Garrett Gagnon
Garrett Gagnon
Garrett Gagnon
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Hey its that guy
Hey its that guy 5 minutos atrás
and the end she was like "hold my ovarys, they about to pop"
Brandon Christopher
Brandon Christopher 5 minutos atrás
One of the greatest songs I have ever heard ❤️
mitch Conner
mitch Conner Hora atrás
Sure wish these two would just uh....bang it out already
E B 8 horas atrás
these 2 should be together ...they are madly in love ..such strong chemistry
Rico Lorenz
Rico Lorenz 10 horas atrás
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 21 hora atrás
Bradley definitely hit that
Yudhveer Singh
Yudhveer Singh Dia atrás
Seems like she forgot her pants
Manuel Claude Schwarzbach
Very good. M.
Kim Golden
Kim Golden Dia atrás
The way he stares at her !!!! WOW !!!!! WHAT CHEMISTRY !!!!! They need to make babies !!!!
Karen Cavalcante
Karen Cavalcante Dia atrás
Sei não, mas acho que vi um casal muito apaixonado 😂💙 #shippoDemaix
Justine Kim
Justine Kim Dia atrás
4:21 AH SHES SO FUCKING TALENTED 🤩🤬 And omg Cooper’s smoulder made me fall off my chair
enesakisocsem Dia atrás
I still think they were in love just for whatever reason never made it to public. Shame it didn't work out. Amazing chemistry
gbr6494 Dia atrás
The way he’s staring at her. Ugh I can’t
Guga Lead
Guga Lead Dia atrás
Tem tanta tensão aí que meu smartphone até pegou fogo! Respeito pra caralho o relacionamento do Bradley, mas é impossível não notar a química desses dois.
William Scoparo
William Scoparo 2 dias atrás
Que casal maravilhoso 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Judy Richards
Judy Richards 2 dias atrás
so waiting for a couple, they are sooo great together
Vlruati Ralte
Vlruati Ralte 2 dias atrás
The cooles thing ive ever saw
Stefano Pagliaro
Stefano Pagliaro 2 dias atrás
Questa canzone è unica e punto!!!!!!!!!!!! La vita
Jay Walking
Jay Walking 2 dias atrás
Can't even identify the real life from the movie 😅
Forthefuture 3 dias atrás
Get you damn Smartphones away and feel the moment -.- ! This is so idiotic...
Carlos Colman
Carlos Colman 3 dias atrás
5:21 Bradley receives an overdose of feeling
Given Family
Given Family 4 dias atrás
If this is not beauty then what is? Trully talented woman!!!
Luciana Freitas
Luciana Freitas 4 dias atrás
windycitydreaming 4 dias atrás
This is hilarious. Poor Meg XD
Alex Bojsza
Alex Bojsza 4 dias atrás
Why is the cameraman filming from the back not from the front
lhyka tan
lhyka tan 5 dias atrás
ok my smile did'nt leave my face until the end.
TIffanyrose Angeles
TIffanyrose Angeles 5 dias atrás
She's got such a glorious voice & he mixes w her beautifully. I love them together,this tune.....brings me to tears. Only Lady & Bradley🌸🌸🌸💞💞🔥🔥🔥🔥FIRE
Alejandro Corleone
Alejandro Corleone 5 dias atrás
3:57... es que no puedo con él... esa cara tiene ella XD 3:57 ... I can't go with him ... that face has her XD
CBDM777 5 dias atrás
They banged each other. Great movie
Dado 3asal
Dado 3asal 6 dias atrás
Omg this is our song me and my love. (N).. When we were in Gail...
anton Blomgren
anton Blomgren 7 dias atrás
bradley definitely fucked her
greek warrior 88
greek warrior 88 7 dias atrás
I love you both very much
Дмитрий Рындин
Почему я это смотрю?))
Sabrina Querino
Sabrina Querino 7 dias atrás
Lavando a casa com minhas lágrimas apaixonada por esses dois 😍😍😍😍
Marko Petkov
Marko Petkov 7 dias atrás
Man, chemistry like that only happens in Disney movies.
jookxer lol
jookxer lol 7 dias atrás
Me encanta como bradley esta con todd philips
Ady李昕 7 dias atrás
jeremy manuguerra
jeremy manuguerra 7 dias atrás
Des très bon musiciens et acteurs
Anna Han
Anna Han 7 dias atrás
레이디가가 노래 좋아
Natalee H
Natalee H 7 dias atrás
If there weren't so many people singing horribly maybe we could hear them sing.
