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The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Claudia Beracochea
Claudia Beracochea Hora atrás
Gran actor!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
John Carl
John Carl Hora atrás
The nard dog
Annie Ying
Annie Ying Hora atrás
James You are so Swell! Love your show so much so uplifting!
Annie Ying
Annie Ying Hora atrás
James You are so Swell! Love your show so much so uplifting!
Cheri Hora atrás
Bill just didn't have anything funny to say so he went to the fat shaming bit. His audience didn't really respond to it.
Pitrus Hora atrás
I think both parties have a point. What Maher criticizes (at least I believe so), is the embracing of obesity, making it out to be something entirely positive and healthy. While it is ineffective to shame as James mentioned, it is important to keep in mind what is healthy and what isn‘t. It would be horrible, if we started to ignore what effects obesity or underwheight have on us. Its a lot about the social norm: If obesity becomes the normality, we wont try to become healthy as much as we do now, effectively reducing the quality and length of our lives. Do keep in mind: I do not support shaming, however, I also do not support glorification and normalization of obesity.
thehijabaevlogs Hora atrás
when James started singing "maybe it's the way she walked" me be like: AAAAAWWWWWW!!!! 😭
Esther Martinez
Esther Martinez Hora atrás
Moose Hora atrás
Devo Tom Ford
Devo Tom Ford Hora atrás
Coach them up, not Down Bill. Still love "Real Time" because its one of the few shows that start conversations like this. Great response from Corden.
jb76489 Hora atrás
For fat people, life is like a box of chocolates, doesn’t last long
Taragon Leaf
Taragon Leaf Hora atrás
inherently, bullying is a threat of violence, thus Bill isn't bullying. He's rude, but not bullying. precision is language is important if you want to make in ways with someone. However, the way my brother and I lost weight was we made fun of each other on a daily basis. We'd call each other fat chubby chunks, and every name in the book for fat people. That got the both of us motivated. It took 5 months, but I lost 40 lbs and finally reached my healthy weight. My brother too. Our words motivated us to prove the other wrong. I'm not fat, I'll show you, what our mentality. Shaming worked for us, but we're brothers, men, and already had attitudes that enabled us to turn shame into motivation. Not sure how well that strategy works with strangers. Bill is not just talking about fat shaming, he's also criticizing the body positive movement which has gone too far. the healthy attitude is, "I'm fat but I have value despite that." but its turned to, "I'm fat and that's good." I've met friends who've used that mindset to justify their complacency. You can't become complacent. if you're overweight, recognize that you have value despite that status, but that you owe it to yourself to be healthier.
Andrew Arlidge
Andrew Arlidge Hora atrás
I mean......bill isnt wrong.
Rocky Racoon
Rocky Racoon Hora atrás
His got a hell of a voice
Tatjana T
Tatjana T Hora atrás
"where does it go??" - my thoughts EXACTLY every time! Like "is it not hurting you??" or is it that small? or what's going on there? lol
Misaki T
Misaki T Hora atrás
According to an estimate , over 50% of both men and women in the WHO European Region were overweight, and roughly 23% of women and 20% of men were obese. Based on the latest estimates in European Union countries, overweight affects 30-70% and obesity affects 10-30% of adults. And this was in 2008 imagine what the rate is in 2019. Fat shaming doesn't encourage people to loose wait it only causes depression which in some cases(sadly) leads to bullying. Fat shaming is not OK.
Shayla Starcher
Shayla Starcher Hora atrás
I'm definitely not fat but shaming someone for there weight definitely goes both ways as well. I'm wayyy underweight I'm 89 pounds and every single day I hear "you need to eat something" or "you look unhealthy" or "are you starving yourself"?... and if one time I dont wanna eat a full meal all of a sudden I have a eating disorder... I FUCKING LOVE FOOD LEAVE ME ALONE IM FINE 😂😂
mi suzu
mi suzu Hora atrás
OmaTalkToMe Hora atrás
its funny how you guys think they actually came up with that themselves.
Arthur Anderson
Arthur Anderson Hora atrás
Both men are actually correct on the points they made and both were funny as f***!! Being fat is a health problem BUT no one needs nor deserves to be "shamed" into losing weight.
Searching For Pennies
James, i like you and think you're funny, but you of all people know it was a joke.
Katarina K
Katarina K Hora atrás
The story about Let It Be really is the most beautiful story ever.
Gamer69isdead Hora atrás
Bill's not wrong. People these days have been treating being fat like its something virtuous. Body positivity needs to go and reality needs to come back.
Michelle Tetreault
Michelle Tetreault Hora atrás
Thank you James! I love how real you are! You are 110% right!!!
Jessica Schellekens
Nuff said
Mickaela Thorne
Mickaela Thorne Hora atrás
Lol bear some payne
Mickaela Thorne
Mickaela Thorne Hora atrás
Omg I thought he was single I didn't realize he was marry and had a son
jovan marinovic
jovan marinovic Hora atrás
He didn't even shuffle
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher Hora atrás
His smile makes me pregnant
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher Hora atrás
He legit is the sexiest
Salah Salah
Salah Salah Hora atrás
Dave was the best
Bethanie Sylvaince
Bethanie Sylvaince Hora atrás
Thank you for being so real James.
