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Top New Bows for 2020
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Deedee 6 minutos atrás
wanna be friends?
TMFD13 !
TMFD13 ! Dia atrás
Great video, exactly what it should be. Short clips of each bow with the specs people are interested in. Dia atrás
Thanks 👍
Jeff Slagle
Jeff Slagle 2 dias atrás
I’m going to cry out BS on the Hyperflite 430, I have not seen one person shoot this bow. As for price I believe as most their is no justification for how outrageous this market has become, using technology as the excuse for price point is a lie, like anyone who shots from any discipline, everyone like the new toys, but having to pay the price is way off, if you want a marketable bow stop making the cheaper ones and price them all within reason, also stop flooding or muddling the waters with so many.
Lawrence Gardner
Lawrence Gardner 2 dias atrás
I love how you tubers don't answer questions. Especially when they've had it way before the general public can even order it. Might as well say presented by stealthcam.
Lawrence Gardner
Lawrence Gardner 20 horas atrás yes I did. Dia atrás
Did you have a question? Sometimes its hard to get to all the comments. We have over 1,000 videos with comments coming in everyday. Thanks for watching!
Peter Juulsgaard
Peter Juulsgaard 2 dias atrás
Awesome hunt! Congrats!
Luis Maciel
Luis Maciel 2 dias atrás
Fue un tisaso!
DaLisa Morrison
DaLisa Morrison 2 dias atrás
perché è un tiranno?
Luis Maciel
Luis Maciel 2 dias atrás
Connor Klevesahl
Connor Klevesahl 3 dias atrás
Wow merriams gobble a lot Dia atrás
Yes, they do!
Connor Klevesahl
Connor Klevesahl 3 dias atrás
Nothin like a wet turkey
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez 3 dias atrás
That was awesome! What part of Wyoming? I hunted antelope in Wheatland. Dia atrás
Near the Big Horn Mountains.
jimmy singleton
jimmy singleton 3 dias atrás
Awesome hunt! Crazy you can get away with no camouflage!
Chris Macomber
Chris Macomber 4 dias atrás
Great shiw guys almost time for so foodplots isn't it lol ...BHOD
Jesse Wirgau
Jesse Wirgau 4 dias atrás
is it just me or does that guy kinda look like sam hunt
Jamie Green
Jamie Green 4 dias atrás
Nice one Paul, mega hunt brother " good to meet you courtney 👍😎
New Day Outdoors
New Day Outdoors 4 dias atrás
Excellent hunt Paul! Justin ... I suggest you keep Courtney as a co-host and ditch Todd ... LOL! Keep up the great work guys!
Deedee 4 dias atrás
loved it
Donath Outdoors
Donath Outdoors 4 dias atrás
Great shot! What a challenge with a traditional bow.
Evan sanders 247
Evan sanders 247 4 dias atrás
I love the vids
Evan sanders 247
Evan sanders 247 3 dias atrás
I just went up to my dad and I said bow hunt or die liked my comment
Steven Rowell
Steven Rowell 4 dias atrás
Great job Dean & Kylie another great hunt in the books!
the Sanctuary
the Sanctuary 4 dias atrás
That is a total Garbage. No innovation at all... Brain is not for store. Use it.
Race Bannon
Race Bannon 4 dias atrás
Good job guys! Great father daughter hunt. Those are the best! Good camera work as well.
Ben T
Ben T 4 dias atrás
At the ATA show they said this camera would come out in April. It’s still not out. It was supposed to have an msrp of $150. It’s actually $200. Lots of unfulfilled promises. What a joke company.
Ben T
Ben T 4 dias atrás
This camera was supposed to come out in April. It June and it’s still not out. It’s msrp is $200 not $150. A lot of hype about this camera for nothing. I’ll be getting the Moultrie xv6000 for $120. Stealth cam fusion, what a joke.
mikefeliz7 Dia atrás
You’ll pay 2x as much in data on the moultrie. Enjoy!
Juan Burcaiga
Juan Burcaiga 4 dias atrás
Great video! I can’t wait to take my kids. Just have one question how old is your son. I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old and can’t wait to take them with me and and see them hunt their first, squirrel, rabbit, turkey or deer.
Toby Arnold
Toby Arnold 4 dias atrás
Congrats Kylie!!!
Toby Arnold
Toby Arnold 4 dias atrás
Way to go guys! Keep praying and keep bustin those gobblers! God bless!
tyler vroman
tyler vroman 5 dias atrás
What county does josh hunt public in central Wisconsin
TradLife Films
TradLife Films 5 dias atrás
well done!!
Rob Guidi
Rob Guidi 5 dias atrás
Another good show Congrats that’s great , I remember my daughters first gobbler with her bow . They grow up so fast , family time in the outdoors is the best !
