Colton Denning
Colton Denning
Colton Denning
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Gold One
Gold One 22 horas atrás
One of the Greatest players all time I'm glad to say he's a SEVEN
Bernooski 2 dias atrás
2:00 We could have lost a future Hall of Famer because Nebraska doesn't know how to build a football field
Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson 2 dias atrás
Quick, mobile with great footwork before the injuries took a toll
Rob H
Rob H 2 dias atrás
Think about this. You have many paid scouts and coaches who viewed these, yet still decided that guys like Tony Eason, Ken O'Brien and Todd Blackledge were better options at QB.
illiniryan27 3 dias atrás
I'm hoping I can get him at 1.03 in dynasty.
Boilermakers 4ver
Boilermakers 4ver 4 dias atrás
Since I saw this series is coming back on twitter and it’s about the 2011 season until 2018 when they beat BC that was the last time Purdue won a ranked game
BIZX X 5 dias atrás
TruthHurts 5 dias atrás
Anyone else forgot Chris Leak existed?
ScotCinamon 5 dias atrás
Love how there's no commentary in this video, just straight football. The crowd noise is great too... But well done with this, let the play speak, I don't want any fluff.
justen smith
justen smith 6 dias atrás
Perfect build for a RB
Jah Prime
Jah Prime 6 dias atrás
In another universe.. S.F drafts Rodgers. Harbaugh wins a S..B. in S.F. My Wolverines remain in limbo. G.B. still hasn't found a franchise qb after Farve like Miami with Marino. My Jets don't get Farve, tank , get Stafford and with Rex Ryan's defense win a S.B. !!! Lol
Ezekiel Little
Ezekiel Little 6 dias atrás
This was when SEC football had college football legends every Saturday this was a must watch for me almost every SEC game was a classic that year.
ASanitationStompOut 6 dias atrás
✊🏿💪🏿GSOT 🧢🏆💍SB'99
ASanitationStompOut 8 dias atrás
Dude's a sniper 🎯 Lot of promise with the right coaches easily, that's it.
Rob Dobson
Rob Dobson 9 dias atrás
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn 10 dias atrás
He was ok, the highlights are not even highlights LOLOL
Terri Rasmussen
Terri Rasmussen 12 dias atrás
😏 'Promosm'
Griffin Hart
Griffin Hart 13 dias atrás
He’s gonna be very good in the slot in the nfl
B3GINNER 13 dias atrás
Ty Moore
Ty Moore 16 dias atrás
Great video!
michael kitchen
michael kitchen 16 dias atrás
This guy just never got a fair shake in the NFL due to politics. He had the same size as Amendola and Julian Edelman /Braxton Berrios and had great hands
Blake Anderson
Blake Anderson 17 dias atrás
Crazy to think ABC Sports had Keith Jackson Brent Musburger Brad Nessler Ron Franklin and Mike Tirico hell of a lineup
Danger White
Danger White 17 dias atrás
I remember watching this game... Man the SEC
Seabass • 62 years ago
Bro this Colton denning kid is different
Legendary Slayer
Legendary Slayer 18 dias atrás
G Wolfe was a problem, I remember when he gave the Buckeyes a major wake up call. Also a lot of fun to use on NCAA 07.
SelfReprogramming 18 dias atrás
Raw Room
Andre Williams
Andre Williams 9 dias atrás
Suliasi Turagabeci
Suliasi Turagabeci 18 dias atrás
This guy won't get far in life.
D Smith
D Smith 19 dias atrás
HowNOTto 19 dias atrás
He’s like 🧈 butter.. he has the mahomes swave swag
turnupthesun81 20 dias atrás
Dat was one of my favorite LBs ever. That guy hit like a freaking freight train.
Curt Leach
Curt Leach 20 dias atrás
Can't remember what ur 86 or 85 OSU lost to that team up north I can remember getting a six pack and sitting in the shoe all by myself till about 1am.thats what OSU football is about.go bucks.
Michael Mereday
Michael Mereday 21 dia atrás
What happened to him in NFL. And jets. Crazy
DylThaMan 21 dia atrás
this kids gonna be a beast in the nfl!
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods 22 dias atrás
After Reggie bush he was my next favorite college rb I’ve watched
Emotional Damage
Emotional Damage 22 dias atrás
This man singlehandedly destroyed Penn State... gosh I'm so glad we landed him
Noah Sayre
Noah Sayre 23 dias atrás
Crazy to think the bucks had about double this amount of TDs this year.
Darren Hasting
Darren Hasting 23 dias atrás
So many close games. What a team though.
Grant Ward
Grant Ward 23 dias atrás
Imagine if he'd played in Meyer's offense.
Leonard Fairley
Leonard Fairley 23 dias atrás
Ken Dorsey was blessed to come in the door and have peak Reggie Wayne
GreenGhost500 23 dias atrás
This man was a beast back in my young days
J 25 dias atrás
He’s incredible 🎉Henderson is one of my favorite running backs . O-H . Is speed his unreal very talented player and a great person . Very humble guy. When he’s back healthy omg 😱
Alex Amerling
Alex Amerling 25 dias atrás
Man we were loaded that year.
Will Thompson
Will Thompson 25 dias atrás
Hes not even the hardest hitting aggie ever. Quentin Coryatt hit ten times harder.
Puff Doobies
Puff Doobies 25 dias atrás
U real for uploading this in 2023 💯
DRAGUNOV Da Estética 💪🔱
JJ Watt is an inspiration to me in football and greetings from Brazil 🏈
larry smithers
larry smithers 28 dias atrás
You can see the arm talent is there it's just being hampered by Tedford's goofy mechanics.
D___ C____
D___ C____ 28 dias atrás
Warren Sapp USED to talk about how he took the rocks spot, now he talks about how he USED to play with him while he watches his movies.
the_1% 29 dias atrás
damn, he so zeroed in and responds so fast.
Cᴏʟᴏʀᴀᴅᴏ Pᴇᴅ Pᴀᴛʀᴏʟ 💪
I think they should gave him more time in the nfl. he would been a star. much more then he was