Colton Denning
Colton Denning
Colton Denning
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@NoFuture2028 2 horas atrás
Like a boss
@billturner4427 4 horas atrás
What a stud!
@IAM-oq1tx 10 horas atrás
I hope the first voice is on NCAA25 😂
@ribbit9821 18 horas atrás
Someone threw a piece of trash on Deion while he was kneeling down giving thanks for his blessing…what a hate filled country we live in.
@mauriciomendoza9848 20 horas atrás
One of the greatest athletes ever
@vihockeyguy1 Dia atrás
From the 40 to the other 40 is just ludicrous acceleration
@simpleysims Dia atrás
He's small for an LB but he played like he was bigger.
@donkeykong4957 Dia atrás
Man he top 5 pick for sure
Thanks. I needed that reminder... punt rooskie game... we got them the next year tho
@R0MANS109 Dia atrás
He's being projected as a 7th RD draft pick. Not much of a prize for being the nation's leading rusher. The combine can change that.
@AKHODA Dia atrás
Prime skated over that punter like a crack in the asphalt. Didn't even look at him. Total disregard. Nobody else within 15 yards when he crossed the goal line. Crazy.
@Ray-ml6iy 2 dias atrás
He was an absolute stud. Had so much fun watching him…..
@jrunior31 2 dias atrás
Deion was that guy
For kids growing up back then like me, I wanted to be just like Prime.
@Bert_Fromarketin 2 dias atrás
Theres nothing you could do...i seen it ALL!! Deion was like that...🔥🔥🔥
@louisrich304 3 dias atrás
@HunterL95 3 dias atrás
Imagine how good we would be if he went to a good school with a good coach
@Silv3rK1ng 3 dias atrás
#12 should play for the Chiefs he'd fit right in💯
@dariusjackson8336 4 dias atrás
@JdT93_ 4 dias atrás
Vikings need need this kinda burst and vision at the RB spot
@johnpoulton9446 4 dias atrás
Human Joystick ! amazing !!!
@lightingbolt8148 4 dias atrás
They were good after that so it’s not like they’ve been bad since the game.
@sinclairfaborsr 4 dias atrás
Stupid speed
@SportsMahoney 4 dias atrás
Brown was drafted by the Titans and was a backup to George in Tennessee. 6'3" 225lbs. He was a dawg in college
It was truly a pleasure and an HONOR to get to watch Andre Johnson play during his entire career in both The U and for the Texans and it's going to be an even greater HONOR to watch him being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame coming in August he truly was one of the Greatest Wide Receivers to ever play Football and an even better person off the field he did so much for both the city of Houston and Miami
@mikec6733 5 dias atrás
He looks bigger than his actual size.
@terrenceliburd8655 5 dias atrás
Reminded me of Tony Dorsett and Curtis Martin with his cut back ability
@sirecook3621 5 dias atrás
@jamesfields2916 5 dias atrás
36 years ago! That return and later the puntarooski.
@denniswinston9274 5 dias atrás
Would have won the heisman trophy if he didn’t get in trouble
@luigitedone9280 5 dias atrás
wow. now this is an actual highlight reel. no fluff. contested catch god
@troybear11 6 dias atrás
I recall hearing that he could basically play safety when he showed up at NM. Dude was just the most prolific Tampa 2 MLB since Derrick Brooks. So good at getting down the field in coverage. Tackling machine.
@templehillsfunk 6 dias atrás
The Colorado Buffaloes could easily put 3 players into the 1st Round of the 2025 Draft. 😳
@kcam2014 6 dias atrás
I feel like scouts are going to sleep on him and hes gonna fall into day 2 and end up on a team in a great situation.
@mdcool5717 6 dias atrás
It was over, before it started,that is god given telent,that every body don't have ,only a chosen few a prime example 💪🏾
@jmore501 7 dias atrás
He made that look too easy!
@sonnydee1547 7 dias atrás
Forgot about this beast
@jasonmalin287 7 dias atrás
Unreal speed with vision and moves straight beast yo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@clintstoner2052 7 dias atrás
Big ass shoulder pads.
@arthurwilliamsii9581 7 dias atrás
Bringing it
@MH55YT 7 dias atrás
You just don't kick 🦶 it to Dion
@williebell4793 7 dias atrás
What I like about Travis on offense, is when Randy Moss guys when he throw his hand up and tell Qb, throw to me. He got his man and he go make the play. Then stunt, on their asses
@williebell4793 7 dias atrás
I believe Travis will go first before Sheduer, with HIM, you'll get two players at one time. Qb1's are hit and miss. The athletic abilities that God, blessed him with is natural. ⌚️
There's only a few true "GOATs" in the big 3, (nfl, nba, mlb) and prime is one of them. Prime, MJ, and as much as it sucks to say it, Brady.
OLD SCHOOL version. 358 winchester with a 41mag backup lol
@luvmedrums4057 8 dias atrás
He ran those yards like they where a few inches
@MattBuckeyeGuy 8 dias atrás
shoutout to another buckeye in this video, Jordan Hall
@hulkmad51 8 dias atrás
This is the game that made me a Florida State Fan ❤