Allen Osborne
Allen Osborne 5 dias atrás
Congrats Kylie on your first turkey with a compound bow!! Dad, relax, she's got this like an old pro!!
Arrie Swanepoel
Arrie Swanepoel 5 dias atrás
Well done young doing it right.....😉
ADK Ed 5 dias atrás
Team Krueger is on the board!! CONGRATS Kylie...All of us at BHoD are SUPER proud of you...
Kevin Hibberd
Kevin Hibberd 5 dias atrás
Totally awesome Kylie. So proud of you. Keep up the good work
underdog outdoors
underdog outdoors 5 dias atrás
Awesome first compound turkey success! You''re one up on me & I'm an old guy!! Congratulations on a big accomplishment.
Jamie Green
Jamie Green 5 dias atrás
Well done kylie, congrats on your first turkey😎👍
Tina Henry
Tina Henry 5 dias atrás
thats what its all about i hope you have a great year stay safe and keep huntin :)
Deedee 6 dias atrás
loved it
Evan sanders 247
Evan sanders 247 6 dias atrás
Love it
Getthefuckoffmylawn 6 dias atrás
Is that available solar?
Chris Pham
Chris Pham 6 dias atrás
So cool!! I just recently found your channel and have been watching buncha videos nonstop. I've recently bought my bow and have been practicing in my backyard. I'm hoping to go on my first hunt sometime this Autumn. I am really excited about a whitetail but turkey seems cool too. I've just taken my online hunter ed course and then purchase the hunter's license and habitat stamp that was recommended. What else should I do at this point to start? I'm so excited but also clueless and the course didn't tell me where or how I can buy tags. Idk anyone who hunts so I'm going into this solo. Does anyone have any advice? I want to join some kind of archery or hunters club but I'm clueless. Edit - I'm also in Illinois, Chicago suburbs. 6 dias atrás
Hey Chris, one of the first things you should do is acquire an Illinois Rules and Regulations book. They can usually be found at Walmart, Farm & Fleet, or you can download a digital copy of it to your phone. The rules & regs book will give you all the dates for each hunting, fishing, & trapping season, as well as public land opportunities. You should also look around on Facebook for IL Hunting groups for advice and tips. There are a few good archery shops in that area, so that's another good place to start.
Ronny Gunsalus
Ronny Gunsalus 6 dias atrás
Is the trivex just for crossbow 6 dias atrás
No - you can use it in any type of bow.
Bruce Esterline
Bruce Esterline 6 dias atrás
Yes over priced
Palmer Edwards
Palmer Edwards 7 dias atrás
Faith family hunting!! Bow hunt or die .. Great job my kid is five he can't wait....
Jesse Wirgau
Jesse Wirgau 8 dias atrás
joey did better announcing the names
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday 8 dias atrás
Will this fit the Blackhawk
Mike Studmuffin
Mike Studmuffin 8 dias atrás
Let me have em.
Bo Cefus
Bo Cefus 9 dias atrás
What outfitter?
frostcbr 9 dias atrás
Kudos to you Justin for owning that shot decision. I’m sure there are more than a few shows that would choose not to show the hunt or just try to deflect in some other way. We’re all susceptible to the rush of the hunt and should be learning from each one. Well done to you and your boy!
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 9 dias atrás
Man some of these bows get horrible penetration
Tim Kaldahl
Tim Kaldahl 9 dias atrás
Next up: Joey and Todd's son host the show. A few split shot will bump the weight up in a pinch.
My first reverse limbed crossbow was the nitro rdx and I'll never own a conventional crossbow again, the rs470 solves all my issues I have with the nitro rdx and will be my next buy good job tenpoint 🇦🇺
Kevin Hibberd
Kevin Hibberd 10 dias atrás
Way to go little buddy. Your reaction is priceless and made my day
Daniel Swartzentruber
Daniel Swartzentruber 10 dias atrás
Awesome hunt, Justin with your son. Enjoy that as long as you can. He'll be out an on his own before you know it. I enjoyed going with my son at that age. He is 27 and moved to another state an hunt's there. I loved those days when we hunted together.
Cameron Boggs
Cameron Boggs 10 dias atrás
Pretty sure you can kill 3 a year in Illinois during the spring.
Bill and Vonda O'Connor
Great hunt...Congrats! I just bought a Traverse too. I love it so far.
FestivalComic 10 dias atrás
What dehydrator is in this video? 6 dias atrás
He says it by Excalibur, hopefully that's helpful!
x426x 11 dias atrás
How would you stack all three or four together? Really like them
Ken Thorsen
Ken Thorsen 11 dias atrás
Nice hunt Justin! Joey did a great job as co-host and if I remember he caught more fish than you!