William Scoparo
William Scoparo 8 dias atrás
Pra mim nunca um dueto foi tão lindo e legal 😀👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Flo W
Flo W 8 dias atrás
they are in love at this time... if you are stupid u cant see it
Alex Resom
Alex Resom 8 dias atrás
I think, she is really stoned🤣🤣
Maurice Dietermann
Maurice Dietermann 8 dias atrás
This is why I identify as a human
Henry Partridge
Henry Partridge 8 dias atrás
Song of the decade. Gaga is a genius
Rose Mcguane
Rose Mcguane 8 dias atrás
She needs to get dressed first. 2nd get on with song stop gowling around
lisbon67 hailhail
lisbon67 hailhail 8 dias atrás
Old bradley could slip the hand and find a pair a balls there 🙄🙄
Dr Z Divine
Dr Z Divine 8 dias atrás
1 minute 31 seconds. Let's just stop IT there?! They are trying to fool us All. I am no exception to that distorted reality and you have all encouraged this. You are an evil generation who's Gods curse is upon. You sheeple spent all of last year thinking about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Bradley Coopers head got bigger and bigger because - they - are 'Fame monsters'! I'm just cleaning up the residue of that you meanies! Why do you choose to be victims to people/strangers who sing songs about sex, drugs and drinking and bad relationships and false love when you should be better than that. We are God's children. But you are all Satanists now because of these satanic people who push their hate and madness into everyones lives. You are revel in it and are filthy and rotten. Their lives are not real. Their lives are lies and they become so powerful in this that they can and have encourage a huge proportion of the world to be deluded by them. Cooper f'd Gaga. Left her heartbroken. Yet she knew that he had a long-term girlfriend and child. She went along with him and he and her united in their lies and killed nations... Again! Another dollar another day. Another hurt woman another day. Another hurt child another day. Another hurt world another day. This performance is MADNESS at its core. And you can All see it for yourselves over and over again and the crazy comments that most of you wrote. You're so deluded! You spend your money on these people who care nothing for you. They want to....
Dr Z Divine
Dr Z Divine 8 dias atrás
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angel cesora
angel cesora 8 dias atrás
kinikilig ako
Родина СССР.
Они крутые оба. Песня просто супер. Браво Бредли и Леди Гага.
Szabina Szolnoki
Szabina Szolnoki 9 dias atrás
Annyira jók együtt ☺☺☺
Roberto Vásquez
Roberto Vásquez 9 dias atrás
Amazing song and amazing couple
A2J 10 dias atrás
If only I could get a girl to look at me like Lady Gaga looks at Bradley
Guide504 6 dias atrás
Simple ....cover yourself in chocolate....she looks at him like a malnourished homeless person looks at food though a restaurant window!!!
sikaryawan lifestyle
sikaryawan lifestyle 10 dias atrás
Lady gaga so beautifull dosnt make up
Lindi Vd Berg
Lindi Vd Berg 10 dias atrás
Please go back to the beautiful natural you. Star is born picked up gazzillions of fans. Your pure nature is beautiful. You are a star dont pretend. Millions more fell in love with your real self and awesome voice
Chris Ubani
Chris Ubani 10 dias atrás
Am in 2020, I can't let go of this classic song
kharlitha kasagu
kharlitha kasagu 11 dias atrás
Casa vez que escucho esta canción me muero de la emoción me encanta 😍🥰😍🥰
S B 11 dias atrás
Lady Gaga, einfach nur eine Satanisten-Schl.... 🤮
BluRayJay 777
BluRayJay 777 11 dias atrás
I swear, they'd make a great couple
Gilmar Santos
Gilmar Santos 11 dias atrás
Com certeza rola uma química muito boa entre os dois ...
Amy Whittaker Hargrave
Amy Whittaker Hargrave 11 dias atrás
Bradley definitely in the dog house after that
Thomas Meadows
Thomas Meadows 11 dias atrás
Could easily have been a true power couple but its honestly just business for them both sell the movie storyline to get more money rolling in.
