh 4 horas atrás
they just started giving fast chargers on the pro models for one year. I understand everyone has a 5w charger, but I'd appreciate getting the fast one for getting the pro model which is what i'd get.
Phillip Morrison
Phillip Morrison 4 horas atrás
I call it now the next Iphone will be ane lighting connector not usb
Vynyta 4 horas atrás
usb c or fuck off
kunal pradhan
kunal pradhan 4 horas atrás
No charger RIP new users
Get Dropped
Get Dropped 4 horas atrás
animation looks really cool
gera cervantes
gera cervantes 4 horas atrás
no usb c, still a notch, possibly no faster refresh rate screen, and now without a charger? InNoVAtioN
James Bullo
James Bullo 4 horas atrás
They shouldn't include the 5w brick anymore. They should include a proper wattage charger, not make you pay more for it.
張承翔 4 horas atrás
They should make “not including a charger a option” a option to pick instead of “includes a charger” that would make better sense to me.
Carlos F
Carlos F 4 horas atrás
I really don’t undertstand the moaning about the 120hz screen display. There’s a real value when it comes to iPad Pro, but on an iphone?, it feels like those 4k screens on a 15” laptop. Personally I would rather have a lower price than paying extra bucks for a wow effect that’s going to last a few days. Same deal with the charger: if you just need a charger, you buy one before you leave the store. If not, there you go, simple as that
City of Beauty
City of Beauty 4 horas atrás
Lee is so underrated
Joe 4 horas atrás
LOLOL that animation is gold
Sammie Akan
Sammie Akan 4 horas atrás
I kept praying - don't spin the system, pls don't spin the system.
TetrisPimp 4 horas atrás
I would bite into 90 hertz + Battery life = sweet spot!
hcyalcin 4 horas atrás
Regarding the charging brick; I don't think it's that big of a deal, if they approach the topic the right way. What does a charging brick cost? 30$ maybe? Drop the price of the phone by 30$, and let people buy it if they really need one. So: 649$ --> 619$ and if you really want the brick, it's back to the original price. Plus, it's still a profit for them since we know that brick doesn't cost 30$ to produce. 5W chargers are laughable when other phones (even mid-tier ones) are coming straight out of the box with 25W fast chargers, but that's a topic for another day... Also make sure to train employees to inform the customers about this for the fringe cases you talked about where people don't know it doesn't come in the box.
Denis Hamdiev
Denis Hamdiev 4 horas atrás
no charget when you purchase the phone ? whats next paying fee for entering the apple store
Kavyansh Verma
Kavyansh Verma 4 horas atrás
8:05 *This shows his honesty*
wah panda1
wah panda1 4 horas atrás
Mrcool179 4 horas atrás
My girl when she come home drunk at 2am: 00:40 My girl when I havent showered in a few days: 00:48
Diti Diti
Diti Diti 4 horas atrás
D.lee-lets talk Me:nah I'll better hear
Ranoiaetep 4 horas atrás
Also feel that the 120hz is not necessary if the other hardwares and softwares is not ready for it. Also I guess you could just add the charger brick in like a bundle, and you could choose not to get one for $10 off or something. Remember the time you need to buy chargers separately?
M_XXII 4 horas atrás
wait what!!!! is there a new model for the IPhone 11 ? I just bought the IPhone 11 and there is a new design came out u gotta be kidding me
Martin Schwarzl
Martin Schwarzl 4 horas atrás
Did I just become a witness?
Juen P.
Juen P. 4 horas atrás
No plug because of AirPower. Like they did with the headphone jack. They brought something else for you to buy. In that case it was the AirPods
Numerosa 4 horas atrás
Can you make a video about budget laptop for creative work?
Jeff De Paz
Jeff De Paz 4 horas atrás
I am tired of seeing 5watt charging bricks I cannot lie, it feels like I’m collecting them instead of using them 😅
Leon Crawford
Leon Crawford 4 horas atrás
Could that mark on the side be a fingerprint reader?
Joel Kang
Joel Kang 4 horas atrás
That's a very nice long-sleeve shirt
Kane San Miguel
Kane San Miguel 4 horas atrás
Baljot Singh
Baljot Singh 4 horas atrás
Dave is so good at what he does, he doesn't care about intros. He knows the content is putting out there is accurate, unbiased and helpful across the consumer board.
Nicknack 4 horas atrás
The most apple thing would be that the screen has variable refresh rate. Like if you use it normally for scrolling and viewing content it's 90hz, but when you view a slomo video it's 120. Or when you watch a 30fps video it automatically changes to 30hz. That would be kinda cool.
Review Creators
Review Creators 4 horas atrás
That animation of the charging port is gold 😎
Yazeed Alateeq
Yazeed Alateeq 4 horas atrás
Waiting on the new helios 300 2020 review 😬😬
mahadevovnl 4 horas atrás
Still no Touch ID? Then I'm still sticking with my iPhone 7.
GamerPalmSweats 4 horas atrás
😂 Dave
Multipass 4 horas atrás
Jesus christ, the charging port is horny AF😂😂
bhagirath n
bhagirath n 4 horas atrás
Maybe ask the customers of they need and provide if necessary
Sujan Poudel
Sujan Poudel 4 horas atrás
If that small one at least comes with 90 Hz, that would be cool, nevertheless I will definitely go with the small one 🙂
F L 4 horas atrás
If they really plan on selling the new iPhones optionally without a charger, they should just frame it in a positive way: "If you already have a charger and don't need a new one you can safe $X by choosing the option without a charger". Similarly they might have reduced the outrage with the $999 monitor stand if they had just increase the price of the monitor (with stand) by 1000 dollars and then said "but hey, if you don't need a stand you can save 1000 bucks". Same thing in the end but I think that would feel like you're saving money instead of focusing on how expensive an option is.
Berwin Singh
Berwin Singh 4 horas atrás
I think that the extra button could be a fingerprint scanner.
Kyouka-san 4 horas atrás
They forgot the LiDAR scanner on the dummy models (I think), it probably had 4 camera things, 3 cameras and 1 LiDAR scanner (if I'm right)
Money counter 555
Money counter 555 4 horas atrás
I was about to buy an iPhone but you got me fucked up with that if I do that I’m gonna have the phone that I always wanted and the new phones are gonna be 10 times better