Casa Limay Spa
Casa Limay Spa Hora atrás
Que guapa Britney... Esta como el vino. Cada año mejor 😘
IdontknowwhatIshoulddo butIamtolazyforitanyways
Oh god he went pale but it was woth it🤣
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher Hora atrás
He is too hot
Maddy Diba
Maddy Diba Hora atrás
No one should comment on anyone’s body. My dad used to make comments about how ‘much better I looked’ after losing weight. I was nearly starving myself and obsessed with getting 20,000 steps a day on my Fitbit. People’s weight is part of their own story and you have no idea where someone is in their weight loss journey.
Charles Cannon
Charles Cannon Hora atrás
He's being too nice to Bill Maher.
Jana Said
Jana Said Hora atrás
James and Neil = BEST COMBO!!!
strangebrew21 Hora atrás
I was smiling while watching the whole video.. I can't help it. Wow!
Knot Shore
Knot Shore Hora atrás
Put down the Twinkie and educate your self on how to eat. I agree with Bill.
Marcela Lemoine
Marcela Lemoine Hora atrás
You rock James Corden! Bill Maher has become successful by shaming people about everything, all his life.
Tom Tom
Tom Tom Hora atrás
Both make good points. And yes, Bill is using it as a "tough love" metaphor. It´s not about shaming but responsibility. That´s why the "kids in school" argument is a bad argument. Kids are being fed. Adults feed themselves. Let´s leave kids out of the discussion and purposely trigger emotions. I grew up in continental Europe and live in the UK for 10 years now: also a BAD argument. the UK's food culture (outside of London) and what you get in supermarkets is shocking and has nothing to do with a healthy diet. It´s the way you live. and yes it is hard. but just because it´s harder for some, doesn´t change the fact that YOU need to break that cycle for yourself and take responsibility. It´s nobody else´s fault. anyways. good luck
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher Hora atrás
Yesss sexyy neil been dying for a new interview
Just How?
Just How? Hora atrás
I agree shaming is not effective. But normalizing obesity or worse, glorifying it, is just as bad.
PIRI LIQ Hora atrás
Thandolwethu Magubane
😂😂😂😂 The last performance is potentially the most disgusting thing ever. 😷
Reina Arana
Reina Arana Hora atrás
Bình Minh VEVO
Bình Minh VEVO Hora atrás
Mickaela Thorne
Mickaela Thorne Hora atrás
Not as much as nick jonas
Catherine Poirier
Catherine Poirier Hora atrás
What?! Their twins are almost 9??
Otaku-chan Anime
Otaku-chan Anime Hora atrás
I am not jealous at all... not... T_T one.... BIT... **crying**
Andria Mihary
Andria Mihary Hora atrás
Wow this performance is EPIC
C Lati
C Lati Hora atrás
While I agree with some criticism of the ‘fat acceptance’ movement for making attempts to normalize unhealthy weight and obesity, intentionally trying to shame people because they are fat is a very different thing. James was right to make this video and accurately called it bullying. And bullying is never ok. I wish he could have mentioned the fat acceptance movement and how’s its anti productive but that’s ok, perhaps if bill Maher and James Corden debate it one day they can address that nuance. =D
Cesar G Pozos
Cesar G Pozos Hora atrás
With her age, shes had worse in her mouth
Susan Williams
Susan Williams Hora atrás
It's not... it's not about the French revolution...
Alfayasel Khaled
Alfayasel Khaled Hora atrás
Fukin loved it
Lne Vou
Lne Vou Hora atrás
So well said James Corden
A M Hora atrás
In the Philippines there is Tilapia Ice Cream. I WOULD NEVEEEER EAT IT
Swordterranean40 Hora atrás
I thought the dislikes were about Constance Wu, but I guess it was her impression and somehow (according to the comments) James Cordens fake laugh...
Mickaela Thorne
Mickaela Thorne Hora atrás
Jonas brothers challenge one direction would be fun to see
Lucie Lefevre
Lucie Lefevre Hora atrás
I love the fact that 99% of the comments are about How I met your Mother
mockerfab4 Hora atrás
She’s adorable. Loved her in CRA and she was incredible in hustlers.
Michael Dennique
Michael Dennique Hora atrás
You crack me up, pardon the pun, but you go on about Crispy Cream donuts and the guys bums I fucking can't stop laughing. Forgive any spelling errors. I know in your interviews you correct people who make spelling mistakes. Specially when a word should start with a Capital. lmfao
Fuffi Tai
Fuffi Tai Hora atrás
I’m sorry I only noticed his nipple popped last second
Bradley Harrington
Bradley Harrington Hora atrás
Looks like Harry Kane lol
Dex Halog
Dex Halog Hora atrás
Sees Niall Me: **click**
radito prakoso
radito prakoso Hora atrás
Shes drop dead gorgeous, and with that red gown, shes drop deaded gorgeous.