Todd Crenshaw
Todd Crenshaw 11 dias atrás
was the minnesota hunt on public land?
Dwayne Jones
Dwayne Jones 12 dias atrás
Weston's reaction was AWESOME! Congrats buddy!
Jamie Green
Jamie Green 12 dias atrás
AWSOME well done Westin 😎👍 and can't forget you Dustin, why is there adds in the vids all of a sudden, they are very annoying
Kenny Gullickson
Kenny Gullickson 13 dias atrás
Freaking AWESOME!! Way to go Weston!! Cant wait to get a "struggle stick" and do this myself. Well done Dustin and Weston!! P.S. your coffee mug tip is spot on!! I am pretty sure my Yeti is permanently stained brown from coffee and tea.
Jonny Snider
Jonny Snider 13 dias atrás
Since when has it ever been legal to shoot a turkey off of the roost and with a rifle, even if it is the “ethical thing to do” wait till he flies down and and then shoot him with a shotgun, clearly the recurve isn’t working out too well for you
Dustin DeCroo
Dustin DeCroo 12 dias atrás
It’s 100% legal in Wyoming, but thank you for your legislative opinion. And you suggest giving up an opportunity to kill him legally, because it is more ethical to wait for him to fly down (assuming he can) and trying to shoot him with a different firearm. 😂
Mr. Skeptical
Mr. Skeptical 13 dias atrás
Does the 4 blade version windbplane more than the 2 blade?
Josh Fraley
Josh Fraley 13 dias atrás
Dude... practice a little first before you end up wounding animals. Have a little respect for life. I’m a big hunter and love hunting but the animal deserves the respect of a clean kill. I get it, traditional bows are hard. Your not good enough with it to be shooting at animals.
Dustin DeCroo
Dustin DeCroo 12 dias atrás
Dude.... Sorry, i’ll send you my practice video and log sheets for your approval before I go hunting next time. I assure you I have the utmost respect for all animals, which is why we did what we did the next morning. Unfortunately, this is hunting, and things happen... regardless of how much practice or preparation takes place (which you personally have zero idea of how much has occurred). But, thank you for your opinion. 👍🏻
underdog outdoors
underdog outdoors 13 dias atrás
Young Weston's reaction was awesome! Truly enjoyed watching this one.
Jim Owens
Jim Owens 13 dias atrás
I absolutely loved your son's reaction. I'm sure it's a moment you will never forget. God bless you!
TypicallyRobert 13 dias atrás
Seems like a cool concept but a bit bulky and looks like it’s gonna be expensive
Bryce Pederson
Bryce Pederson 13 dias atrás
Amazing hunt!! Love to see the young guns getting involved and having fun
David Fleer
David Fleer 13 dias atrás
Good job Weston looks like you’ll be putting meat on the table while dad keeps loosing arrows and equipment, good thing no one drove over that decoy or stole it or they could of ran over dad was putting it out 😂👍✌🏻
Allen Osborne
Allen Osborne 13 dias atrás
A couple of great hunts by Dee-[Kroo]. Turkey's with a recurve and fan looks super fun. I think I'll have to try compound bow and fan first!! Super cool to see Justin pass along the love of hunting to his son. That boy is gonna have a great life harvesting game and he started it off with a memorable crossbow kill!! Congrats Mini Dee-[Kroo]!!
jr22green 14 dias atrás
Does anyone actually buy this overpriced stuff?
John Poole
John Poole 14 dias atrás
Good job like the show.
Caden Caudill
Caden Caudill 14 dias atrás
It’s better to shoot 30 and in bc you don’t have to worry about all the factors of a bad shot But I shot a coyote at 80 this year 😂 I don’t care if I wound one of them
Bow Only Outdoors
Bow Only Outdoors 14 dias atrás
You have to love it when a plan comes together! If only they followed the script every time! Great shot!!
WILD Jaeger
WILD Jaeger 15 dias atrás
Love watching y'alls videos. Congrats Todd. (Ricky Mills)
2ndAmendment 15 dias atrás
It's just not nearly as fun getting the photos sent directly to your phone. I enjoy going out in the hot, muggy, summer weather and checking cams. Even if it takes me a good minute to find them 🤣
Jadon 270
Jadon 270 17 dias atrás
I had a rough season this year to Dan and ended up doing the same thing. Took a jack and that's all I've seen! Good job, he had a nice beard for a jack too.
Buck Fever
Buck Fever 17 dias atrás
Wow...NBS 100 is the best broadhead on the market...
Susan Walser
Susan Walser 17 dias atrás
Really, how is 97 pounds winning, that's tiny.