Witza Franza
Witza Franza 11 dias atrás
If you tell me they never fuck each other's, I will stop watching BRvid😂
Witza Franza
Witza Franza 11 dias atrás
Why they not together yet wth?
saintblamo 11 dias atrás
I really hope they smashed after this lol
Štefan Nagy
Štefan Nagy 12 dias atrás
Maria Dimitrova
Maria Dimitrova 12 dias atrás
This is the ending of “a star is born” and don’t try to tell me that is not.
kelvin w
kelvin w 2 dias atrás
This is what could've happened if Jackson actually went to Ally's concert instead of hanging himself.
Brandon Davies
Brandon Davies 6 dias atrás
sorry he died
Rose Mcguane
Rose Mcguane 8 dias atrás
Leuyen Khan
Leuyen Khan 12 dias atrás
Why do I cry every time I watch the movie or hear the song
Elijah Nakahara
Elijah Nakahara 12 dias atrás
It was a perfect illusion...
킴도훈 13 dias atrás
와 ㅅㅂ 지린다
Lautaro Contreras
Lautaro Contreras 13 dias atrás
03:23 "I need more" 🤣🤣🤣
bodziofix 13 dias atrás
Uwielbiam luty 2020! Moja siostrzenica śpiewa to za każdym razem w karaoke, mimo 10lat, ma kawał głosu <3 Czekam aż zaśpiewa z Gagą :-D
ice qb
ice qb 13 dias atrás
я не знаю с кем дружат эти ребята, но это лучший Sound Track , за всё время моей истории, обожаю этих артистов...(простите за предвзятое мнение)
Graham Robertson
Graham Robertson 13 dias atrás
I think he’s pumped her 😁
Mohammedullah Reyad
Mohammedullah Reyad 13 dias atrás
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Terezinha Ataíde
Terezinha Ataíde 13 dias atrás
Música inesquecível de um filme pra lá de inesquecível!
Caesar The Emperor
Caesar The Emperor 13 dias atrás
She looks like Brazilian trans Pablo Vittar.
Anna Golubeva
Anna Golubeva 13 dias atrás
Очень круто 😍
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 13 dias atrás
Yes! So awesome. These two and the songs along with the movie just r perfect. I think we all know wat happens behind close doors how couldn’t it have.
Tolits Antonio
Tolits Antonio 13 dias atrás
putekk! kiliggg akeee
B C 13 dias atrás
5:23 “Fuck. I’m about to be single.”
Ever Alexis Canales Antunez
PrOduKcejSzyn 14 dias atrás
0:13 Tarzan fan
Владимир Линник
Круто 👍
Mirela 1984
Mirela 1984 14 dias atrás
I cried like a baby 😭😭
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 14 dias atrás
“Bradley, you got some explaining to do......”
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 14 dias atrás
Good friend? You mean good “friend?”
Nathan Billson
Nathan Billson 14 dias atrás
7:28 I'd be in the front row like : Gaga ! Wake up .. wake up .. Irina catching blood pressure
Bat Man
Bat Man 14 dias atrás
I love Gaga but i cant stand this Bradley. Thats a school bully name really.
Nathan Vickers
Nathan Vickers 14 dias atrás
Bradley smashed :)
Susan C
Susan C 15 dias atrás
If you look up the word "chemistry" these two come up. Beautiful couple!!
RideWithKawi 15 dias atrás
What kind of shoes is he wearing
Marisa Tait
Marisa Tait 15 dias atrás
I think he soiled his jeans when she starts singing "I'm off the deep end........
Sean V
Sean V 15 dias atrás
She’s so dramatic 😂😂
Archimed Production
Archimed Production 15 dias atrás
Watch the animated movie with Lady Gaga! Shallow
sajen23 15 dias atrás
im a dude but so cute
Wes N
Wes N 16 dias atrás
I felt so awkward watching that. Like I was peeping on a super personal moment. Then some chick near the phone’s mic sang way off key and ruined it. 😂
David Kitondo
David Kitondo 16 dias atrás
Ending was beautiful❤️