Ron Wess MusaQ
Ron Wess MusaQ Hora atrás
Amen well said James (“
rizkiichsan muhammad
Absolutely Legen....wait for it DADDY !! LEGENDADDY....!!!
Mr O Belaed
Mr O Belaed Hora atrás
Well said, well fuckin said
Joe Hora atrás
Oh dear. could have been quite an epic April Fool's prank! 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂
Diana Huntress
Diana Huntress Hora atrás
Bill Maher was apparently spewing this stuff at the same time that I was telling my mom that he's a dick and I refuse to watch him. Thanks for further proof! ALSO: There are multiple genes linked to obesity. It is very very much genetic. And being fat isn't always unhealthy; it depends on the person. Fat is beautiful!
Florian W. Barbarino
I am with James!
Paul Lopez
Paul Lopez Hora atrás
Great vocal control. Woman got some soul too.
MrAndrei012 Hora atrás
I believe what Bill Maher was trying to say, and failed, is that we should stop buying into the idea that everyone is perfect the way they are. Don’t make fun of someone who is overweight, but tell them the truth, not something that they want to hear. People nowadays get offended by everything. Being overweight is not healthy at all and can lead to a horrible life for that person and the loved ones around. The other day I just had a talk with my mom, who is a smoker. “My Body, My Choice!” Yeah, Ok, but we need to think about our loved ones because there are always consequences for everyone around when an unhealthy lifestyle is being accepted and normalized.
Annie Kallen
Annie Kallen Hora atrás
Amen and hallelujah!
jab za
jab za Hora atrás
Beefy guys
Geraldine Davila
Geraldine Davila Hora atrás
Why am I crying.... God I suck...
Taylor Noble
Taylor Noble Hora atrás
Bill Maher is awesome I lean more towards him on this one and he is funny
Shimona A
Shimona A Hora atrás
Who wants little mix to play this? 😂😂
Vijay S
Vijay S Hora atrás
If someone asked The Rock about the phone number..he would have blindly said Kevin Hart😂
®735337707™ 2 horas atrás
So why exactly is obesity such a big problem in the US and not in Asia or Africa?
Lynn Sadler
Lynn Sadler 2 horas atrás
And I pray Bill sees this
Deanna W
Deanna W 2 horas atrás
Doesn't seem right
Jan Veidt
Jan Veidt 2 horas atrás
Eat less, exercise more.
TheRygatto 2 horas atrás
Dude everybody knows the midnights formula
Oliver Joseph
Oliver Joseph 2 horas atrás
I actually really enjoyed Lesbian Vampire Killers... 😂
JSyc 2 horas atrás
Barney with the old writing on his body magic.
Monk Supero
Monk Supero 2 horas atrás
THE WOMEN didn't make it to Technical team ... o boy 😭😭😭😭😭
Laura Lei
Laura Lei 2 horas atrás
Can't Stand this creepy dough boy..... when did Stevie Wonder join the team??
Onur Tuğcular
Onur Tuğcular 2 horas atrás
if it is not the 4 of hearts,then he was gonna take off his tshirt and not the 4 of hearts
Holly Johns
Holly Johns 2 horas atrás
i can’t get enough of james
Trishski Bloggin
Trishski Bloggin 2 horas atrás
I love James Corden so much. What a perfect response while also being funny and entertaining. See there, Bill Maher? You can be funny without putting other people down.
RDM 010
RDM 010 2 horas atrás
Bill Maher isn't lucky. He's average. He has a normal metabolism. Yours on the other hand.... maybe you're lucky because you get to eat so much and taste so much more good food without barfing like normal people. Fuck this parakeet.
When Zlatan was born his father changed his name to Zlatan jr.
Schmalama 2 horas atrás
Can i sit on the Backseat next time ? :3
Sanchez14 2 horas atrás
Geo Sae
Geo Sae 2 horas atrás
I was skinny and was skinny-shamed my entire life by people who I though they looked "normal" to the point of thinking about suicide several times. There was literally nothing I could do to gain weight and look "normal" , like them. That was until I was able to travel to Argentina, where people eat way better than in the US. I was still considered thin there, but normal! I never felt at home before, like when I was over there! When I came back I realized that those "normal" dudes were in fact overweight. I'm sorry, but I agree with Bill Maher in this one! We used to looked like a different country back in the day! I know is not overweight people's fault entirely, is the fucking quantity of hormones we inject on our food!! I'm in my mid 40's now and in much better shape than those who literally made me feel like shit during my teens and twenties. And yeah! to those: Fuck you Fatssoles !!Now who's the one who can still walk anywhere? And NO! This is not normal! just visit any european, south american or asian country for fucks sake!!
Dalila H.
Dalila H. 2 horas atrás
Congrats James Corden and good to see the team behind the scenes finally get their recognition...well done guys..
kaisnowbird 2 horas atrás
The fatter people I know are generally cuter, sweeter and nice to cuddle with, just saying... Obesity is not good, but neither is seriously underweight. But those who have the nerve to shame others are by far the worst.