Outdoor life
Outdoor life 17 dias atrás
Getti her done man nice one.
Tuttle 3
Tuttle 3 17 dias atrás
Well done sir
Joy Reiff
Joy Reiff 17 dias atrás
Way to go Todd! Hopefully I’ll see you at the Lancaster Archery Classic this winter after seeing that first shot🤣🤣. Sorry bout that, I had too! Great job👍
Zackary Roehl
Zackary Roehl 17 dias atrás
Great bird Todd I am 13 and I really want to get a buck this year, do you think you could take me out to look at deer on your land
Melvin Dunn
Melvin Dunn 17 dias atrás
Is that a Daddy top over Justin's right shoulder? He just has all the doors locked. LOL.
PJ Jackson
PJ Jackson 17 dias atrás
If I want to get started with some good decoys what should I get? Are there any you can leave out all season, or year round without falling apart or looking bad? Thanks 15 dias atrás
I don't think anyone makes decoys that can be left outside. Most decoys will definitely fade in color. But the Hunters Specialties decoys that we use are great! Lightweight, easy to set up and easy to pack. Check out the HS Strut Lite Decoys.
Jamie Green
Jamie Green 17 dias atrás
Nice one Todd,
At Home, Outdoors
At Home, Outdoors 17 dias atrás
in all fairness if he's gunna claim its anything but 18.2 I would fire back with the first resting weight was 18 even before he tugged and adjusted it,,,
JHWImageDesigns 18 dias atrás
It's was like you "lost the game" when you put eyes and hands on him. Cheer up, most guys watching are dying to pull back on any deer, let alone have the time to get out there. Nevertheless, a very handsome buck, nice going.!
Don Brown
Don Brown 18 dias atrás
You could also boil your cooked meat to get rid of excess fat.
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller 19 dias atrás
God bless you brother! I'm sure your mom is in heaven! I struggled the 2020 season also, that will just get us wanting that 2021 season even more. God is good! All the time!
Wayne Stevenson
Wayne Stevenson 19 dias atrás
Texas heart shot a 12” 8 pt Coues deer with Bear Kodiak at 117 yds over a hill and through the trees bounced of a boulder and bung holed the deer! Look it up... it’s in the P&Y record book! 120” doe with horns!!!!
Scott Willett
Scott Willett 19 dias atrás
Grim Reaper Micro Hybrids will be putting my deer and elk down this year
Allen Osborne
Allen Osborne 20 dias atrás
My condolences to Dan and the Richardson family. I loss my father prior to my first turkey of my first turkey season and I remember the sadness of not being able to share the story of the hunt with him. Great hunt, no shame in taking a Jake, any turkey with a bow is a challenge and I think you got the best of the three! Hope your fortunes have changed for the better!!
toxophilite 20 dias atrás
KEY WORDS: It depends on the situation I think most of us would love a 20 yard chip shot but we don’t all hunt from tree stands or deer blinds. Again, it all depends on the situation. But what bothers me when this topic is brought up is when people want to limit others with their own limitations.
Robert Williamson
Robert Williamson 20 dias atrás
I have shot a doe at 81 yard it was perfect and I super tuned my setup. I was running full front back bar setup. With calm deer on private land I think they jump less than public land animals. Either way, these days I believe 40 and in is better with white tails. I practice to 80, and if I went mule deer hunting, I would say 80 if I had to. Provided conditions are calm and perfect. For white tails, my bow setup is always getting lighter and less stabilizers but tuned better for high accuracy with less gear , and I believe improving your hunting ability and getting closer is a better focus to work on than accuracy at long range. Even if you can shoot like Levi Morgan at distance.
Dave Howes
Dave Howes 20 dias atrás
That is the smoothest draw I've seen in a blind! Nice job!
ADK Ed 20 dias atrás
Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Dan...Been a crazy season in upstate NY as well...Cant hardly find or hear a bird...
Shane Palmer
Shane Palmer 20 dias atrás
Wish I could have afforded Mathew's Halon!!💯 Anyone want to get rid of one I'm your man!
Shane Palmer
Shane Palmer 20 dias atrás
Amen brother, and God bless your family You're mom is in a better place now with my mom and my dad, my brand new Bear Approach limb just exploded so I thought I was put out at least for turkey season, but they say they are sending me a replacement bow out in the mail now and a sticker for sending the broken one back in. I pray to God that he blesses me with that coming true. Anyways good job 👌 keep your head up and keep bow hunting no matter what 💯💯💯😉
Tim Kaldahl
Tim Kaldahl 20 dias atrás
So sorry for your loss. It will never be ok, but you will adjust to a new normal.