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I'm Done
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2 anos atrás
2 anos atrás
The Truth
2 anos atrás
2 anos atrás
2 anos atrás
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100 Comentários
Ella Rose
Ella Rose Dia atrás
Watching this in lockdown with my cat on my lap so we all know what's about to happen to my bank balance 🙃
Maria Clarke
Maria Clarke Dia atrás
My history teacher told me to look at torture methods
Alicia Milne
Alicia Milne Dia atrás
the vortexes, mirrors opposite each other, (air my spelling) on the stairs around 10:33 mean theres a way for spirits to pass through or something
HAYD3Nrocks9481 Dia atrás
WTF I saw him too
Little_August Dia atrás
Whoever edits these videos should be an editor for a horror movie.
Ochako Uraraka
Ochako Uraraka Dia atrás
Any body else quarantine binging
Storm River
Storm River Dia atrás
I laughed at all the ones where someone got hurt...
Boomphobia Dia atrás
idk if this was planned or not but in 30:44 you can hear garret opening that door that opened by "itself"
matt diprose
matt diprose Dia atrás
who's here in 2020 lmao. also I have literally seen a UFO but no one believes me and it makes me feel so annoyed AAHHA
ETN fan
ETN fan Dia atrás
0:03 Me when i'm late for school and everyone in the class stares at me
Queen Know-It-All
Did anyone else notice uno and ryland both tried to nibble on shanes ear at the same time?
TR-Luis-PB Dia atrás
Cheese and Banana is actually very tasty..... when u bake it together...nj thats damn good
Bella Vance
Bella Vance Dia atrás
Did u see what was in the dollar in the feline stones part 🤨🧐
Delphia Furrow
Delphia Furrow Dia atrás
Turkish Airlines have mini TV's for every seat 💺 (not first class)
Royal high Basher
Did anyone else look at the brianas finger nails ??? The colour is different in the two pictures sooooooooo...
Arabian V
Arabian V Dia atrás
I saw yours. Light blue/green.
Being me
Being me Dia atrás
is it so weird that i remember mikey mouse with no straps
Vbknvc B bk cxxd
Vbknvc B bk cxxd Dia atrás
Ok but like Garrett is hotttt
Jessica 05.31.18
Jessica 05.31.18 Dia atrás
Miquela's music video just showed up as an ad before this video and I once remembered Shane talking bout her in the past. I can't believe she really looks like that. Shane showed a clip of Miquela in a recording studio before so no wonder she sings. Her voice in this mv is also so nice btw. I'm just rewatching Shane's videos bc I love it so much. Shane, I hope you release more videos like this.
Queen Know-It-All
I wonder how much they cut out
Kayla Zambrano
Kayla Zambrano Dia atrás
Shane are that going to be more of palette
Aubrey Morrison
Aubrey Morrison Dia atrás
Why does Shane wear that same shirt
Zay Andrews
Zay Andrews Dia atrás
How did she know what the mask looked like
Lunar 3clipse
Lunar 3clipse Dia atrás
Cheeto or the government worked together to kill Shane that explains why he isn’t posting anymore
Decaf Dia atrás
I rewatch these a lot I hope me makes more
Justin Mauda
Justin Mauda Dia atrás
Some women's are disgusting AF
Marc's Gameplay
Marc's Gameplay Dia atrás
If Yellowstone erupt everyone will die. Me *laughs in Asian*
Giraffe Gurl
Giraffe Gurl Dia atrás
2020 check? ----->
Tauheed Akbar
Tauheed Akbar Dia atrás
Since when have disclaimers ever made people click away from a video
Justin Mauda
Justin Mauda Dia atrás
Even I like kissing little girls and I did it 5 times in my Life and that was awesome now don't send me hate messages I am warning u all
Mia Bird
Mia Bird Dia atrás
I miss these videos, but I’m glad Shane found something as dark and morbid as him
Kimja de Jong
Kimja de Jong Dia atrás
9:06 That door!! That’s a ghost!! 👻
Fluffy Pup
Fluffy Pup Dia atrás
My parents don’t allow junk food, but my dream is to follow along with Shane with one of these videos one day. I can’t wait to move out and fulfill my dream
Itz_Uni Pop
Itz_Uni Pop Dia atrás
When your a polish person and there is just Mexican memes in the comment section:give me my bigos.
Kira the Gryffinpuff
Garret is meeeee
Ace Spades
Ace Spades Dia atrás
the inhale shane does when he's the cult leader
Matilda Hughes
Matilda Hughes Dia atrás
Is he obsessed with Kris?
Jamie Welling
Jamie Welling Dia atrás
ZOENUTS are screaming
MaiaMei Barsana
MaiaMei Barsana Dia atrás
2012 was cuteee
tokyo smokes
tokyo smokes Dia atrás
akiki bowl
Wichblades Lilgothy
Anvu sounds the same as avakin life
Hollie Geddes
Hollie Geddes Dia atrás
3:00. .me at the school disco when I was 7 thinking jumping was a dance move
skai Carrigg
skai Carrigg Dia atrás
I need that merch
Les V
Les V Dia atrás
Joep Heijnis
Joep Heijnis Dia atrás
Ben en yerrys
Tauheed Akbar
Tauheed Akbar Dia atrás
arinator606 minor
phone:*loud squeak* drew:ArE YOu OkAY
Thxiiirteen Dia atrás
The Dark Side of Shane Dawson
arinator606 minor
man talking-......... drew:HellO
Craig Roberts
Craig Roberts Dia atrás
go to the jail hes at
Vicky z
Vicky z Dia atrás
Natalie Colyvas
Natalie Colyvas Dia atrás
Where does Cheeto and Uno stay and who feeds them
Natalie Lewiston
Natalie Lewiston Dia atrás
wait but don't they need to use Shane's "DNA" otherwise it's genetically incest because Morgan's the surrogete
Matilda_ Beeching
Ah I love Shane so muchhhh 💕😂
samuel Hoffman
samuel Hoffman Dia atrás
Ok i actually love cuddles
is_me_. lucy.
is_me_. lucy. Dia atrás
Doesn't ryland look like a demon
Little_August Dia atrás
10:27 I can only feel the pain of this noise. Help.
