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Team Astro - Hush
18 dias atrás
Casiio - Wondering
20 dias atrás
a[way] - frosen roses
2 meses atrás
dryhope - Contrasts
2 meses atrás
goosetaf - Perpetual
3 meses atrás
DLJ - Night Emotions
3 meses atrás
chief. - cold summer
3 meses atrás
WYS - Snowman
3 meses atrás
hoogway - Two Years
3 meses atrás
Tenno - Journey
4 meses atrás
WYS - North Pole
5 meses atrás
niquo - Lightly
5 meses atrás
luvbird - without u
6 meses atrás
TABAL - It's Time
6 meses atrás
ENRA - ephemeral
7 meses atrás
Misc.Inc - Loving You
8 meses atrás
WYS - close my eyes
8 meses atrás
WYS - lone
8 meses atrás
mell-ø - mañana
8 meses atrás
acxle - Faces
9 meses atrás
Hazy Year - Sessions
9 meses atrás
a[way] - Where are you
10 meses atrás
H.1 - Overcoming
10 meses atrás
Hoogway - Last Summer
10 meses atrás
Chiccote's - lonely
10 meses atrás
AYEON - More Sunshine
10 meses atrás
nothingtosay - Lullaby
11 meses atrás
mell-ø - shut-eye
11 meses atrás
saiko - powder
Anos atrás
71 Comentários
Colette Machado
Colette Machado 20 horas atrás
it is so coming
naThanos 20 horas atrás
its perfect take fresh air some milk and chill dont think anything else and you will feel ggoood :)
Myrtle Van Staden
Myrtle Van Staden 20 horas atrás
This is so nice the music and me studing at home in quarintine
Anthony Kempny
Anthony Kempny 21 hora atrás
After hearing the live stream for like 20 hours in different days I FINALLY FOUND IT! I CAN DIE IN PEACE <3
Samuel Martin
Samuel Martin 21 hora atrás
Love it😊
Alka Upadhaya
Alka Upadhaya 21 hora atrás
Hi, this is this picture...😄😄😄😍😆
Kloud Ten
Kloud Ten 23 horas atrás
Shes experiencing Golden Wind Requiem over and over again, infinitely competing her homework.
Maria S
Maria S 23 horas atrás
i love you music!!
POETRY 23 horas atrás
chilledcow put so much deatil in the animation...even the outside is detailed...absolutely love it
BABA 23 horas atrás
I don't feel sad and depressed,I feel empty like I'm missing something,an adventure,a friend,idk.
loving tsukishima
i listen to these lofi music all the time to calm myself and ease the pain. apparently, music/anime/reading makes me happy and not people. all they do is eventually leave me in the end anyway. so i’d rather have one friend that would be there for me even when no one else is. or i’d prefer to be alone. i go through my problems on my own and my way. i hate it when people know my situation and all they do is spread it. so what’s the point of me having friends anyway if all they do is listen but not do anything? they aren’t making the situation better but worst..
Amelia Smith
Amelia Smith Dia atrás
Rally X
Rally X Dia atrás
This is the best I will say
Our little hammy
Our little hammy Dia atrás
ChilledCow and some other lofi hip hop BRvid channels should have a podcast together. For some reason I’d love to see them having a conversation together like old friends.
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous Dia atrás
Did anyone notice that she is left handed?
Lev Kranchevko
Lev Kranchevko Dia atrás
*_Michelle_* are you here?
Rubii - محمد
Rubii - محمد Dia atrás
listened to this while playing doom eternal, very cool
Jayden Cordova
Jayden Cordova Dia atrás
i wish i was her / / /
Summayah Wali
Summayah Wali Dia atrás
chilled cow doh. there beats are sooo good!! like ill be browsng through clicking on different ones then i see chilled cows and im like ... 100% know that i will love it!!
Sam Corro
Sam Corro Dia atrás
Thoughts at 1:05am: I constantly find myself thinking in everything I think i'm not, making myself less. What if i'm everything that i admire from others and my self sabotage won't let me see it. . . The comments, this community makes me feel less lonely and un some way understood, crazy I don't even know any of you but i feel que are sharing a moment.
Livy Pearce
Livy Pearce Dia atrás
Me in the middle of a dream this song in the distance then it blasts and I wake up
Asa McFarlane
Asa McFarlane Dia atrás
every time i listen to lofi my cat comes and lays down and listens too
billie eilish
billie eilish Dia atrás
billie eilish
billie eilish Dia atrás
Sleeplezz Dia atrás
Are these songs copyrighted cause it doesn’t show an owner in the description or is it because they ask for permission
Marina Fernández
Why isnt this playlist in spotify :::(
Todd Hardnipples
Todd Hardnipples Dia atrás
Lost in a room of void but yet still finds the motivation to a sole. Empty but full of life. Time is wasting, suddenly you awake to a world full of life and vibrant apieze. Go, it’s time to move
Nadhifah R. A
Nadhifah R. A Dia atrás
this song hits different idk why its so good wtf
가짜얼음 Dia atrás
20 06 05 8416 12898137
George Mkrtchyan
George Mkrtchyan Dia atrás
Famous left handed people: Barack Obama Leonardo Da Vinci
Gaming Squirtle
Gaming Squirtle Dia atrás
you copied that
George Mkrtchyan
George Mkrtchyan Dia atrás
i don’t think i’ve ever seen her eat, other than drinking coffee and stuff
Kristina Mekhael
Kristina Mekhael Dia atrás
is there a way i can get this on spotify?
UnepicDuck14 Dia atrás
Sarah Citrawati
Sarah Citrawati Dia atrás
i love this :(
Dulce G
Dulce G Dia atrás
I just noticed when she reads, she flips the page to the right, not the left. ^_^
Student Ashton Luu
Sambhavy Shrestha
This is my favorite Lofi compilation!
ronaldo Jr fernado
I love this song when i wake up it feels like a brand new world
Emilia Rad jitsu 13
Chilled cow you're talented I love your Channel so much!!°°)
- r i s u -
- r i s u - Dia atrás
haces melodias estupendas <3
Isaiah Cisneros
Isaiah Cisneros Dia atrás
God damn, that's a nice balcony
Jamya Jennings Life
Absolutely Nobody: Me: du duh duh duh duh duh duh duh du (vocalizing the song beat) My mom:why do you keep listening to calm music? ARE U OK?
Lethabo Maditse
Lethabo Maditse Dia atrás
I have an online exam due at 8 in the morning, haven't even started but.... here I am.... Finding peace 😌
Andi 1106
Andi 1106 Dia atrás
I live in germany lol
Skela Tonne
Skela Tonne Dia atrás
Ugh. Melody is too short. Can someone please suggest something on this channel where the loop isnt every 2 seconds? Maybe like a 6 to 10 second loop..sounds like a broken record..
Skela Tonne
Skela Tonne Dia atrás
Who mastered this song? Snare is WAY to high
One Skill Point
One Skill Point Dia atrás
Calm lands..... as in FFX calm lands? Cause it has that vibe.
Angela Sanchez
Angela Sanchez Dia atrás
I love it I am a child girl 8 years old I put it on when I relax study sleep
S A N T Y ツ
S A N T Y ツ Dia atrás
*Shhhh* -----------------________-------------------
This is what heaven sounds like 😍😍❤️❤️
las aventuras de luigui_pilli6
ok que hace xd :)(:
las aventuras de luigui_pilli6
las canciones relajan xd
Medicine Dia atrás
Who's listening to this while coronavirus outbreak?
Lelelena Dia atrás
I don't know why but I can only watch these study videos when she's in them. I love her and she's so cute.
TOK Sounds
TOK Sounds Dia atrás
I was inspired by such music as this to have a go and create my own and add to my channel. This is sooooo calming - thank you!
Cdntrooper Dia atrás
I want that balcony
Cdntrooper Dia atrás
This is so relaxing but not as relaxing as nle
Army dog
Army dog Dia atrás
I have decovered lofi hip hop since last summer I'm so glad I found this😭💚
Army dog
Army dog Dia atrás
This song makes me have tears in my eyes dreaming of beautiful ice stater girl spinning around the circles so fast in slow motion and jump while there's a snowball fight with no screaming kids just pure music while watching in my dream during the hot summer little feel of ice flakes❄🌦🌊🌅⛄
Luis Villalba
Luis Villalba Dia atrás
Army dog
Army dog Dia atrás
This sounds so beautiful💚⛄🌅🌦
Tiiah Naomyツ
Tiiah Naomyツ Dia atrás
Magical Michael
Magical Michael Dia atrás
Even though the video is down, I can still comment... 2020 gang?
kaboing Dia atrás
that must be a HELLA long test boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Толюса Матюса
Композиция просто космос. Спасибо
Ana Lopes
Ana Lopes Dia atrás
it cat
jdhxl Dia atrás
who tf is emma and y is she tarnishing the nostalgic feeling of this song
Maddie here just replayed this many times!Studied for 5 hours phew
Ro Bey
Ro Bey Dia atrás
Beautiful graphic.... Nice beats, smooth, relaxing... 💖✨💖✨🔥
Anna Granger
Anna Granger Dia atrás
Finished my homework exactly when this video ended 0-0