Certified Army
Certified Army Dia atrás
Shane: talking about Lil Miquela Me: she is like a robot *gets a Lil Miquela mv (ad) in the middle of the video* Me: and i oop-
Hayley Knight
Hayley Knight Dia atrás
Drew Garrett Shane are all different moods
Initials M.A
Initials M.A Dia atrás
One time I was eating McDonald’s and eating the fries and there was an ANT in the fries and it was cooked it inside. 😭😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮📈🤢🤢🤢🤢😬🤢
supersonic fan3000
I hope your joking cus i like those little figures and my sis likes shopkins or what ever its called
Gnarly Chuck
Gnarly Chuck Dia atrás
That pizza can say the n word.
Twice U
Twice U Dia atrás
0:58 ive never had sex wheew cuz im 12 hahaha
mono chee
mono chee Dia atrás
Nikeisha Sidhu
Nikeisha Sidhu Dia atrás
Shane saying the school method is what British people have been taught for most their lives it so complicated and sooo annoying.
F*R*I*E*N*D*S Dia atrás
So that means that i died beceause of my knee lmao 😂
Kazumi Galleposo
Kazumi Galleposo Dia atrás
Watching this after the breakup hurts like shit
Les V
Les V Dia atrás
Awe the Valet guy was so sweet
Saskia Moree
Saskia Moree Dia atrás
Nora Laitila
Nora Laitila Dia atrás
my final meal: 3 avocado sushi rolls w/ soy sauce 1 fruit bowl (kiwi, mango, banana, strawberry) 1 mcdonalds medium fries + garlic dip 5 strawberrys dipped in chocolate. that’s all
Dylan Beazley
Dylan Beazley Dia atrás
Wait so I’m way Watching this right now and now u said they are going to control us and take over and the government will take over ! The government is making us stay in our house ! Maybe there doing this right now ! They maybe created corona virus so they can keep us in our house so they can start whatever they are planning !
GamingWith Lexie
GamingWith Lexie Dia atrás
i’m sorry corona virus-marshal law
Natalie Colyvas
Natalie Colyvas Dia atrás
That voice you heard I heard pep ?? Love ur vids that voice creeped me out it sounded like a girl whispering
Tilly Allen
Tilly Allen Dia atrás
Who is watching this video in 2020 and thinking oh my God I wish this made in 2020 he doesn’t make videos that often now
Tilly Allen
Tilly Allen Dia atrás
My name is Bessie in real life is Betty not Betsy
Matt Zhao
Matt Zhao Dia atrás
im so curious about the penis performer
LionLover Richards
I have 3 dogs 2 lizards 2 horses 1 snake 2 goats I love them all ❤️❤️
Dia atrás
Where I live the plane cloud thing has been red and blue before and it’s always on 4th of July...
Tan Poliak
Tan Poliak Dia atrás
The whole world is fake
tikirigby27 _
tikirigby27 _ Dia atrás
1:46 because olaf is cute.... sorry ily
kaushal sisodya
kaushal sisodya Dia atrás
7:48 he is vampire
i am a wolf xx
i am a wolf xx Dia atrás
hi shane were u bin
taysia teofilo
taysia teofilo Dia atrás
my nose started to bleed because of this.
Taylor Scott
Taylor Scott Dia atrás
I almost chocked on a bagel 🥯 while watching this
Shane like: GIVE ME UR KID I wanna make a vid and I wanna give him beer
Matilda Hughes
Matilda Hughes Dia atrás
Am I the only one that got turned on when Garret was trying to light the match with his pants
Matilda Hughes
Matilda Hughes Dia atrás
I'm always so scared that Ryland's gonna die
wolfs are the best
Is shane ok his face on the plane is so funny Im dieying of laughter rite now Your the best youtuber ever you do now and cheeto is going to kill you but lucly your not with cheeto so your fine
MMVLOG MM Dia atrás
The point of chuck e cheese is to kill kids by recycling pizza and I have a feeling they they might be child predators
HeyTZ PlayZ
HeyTZ PlayZ Dia atrás
54:54 did ryland just say the n-word?
Lil Blu ツ 14
Lil Blu ツ 14 Dia atrás
SoRe Josh
SoRe Josh Dia atrás
Shane ur an excellent 'dad' I only just started watching u and I love u already xoxo
Matilda Hughes
Matilda Hughes Dia atrás
Was I the only one scared that Ryland was gonna die?
Jessie james m
Jessie james m Dia atrás
anyone missing old shane dawson skits
Bri_rose Dia atrás
2:07 Ahhhh😂❤️❤️
Elizabeth Du Plessis
Maybe cheeto is the demon
Kylie Whittle
Kylie Whittle Dia atrás
I HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTER boba tea!!!!!!!😫😫😫🤮🤮🤮😂😂😂😂
Lia Asthenia
Lia Asthenia Dia atrás
This is my comfort video, I’ve watched it SO many times
Best Shark boi
Best Shark boi Dia atrás
Did anyone else see mr beast in the background 😂?!?!
Heather Gentry
Heather Gentry Dia atrás
Happy Mee
Happy Mee Dia atrás
Watching friends will never be the same